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John Farrell: Xander isn't right and is working on some things at the plate

Jun 25, 2014|

We check in with the Sox skipper amidst this tough road trip for our weekly state of the Sox report.

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Red Sox lost last night Seattle they wrap up the three game visit to the Pacific northwest tonight. Every Wednesday at this time we talked with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought -- by our ballot insurance. Town fair tire. And Mohegan Sun hey John how aria. Mario thanks nice to talk to you again -- I I know that baseball managers especially. Preach patience and and you know stick him with guys -- wait for things to turn around but at some point does your patients start to run -- then. Well I think what we all shared from top to bottom and this is some frustration with the way. Your first 78 games so gone. Legal we've had. Areas on the -- have been very strong and in until lately that's in the rotation and and -- all time last couple days are not being fresh from the ground. I India public structure consistent start to get guys back but also -- -- -- force. Brandon Workman is in line and a strong candidate for Friday. So were -- or start to get I think some help spark to us and yet. So many inconsistencies early offer aside yeah that that's got to change roster. -- I'm a little more extended run. -- one of guys don't ask you about John Zander Bogart he followed his best his best month in in baseball and his career. Made 327 average for 407 on base. -- what is worst month 157 so far in June to a two on base to 89 slugging what do you make of Zander Bogart who got -- -- look like the same guy at the plate right now. You know I do know that these views are working on some things and right now he's he's quick to get out to -- front side and and where we've seen him. When he writes as a talk about -- was Wilma brought shall or. Would stand her you know we haven't seen ball in the right center gap as frequently when he first came up or in that stretch they referred to. He's a little -- people anxious and when he missed his -- and resolve. There there's been some mounting. You know they out of won't say pressure put on opening noted that stretched. And that's part of the north being garbage sometimes that that's emerged as an article player but. Still. A little bit of a period here does this month as -- -- work hasn't been that strong. But that doesn't change the count of where this there were trying to get it back on track where he we volatility going to be an impact player. You don't much better than we do. What I'm wondering do you do you know him well enough where. Even if he doesn't say something is bothering him you can tell something is bothering him because if you look from a locator from afar like we are we say. -- when they announced that Stephen Drew the Red Sox -- Stephen Drew was coming back. He went on a chair since Stephen Drew returned into the wind up. Of the numbers. Have not been good do you see any connection -- -- all whatsoever would that be something that would bother him. Well I think we're reporting to -- he's moved to third base in the production change and that's carrying over into the batter's box. You know he and I have sat down and have. Multiple conversations like about this and -- -- -- -- side what are the shortstop or third page. Based on what he tell -- what he describes his feeling I don't think respect ours over the course. You're on the -- we talked about the production -- You know shall move would serve patients while there's going to be some nuances and the system -- -- -- -- exercise I don't think there's a direct or relations. You know. Maybe there'd be inconsistencies that feel right now. I do know they're out when things don't work out well. -- -- He takes as much responsibility for actions that anybody any young player ever been around. -- -- -- He's like some people down because if -- the production has been their natural wanting that we continually trying to support Bartlett he can only do a much. But because he care so much and what you work you know I think that's where you -- continue on the -- of the longer than we might expect it's. They John Tom -- just a follow up on that a little bit did you initiate I'm guessing since he said it didn't bother him. Did you initiate the conversation was Zander and why do players sometimes have the defense -- side of the game. Impact their offensive side. It in baseball it's not a two week games so much as other sports. Well -- like I did this year because. As Michael mentioned you're you're around people every day and you give -- censor what their body language is suggesting what they're. Actions are are letting you know in Dayton -- in the net those -- inflation's. Compare and contrast. Clearly that they'd rather not so we'll look at Alexander. Whether he ejected Bradley brought old guys that are in early states that we see it you wanna come out. I get ahead of it is that you can call me and sit out and they in the non threatening way in just. What brings out -- with. So you know those those things as far as the conversation how initiated yeah that that took place in my -- -- -- it. The difference aside how they can play into -- you know sports is clearly all our confidence in whether you're content defender. Sometimes that can. Not be put aside our compartmentalize. When you're in the -- watched as reaching -- financial. I'm not sure it suggesting that standard the other work but you see it carry over from one side or the other. We you have a situation we -- to have to drop a guy down who's young obviously talented you've seen the ability to drive the ball right center and up the middle and replace cells. And then it goes away which you are also concerned about the overall. Message it's sensed him. How hard is that and is there a point at which she almost half its weapon overturn the switch to tough -- and say you know what does what would do what is best for the team deal with it. And meanwhile you deal with it in new deal with it it you deal with the 'cause the world's -- -- -- if things don't work out and that helps take the pressure off. Well prior to moving down and you know that was part of district conversation response and -- to have been seen. As well movement in the in the in the lineup which doesn't sound startled look in the they're placed a lot of political more in depth and others. But struggled most you know five spots in order dropping him down so I don't hear this there's -- -- my reason for the overseeing. Just sort of auction is not look like well we we lost confidence that's not the case. He's an important player to assemble people forward and you know that aren't you -- a little little breather and in the ordering and actually yesterday's move was about. John for a number of seasons now the Red Sox have had an offensive philosophy which includes seeing a lot of pitches working deep counts. Try to get into the bullpen of the opposing team as quickly as he can. I wondered how AJ Pierzynski was gonna fade into that overall philosophy. And when I watch a pitcher walked the bases loaded last night. And he swings at the first pitch he season makes an out it really drives baseball fans crazy does that bother the manager. Well you know -- -- more than eight days after the fact and then also you know his comments after game. That you when he felt like you got to pitch in the area that -- and it didn't quite work out so. You know. -- bears struggle as command early on your right you don't walk the base of the order so. We knew we knew full well when we sign AJ this was destroy our record and aggressive part of it or not. Not over the same Boehner for -- the -- the -- are not the same. Approach that. Many marketers use which we will fully accepting that we felt like all things combine AJ was a good fit for me. Length of contract -- left in the theater veteran presence all those are things fit what our needs work. We were acting -- -- and the -- or war or against. Are what she can you could argue that being patient and seeing pitchers in workers got debate. Being down in the count early early in the count a lot -- well shall. Yeah last night. -- ground first virtual and we worked a 25 pitch inning. It it didn't work out saying it's because an aggressive. Uh oh that's something we're we'll live with a hot and cold streaks that he purses. Where does he stand as the game caller in your opinion. You know I thought our I think if you look at what he's done over the course of his career what he's done this year with certain pitchers on our staff is in very good. If you are certainly very quick sample of the game the work pace of the game which is for the benefit of the team on the field. A picture include it in John Lackey -- -- -- have worked out standing the other I think he sort of broad outlook while you're at as far as. So you know to -- -- -- fossils. But he he likes to establish an aggressive style much like you doesn't it in the batter's box he's an aggressive player. And it's gonna look to set the tempo of the game -- in relation to par and over try and if you look start on the pitching staffs -- you handle all young pitchers and -- I certainly our success. -- Clay Buchholz is going to be here so what's the roster move on to accommodate Clay Buchholz. Well we haven't announced that yet we're still working through a number of things and you -- -- that's coming -- in the next few hours so. But nothing to -- here are honest call. Is it made worries still working things -- my question. That I wanted to ask is when you look at your rotation you've got some promise -- coming back he's mentioned it. You have. Recruit Ian and too broad and options here in the new look at Jake Peavy and where we're staring right to the -- July. In -- say is it time to maybe -- wicket. Something else always is would we be surprised conceivably by the rostrum. -- No I don't think there -- -- would be surprising if they're they're one of three ways with that Christian. Space shall be creative match either option of young pitcher. To AAA. So what goes on several -- -- on the you know but those are the three avenues that we can pursue and I do know that that -- is always working at ways to improve. Our roster and that includes. Competition from -- then you bring up rupiah and Brandon those guys have done an outstanding government in practice. The decision making going forward. To the forward looking at every movie thing to do probably assembled the younger I mean but because approaching so well. I don't know we will just willing to reach out there right now and that's why everything is being exhausted up and so games aren't a right to make the most. Felt like a trade at -- hacker attack at her job not hindsight is always 20/20 knowing what you know now knowing that he's all for his last 23. It's Stephen Drew get rushed to the big league roster sooner than he was ready for. Now. We felt like -- there was a target number of attacks. To get accomplished to get him in game. Beat in rhythm. And and yet. I recognize scenery you know he's in the stretch that you just lecturer of -- lastly three. But I I can't say that it was because of ten or fifteen laps -- accept -- minor league level. He Italy bringing a player backing him and everyone else's at game speed is gonna require some. Some absorbing some bombs all -- it was going to go -- Our job now is time for the -- -- question where. A listener just to have dinner review possibility of having gonna review a -- selected. Today's question. Comes from Brian barter Bryant -- Arlington he wants to -- -- distractions like Ortiz arguing about an error take away from team focus. On winning baseball games. No not at all speeches so while there's respect in -- battle inside between game -- -- plate we got an amount. You know that there's a competitive spirit I think that everybody. Chairs and sometimes that's sort of the more vocal and and displayed a little more than others put. That those are common occurrence is not from David but in general those are common occurrences that. You know as part of the team you'd -- accept and you stay focused -- what. What the task at hand and right now that put together a complete game that we can you know get out of -- this -- the slide our. Did you have any idea that. Joseph Torre was gonna released that statement before he did or did you learn about it just like the rest of Austin. As as you get you know before we go public or organ again it an email on it put. I didn't know in advance notice that there was going to be here statement. Made -- show about the incident. And your. I look at David that's where -- he's passionate he's competitive he washed away and we all share. It and I respect what he says. And you know our little world together and then there's a process that is in place and when you consider -- -- course. It was reversed and so I think he had some. Ground to stand on even though it's a little more demonstrative in the Laguna which is -- statement. Well I actually you know -- -- I didn't my statement because he is going it's -- look at the situation where. I think the thing that stood -- halt. What a player halt should be looked upon differently than it is a player that's probably where -- I would second this is an even playing field. The other there's a integrity -- their -- or after a -- they and those decisions might -- always be accurate that's why that review system in place. -- You know I think -- has done in the tradition is committed to and all the until batters he's got such perspective as a former player coach and editor at that. I think it guides and the right way to answer the right things. I know that the World Cup has gone on in the clubhouse was Luis Suarez biting a topic of discussion in the clubhouse. I think also depiction of the shoulder and you know -- There there was a recent events so important that it in the -- where fighting took place but you know I think I have a lot of competitive playing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John we appreciate time as always we'll talk to you next week. Our guys are Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and mohicans. Will take a break we'll get to the -- with you at 6177797937. The AT&T text line is 37937. It's -- holly with top -- current in the house Sports Radio WE.

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