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Daniel Nava Player of the Game Interview

Jun 26, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava after the Red Sox get back into the win column and beat the Seattle Mariners in the final game of the three game series.

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Daniel three hits tonight putting her -- hit that drive the ball game and a good defensive play in right this was a much needed win yeah I was I think. It was good to get look at on the mound and and you know the most most by -- -- really well and note most atomic guy. Doesn't make a mistake in every time the other team hits it out parks I don't think that's characters who was gonna happen but he was competing out there and you know got -- the ballgame for us. He seemed to have a lot of the old Clay Buchholz for several of those innings. They -- quick innings are very aggressive on them that seem to working his favorite to did -- Daniel. Yeah I had deflated but I think as you guys know is there when there are clubhouse knows the the thought there was accustomed to that's that's we can do we can mix match -- speeds location you know keep guys off balance and so. Barely contact -- -- -- as as we saw as well when he needed to so that's a good sign when you were very aggressive doing Daniel hit the ball hard four times three years. -- it's a very good swings it seemed down. Yet is trying to trying to relax and not do too much and know that. The end amount today is good pitcher with good control so and it really want hope -- go out his -- fortunately I got a couple pitches to hit. Sometimes the -- sometimes they -- so fortunate that more felt of this. They would like to play in right field to you've you've got to dust yeah I haven't in the glove then on -- got -- on got pinned there a bit underneath you. It spills out for you recovered beautifully. You know I don't know everything looked but I can tell you how -- felt -- I was -- -- -- -- the -- you know it's good you know it's going to be a play keep we're in Vietnam Nelson. Next thing you know it's outside of my glove. Reactions to go over and fortunately got -- -- but I would love to avoided making the -- from a but a couple -- and it's not accurate throw. Yeah you practice that when you actually go out numbers -- afternoon you know and -- a practice that adolescent. Think I worked out the way -- is you know. Guys done -- off the doubles complete different then we Arsenal on you guys don't know. Well this has to be there a sense of relief to win -- game after the way the first to win for the club. I think how we're going right now is we had a tough stretch in Oakland. And are close games that we were able to come out on top so right now we'll take what we can get him and because -- hit balls hard Stephen due to the balls hard and it's just how things and don't let any Mobley can turn so every time we get a win we believe we can turn and even if we don't think next is that chance. Well I'm -- and only getting analysts off they did it because this is fascinating you can apply almighty is the United States plays its known in soccer if you watch any of that I don't know if you wire but it. We did you probably read -- sleep through good chunk of the day would mean. I mean of course a lot of support you know lost in the US play a -- We -- Get to bed at 9 o'clock in the morning and in three hours of sleep is not -- double -- I felt any human being on this planet -- I don't know but if somehow I can make it. They go out about nine red Bulls and will be good to go over and we'll see that that's gonna happen that way you -- game Nomar either the Yankees coming out then the -- let's see -- just -- series both clubs really needed the Yankees have lost four out of five. You know that's that's news to me I just know that right now I think with who we have the clubhouse and our focusing on the class -- -- one day at a time and when you're trying to get things on track as we are that's that's I think the best thing you can do so it's always good series you know Red Sox yankees and you know remains to see what happens. Daniel thanks in and you get a lot of fun on a flight who feels a lot better after win like this for sure yeah sure that's true us thanks very much. Extravagance arcade Daniel Robert with three hits tonight in game tying RBIs the Red Sox. Winner here five before.

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