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NHL Awards show the Bruins have some of the brightest young core talent in the NHL

Jun 25, 2014|

We discuss the NHL awards and how the Bruins young core has the Bruins set to compete at a high level in the NHL for years to come.

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I watched the NHL awards show last night and I have to admit some people were a lot more off by at an Iowa. Especially just hated the whole show -- it was but our ball man DJ was going crazy about it now I will say this. Gooding junior. Brittany out just little bit. -- about certain that he was on what parents -- wife while that I've been. I mean and repairs is not the biggest guy in the world but I'm preacher he can beat up Cuba Gooding junior and you might wanna rethink. -- you do one of those things with win. I'd like to thank you lied to him. Thank you. It -- I. I -- last night I mean I went got -- -- that everybody literally wrong. -- recognized the and especially that. Bruins did get some some hardware as we thought they would and Patrice Bergeron won both the -- award. And then there's the NHL foundation award which has to do with charitable. Work. And backed up increases pals the suite at the TD garden that he donate for every single game. One of the games this year it was a lot of those kits from the Jimmy Fund we were visiting today. They were there and Patrice has sweetened came down to Vanessa and -- visit will -- for awhile and and then to top it off the trees completed the hat trick because. You guys got it done. You got Patrice Bergeron the cover of EA NHL. Entity that you -- out. Now what you said DJ being was put off by this are thought to one and another already hated the show while the show opens the show orchids. And the timing of the awards. On one hand you say a lot of great news for the organization. -- to get so much hardware and have. Have people around the that is the country people around North America recognized the talents of your team and on the other -- they -- It just remind jewel of dubbed the missed opportunity when you look at it is it though. This is the space appropriate. Well would you rather just have the awards announced. Right before the start of the playoffs -- during the playoffs. Get it all over with the Bruins don't beat Montreal. Yes you know that Patrice Bergeron is an award winner you know that Tuukka Rask. Has won the prisoner and then you move on in the hockey season is all over together this coming real. In the -- Taliban government know this makes more sense the way they do it. And it leads into draft week everybody left Vegas last night headed for Philadelphia the draft takes place on Friday. -- -- it is their last big get together week the awards ceremony leading into what are you think and you saw. You know Zdeno Chara coming close and trees -- -- very close but he was second -- Duncan Keith one mile and a landslide vote obviously. Bergeron -- his award the two -- women's. Is just. And no big deal warning -- -- I missed opportunity. I I heard from some people on Twitter last night and I and I knew and there's going to be some folks in this town. We're gonna do this I don't care about that ended when a cop at all matters to me and and I heard from some who set this team is dot. Don't think so. Now you had the major award winners in -- with Patrice. And Zdeno finished second in the Norris and obviously. The vezina trophy Yeltsin had tore recruit who made the all rookie team. You had Chara and Rask who -- both made the first NHL all star team. And and I went last night and I and I took a look at the ages. Out some of the Bruins and and just running through blister Bergeron 28 crate G-20 eight. Lou cheats 26 Marcia and 26 -- 27 Soderbergh 28 Smith 23 Eriksson 28 -- 23. Hamilton 21 Rask 27. You're young during the prime of your career you've got the heart of your team under contract. And your reward winners are all the guys who win championships eight cents up the -- the best defensive forward the best goaltenders second place but the best defenseman. Steve is not done this team is not I know everybody. -- -- it pissed off about losing to the Canadian is where the holes next to those guys for instance which I mean when you say okay if they had that strike up the middle of the city's Dellucci to -- their young you know good power for by. He's he's going to be decline next to neighbors -- alongside. Webber on. Gets it because certainly was at his request because when you look at those models appear buttery -- of the team. -- it will they had all this talent the best that there is in the finished the best. Overall record in the NHL. On is -- an aberration and yet mastered yet that it sat at his bat but which I believe hockey -- -- large component up war. Is it more symptom of the greater. Now there's no greater -- here this team you know. Won a Stanley Cup was in the Stanley Cup finals. Won the presidents' trophy last year for the best record in the league. They have a couple of older guys in Chara and Seidenberg but for the most part the pour their team -- young in their prime. In the hearts of their career. I I know that the Vegas odds for next year. Have come -- the futures and the Bruins right now our second. -- to the Chicago Blackhawks favored to win the Stanley Cup next year. They're going to be great team again next year. And I I know that the doom sayers out there wanna say are you actually are now all you care about the awards you don't care about what he went and of course they care. But does that negate the entire season's worth of effort for Patrice Bergeron for two Rask for -- crew at. We can negates it it just makes you wonder. Are when needs to happen from here because you look at any team any team. Up the middle -- in basketball football baseball. Hockey you're strong up the middle -- got award winners up the middle -- -- in pretty good about who you are where you're going. And so the Bruins. Were upset by Montreal in the playoffs do you say they work yet do you say and that's just one of those thing and mobile combat with the same chrome. -- herb Brooks line. We play ten times. I'll -- that we play ten times we win now. -- there today hey. Montreal Expos something that we don't have and we need to added and that is what America thinks fable that. And you and -- gonna be wrong it's not pop. I'm giving us tonight or one of the highest scoring team Tommy I'm telling my earlier to me that give me the new England's type -- artists can. They are one of the highest scoring teams in the National Hockey League. It's funny because Sidney Crosby went -- to hardware last night too and enlisting and he of 36 goals and 900 some odd points. Yet one more golden Jarome Iginla had this year. What to the Pittsburgh here and what's not have us tonight but here here's an -- distinct dichotomy and I need to be that guy who arrested. Trend back to the sport the covers most most but. When you look at the Bruins and their scoring with the patriots and -- -- people think they are important offensively they were third in a note scoring. Despite their lack of weapons despite the lack of a guy you could say he's a sniper what he is a fantasy football. -- gonna put it up every single week you know they don't have that either but. One of the guy when you get into a playoff situation. As the patriots have as the Bruins just where'd you say that's despite that's the guy we have to dedicate. A guy and a half to. And that's what it becomes difficult because if you do have that guy -- -- beat the patriots which they did not and you know we could. I could address to you guys whether or not -- -- have that because -- you have to take away a group of very good players there is not one great one to make those guys that are so sometimes it. They've got to try to get a great point you know you -- you mention Sidney Crosby. Art so he did not have. A great post season in terms of what you expect certainly Crosby do. But Weber was playing -- whether it was Columbus or the Rangers. -- player Sidney Crosby in the post season. Every every game he didn't have a goal they would. Can we survive it okay now on the next game we got to do the whole thing all over it takes so much energy so much got so much focus. Just to keep him scoreless. -- Eventually there's a shelf flight there there's a -- eventually Sidney Crosby gonna get. For the Bruins. Was there anybody on that team I don't think there was this year and -- drama -- -- was again the post season. Where they didn't score the opposition whether the red wings or the Canadians said. They were delivered right to matter to Reverend Wright because you know he he didn't even show up tonight. What you know he's gonna come back on Thursday. And he's going to be a -- studio it. I think that the Bruins prefer not to have that guy. They think that if you have that guy you can shut down that guy well I play at a Baghdad does everything but I'm I'm just saying no. Like the Bruins did with Sidney Crosby year before last if you have that guide that your afraid of that Alex Ovechkin that's Sidney Crosby. And you take out that guy you -- that other team's hopes. The Bruins prefer to think that if we got three lions were the guys boy had stopped that line than this line's going to be opening up that line and that -- I don't like you're just put those guys in the same sentence I don't think it's fair Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin. Watch what they are for their respective team off throughout Augusta because he has. I know it enough where I don't even have to ask him. About Sidney Crosby and plus minus and how he scores fifty goals etched in adult video that's him and how to score fifty goals -- to help this team are. Oprah and I asked you before that it is of reps get a guy that you can coaches to coach a bowl where you can change game he said no absolutely not. I don't think Sidney Crosby has ever been viewed as a guy I know it's a disservice to Sidney Crosby to put him in the same sentence with. Let's put all I was doing was putting them in the sentence in terms of bad guys if you act to stop -- you know you're -- that the capitals you gotta you -- account for Alex Ovechkin. You're playing the Pittsburgh Penguins you've got to account for Sidney Crosby and as you said hold up the score sheet on OK we got pretty good chance to win here. The Bruins approaches they'd rather spread that out they'd rather not have that guy. I -- they wanna hold. It's like a heart and he asked copper. Export European and asked him why the why is Santa whispers -- a champion why the patriots in the -- championship three years in a row. With pedestrian weapons. And it's not -- because he has that throws somebody in the game because of the ballots. But they are stop -- Nazi and Antonio in this instance. But in the patriots instance they were stop global this year because it Gradkowski and as a number of the guys. But the fewer people you have. You know there has to be a stand out there has to be a stand out too I believe here. Draw the attention again I will the. -- -- -- On the sheet of ice and are ready to declare Friday it's got to like where five they would rather not have that guy in what sense. I mean like if they wanna have a funny guy you shut that guy down you beat the bro OK that's one thing that's one thing but for the Berwick with their approach. They've already got guys who do a little bit everything right yes yes. So couldn't they have kitten that team absorb I know -- -- trust is available for example. Cindy cross and they could absorb that kind of -- -- Crosby joins the Bruins nobody's upset the dome crowd -- be fine arts or you can you can. With what they have right now with the way their team is constructed they can take that guy. That -- I capital -- capital GMB fine. -- they now made it a problem with a got their team is built around one player and they're not. That's our future standard it's just one guy like you're gonna play in Washington are gonna play. You don't care about anybody on the cabinets and accept of match yet he's the only guy and and what you do would you say okay Patrice. You're gonna go out there against -- match in line and Z you're gonna go out there against the overmatched in line. If these scores if he gets by you two guys. The best defensive forward in the league in the second best defenseman in the league and OK so -- it. I'm not really worried about anybody else I stop that one guy I'm probably going to be so that the Minnesota Vikings. With the Adrian Adrian Peterson saying that both opera that you probably got away. If you get a plus score an a plus sniper a guy -- -- manufacturers now who was in a couple of years ago escapes me. Right now with the Bruins but if you get that kind of got. I don't care -- you don't want -- -- hysterical whatever. On which they tried to do with a given the previous here then I think it you know when they score one goal in the final two games there. -- issue because you have to. You know eat in an in this regard. I begrudgingly give the Canadians respect. I hate doing this believe me giving the Canadians respect. The Bruins series was their Stanley Cup. Hate and and to their credit man they sold out they built in front of every shot. They didn't care where they got hit they they sold out. And you knew -- were gonna have problems in the next series and they did against the Rangers part of it was goaltending I was a huge part of that although although I will say he played -- and I expect that. I'm -- I played better and I thought I had a very pricey probably win that series probably but. They didn't play the same way against the Rangers as they did against the pro it was their Stanley Cup final it would and that they approached it that way. They played it that way and I give them credit. It just drives people around here not because they lost to the Canadians because they were upset by the Canadians. They're team now Sox. Burke for some folks and it's we do this all the time we take the most recent snapshot in it becomes you know while the patriots lost -- canceled. Shock about the Red Sox to develop the Red Sox might actually had to guess I think. -- I think yeah yeah I think they might and you know what that leads to use two different things that are going to the sports right now and won the Celtics won the Red Sox series. Because of the tendency to say they -- when things to -- well. -- -- Sure double on crack mentality where if you're not satisfied immediately Mike is you'll die you have to have that like crack -- this -- -- -- -- -- up our statement that portal durable yet and ever heard about -- cracked. Know what they -- there was an experiment on this is how addictive crack was they would put. Premier -- the -- intervals would continue to take it until they died continuous. On Zimmer was correct he missed a brief week. He was honest -- after -- obviously an ill of the dead here. But I think that you people don't have the patience people that's what we're hearing at -- You know. Whoever the Red Sox during the trade deadline people will be signing for winning in actuality. -- BG -- to be Jon -- most. We are now that will be in a situation nobody has or a wedge to. In our business did no one has patients worry rebuilding and all gone far afield from. We're well I liked it -- -- -- yet but -- -- hacked -- right you have to be brought these people have patient. But you say it people would the last invoice on -- not that's why people are petrified a year if the Celtics would be Red Sox up prolonged period of time. Everyone's gonna go -- going to be -- -- that's not true there are sports is baseball fans patriots insult experience. -- lesbians Red Sox fans who like the process to a degree as well. And you know Tommy -- you know. I got dogs and I love animals -- to -- this is sloppy on the par from a -- person -- Smart to get upset -- people trying to accomplish these terrible. -- they -- like like. Did you already know. Yet not a good idea up how war. -- crap did you really need to do I think the journals that enables it not good on -- -- on the so much that we thought we don't need. He added import that -- for you. If that's stuff away I've had an -- not have a Coke. Not maybe not on. I but the crackers please no one's taken anymore I'll we'll talk with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell and lord knows there's a host of issues that will talk over with him. A little bit later on we are hopeful things are gonna work out connection wise to Brazil will talk to JP tele camera will call USA Germany on this radio station. Tomorrow at twelve noon we got a whole bunch stuff Tommy -- in the house. The manager of the Red Sox Jon -- coming up next.

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