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Bill "Spaceman" Lee talks Red Sox

Jun 25, 2014|

Bill "Spaceman" Lee joins The Planet Mikey Show to give his thoughts on the Red Sox and their struggles. Also Bill discusses his relationship with the late Don Zimmer.

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-- Okay. Attack and Mick Jagger with you about seventy. Yeah must be it season. We're back here -- planet Mikey show we're talking Red Sox and their problems and all the crap that's going I was too you know their Reno they varied and a half games out of first place. There around Seattle may get near Seattle Seattle and as authentic they're loud -- reverses and decorated his. -- -- their lunch is headed to a moderate daily basis on this west -- we bring in the one and only Red Sox hall of Famer. Bill Lee William Francis Lee live from. Of course -- Barre Vermont hello space man. Perhaps very Vermont. This place we use him last night. When it got dark there must have been a 150 fireflies or my long all of them together like all -- popular dating and trying to make more fire. Did you sing you light up my lay of. If I -- -- that. I can't imagine that. Looked like I'd be drawn back at now I talked heroic today you have a a really good idea. For what to do about this biter in the World Cup ball what's his name Warren yeah what you -- what's what's your solution. And a guy like that you force him to play with the dog bone around his neck. So he has to slip out there it looked like it is a damn -- that the bad area of -- -- got to play within here's what that are. You know for the whole rest of that the that the Stanley Cup -- -- but you know. Don't count but like a dark what does he do it is nuts -- Richie. -- now he's the -- I'm under announced that they're not where they can use a late to do that to -- -- Before leg agree to be running around he just says there's -- like he think he's a horse and get up to someone. And he goes really like -- and bit him on the -- what is. So it. It's bizarre but it is that's what he does. Now nobody that you know in baseball histories ever bitten somebody I -- Jack Lambert used to bite people on the Steelers -- but that was after you tackle them but in baseball that's it's a gentleman's. You waited until that fight breaks out you get down there but nowadays they all come down what there. Halliburton a name yet take up the spikes -- that by the time the play breaks you know break out. You know people -- -- Yeah -- there's quite likely is disrupting agents numbers instead of Friday and it got a phone make sure that blood type and ever since the advent of age you know people historic picture bitter -- anything as -- as -- -- -- it's -- you -- -- -- has departed. Now I gonna ask you because you played the game. Have many many many times you still play the game now by the way you told you pitched how many innings last week. I -- Six on Saturday and not at ten on Sunday because I was behind and the number four hitter ahead of me had a three run homer to tie it up in the ninth minute -- out. Got him on the bottom of the ninth I was. Scotland on the -- what that the Connecticut River would build New Hampshire where. Mean they're managed cheaper nervous. Where you ought to bell and it buys it -- I hit the right hand because it. It was a hot day in the had a short left field porch and they had. They're grounds out to the right so playing headed out to the right heard somebody to run that we yours and I would storm for the David my energy which actually proved to be pretty good. Maybe by the time you're seventy go drop it down line up a little bit like to sixth seventh you know army is key player of the Red Sox have a lot of problems space man and we all know it. And -- are starting pitching wasn't one of them until the last couple nights when Lackey blew up and by the way you didn't do that one basic thing -- Todd -- fantasy camp which is break for the lined up here. The balls at you left and -- on the mound and that her that cost him. Last night peavy who has once it's April 25. He's given up sixteen home -- he's going after Blyleven two record but let's talk about they hitting. What's the problem this Red Sox lineup hitting wise and what what's the deal -- these guys they can get dumb mistakes. Well Victorino like he's blue Hampshire he's got a bad back he was like a -- to marry Nick Cannon. Writing in and that he's gone and they just. Don't have that -- Joseph that they had last year and it started when. Ferrell came out of the dugout the first time to protest the call he looked like Punxsutawney Phil. You know the experts at -- he -- one way look the other you know always hear that we saw a shadow you know he doesn't argue well the other day of Oakland he doesn't walked. The guy we used to have Coco Crisp right with a base open and I mean he's just not doing things. And everybody's. They're all doing little things wrong and it's really a cumulative this year and it's it's -- this week. -- here and we're a team its struggling like that Heidi turner an idea how he's now autism like that when it seems like. It's just snowballing like it's been for the Red Sox team. I don't see how they can stop but they they don't hit the ball lovable park. The they don't score a lot of runs. They're pitching like he said -- who's going out there and he's got to do it Lincecum did today. And that has no hitters especially fastball over the plate and -- is due to over the plate if you saw the game he didn't. Did these at all -- eight pitches that he through a lot of change ups and he got him out of their front foot lot of ground ball outs in the week like all the mets' changes speeds Buchholz has to do that Lackey like you say you'd. When you're not going good you've got to cover first on that play -- world come back and haunt you and it did. Richard did no buckles so one of his pitches when he was successful one he's been successful Red Sox uniform. Has been -- changeup and it really offsets all of his other stuff which was always pretty -- a wide variety pages. But the change it was a warning used to set up a lot of the stuff he did was gonna stop. And hasn't had this year now they say he's getting that back I do -- just go and come back on yeah. Yeah when you're hurt like he was hurt me it would your -- bad. He landed wrong you don't have control. When your shoulders Torre's neck which -- woody rolled over backwards the other last time that last time he threw good it was before that. -- -- cover first base and did that roll over it. He tries that they am Audi which is only three foot two inches tall is next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they -- little -- -- and stuff so. A test was when you are getting busy dancing with the they voice their lighting guy girl okay -- that and it's OK we hope it's. It has asked -- inferred that the that the matter. You go through that change in. It's its top that would stump the lot they just saw that fairway every time he did the instant replay what we were. Ruined their. Buy a New York guys two guys smoking crack in New York -- kernel calls him. It was terrible and I thought there was conspiracy. But I watch all of a minute just. I don't like instant replay I don't like the change. But the only good thing is were -- to have -- which can be made up it's not like we're 26 out. And you can start thinking about trade and people and in thinking of the future usually. Specially the wild card now being so accessible by everybody right up our division nobody in September you don't you're still in the hunt if you're. Five games -- the wild card and ended its hard to get further than five games. Card no we gotta win the division we got to the Yankees are struggling and I watch Jeter play the other day his brain and left him you know it's us. If they don't look that good. Tampa Bay doesn't let that go to Toronto now they've gotten two guys hurt. Hopefully we'll get three or four guys -- up -- on going up to Canada for a whole month I'll do my job. And noble work on them in this trial collapses there -- I think. Well you are back to buckles because the mental aspect but -- some it's talked about a lot. You don't strike me is that the type of guy who you don't have your best stuff one day. That's. Automatically sets up for defeat you go out there you grind you try to win he seems to be the opposite he's talked about this too. Is that some -- -- pitcher it his stage can just get over the the idea that sometimes you knocking at your best stuff -- got to be able to grind -- compete and give your team a chance to win. Yeah I -- got to learn that I mean he is definitely. His best feeling days are over he is one mayor shell told me you've got to go out there pitcher and more on -- shell. You know in the hall of fame and he can deal and he could change speeds and he threw like -- -- you've got to go out and do that nice -- buckled his first game our source second game into the no hitter and I saw him I think he's got unbelievable stuff. And he's just got to stay healthy and throw. Change speeds in the uses head because he's got the death of a burglar and he's got I think really good. Stop he just don't get -- with a fastball. You know ready to be leader changeup but don't throw your breaking ball or any breaking ball Lincecum -- the ball was down all the time today and they get good results. I just a second no hitter late Lenny and Sarah Ball ten questions for the specimen they'll allow him a couple of a couple of points -- -- bald guy that's once they signed drew. Before you showed up you sitting pretty good right then drew comes and they put him in the lineup book that's goes to third house suddenly stops hitting and didn't feel much better. Feel much better -- I can't understand. You -- You tell me if that affects a guy of that should affect -- suddenly stops hitting because he moves and shot two thirds. No not to do it it right at -- attitude maybe is upset about it yeah shouldn't have been. He's very young he's never played this many games in Cairo. This is one of the toughest times he came on at the end of the season he was the savior force. In the World Series he he had from a tremendous -- regard -- and we won by the skin of -- and he was experience for mental. Now he's got to play every day -- given the job they anoint him as the second coming. It's tough to go out there every day especially when you're young he's still growing these still. This is copies going to be sore and stiff and and nearly got the carries an inside out guy doesn't pull a ball used to -- lot so you know. Well he'll figured out I just think he he. I just drool when they -- Andrew I couldn't think what they were thinking about -- -- -- I can't handle it at all. At all and we knew that in the coming in and step no he didn't. Fairway and everything else like that but -- I would put him over there and -- Mel Brooks snapped out of it and and it's thirty home runs like get. You know we used to have back in the seventies with what she what she -- and -- house we want someone that can hit the break him broader economy and it's someone that guy yet. Look at -- got out noah's comments being gone being god he would he need a three run bang you need. You need Earl -- you need someone to run out of the dugout. And kicked dirt on someone and thrown at it more dirt on them in this climate and this year he needs someone like that. Imperiled as the wanna do that he's is that right here you know he's Dudley do right of the -- Deterrent art Harris Arabic with the Christian quarters of our time mr. space -- so. Well I would like to know what you think about Brock couldn T you think his bubbles gonna burst like Lenny megs and fortunately room the other hand if the. You mean this this skinny little kid yeah analyst. At 60 stocks way up high yeah. He's great he's great to have around I mean he can't rely on him -- puts a lot of pressure on him when no one else is doing good. He gets the ball inside out -- -- that is in Seattle that the out of class. Seattle Seattle opened -- been opened it and it's. You know you gotta admit he got to find some of the important well on the ground and run like Rodney got. You know he's been doing anything and he's been -- and relevant job though it no matter where they stick ovaries at are my theory is this that this group ahold -- thing. But he sure put rock halted short for a while CRE goes if they're gonna move up a Bogart's to third let Rockwell play short that is natural position. -- early on they had a guy from down in Pawtucket and he played third pretty good. I think use this. Where someone while the horrors he's well he's short of backup -- -- all these guys they get past the guys down there reality that you -- double if they're richter loaded disorganization. Loaded. It's just you can't put -- -- on the -- one time and they don't wanna bring up too fast. You know it's. Double -- got a great players in double I'm not worried about this. Club in the future -- so much you just got to go out and the money haven't been getting a lot and find the right guy. The -- and that's gonna give -- some pop and a man I would go out get a right handed hitters right now. You know I got to ask you space man because since we last spoke. The passing of Don Zimmer you famously didn't have a great relationship at all. With him while -- playing and you and I had dinner with Fergie Jenkins who was also part of the a buffalo had gang along with -- Willoughby and Rick wise all the guys that didn't care for Zimmer when they played and his reputation was -- get along well with pitchers. But now that he's passed on it would -- what do you have to say about your former skipper. While he was use the I would say if you look up the -- Peter principle he should be the poster child. That he was a great coaches they're great baseball guy but we wrote the level of manager. -- San Diego Chicago Boston he just wasn't a good manager usually gambler. He came out of Cincinnati with Pete Rose he always was a better you know and and I mean it is the end of his life he goes and then make him up 15% chance of survival after about replacement. Right he never been on an 821 dog. They did you -- -- just -- saying he loved the racetrack right. I know my appetite came to me at a card show these big leaders say something nice about their recent. You don't realize he was in a coma. Further for over two weeks and he couldn't speak for two months. He said the inability to speak for too much when he came back from a and I look up with a guy they say why wasn't -- 1970. And it's emphasis. That was the one that he wears in Boston -- 78 date where he's who was driving away get it from -- stuck his head out the window -- screen on top of all Bucky Dent name but. You know you said you loved his wife says everybody the world -- to love Don Zimmer wife. He -- she was up he should she still has you know. He's listening to baseball they're married at home plate night is baseball you never collected a check outside of baseball. You know he was below did everything and stuff like that he just. He had one bad year and had to be in my face. Thus face -- it's always great talking to be up there in Vermont when he coming back to Boston. I'm I was gonna go their tomorrow but now I'm going to. Would still somewhere dorm Westbrook Maine to Bangor Maine can -- Cutler made -- the dollar and -- -- the maritimes could just get too hot here in this state. I guess -- how many miles you drive -- yeah. I'd fly 60000. Israeli a -- every driver cry drove across united state government go back to -- an air stream trailer government paid up like it's based mobile. In on the cell whining that goes back to myself why bad stats that you swing without the Fed delivered your belfry bill the belfry bat after. With what happened syndrome -- it. -- a good good target your body Ocalan be guys based -- attend -- live from from Boston you have not. As a free. It may never. Before they have known about 25 years maybe longer. He's never boring. And -- ever. Did you ask him what his fastball is now yeah I mean it's that's around eighty. Death policy success. Sixty to be 68 and December 8 they'll get up eighty skidded up. Yet it up to eighty all right -- you are worried sixteen innings to a weekend is pretty impressed are you pitches he -- -- any player he hits he's -- all over the country playing basically will never stop now now he won't he won't -- -- -- holds the record for the the oldest -- to two pitch. In a mine in a minor league a professional game -- oldest got to win them in a complete game. He will die on on the -- he will and he will be -- hazardous to what you want to be a hundred yeah. Council will come back here bureau live phone calls about baseball and whatever you guys were here to my tornado is going to be real baseball Major League Baseball Red Sox and where it really clunkers Seattle -- And it's a lot more in Seattle sort of Major League Baseball I guess Gary peacock that. Lenny Lenny megs in a house Sarah bees here Chris baloney and you would will be right back after this break fearful calls.

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