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Jake Steinfield Joins The Planet Mikey Show

Jun 25, 2014|

Jake Steinfield, creator of Body By Jake, joins the Planet Mikey Show to discuss America's up-and-coming sport, Lacrosse. Also Red Sox talk.

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Isn't easy. -- That's how we're doing stones that I don't have health as a crazy showed and I would all kinds of elements I mean that's what we're no longer talking about the sucker people. -- -- -- What we'll do that and in a few moments and we will get back to the Red Sox talking later on tonight the space man bill Lee will be on from Vermont to tell us what he thinks of -- as. Absolute crap we've been watching for our world champion Boston Red Sox. We probably get ready crystal money gave Russo is coming up the funnyman is the funny man. And of course Sarah -- here -- right now for a moment let's take -- let's take a time out from all this. Traditional sports -- To talk about a sport. That is not only in our building but near and dear to many athletes in this country who've actually played the sport and it's a growing thing. Talk and MLL. Major League lacrosse busting can't we have a gigantic -- popular famous. Across fans sitting waiting here. You've all heard of Jake Steinfeld of body by Jake is she's right here right back project its -- event this thing and it's going to be -- Q -- you guys. I mean this is actually very cool I appreciate. Hanging out where you don't know talk of Major League lacrosse you know -- founded. This league. Sixteen years ago that you were the founder yes yeah well I knew you were heavily involved but -- whenever reportedly told -- you -- a final bonuses this is one of those investigative interviews and arguing that it is. It received the here now you were you player. Are you not put it I put in high school. Born in Brooklyn raised in Long Island strong violent -- And I got to college that play the game but didn't play very well so I it was I always tell people likes about moments in. I had one of those moments and what the college upstate New York Portland State. -- went to look cross tonight and I had one of those moments where it was provisions Syracuse at Syracuse 1977. Outlawed. Must have been late October early November weren't you know. Was snowing it was a face off guy. And faced off and I got off the field and getting on the sideline becoming this look cross ice sculpture that you know myself what -- -- doing. Go to California become body -- and which is what I did unfortunately yeah. The fitness business. Treated you very well do very well yeah very fortunate -- one of the most famous made it the old days comic book guys in the back. You know try and honestly yeah but it would pick it apart or that television -- use that body by Jake took over all industry thanks -- -- that was the first generally -- personal -- I think is -- and -- important shout out that this was in business there was parity -- married tonight at a 100% so you know it's it's been great it really has it and and I had a television local -- TV and so that the Rupert Murdoch and had this dream to create this. Sports league and reached out sort -- about this young guy named Dave -- Was hockey player who became a lacrosse player went to Princeton at historic company in his dorm room at Princeton cold warrior. And I read this article about us that this this kid's art to something and pick up the phone as I've always done in my life call dialing for dollars. And which was may 1998. At got on the phone is my question is this such a thing as pro out to look cross wasted no. I said well there is now their risk now and you and now the big events. Tomorrow is tomorrow Thursday night now I -- was a big event tomorrow during the day obviously USA you know we'd love our country vs German teacher I just got back from Berlin actually. My pal as the ambassador and we we actually watched Jeremy game. Vs Ghana and it it was insane and and they have very excited about USA is going to be amazing but tomorrow night -- USA wins right. We have Major League lacrosse action now rolls on game you talk about the best plays in the world in the world in the world play. Playing in Major League lacrosse and playing in the -- actually we have team USA which is made up and Charlie of all of our mellow guys. -- the guys who who didn't make the team so it's hard it's ML well -- really ML Eldridge USA -- and -- well. At -- tomorrow night at 730. Is a perfect place to go after the game tomorrow it's an awesome place it's -- forcible. And I know you guys and so it would sports in this town is such an awesome sports town the cannons have thrived is literally. One of cardinal -- teams -- -- our original six via from 2001. They've been around to be in this market. Is awesome product as a nice -- Iraq to sports town people town people get -- they understand a great sport. You know the great thing about this game and it's a college town to which doesn't hurt and crossed college -- and and and if you just live and on the rocket haven't -- -- If if you love hitting scoring and speed this game as a goal and it. -- and an Obama I was in 1998. Did you think soccer would be waited an outsider you're timing and -- Christ. No -- listen and and and that's because I doubt -- political side because if you look at the beginning of major leagues. Right which started just. Six years earlier than we did right right and then look at what is happened. Global lead to the game. And you look at where weeks on -- I mean look you guys sports. Vause -- the guys who you know baseball's hundred. Comedy is sick -- her harder under 21 K the NHL is how many he is -- right the NFL you look at that. Their first. World championship. Wasn't sold out right if you look it's -- you know the world boost -- not realistic if you're not at all. Over the -- all what's going on like -- -- he's just not hitting an -- talking about -- -- discussion that's a different story next -- a different count as they -- -- isn't that what you know Britain with fourteen years ago. Right with fourteen years old. Which he would -- strong obviously we have great support balanced in Davis has been incredible. Companies like Coca-Cola step up -- the endemic sponsors now as TX Ryan. All the equipment companies now -- All along boy -- the level of talent is sick it's amazing. The guys have been strong and fast I put the mop on talent yet. And if we get apples whatever you wanna do -- ago lot to talk about tonight -- -- other stuff going on but I would put Andy and now well athlete up against Andy. Athlete in this nation in the world as an -- as an athlete. But also to if you look back is right -- Major League Baseball started these guys have second jobs. They -- -- -- right they all had set and you look to -- we are as a lead and win we're going we have a strong foundation now. The game is growing like you can't believe why where was the turning point. -- you know we haven't hit point you to the tipping point right yeah I still think with five years away from that tipping point. I think what's happened now at the youth programs all around the country this this has been predominantly -- was spokesman crossed. East Coast you know. -- -- Fulton mall Long Island's central Syracuse. And report news upstate New York where they know a little bit about what you look at -- the game is only in the middle part of the country. We we have more people coming out of Texas now I wanna buy teams. California. Northern California Washington State Arizona and his company -- a -- teams right now their eight. Team at this moment there eight teams at this moment. Would be very careful but expect to you know we got pumped up at the beginning giving you don't want -- -- to easily go too much we don't wanna get. Don't go too deep too fast. This is about being you know lead analyst for a long race and naturally the name of the game tomorrow night rolls slow game is really an awesome event. You know a lot of sports. -- our games where it's it's the guys about Ryan on Tony's on the right now if you wanna c'mon guys go -- yeah because of the USC team that yeah. Right where there they're making cuts tomorrow night it's well. But the guys that will play continuous. And our animals. -- so big they got a bit of -- grudge too because it didn't make the USC team. So what's going to be crazy man shouted at 730 the -- -- -- and you're gonna have skill competitions as well all kinds other ancillary entertainment a moments at halftime we do great skills competition that they were doing this year is we have the best shot competition. Which has been one of our hottest things we've always had and we full would this be great commissioner David grows up for you guys. He walked in animals he's a great guy Smart dude. Came up with -- idea why don't we invite a fan right so in the fan zone you get a shot a chance to take the best shot at the pool real. Warrior fan zone area and if you get the two shot of the fans you get to come on the field and compete. Live on CBS sports. Network nights tonight at halftime along with the big deal that's. And we'll see which it you know they into politics I I was the fastest job would have -- across. It was a it was kind of a sad thing actually from Munich called media you know things are going so well yeah. That's what about six minutes that as uptight and it was facet as a good -- -- I -- I didn't stop myself. Mentioned you know last night that twenty years ago. -- the lacrosse -- where it is now. But the fact that kids Dakota high school and girls and boys lacrosse and high school who's crazy -- -- -- you know. Com and the parents love it because this scholarships now. On Leno I mean not always clear you send it in the big in Marilyn and you know -- And you guys do a big thing to be told about the concussion problem with football. And a lot of parents are having their kids moved to lacrosse and these guys have baseball freaks you re read sot town it's a great great guys great team. But if you look at this portable -- decimating baseball programs around the country him. Because kids look it once you stop the fastball educated if he can't hit that fastball he's been out right field. You know -- and you want to leave. And Gloria you -- we gonna go to one of my and you look at across the field. Those guys like caddies -- -- there on the song they get stakes are so it's really cool and -- it right it's a great opportunity again to leave that school. And era and especially girls and boys and girls because I don't mind great opportunity it's networks are all different sizes to your -- -- -- attack your big guy your long stick and mean yeah like you -- have. Different body types so to speak -- Iranians have been pretty athletic especially in the -- it's one of those sports where you have to be 68. Politics and -- when we launched the -- summit 2000 right we do we we did some showcase. We we played six markets we got the forty best place in the world -- moral woods was Mike guy you know David's -- about it -- And I told him look. I can get as television Ike -- into the marketing you need to legitimize with a plays he got the forty best ways in the world and in the beginning you know. What were in -- -- they loved it if you look at what's happening these guys training you this is a business. We have gone to the use of your -- body by genetics -- you know some of them and they do they rented. Listen at what makes horse racing product -- -- but but but the thing is though is that we have guys now. Making a real solid living playing professional Ross on television we can. Right they have camps and clinics right and the B and there stars they're becoming legitimate stars and one day as we sit here -- now. You know cut to five years from now is what I love to do look. You know that's that that's what makes likes likes about Walter -- -- baby -- that's right you know -- got a lot of people a lot of fans who -- the you'll program every night. Talk about baseball. You know. This Celtic threat that -- who's gonna go I'm one of these kids tools on it from some way you look at this one Ross. At fourteen years old now fifteen and turn right and -- and he is now on the road. It's going to be pretty amazing to see I can't wait it and now with the biggest impetus gonna come from TV exposure TV yes absolutely I mean we we work on a bunch of different cities -- just very quickly to the college game has been great. I've been a big proponent you know when we launched this week. I am on the big basket I loved. So when I looked at the sport of cross. Posted this the key was awesome. But it was kind of slow so I added two point mark. And also was shot. And we got annihilated at the beginning you know -- -- we get. Out it's great as people in the college game Princeton will hold the ball for ten minutes it's it's brutal it it had -- wanted legal. Yeah and I -- -- spectators. On -- but we if you watch them a little game man. We have 62 shot clock the guys move the ball yeah -- that defense place -- But that you'd never out of it because you got a shot at two point. But with a two point ought to like guys report right now you remember three point off right when that first was implemented -- people win. While our motion for a five point shot from half court basketball because -- -- when I guess those late last eight seconds so filed a guy that as stupid as to give them a high points shot a two seconds left in ballot the guy lost the thing up -- -- and that's -- and that's what we've done with Major -- so you know like I said -- it's great spent some time -- JW talk of baseball -- token. If so popular -- -- and everything action may. And they're polygamy fashion get me out of every imagines it is here let down -- -- for these tickets now for the big all star game tomorrow is at Harvard stadium it's as it's 73730. Is game time is only opens up the probably thought at 5 o'clock okay come to hop abortion campaigns -- awesome ticket counters that the dollar tickets that get to do a lot and -- the way FT USA after the USA. Soccer team wins tomorrow yeah come on down Hobbits let's have a big party together as I've got it wrong on the Major League all stars come and say hi you guys Ross body but I shake -- the -- -- back this -- the race for stuff Padilla right and best of luck with the ML out now that I know your stuff founder I mean this aside this is pretty amazing story will keep our rights on it. And probably don't tune in for the big event like you -- Jewish people in the house and take a break we'll come back Lenny -- -- here crystal monies here Dave Russo Syria and they're not all Italian. Even Sarah -- is here. Witnessed tonight every got more fun couple of branches will get back to your phone calls and arrests of people mad about the Red Sox will get to that right after this.

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