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Red Sox issues in 2014 run deep

Jun 25, 2014|

We discuss the growing list of issue for the Sox in 2014, and how it's less likely they'll be able to turn it around this season.

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We got there I saw you shaking your head at that clip we played. Of age agents reasons it has -- idea on how to act on come on now. When it AJ Pierzynski ever listen to what anybody said about anything. I mean I'm not -- in Iraq. What you guys say anymore I'm gonna play the -- have played the last sixteen years or whatever and. If so we may be picked up from Kevin falcon and ticket AJ Pierzynski. What -- would you have more respect for that at bat if he had said. I screwed up it was stupid. Out of Minnesota -- walked three guys and I -- at a version of John ground out well. I understand that he probably doesn't believe that. But it richer would've sounded better that he left nine guys on base -- and I can't think about a from this perspective. If you're an aggressive hitter and he's just -- However many in a row don't you think he's gonna -- the first -- so why not sit on. It just. 25 pitches which I know you want -- -- -- -- guys you have to get ahead because you haven't been -- on any but he walked everybody. It's obvious the right now. You're gonna. Absolutely put right down the middle and I disagree with I and I I I understand I'll -- a thought process. I I I I know work in the count is is the Red Sox at -- uneven it's not even that part that bugs me it's not even you know working accountant getting deep in the counts and getting into the bullpen it's he's just walked the ballpark here. Don't don't many favor such a strike. Yeah probably I -- it was borderline I mean I'm not trying to. Smash holes in the argument but it was a strike -- at it maybe. He's on the run out of nobody had a situation I don't think so but you know which we've talked about AJ Pierzynski. Today the top Barkley -- Tuesday. -- talked about Stephen Drew how we got -- -- talked about Zander Bogart I don't know all for 23 -- -- white -- has gone to a slump it's what but doesn't it. I have a question. About how what -- what -- count count I don't know evaporate you have to like seventy -- like 71 ounce and handled. Today -- You said you wanted to like 99. You're over ninety I know I'm trying to get no I need an -- violent offense trying to get about 110. But I -- think you've you've satisfy satisfy today's quota. He is edited by the color me to go. To get a clear. OK let's get back to your -- not and I -- -- right I know -- And I thought the cut out all I'm trying to help people -- I already have which have all these other characters. Isn't it time that we just say look. I don't everybody. Likes Dustin and were Dustin Pedroia -- like -- What you're talking about a career low batting average so far. Dramatic career low on base percentage talking about a career low OP yes. Up four home runs. He's driven in 27. Runs. And we're in late June. It is talking about it and Georgia are. Dustin Pedroia that he -- he's struggling you know he has there's there's no doubt about it and look he's not the only one I know but you don't you you're talking about. For the Red Sox if this is still comes down to you. Stars not that they were starlets last year everybody contributed but it starts showed up especially in the post season. Jon Lester was fantastic the entire post season he pitched like an -- He pitched like one of those special guys in the post he's I think he's that guy all the time he was in the post season. David Ortiz we know what he did. David Ortiz David Ortiz David Ortiz in the post season. Dustin Pedroia. What's good in the post season. Like those guys and doesn't come back there which here is the aberration. This when it looks like for why it for put -- a bit -- after -- overall of the last three years you have to finally your Bobby Valentine. You have. Last year winning the World Series. You know -- worst team in baseball conceivably you have best he wanted our individually and hope for him but now but it that he okay what is the team UN now. Below average. Which is the aberration because we're sitting around talking about you know what are they gonna get going to be a playoff team I'm starting to wonder if 2013. Was the aberration lightning in a bottle and people looking at that is possible they possibly -- norm. It was people were on. Playing -- house money last well. Say I'm gonna say 2012 -- who through 2012 was the aberration. Because of what we've seen in the -- they went -- course that left in the last twenty years Orkut but they're listening we're happy team not a great team. -- I don't know I don't know but I like they had the seventh day of the seventh pick in the draft last year hadn't had that twenty years and so. What's the aberration actually 2012 aberration we haven't seen the Red Sox. Be that terrible even if they don't make the playoffs you number that's him. Trot Nixon. Christopher trotman exit so yeah sure -- the operation. I just I I I think that you've got too many things going wrong all of the same time. Pitching had been kind of keeping this team's head above water until recently so all of a sudden you're looking at -- Clay Buchholz start in late June. As being you know that the telling point of whether your season can be saved. It's Clay Buchholz gonna give you some it some semblance of what he's been in the past because it because out there and and gives up in 08 hits in five runs in four innings. You don't crap right back where we were before but do you think that's the barometer because I don't. Clay Buchholz I don't expect much from. Expect they can't coach I mean if BP so what are you are expected to have a good I mean they should have a hook on him anyway probably had you know eighty pitches one would think seven meeting that is correct. Which you -- on everything he's been -- ninety is is where the on 9095 if if he can't if he doesn't have that in his arm. And he's not ready to start a Major League game. Barrel and you know it's a we've heard this from. A few a few callers in a few fans who have said and even media members. There was not a lost cause. That's actually what makes it a bit worse. I think it is very sneaky. Lost cost for the Red Sox they'll be much easier if you look at him and said at a twenty games out. And it's not gonna happen. But -- eight and a half games out -- and -- have might as well be twenty. Get your given all the teams in between -- it seems that between given what we've seen I don't think they have the ability. Have the ability to put it together don't have the ability to be consistent consistently good what it takes down the stretch I don't think they have you say it. I mean we can all sit here and say it but -- always springing eternal with in the locker room and if Eddie Clay Buchholz tonight he does go out and gets yelled as the maker of third inning. It'll be the next got. And the next guy because people can do if you're that locker room my guess is you're. Bench Harrington or something else will come down the road because it's not time I would think given the stats to put up the white -- I'm just looking at a team where you know you gotta you -- and every day center fielder. Who -- to a lot -- he's for you -- and and in brutal offensively wonderfully figuratively and Michael was Michael hit the nail on the head about him defensively you know way back in March. But offensively -- 211 and -- And rebounded to 211 let's be honest where this is a product -- listening often confetti rockets well last year. So I'm I'm looking here you know Dustin Pedroia is hitting 265. Alexander Bogart's is slumping he sounded to sixty Jonny Gomes is hitting to 388. 250. Chain victory know if and when he gets back here is at 242. Daniel novice hitting to a ten. David Ross is hitting 174. Stephen Bruce hitting 133. Too many guys who are here who aren't carrying their weight offensively. And I don't we keep saying it's gonna happen. Based on what exactly. Based on guys playing over their head to a large extent in 2013 well. -- but maybe it happens based on based on the history of the guys who. Our our -- well let's let's go what the well paid. Let's go with the all star players. I every Dustin Pedroia. Our four time all star. Career. 300 hitter is -- 265. Career. Open -- to 815 right now 714. So based on what they look I was met with his on base appears as this -- this year diverted to 36 relative to 367 -- -- in the ship freed 36. Significant yes. Now I don't I don't -- and physical issue he has played through some things in the past he played through an injury basically all of last year. It almost makes you wonder if he's -- again that that when you look at -- numbers and you Sanders got -- it's something wrong with that hand again. The way he plays out we were saying this about Rob Gronkowski yesterday I don't think it's ever going to be healthy. Completely because of the way he plays he plays so hard. He doesn't he doesn't miss an opportunity to take on here you know it's three guys dragging him down he's always gonna get hurt. I can make same case for Pedroia. The way he plays he's all out all the time diving for every ball that's out of his reach he's always you know flying around and he's extremely slight. Not very big to begin with your right. And you know we we talk for John Ferrell earlier today if you missed it 540 -- part of our final drive part of our final drive everywhere and that we talked John -- Which we got into it and I think he was a body was pretty good talking about the end of Bogart's. What -- your guy what's your best. Best guess on Bogart's. Is it simply. He hit this wall. The guy had a handful of Tibet last year including the post season in the major leagues and now with 300 plus. Plate appearances. For the first time in the majors he's he's just going through a wall or is it something deeper than that is that he's upset. He doesn't understand. Why they took his position away. Now with the total complete blow. It's it -- elaborate at the output at does it better not be the position thing. As if it is he soft as a great -- if it fits the position thing if it's -- let me play shortstop. Then then. He's doomed and I don't think that's the case are -- soft. And and would it be soft or it can you spend it this way disaster disaster. Comes. Could -- be competitiveness. Married for much -- your favorite app. Michael it was that paper read out his his efforts be re doubled. I'll show you where you gotta learn how to rise to that challenge where I mean if it has -- been a guy who's always been handed things. As he -- that it tried to take away Bobby -- position. You know probably. I don't think this defenseman in the work about -- let's try something else. -- Larry Bird. We'll take -- by the five news -- Yeah here's a guy who always at the -- the perception that he could you slack -- and had to be competitive was not handed anything I don't know enough about standard Bogart's. Rise to -- Major League Baseball. But he's 21 years old doesn't turn 22 until October 1. You can grow if he is even suffering from a lack of a backbone. You can you can develop toughness mentally. Over the course of your career and I think that even if he. And I don't even know he doesn't habit because I think this is an aberration. I think it's a shrug it which had its biggest -- -- -- I don't think it's a coincident loss Steve Andrews here and everybody else goes through that that everybody goes through one time or another I think Tom's point about. 21 years old I mean there aren't that many guys won't even playing in the major leagues at 21. You know now all of a sudden pitchers have had a chance to see him. They've developed a little bit of a book on him he's now got to make adjustments to what they're going to want. And I think he Smart enough and and good enough that he'll do that but he's got to suffer totaled it to three and. Fantastic. Coincidence. But look at -- properly thought if you do that okay like a Bryce Harper but I don't what was -- -- -- -- fantastic coincidence that. Stephen Drew is an out there now -- gonna bring back Stephen Drew these 25 at bats in the minors. We know we need to -- but that's the -- right it goes on a hair. And he was like wow. He played better shortstop now he's actually he's actually hitting even better now start to feel a bit of its power. Stephen Drew a rod -- In the end. Goes in the tank -- so coincidence that they named Stephen Drew -- they say they're gonna bring him back and he goes and pair them with Stephen Drew actually shows up next to him. And he has now -- to -- in short the third start this not a big idea just. A cop in this is very interesting actually totally different players yes by harper is 21 years old won't turn 22 until after Zander Bogart's. First here in the majors. 590 simply appearances 22 home runs. 59 RBIs. -- PS that he wants have a tremendous play pretty good for first your tips. Wait a 118 games in his second year I don't we was hander wrist. Not twenty home runs and open yes have even higher actually the 54. Batting average -- still marginally higher. There must have been. A snag it must've been a rock that he hit in there that didn't meet -- couple we knew what he was as an entity because of his time in. Coming up we to a price opera would be. During which is still fight and about the -- dale said he's the heat if it's true. That he's still bothered by the positioning soft does a great -- I don't buy it because. We immediately went from playing devil's advocate to I don't buy it -- I don't know if those are but I I wouldn't -- -- a quick crafty I would by the thank you very much. Wouldn't -- that he's soft. Because we expect him to understand the business of sport at the age 21. Understand the business aspect of it by. If you don't understand say that's unfair yes I do I do too because if you if you don't understand it you just say. They're leap in with. Master Whitney part of -- with me right now I am shortstop my entire career now are they -- -- ultimately lie to make. They told me that Stephen Drew was not coming back -- told -- in spring training. To prepare to play shortstop. All this extra time in the field would Butterfield to do everything they've asked me to do I'm learning the position I'm just start to feel comfortable. And they bring this guy back pretend million dollars a year and tell me I'm a third baseman out yet on the shortstop of the future -- screwing with me. Well like I said if he does think all those things that you guys that make -- yeah basically all or well all or I don't care what Michael there's a better shortstop in the minor leagues than he has I don't think so I think -- Guerrero is a better shortstop and he is that a player no -- -- better shortstop. -- I heard -- I don't duties there is a better shortstop right now in the minor leagues. Now I don't care about the lip service they paid -- he's the shortstop of the future at the time and even now. If you don't say that you hurt will middle Brooks trade value. If you don't say -- of movement has got right back to short -- -- that middle Brooks. You don't get as much out of middle Brooks if you don't play that bearable game here. -- okay look -- our -- is is a guy who's supposed to be he's supposed to be defensively supposed to be a witness that's what he's supposed to be. -- If they want it to move him they want Zander -- to be a third baseman. And they want Devin Pereira take over you know what that conversation for 2015. That's for spring that's for Fort -- 2015. That was not our intent that they they're such as he was gonna play and he was gonna play short. Middle Brooks got hurt they couldn't find a third baseman would not given up a bunch that they weren't willing to give up. And this was -- easy fix for short term he's a grown man is 21 years old cuts of one of -- I'm not gonna call him hit a Matt McCormick he's got. But he is a rookie and -- and you cannot dismiss the fact that he rookie may not understand. The ins and -- of professional baseball professional sport it okay I'll give an example by the way if you tune in at 545. On managers reply. Here's some very interesting comments from John Farrell about conversations with -- Bulgaria which may play into what Michael -- art. Because that's not afraid to ask insert it even even in an example of veterans of a veteran. -- Johnny. Johnny ballots and and 1997. How many years they've been in the league five. 4597. Yeah and the -- comes Nomar. And -- first tropic. And and and Johnny and even human and I sort government every shortstop anymore and that's not that they said they said there's going to be competition. I -- -- know they talk but then they told him. -- topic today said it was sorry John he's better the point is he still had the conversation in spring training and Johnny -- had to take it personal days and he took like a date year to when he was talking and then. The understood that it can Nomar was -- man it's his job. To have this. It would what it comes down to -- When this happens during a regular season. You'll bring up some things that are. Prob if it's unnecessary. It probably didn't have to do this during the season -- gonna it's gonna switch of position. There's something you mention in spring training think about it spring training units it to -- or you wait until when he fifteen because yes Stephen Drew a short was worth it. -- wasn't a concern. Which is -- eluded to you'll hear in the conversation with com John Farrell got into a world class teasing right way to do it wasn't his concern. John -- would not have gone. To speak to him I don't know if he did that proactively. Saying haste when he won -- plays a cue from Aruba. He might not know the ins and outs and this is not an indictment of him so wanted to talk to or -- it he is it is injuries. A filet mignon I'm gonna have to talk to arugula in the tank and mobile -- in the tank -- from everything I just haven't heard or read or anything. It gives me smoking gun that says right Mike you run your on the right track that he's as honest as -- and -- I don't know I've got yourself set up -- a great stop. This is this is this is used -- followed this his family. Love Zander Bogart I don't think he has now that's intricacies and dale. You mean -- daughter I don't Emily Sander Dale's and Arnold you might be right in my pre. But I don't think it's just automatic in Europe pissed off that you have lost that your position. I don't think that automatically means. -- saw you can't take it. There can be hope things work was going to Bogart. That are that are messing with his head so that's going on if -- a much better even for rookie. He's a much better hitters in this 6177797937. -- telephone every -- us at 37937. You'll hear. Most of that interview with John -- on our managers three play the final drive coming up at 545.

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