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World Cup play-by-play man JP Delacamera previews USA-Germany

Jun 25, 2014|

We check in with JP from Brazil to get his take on the US-Germany soccer match in World Cup play on Thursday.

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Huge soccer match coming up tomorrow you'll hear it live here at noon on Sports Radio. Guy who's been calling a lot of these matches and I thinks calling -- Morris is well. It's an old friend of mine he'll be working with Tommy Smith JP tele camera joins us on the AT&T hotline eight JP I don't want. Del -- on great thanks this is this has been so much fun I've -- do you want. On cited. Show listen and play by play it's been soccer 24/7 three. Well it's very exciting World Cup disabled they might be the best -- -- -- years with all of these entertaining goals we've seen. Some of the comeback victories of these -- the early goal let him say Argentina Nigeria where. One goal scored in the third minute what gold scored in the fourth that it that -- course we have the incidentally yesterday that there were talking about these Suarez bite of killing -- so we've -- at all of the World Cup. Let you know -- wanted to get your take on number JP excuse me I want to get your take on. The game tomorrow between Germany in the US and a lot of people are surprised that the US is in position to win the group. What do you think of this matchup. While Michael my biggest concern. Is the heat and humidity that the team went through at but I outs. Playing in the Amazon we saw England play Italy buried in game one. And in game two. And game three England and Italy were both horrible. And they both made an early exit out of this tournament. It's hard to describe the conditions that would there are some of the players say it was -- humidity. They've ever experienced so at net it's mentally and physically draining. On these players and the other advantage here is that. Germany has more -- And the US and they had one more extra day of rest. In the US and also -- -- not the player but -- so. The odds are -- Germany's -- that a viewer a favor but having said that the US they and all the games for the underdog that's when they respond. The best -- seen and I I think. There are helped you. Feared Germany. But they got to respect Germany I think on any given day -- not -- certainly capable of getting a good result against a very good European game and hope we will see that tomorrow. JP Tom current from Comcast sports -- all things being equal you look at the lineup and say OK they could have a good result against Germany. What given what you mentioned about the community of what they went through just a couple of days ago Q and you expect all things to be equal and we look at. Clint Dempsey going off in interest that the fleet of guys who were having. Different injury difficulties that in this World Cup seemed quite valid. Yet not become the US is certainly up against the because of all of those factors. But having said that. Mean after two -- US has four point this element in a good spot if they can get a decent result -- -- against his bid to record despite a broken nose. Michael Bradley take a lot of criticism. It was me about thought all part of this team and I'll admit that he's not played very well those two games but the blame him for that. I game tying goal exclusively is it's kind of ridiculous -- 45 other players the -- could have helped in that situation. So they wanna game and it tied game about Michael Bradley at its best I think Michael respond. Tomorrow but what they would get the tired legs edit the biggest decision club that make it more. You know the physical mental state of these guys as opposed to tactical immediate they have the perfect game plan play against Germany or what -- three or four guys. Red hair out of gas you know we're both small we see that light up. I would say that he makes a few changes there -- It might be more because of their physical -- mental state -- is you know countering what Germany has to go against the US. JP my one -- giving the other day when the game ended was as they basically LA soccer fan who's going to watch. A game of import and Beatrice to buy it I wanted someone to break down. The mistake and you just kind of criticize swipe wanna by saying that of other people of the Bradley could have helped. Could shoot -- -- that premier real. -- First -- -- -- other opportunities before that ever happened for the US to kind of kill Wii game you know you do it up like -- your ball on our. You know dribbling or in the ball. Not trying to force extra passes but once Bradley lost the ball. You you always hear people talking about defensively being able set how to balance that -- -- you know whether it's a terrible where -- everyone into position so that. When the other team Connors you know you have numbers back and and the first play -- Bradley. Loses the ball well today. And I'm going on memory guys -- to a lot of people watches over and over but I'm going by memory but when Bradley lose the ball. Not get that nobody stopped got it from making that have to Christiane -- although. And all of that Saddam sideline nobody prevents him from making what is really -- -- the one that you may never see again your wife's side and about half. The morality the great player in the air and the goal -- So there's like 45 guys there. So to me you can blame Bradley yes he lost the ball. But you know it's -- players -- the ball in the game and how many times Michael was built out like. You know you -- in Tokyo and had to come back you try to prevent it. Eli you mentioned the Luis Suarez situation in and whatever defense he can mountain it seems feeble at best is due by 5 o'clock today. In Brazil. I've heard everything from he's done for the rest of this World Cup who he's done for two years. Taylor Twellman suggest they should be done forever what's your thought on the punishment that will be coming this Boris. Yeah I -- apologize opal was was there. Breaking up by I didn't get the question what what do you think is ultimately gonna happen with Luis Suarez when the punishment does come down. Well hopefully I am not giving your guests terrorists are a bit about but I think people figured I would that. You got suspended ten games for the last let me get somebody in the premiership I think you start. From there and you know that was English. Football association's. Decision that would be keep -- I think if you look at what the NFL does and itself doesn't have a repeat offender it started doubling -- Double in the senate so he he should be done. For the World Cup and for me it's an important game. And -- is. Even though it's -- for suspension from international play he can't play in the premiere ship either. I'm not. Totally up to date -- what -- and the and cannot do but it seems unlikely. That they would give him a bad where he couldn't play for his country but -- took place for all of you because. Not your allowing him to make millions and millions of dollars. What -- -- the punishment but yet he -- like for the actual game but you can still go on what -- life after after what he did yesterday so. I I would -- Maybe that will factor in their decision maybe we'll take a little bit longer but immediately they've got suspended for the next game against Columbia and after. America one of these second tier tier teams remaining in the World Cup JP you look at what's happened in Italy out of the tournament. Spain out of the tournament England out of the tournament you're -- Possibly without Suarez. Our other than Germany who would you say the best team. In the turn of it is right now remaining. The -- can determine right now other than Germany yes the presumed. I would say right now. Netherlands. And Columbia -- -- and it seems that impressed me I know Brazil has won games but they haven't looked like. Like Brazil I expect. I've called two of Argentina's game -- and they don't look like favored to meet so right now off cup I had I would think that the Netherlands. Have looked very good and Columbia terms of you know entertaining everyone also get the result that they've been getting. Those two teams have looked good you know see how far though they had -- Final question just to guess on your part does the United States get through to the round of sixteen. Can dig up -- or do that I think that they had all all things you know being equal you know where we got a back that's the the players so we don't know also the mental and the physical state and that felt like a lost the other day when in fact it was a draw. But I think they can get a result but -- -- here guys is that if they lose. That game. I don't think Portugal has much left to give -- exotic and the ball -- Portugal and having enough. In terms of a goal difference. That is to go through and -- the US -- so I think that's why it's more important that the US. It at least get a drop to get a drop there through their whereabouts the other game but otherwise if they lose they might be looking at an exit. We've got a game here tomorrow beginning at noon on Sports Radio JP tele camera. Tommy Smith will be calling it JP it's always good to catch up with you again have fun. Cell phone when the app they still -- thanks. Got to deal. -- -- -- -- over the when we were talking about -- punishment for Luis Suarez it kind of led us. -- what we think is a natural progression to for a fourth you'll hear that coming up next.

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