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Former Patriot Kevin Faulk tells CNN he's praying for Aaron Hernandez

Jun 25, 2014|

We discuss Kevin Faulk's comments about Aaron Hernandez on CNN and how they may not be construed the way Kevin wanted them to be when he made them.

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I got to give credit where credit is due CNN today yeah. A very complete special last night it was a up a special report called. Downward spiral inside the case against Aaron Hernandez. I watched it last night Susan Candiotti. Was the reporter Yahoo! and and it really was complete I don't think there was anything in there that we didn't already know. You know it was stuff that for the most part we we have heard about or read about there were no revelations. But it was very complete it had everything in one place at one time. She had an interview with the the man who runs the correctional institution where. Where Aaron Hernandez is now and talked about the altercation that he had earlier the physical fight that he had a earlier there were some things like that. They had Mike McCann on there. On a couple of different occasions greatly grass on sports outside our common in lives here believes he lives he does choose the gallery. And and then they only had one. Former patriots team on there. And -- front of -- you know former. NFL Sunday cohost with me Kevin fall. And as I watched. The the special last night and I heard Kevin -- speaking. I thought to myself. I mean he's and he's a very god fearing man first ball let's. Always think -- very much art and yes very much traffic are very strong faith in god fearing man and but as a as a heard him. I'm picking Kevin amateur this is coming out the way you want them. Most surprising fact Kevin -- -- a lot of things so he he's talking about Aaron Hernandez. And the first thing he said that with that is mildly controversial -- he's a former teammate. Of Hernandez's so you can understand where he would say the following -- wanna tell him. The PS somebody that's on his side that's praying for him fox said of Hernandez and I believe Kevin ball is praying for Mets -- a huge part of his. Candiotti no relation to Tom the knuckleballer -- -- -- -- Candiotti that press -- prosecutors are saying that he orchestrated the execution of someone Faulk replied. You're not gonna make me believe that he's a monster. Because you use those type the words you get questioned all the time do you think your boy did it know. I don't want him to have done now so if you wanted to say no -- now I don't think he did it. At the same time anybody can be -- to do something drastic like that. If they push you to that point what you trying to so. You know what what do you want to say. I'm gonna pray for Aaron Hernandez don't know what happened I hope it's not true I don't want it to be true but when appropriate -- he's he's in prison. And he's in a terrible situation. Something happen and he's being accused of it I hope and pray for him but. We start talking about I don't think he'd get it and anybody can be pushed to that point we're going. You're going into a direction when you are a professional football player who then. By dint of your ability to play football. -- is regarded as a source to speak Olympics. And not having the foresight to understand that faith and loyalty. And a belief. In your friends. Eventual acquittal. If you articulated a certain way you're gonna see some stupid. Because. He's a football player not a Noory -- And I think that that's what Deion Branch did when Deion Branch said. Oh that's my -- never get a better certainly did at a lot of trust having a direct -- people I am not in the least bit surprised. You know Kevin Faulk is a terrific guy a much better guy at the end of his career that he was the beginning in terms of being able to. Comfortable. With all of us. And -- leery of the media and by the end of it was very. Passionate in the way he expressed themselves but. Prepare the fifth if there's a famous quote they are what they do -- about athletes. And Roger -- I think so and I and I don't. I noticed it -- -- coming from this does not surprise me in the least that our teammate. -- -- -- -- would have his bat. Whether it's Roger -- where there's Tommy current. Or whether it is. You name anybody who is. A writer. So how how by how by that this is not what he does. You're helping out. He says -- Tom. I want to be able to give this interview to Susan Candiotti. And this is what I wanted to say he tells you. What would you spin that into what are you thinking the last. Think the only thing that I would say to him his spirit we art -- -- you believe. And at the very end of it. Want to leave off the speculation of what the motive was. At the same time anybody can be pushed to do something drastic like that if they push you to that point. Else fight. Well and in the problem areas if you saw double special. The the allegations are that nobody pushed him to do anything -- Aaron Hernandez and I think I would literally going to drink a man at my thought is great influx had had either was not well enough versed in the ins and outs in the case. And the myriad times of god has been alleged to be in and I'm Aaron Hernandez and bullet hits of ideals. Either he didn't know it. Where he stupid and I don't think he -- or maybe what you would devise and is that you mean Allen Texas let's not go there don't you read our what did you listen to Italy to motive. Let's just keep it with you -- form in -- on his side and you can't believe. He's guilty of these because dale brings up the the best point in the the best point is. It doesn't appear based on this is all alleged it's all speculation I'll get all that housekeeping out of the way now. So we don't have to go through hey innocent until proven guilty you know all the little things that are part of our our our justice system you know put out there. He's alleged to have done XYZ. But according to the allegations. The double homicide in the south and it was not a crime of passion. It was not a heated dispute. It was I'm gonna stop these people because. They spilled a drink on me. And if if an innocent person get it so -- it but I'm gonna find them are on that is bottom. And I let -- sure don't -- I wanna try to get don't. So I mean. You don't pushed to do something well what what pushed him like so view if somebody spilled a drink -- you please I mean -- soybean. But I guess for using flock is jumping off point I'm not sure Kevin knows. Not specific as that and -- I pledged here that's why to me it's insulting to him to walk up to asking these questions but will be it would be certainly insulting for the -- Kevin do you understand. What he's charged with the details and you know what I don't think -- guys. Couldn't a techsters says faux statement is a great example of what Belichick tells them not to talk -- and you know what in this case the -- right art or certainly don't -- any thoughts -- that you don't know all the details of what you're talking about here. It it would have been fine if the its outlook our brain power praying for the man or I don't wanna think that he did yeah. He's got a specific quote here he says so you want me to say no no I don't think he did it. I think we wanted to say was I don't want -- thing that he did it. I don't want to think that anybody I know got to that point in their life where they did this. I -- -- little bit worked with them -- on a weekly basis. I don't think this is exactly how we meant to to -- now. I don't either and that's why -- say they are what they do you know and and the -- about a football players first inaugurated second. I don't believe that I don't believe that either I don't I don't padlock. Was a week on the radio it's still struggle with not. I don't believe that football players for the most part. Our athletes I don't think they are what they do I don't believe. Now if you're a professional or why is only. Yeah -- to speak. I'd ask you what might my opinion is they asked a lot of people. He's the only one who said yes and yet -- you don't like is he is this the end of guy any oil guy he grew up enough. In Louisiana New Orleans -- had a -- leave and I should check this but I'll say it's it's halfway through the sentence. A brother who was murdered. He has seen violence he probably is very cognizant of oil -- All sides of legal act if Betty not meeting him specifically what are the fact that you can have I'd airtight case -- at -- different world. Were people who grow up in the inner city you know a black and not white that I can't speak to. What we saw -- race riots and you know Rodney King in it because of what the police can do so if he has some suspicion as to what. The actual charges would be act I can appreciate that he comes at a from a different theaters which many -- -- I can apply. You know if if he says that OK it's different it's something different. I don't know -- if it clears up it if it makes it. I guess it will be considered for president -- -- -- failure to prepare respect if he said if he said it that way it looked. I've seen a lot of people accused of doing things that they didn't do. So I'm gonna withhold judgment it at that perhaps it exactly like that rise. But what they want ups and it's very very very curious. Yes. I strange I mean I watched the whole thing I watched there was context and wearing his patriots switcher. Is patriots but he switcher when he when he did the interview with Susan Candiotti. I just don't think it came out exactly the way Kevin meant to come out -- and it's just my opinion and and I also don't think based on what he said. That he has a firm grasp of the allegations against against Aaron Hernandez I'll -- -- another thing that jumped out at me as I watched it. I wonder if the interview. With the man in charge of the Bristol county house of corrections. Forget the name of the but the gentleman who they interviewed by some yes I wonder if that is behind. Hernandez's request to mole. Oh he has it on out there is an -- it sounded. Hodgson sound as though he's got a good relationship with Hernandez. But there are issues in that facility with Hernandez and other prisoners -- there may be issues where. -- -- -- -- On stewardship. As the sheriff -- -- counting and very visible. Very controversial. And very outspoken. So it didn't surprise me in the least win. -- defense team. Alleged that he's using municipal was Seagram because he's not shy. And I don't know but that was before -- the special ran last night yeah Andy he has always been an extremely. Controversial and outspoken different. This type of yeah he did say more than I would have expected a man in that position would say when he was talking to Susan Candiotti. I was surprised that he was as forthcoming as he was 6177797937. Eddie's on the cell phone -- Any -- thanks to. You know -- you really got to -- Fox says that need me you know -- dairy industry department as a exceed he's innocent or whatever or odd or just spoke. You know I -- much credit that you guys be talking about it right it and he did not require all back of the case. And I don't think any and all -- it's -- certainly appear guilty to dig armchair. The server by. I get what in yet what it really matter you know what Kevin Faulk as an opinion or not. Well I think it everybody has. A reputation and I quote on quote. Brand brands to -- the two term people use right now and and I don't think it necessarily helps Kevin fox. Reputation no brainer and I and I completely ignorant fat and tomorrow and it did it -- really out -- but I would have come at -- you could say that. About anything anything you know what what is that the draft matter what is the NBA draft matter what is the Red Sox game -- out of it could go on and on of course remain in if you wanna you know -- -- the -- You know what what is the meaning of life from what we can go on and on but -- dissent in this case of of -- her Aaron Hernandez and -- fault talking about it. I just I thought it was it was -- got my attention. Edit the thing that jumped out at me is and Michael hit the nail on the head here's the quote. At the same time anybody can be pushed to do something drastic like that. If they pushed you to that point now there is nothing in any of the allegations you've obviously read up on a Betty we have. -- that here we Annie I don't think you whereas you know it would walk again who knows that it was fox did not cop not that you and some. But it acknowledged that the evidence and to the conclusion true. Well not evidence just allegations -- just allegations along Italian. But like -- -- He probably has no idea or he would carry a court notes ended weaker credit. Edit the trial currently -- that it actually happened about -- and I -- and because it's an oil and -- It right. At it yet -- like it. I don't know eight billion in public opinion out there. One criteria got. I thought hey that's great -- all this is what we want to -- What we want to believe -- more comfortable wanna believe that he's not. Well -- from the case and that he didn't. Didn't know all the details here's a scary thought what he does. What he has -- -- still thinks that he somehow is well started shooting three I'm not got to assume that he doesn't know me out there. CNN calls a -- this a case. Like I cameraman said in the town where we're -- national organization okay CNN calls CNN is a national news or adaptations so it's not like. A closed circuit TV. If they're calling. You you'd better be on your game. When you decide to talk about Aaron Hernandez and Kevin says he can be pushed to that point BC's -- -- -- I'm not pushing him -- 6177797937. Is the telephone number when we come back it is that time of day. Our Univision the new tone back to your calls.

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