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SoccerCast - USA vs Germany Preview + Luis Suarez

Jun 25, 2014|

In this edition the guys preview the USA vs Germany game and discuss Luis Suarez's latest biting incident.

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Welcome into another edition of WEEI soccer cast as always I'm your host. Then pitching young -- from the down Holley show alongside me. Is my co host Russ Goldman Russ how are you look I am well then what's important speaker. What you thought the World Cup again. Absolutely absolutely and while we've got a couple things to talk about today obviously we're gonna preview little Germany USA action entitlements on the story lines going into that game. But we've also got to talk about a serial biter. Luis Suarez is that it again and hall boy did he screw up my pick for winning the World Cup what to -- should. Then I actually detects that you because I did not see this -- I started hearing. A ball this story and actually found out about it on WTI and I and I had to do and I have to say to myself this really happen again could this have possibly. -- again and a dead. I don't know what to say you know law is now are habitual biter. Yeah. At first glance watching the game lives. Before although awesome replacement come -- -- singing well -- an excellent general elector was kind of a just a collision. And I was defending it for a little while and then once I saw the replay up close and you know -- and blows it up and dude he just straight and went into bite them. There's no defending and there's no accident he went into bite him. And everyone was an all history his steely news show trying to show the refs look at the by heartsick about it Murdoch's well here's what I say to you dealing. You flop all game every game of your life no wonder you're not gonna get a call. Especially one when the ref doesn't really see what's going on. So you -- the no call on that one for being a habitual pitch. But Suarez ma'am what the hell is he doing what is he thinking with that. I don't know then I mean not you know again this comes out comes out of nowhere you know I remember a level when this happened against Chelsea. Not not this isn't an agent prior. It is so you know he bit Bronislaw of Ivanovic from Chelsea straight up on before. Right and and I watched nonchalantly and I was just in shock and then you know again when I'm watching this I've I did not know about. This is on his time you know and in the judgment when he did it then you know I mean. I know you've done it before and about I'd never seen it. This is the second time that I've seen it and you've got to think like what is going through spring what's that someone off to actually bite someone. And I've read all kinds of different you know their -- on all but. I can I can't you know I cannot defend what what this guy didn't mean. I mean this is this is this is something this is the reaction for some reason. He's frustrated he's reacting and all and this guy needs help and I don't because anywhere around it he needs help. -- I mean everyone's been saying that he is just a dope I don't know how you can't defense biting again the -- and punched him. And I know you can defend because that's at least a man action. While -- that's what children do adults don't bite. You know if you throw an elbow. Head but I mean I can kind of defend it to a certain degree. Of biting. You're. You're just disgusting despicable person and I can't defense -- anymore. He is one of the most fascinating players to watch in the field because he is on unbelievably talented. One of the best players in the world let alone strikers. I can't defend him anymore it's I can't. I don't know if I can really enjoy watching him anymore because of this nonsense. It's crazy then because again. You know I can -- to bring capital to local term tonight and I've been thinking about this because. I do speak a great deal to a political support that many followers on Twitter and I would always -- the comparison with Suarez to Manny Ramirez. Is good manners and any Ramirez and Suarez a a thirty. Some more whereas the -- childish simple act out simple. Are extremely talented. And one does that talent. -- wait a childish you know you don't Wendy you. You know if -- John Henry what do you do about this because because again now this is on a global scale of the incident just. Hitting you know again. The people live report this is now on your front door it's all over the world is now all local Sports Radio here in the Boston area. He's gonna have to deal of this and talked about John Henry L and of course Suarez is probably got gonna have to deal with the with the suspension put. But John Henry has his -- forward with this situation. And what you do. If I'm John Henry I'm PS right now. Because there's obvious there's been rumors for a couple years now that they're gonna offload Suarez and you might be done this summer to Barcelona Real Madrid but he -- could be -- leader of this summer. -- at the conclusion of the summer. This incident now. Affects his sale price -- And it it drops it buying millions because you've you're not gonna pay top dollar for someone you don't know if they're going to be. Able to be on your team or not because they've been suspended. So -- I'm Henry I'm pissed because now this idiot cost me money because he's a child. So now I might really wanna get rid of them but I might not be able to cause who's gonna wanna buy child. That's under weird. And that's under really bizarre so don't judge me on that comment but who's gonna wanna buy a player with the mentality. Of a child. Right right and -- -- it goes back to like I don't even go back to last summer world where where several potential coming in for and and I have to give John Henry credit because he was not willing to sell and even those warrants basically. What was was telling the world that he wanted to we've -- since last summer yeah. And John -- stuck by his guns and basically said no you're not going to our our players are not leaving. And it looked like a genius move for John Henry because Suarez carried that -- in mainly carried him but he was the best player on that team. Carried them into champions league for next season. He did in that attic and he got the most out of them but but a political back to the -- Ramirez. Comparison when does. When does the person. You come too much -- metallic good outweighed by. But what the person does you know that stuff decision that he needs to make you need to really think about because there was a point where you needed to get rid of me Ramirez. Yeah after he assaulted the traveling secretary Jack McCormick. Right so so again this is an interest in situation for him because again if you just going on talent. You know if it is he's a tremendous player but. You know at some point when does his actions you know outweigh the talent. Yeah it's a very interesting point now let's talk about what we think the band will be. So the first biting incident when you is that I accede at seven games the second one it would propose ten games I believe that this one will be to when he. But I don't know I mean I've heard people speculated that could be a year two years I find that notion to be absolutely ludicrous especially. Since its -- And they want star players out there. I think it'll be -- -- game ban which is -- big band that's not just a drop in the water. I don't think it'll be a year. What do you -- for us. -- -- you know it did that's such a good point is if you think about twenty games so again over the course of Barclays Premier League schedule that's that's that's more than happens you are -- Your last season but again it would also be champions league matches as well sell your soul and you know -- cup all that stuff right. Right right -- that's all part of this sort it would be a significant. You know as a significant amount of matches of doubt was the number -- And listen I've been hearing talk of speculation that it would be to to use -- Tutsis -- -- And what I really think about it you know and -- and I talked about it -- there. Two years might be again too long because again she should someone not -- -- the right to work -- -- and you'll have to factor that in as well. Now no I don't have to factor that in because every other player has the right to safety. And and he is. He's flying in the face of that. So the idea again he has a right to work -- not work here. But that notion is always bothered me and and you know it's just talking in other sports and other issues that are going on source in the Boston area. You know women bring a Grammy for two seconds and everyone calls into the show he's a right to work yet his or to work because -- a right to work here it's a privilege to work here. It's a privilege to work anywhere. Does he have the right to work yes absolutely. Does -- the right to work here know he does not. Well -- you convince me I'm wrong on this one because again you you put it pretty well there are. And the Jerry Remy Qatar comparisons -- very good ones. Well it's I mean and I'm not comparing the incidence and just comparing the this sentiment from the public. -- at all. Right you know I was just thinking you know -- again. You know. If not -- I've heard in our -- a great deal but the speculation that two years and taken two years. Along time and again I also heard an interview with Taylor Twellman. Articulate woman said that he would like to see a lifetime ban. Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen I mean look let's -- this -- this incident is bad. He bit another player. Let's keep that in context so. He bit another player while ridiculous and childish as it may seem is that really that bad no. No I've seen worse I've seen people throw elbows and break other people's noses. I I've seen worse things happen on a field I've -- straight up this fights happen on the field. He bit -- player it was bad it's stupid disease continually done it. Lifetime. That notion is you just put that out the window that's not gonna happen. No that's not gonna happen in and and I'm you know again I don't think. The two year bill would happen either like what you and I are talking about because I don't think people would it would go that far I actually think you're probably. Closer to where we -- the actual law. A lot of games is probably like you said around -- it doesn't make sense. And and that it -- significant. Amount of all not just loosened up to me would be would be a decent punishment. Yes I think Tony games would be right on the money. He he deserves to go sit down for awhile because that was it was bad it was bad it was really stupid and it pisses me off for two reasons one I support Liverpool. To. I've predicted your way so it pisses me off just as saying dammit I thought I had -- I might have some -- money here. It's screw him now I look like adult even though I always set along it's ours is there they win if not they don't. So. I'm really a -- bummed out by. His actions because. This past season you know he had talked to the public or talk to the -- said how. He's changed he's grown up he doesn't wanna be a bad example for his kids and -- turns around and does it again. That's like you just online and so are your Tony six years old you're an adult. You're not if you were sixteen or something okay he's got some grown up to do you Tony six or seven years old grow up. Grow up your costs and a lot of people a lot of money with your BS. Yes he totally is and you know. I just think about what you just said -- mean I mean for your life you know for the country your life -- basically really screwed them. Because they legitimately. Had a chance to really do some damage in the -- and they don't without war presents are they just don't you know I mean that's. That's again. The the enormity of what he did because again let's go back to the talented talented is massive and and I heard. People tried to try to talk about the caliber on local radio today and and the best way to describe how talented he is I mean I mean I wouldn't call him LeBron. Maybe he's Kevin Durant. I mean he's pretty upset maybe. Maybe I mean I mean he's a prolific -- score. And I'm I'm just -- ball -- level of talent just it just a comparison. I mean I mean he's not you know he's our top ten player without these statements they've been absolutely maybe top five I mean not. Maybe might be pushing it Tom but. He's certainly up there he's one of the best schools Cory he's a top five goal scorer that's for shirt up numb that you guys are messy Geiger and although obviously great classical scores. -- -- Spots on her and him as such. -- -- right and that's what you got yeah is one of the best in the world at what he does. He's also one of the biggest idiots in the world. And I will completely factual and now when and again. When this happened I was just in shock I could not believe that this actually happened again that someone would risk. His career. On doing something so stupid. -- -- ridiculous that didn't need to happen. And and I'm glad that you mentioned this -- because because our our effort much talking and I do -- consistently watch this match. The accountable flop and all over the place. All of the of the they're the worst offenders weren't there and and dot Angelina was where it was horrible and that's not a talked about in in his actions. -- that you just have to beat bit and of course not blood but that national you know looking back at it. Everything in that. I guess you could say the media here complains about soccer you know they've got a chance to complain about because it was on display. -- a legit gripe I know you are right now know what you just brought up is what's getting kind of lost in this match and who and what he did was. That American fans bitch about the flopping and I'm right there -- I hated -- I don't like it yeah act like a child you're gonna get treated like child. But the Italian squad. Flops. All over the -- field and it's infuriating to watch because it drags the game down it slows it down. And then they get all -- seem whiny when something goes against them. But you know what if on the -- you're gonna flop you're gonna probably miss out on the next call. Because you flop all the time how to I know you didn't just flop again. It's a stupid strategy and and and people always say to me big big time soccer people that know more about the games and you and I do. Say -- what would its strategy to good strategy you're trying to do it's mediocre it's a stupid strategy more often than not. It hurts your team's possession in that moment or your chance to potentially score a goal because your flopping and diving all over the field to maybe maybe. Get another player sent off maybe. I understand the strategy I just don't have to like an iron into and I hate. I don't like it I don't like it at all like it's you know again. I got to watch huge amount of matches by Clint Dempsey one in my paper pleasant I'm not afraid to say -- is what brought me. To fall and I -- the sheriff about I guess it's a diving and flopping -- and and it formed benefit from that. Absolutely. But it didn't mean them in the back of my mind and pick and I don't like the way that they that they got this goal but they've got this opportunity to score. I didn't I'm being honest yeah I've I've never quite -- Our -- but it isn't strategy that is used to and you know again it does have its benefits you know people will tell you the benefits of that. Again I can go back to spend you and I are totally in agreement here then. If you didn't dive and you have the ball on the blocks wired it is continuing to try to score because I don't know -- that -- just because because he. I think you'll have a better chance to get a goal by continuing. Then possibly I don't know. Have a penalty and the goalkeeper saving. No not even just a penalty Lou it's a bit of free kick just outside the box right if I'm just outside the box and I -- to get a call why don't want to flop. Why why do I want that call that free kicks like him -- -- defense reset itself and build a wall that's dumb to me. I mean granted yes there's it depends on who the free kick taker is if it's -- massacres young although -- pretty good chance of putting it in regardless. But -- -- most people don't. Not pure little money right. But moment proceed out again on the international stage. Unfortunately you know. And I thought about endurance and because they kept mentioning him at the end of the match. That this is probably as well no it's his last his last match and and they -- about boy this is how it ends for him that sucks. You know this is how would end. A tremendous player like this this is how. How how life is his international career is going and I mean that's I mean really it got to me. Because watching him play is such -- joy that they UC. A -- and what was going on -- -- -- Italy again to make it dropped. Bells toll being dumb marquee -- being dumb now and they're complaining after the match whom. If -- here it's an off how can you know it's enough Suarez well again killing you flop all over the place. -- get where you're paid for. You got no respect marquee CO. Again you flop and then you go in for our tax I don't think it was a regular tournament records have been -- I don't think you deserve to be sent off to go off the field but. I mean -- the Italian squad this is what they're known for -- flop all over the please let's go back to 2006 the final in the World Cup France Italy. Yeah we -- has done was a more -- zones like favorite player. Head butted. Was a -- the Mets -- -- I believe so I don't remember exactly who. Had bought some. Antarctic. He acted like he got shot by a shotgun no you do you didn't he had budget. Wasn't that big of a deal and -- -- in diving -- is on some off the field do you feel good about. If I'm synergy feel good about winning the World Cup in that fashion because he flopped. I I wouldn't. See you know I'm glad you brought it -- that was because I remember when they want. And there was this really weird feeling going on -- there had to do without moment. If you take a union and the World Cup side. -- -- that's how you win the World Cup. You want that to be in memory of how you won the World Cup because let's be honest that's. That was a big part of it I know I wanna be the better he might not a team that acts better. You know and again I want you know if -- one of my teens or my country went I want them to win I don't want there could be situations where. Where they'd benefit you know I guess you could save him from consulting that they created you know a lot. While we're doing doesn't think about situations where. Was on the team's hair and you know I like when I could succeed patriots Bruins Celtics -- -- when they when they went and on the field. Not what it's no. Not when they actually creates something that didn't need to be fair enough and and that's what this is this is creating a situation. And you win that way it just is never it never felt good to meet Italy went out -- never did. No no a two I had thought it was a robbery. Went -- as much nonsense. In that type situations we we talk about here in the states and our other sports and basketball and football on such as let them play it's into the game let them play. You know don't swallow the whistle rough swallow the wrestle whistle and let them play at the end of the championship. No BS fouls. No BS penalties let them played the game the way it's meant to be played. And in instances like this it's not. But look let's get off of that -- -- is we we did a lot talked about stars and Italy and somehow to fall down to the 2006 World Cup but actually speaking. Of the 2006 World Cup Germany's coach Jurgen Klinsmann is now coaching the American squad as we know. Now -- -- facing. Germany. Coming up Thursday at noon. This is a huge game it is. It's the biggest game in my lifetime for the USA. I can't think of one bigger than this playing out the -- is right number two ranked squad in the world. And by many experts. The eventual World Cup winners. Ten at the US. Win this game and advance out of the group as the number one seed. Boy that's a huge asking I'm sorry it really is there's a lot again Jozy Altidore will not be playing this match. And I would like to say that they have a chance to win. But I'm on my head just tell me. I'd be I personally would be happy with a draw I you know again and then I'd be ecstatic -- right and they wind. Can you know can can can upset Germany. I I would say that it I don't know what I'll let -- percent on a navy. I'm gonna go higher than year long ago 25% OK here's why this World Cup has been a world cup of upsets. According -- gonna dominate what I really thought was the group of death not the US is group. I really thought that your way Italy England grocery it was a group of death. If Costa Rica can not only come out of that but you win the group crazy. Why can't the US beat Germany but very poise and the US is a better team the grocery -- proven it over and over again in CONCACAF. Why can't they be Germany Germany did not look good against -- They didn't. They did it and and honestly I'm gonna say that's it. -- was there. I would say that they've they would have a better chance and I'm giving them. And you bring up good points about Costa Rica and it and honestly -- do we need any more proof that that was a group desperately needed anymore proof now. Well certainly the group to bite him. I wasn't very good line you don't have to give -- he left for us. Actually I thought there was initially thought thank you I appreciate. Well then you're funny you're always right what else. Fantastic care. Okay and you'll look like to Guyana on debatable but that's done that's for another show. -- that he should get that's a compliment and it is getting back to view us and off the thinking about this national and like we talked about. Let out to the run out to the the draw against. Why my liking on the draw -- -- it's Portugal. I guess you know I guess it's still hard Steve epic about Portugal putt. But afterward we were talking about how the US could play and and -- ticket Jozy Altidore is -- you can play. You can play the German style against them can you do. Without -- CPU. Can you have Clinton beat him by and so can you play the same type of lineup. You know what I mean and that you know like in the million dollar question is always Klinsmann got that set up this team is -- gonna set them up. To move it to basically you know played for the draw I don't picked up that is going to do in fact he said that he. -- is going for the victory he wants this win badly he does he does but the question is put. But what will be interesting is how will he set up this team that can doubt that would give us a clue exactly how badly he wants to win. He's got to be careful though because he might out coach himself by over thinking it in that how he wants to be -- he knows what their strategy is and he knows what their tactics are. -- out coach himself and it too cute I don't think he will he's he's not the greatest tactician in the world. But he's proven them to be very capable. And he doesn't seem to get bowled over by the moment so I'm assuming he won't but that's a question. Now here's my question. Is what -- -- doing the defensive side of the ball because in. You're facing a far more potent attack the new face in the other two teams which both have good attacks. This attack is far more potent you have now one of the all time great World Cup goal scorers and Thomas -- on the others other side of the and he's not the most skilled the most gifted player in the world but. That doesn't matter to him because he scores. You know -- and what's funny about Germany Germany has players that can just score I'm glad that you brought up ten. You know again what's crazy about Germany no mistake about this -- the US played and straight up for the majority of the match. All all lower house to do is look at this bench. And and and bring people off the bench. Vatican can change the match that's. Those huge -- in Germany houses their bench they go out there about the players that came off the bench in the last match -- hit it it really it really is raising. He could bring off. Bringing -- could bring in the wake up -- wind Steiger. If he wants you could prolong focused and also see I mean yeah. Obstacles goers everywhere. And -- everywhere and that goes up in them feel that starting. And I think it is the graceful back in the world today. Until plump up slowly I alarm. Is incredible what he doesn't bring in -- -- he sets about whole offense and then he gets back and he is a staunch defender. So how do you counter loan. Are you gonna put more people in the midfield to prevent him from creating coming up the fields. Are gonna spread your wings -- a little bit further. I don't know what you do against Lyme Disease so damn good. I think I think you got -- figured out what the midfield. I think that I think so it's a little I mean you know again. You wanna say -- what's Gulfport right let's go forward it's you know what's. What's -- -- -- strikers but without Clint Dempsey play with I don't know -- -- velocity or or or possibly play -- Within -- Johanneson but I think that's I think that could be a recipe for disaster. I think you have to. Big here to beat Germany you're gonna have to beat them on the counter we saw -- -- able to do that so. But I think I I think I think defense comes first I think that in -- field is -- concern sort ticket for the deal. Let me ask you okay so let's go through the team that we wanna see starting here. We both want Dempsey up front too we both want I Panama on Dempsey alone up front are so aren't so we'll start their -- is by himself up front. Now behind them yeah Bradley's not played very well. Put Bradley still needs to be either. You know what has bought the meat and and I've heard this on the radio and I've heard this on TV people questioning. If Michael Bradley should play against that you. Yeah okay who's gonna play over him who who's gonna play over him I've heard people say the same thing. Who's gonna play over who are better than him on the squad at that position nobody so we can apply. I don't know and I'm on record as saying it is Jurgen Klinsmann did the US are going out -- US accord to get killed. If he does not -- Yet he's made some mistakes but yeah again you don't have a better options so it doesn't matter. If he's played bad or not you don't have a better option even when he is playing bad subtle Bradley staying put up. OK so let's let's look at out more let's go off the premise that they're going to be doing that. You know that staggered. For four -- I want you know akin to that is not -- to be -- affront. -- gonna reform the back. They're gonna have you're one up front. So that means they're gonna five in the midfield. What's your midfield gonna look like and here's what I'm thinking in my mind. You have Dempsey up front and then behind him you gonna have Bradley than you're gonna have -- two. We midfield players out there are Wetherbee it's going to be Jermaine Jones. He's he's gonna play. Now here's my question -- Jones. Do you move Jones back and play them onside recommend or get a plea to kind of sent a defense -- mideast back there but a question. And then do you maybe I don't know home to receive enough out of -- to think Jesus stayed kid might have something forest here in this game because he's unbelievably fast. Now do I -- deadly and -- -- on the outside. Or. Do I do this. -- is up front and I am having Bradley and Susie behind him. Which I don't think you want you don't want a message that really but it's an option. It is an option I don't know that's what you want you know again I'm just on that out there I wouldn't. I would wanna see that but it is an option of what you can do because Suzy can create -- So I mean I look at it like let's have two in the back to two in the senator until the back to Ackerman and Jones told an -- yes thank you. Then -- -- defensive midfielders. Let's let's call them Jermaine Jones. And Kyle document is that will be your protection for the -- four. Thanks and Steve putting Jones move Jones back I think it does this match I don't get obsolete just because. Because they're -- and I think I think you need more protection against Germany. I doubt you know I could not predict it scalp back I think -- apartments store to find jobs but I think you have to be more defensive pension. I I just wanna say this as were -- this now Nigeria just scored. And Argentina to tie it up and it's the fourth minute. So I just want to throw that out there were were doing this right now as of Wednesday at noon so I'm up here watching the game Tom. Now he let's go back to the -- of him for second when we predicted -- it wouldn't previewed the Portugal game we talked about Jones and whether or not you move him to the other side to -- Renaldo. They didn't do that then Jones was amazing did the best game I've ever seen him have. Capped off with a fantastic goal so maybe you don't do that because. He's employing so well but I feel like you need that protection until -- get. I think the protection always. Although he played against. Portugal. And because again it's a different animal like you or he said yeah you know. I left and it's not embarrassing to say you know like you're going to be playing more defensive. You know on a term that that's is a great deal park and the -- yeah. In a -- don't go all doesn't you know no no I was just about to say. They don't have to park -- What they need to do. Is to be able to beat defenses in shape and to be able to be ready for the content because. I believe the US can counter quickly we've seen this before we saw that. Against Nigeria. And the last the last friendly. They can counter quickly yeah they can move quickly they have speed enough to be able to -- to move the ball quick. And we we saw how that affected Germany. Against Ghana. Well delay let's put this on hold on 12 amidst let me stop the bus for a minute stopped about real quick. There are doing that against Nigeria would Jozy. Jozy as the pace to really be effective on the calendar. Ghana. Did it to Germany Ghana is significantly faster. Than the US. US can counter quickly but we haven't seen them have. Real opportunities to Jozy in this World Cup do so. I am a little curious about that but yet your overall point is right they still can't -- quickly and because that's predicated on what Bradley does. Right you know and again he could be could be you know again. It goes back to Michael probably -- people have said to me you know law -- used to also Ohio Michael Bradley because I know that we have not seen the best of Michael Bradley. I know that I'd bet I know if we see the Michael Bradley. Play his potential. The US not only have a chance to get a point. They're I'd say get off three points and if he is playing to his maximum potential we have just not seeing that. We haven't seen Ivan citizens Nigeria I did -- it against Nigeria we did not see it in the last two matches. We're where he is spot on the entire match. And if he needs to I hate to put it it's you know you never wanted to say a player needs to be perfect. But he needs to come up close to that. -- needs to be held a lot better then what he has been I thought he was better in the last match I did I thought he was better. Even though he had to. Mistakes but there are positives to go along with that -- -- -- and his overall game but he was not playing. The level that he has been Plame worked in the past for the US. Two to really have a shot to do something further on in the World Cup Michael property is going to be an issue that needs to be huge part of. And it can't be the problem he cannot -- out to be the solution. Let's move to lose -- -- side here and who we expect democracy on that back for. I think Fabian Johnson still a split right back right back yes right back. He's got to stay there the outside of that -- at the end of the game he was very good again. Yes and especially when it was him and yet when they look like they could be very disruptive duo. Playing in front and behind each other. So I'd like to see that combo again I don't know if you will but I'd like to see that come Odom RBs are replying -- -- all. Sort of a short leash. Only only at peace that only if if you really feel that he is. Close to a 100%. Not and I don't think yeah musically it's not a zero if he's not in the if you Campbell and and you go over jobs and Brooks again. It's a gamble because the upside with this kid is huge. But the inexperience shows itself. Here's why I say play Brooks. Brooks has experience playing against some of these guys report. I don't think I did I I think there's a lot been talked about the German players on this American squad. None of them are afraid of the German players they'll have the utmost respect -- but they're not -- -- -- the play against Somalia around basically. So. I'm might claim just because I'll let a little fire and is -- say. Listen Germany didn't think you're good enough to play on their squad go out there kick their -- prove them. Prove them wrong that you -- either should have been on their squad or that now you're on a squad that's better than them prove it. I mean that them clintons amassed a motivate her. That's what I would do if I was trying to motivate I'd sit -- are down because he's pulled up -- two games in a row and that's a liability. Now let's move to Cameron I think Cameron house to play. Yes he made that horrible mistake on that attempted clearance it was really bad and it cost them big time. But. Well I mean he's he's your best offender so what's gonna play for him. You know going back to -- final goal and and if I've watched several times and you look at just Cameron he did not -- Google's score. Coming from behind and then and that was an unfortunate situation the last few yes there was another player out on the pitch. Central defender which I could not find them and that was all Arkansas. Yeah. Do you want all mark Gonzales out there and my answer to that is. Right now to start absolutely not no because all -- losses responsibility. And that match to come on. What -- to keep all the balls out of the blocks through. To get everything make sure that nothing went in the box where would see at the end where what city. And and not and I'm sorry to be dumping on him. But I would rather go with Geoff Cameron because again. I've seen enough good out of Geoff Cameron. Two to believe that he's the right choice. PD -- -- did you make a horrible mistake at the beginning of the match ups will. Did he you know what -- was a part of partly responsible -- final goal probably -- all along with other defenders as well I mean you know you know. There are plenty of places to place blame. On on that second goal OK Geoff Cameron you can place when there is fully deserves a piece of the -- But he needs to be him. Absolutely. Left back diesel have easily. Beasley. Excuse -- Played better against German against Portugal than he did against Ghana. Again I don't think get much -- an option you kind of have to play them -- and you don't don't rule out an option no one can do would be easily can do he's still. Still has the speed and ability to bring the ball all the way up the field. He's not the greatest -- one defender we've seen him get beaten up by Ghana a couple of times. And although on that lastly there's nothing he could do. He did what exactly what he had to do which is trying close off the space he did it -- -- doses one of the best players in the world and he's gonna do what he needs to do. You can't really blame Beasley on the last play. Now listen I I. I agree with you and and demarcus Beasley for the most part I think has been solid and the most he's in forget. You know I don't really have much complaint that you know again -- I've heard some. Some people take -- shot -- you know are on our final goal and I don't know. I think that's on deserved I think I think he had a bad for staffers Donovan of the event but ever since then. He's been pretty good. Right you know like him what I look at when -- look at what were not you don't like what in the closed down Renaldo what was it corsets Ronaldo. You know. Again. You know. In hindsight maybe he should have been putt but for the most part he has done his job it's about doing your job and demarcus Beasley has done his job so. So so I think we're you know again without talking about the back for the of course we got Tim Howard in you know. I can live with that but before we finish up and wanna go a lot about -- and it took as I don't know we've really finished off five in the midfield. So so what could because I really -- -- wanna nailed down where we're both going on and so so I think we're in agreement. That we should have to holding midfielders being. Being Jones -- and yes we we have Michael Bradley. Now we have two people -- to people on on exclusive one on each side of why those people. -- -- jones' holding midfielders -- moved him back. Is Susie I didn't see it's on matters is in Dallas game. He did a couple things but he wasn't he wasn't spectacular he didn't allow me in any way shape or form. Odeo playing over him. Do you do you rusty you coaching the US men's national team do you -- start times -- differences. You -- is okay who'd you play on the other side them. I don't know. That's an excellent question I'll tell you complain where you play the boys from Seattle. Dendreon will focus who's very composed procedure you're gonna gonna move them up -- -- what you're gonna go that. I'm going to put. Deadly and in front of Fabian Johnson okay you view it really like I do. I do relief that's so much -- it is. Maybe it really might be and I might be shooting for the stars and that. But deadly and I know the complaints going in and you and I talked about it when the squad was selected. But just watching -- -- that little time in Portugal used very composed he didn't really do anything wrong. He played very well in the few minutes he was on the field. And he's he starts them he can run he can get out there and he's a lot of pace with the ball in his feet. I would like to see him out there now. It -- strong argument for someone else I'm certainly well Melissa. -- are also under a little. Don't really like him that much I find him at a position where to Austin. -- -- solid player. But -- may -- -- start with the door in the -- bringing Oakland but I I don't know I've been doing is not really doing much more me. OK you know and then let's -- Julian green. I don't think there's anyway -- dish. They essentially -- no shots. You know -- just doesn't you know again it's it's funny we go back to the lineup then and I -- -- -- -- deal. The 23. Dublin and and you mentioned this at least initially got what it means -- can apply. Yeah. And you're gonna end up being right because you know a lot. I don't think -- flight exit. Now and that's why you know it made sense of trying getting him did switch allegiances. And in that instance may be cleansing Fella he had to include them on the squad because he got a talented young player to switch it's not like Jones -- much older Brooks is a young too. The joneses you know 32 so it makes sense to have him come over here. -- greens aren't gonna play I'll stick with that. Welcome that it will let's come back to -- none of them -- all right fit you know wouldn't this make perfect sense for him to be their ansari touched off. -- -- It actually does because it again we're talking about players. That could make a difference especially against a team like Germany and in -- and has because I am going to say just because. Because -- I think that he saw it he's not spectacular but I personally would go with Pedroia. But but but I hear your argument there that. Is deadly and then bench option for you just -- late in the game that took. Because because Oakland has shown us that he -- be -- -- -- yeah absolutely so the so why not using that -- -- percent. OK I can totally buy that and you're probably. You're probably right as to the Doris starting and the other being the super sub. And it makes sense in a lot of ways because you bring on a guy with a lot of pace. In the seventieth sixty to seventieth minute who can just Ron and -- tired legs. So it makes sense that you makes complete sense lawyer saying yeah I am just curious I kinda wanna see him get more time on the field and see what he can do. This is not the game to be doing that however. It's not been and it's finally got back to two more pick and pick in the place rate. And you're an -- like oh yeah and you know I remember watching him play against the revolution like no way you -- And I have to give them credit because he really showed -- is -- he showed he showed why Clinton picked him yeah. You showed Michael -- and knows better than us here. He -- spend I'm not afraid to say that of course you never be heard him. And -- I want -- your idea of playing him. But I'd just seen IC you know again deep into the possibly up and godspeed. And you know that their fearlessness. Coming off the bench because he looked like he did not have any easier knowing I would I would like to see Blair -- dot. Pool I don't know I was ready to be a full time starter. On the on the US men's national team but can make an impact he has the potential. To be an impact player a -- -- Yeah you're an injured right on the money that runs right on the money right at this point to us on you have great points. Did you just like to point out the fact that I always have good points. I don't I don't say it you do. What do you do that you know it's funny like do and that's what you and the fact that you and I can do this together it really has pure joy as we could talk about this probably break it down. We don't get too technical -- We just talked about about the matches and it's fun to do -- Guy is a lot of fun love and have a blessed in this review. Through. The last couple months and now it's the world's company. To sizzle side programming note for anyone who's listening right now we're gonna continue. Regardless what happens with the Americans going down -- were gonna continue doing these World Cup podcasts all the way through the World Cup so while Mullen. Good to some all into and you know what we're gonna continue doing them until we Felix topic here so more you'll get these beyond the World Cup. But he is it's been a lot of fun and and I really think that. That the US will be advancing. I think that there's about a 75% chance of them advancing considering all the other things that would need to happen in the other game but I really think the the US team is going to get out of this group and they're going to be facing delta. I I think that's probably what is gonna happen and I would be fine with them. And and say you know again then let's say they don't get anything from mr. match you predicted it would boost. And I'm open and maybe they can get a point I think the odds are that it will loses match but I I think that there's still going to go through. And I want to note and then they're gonna go go ahead you know what let's just say what's the idea that did that they get the knockout round. And out what I've been hearing on on the radio on TV in the media. Talking about how painful bout last match was you know that it was a choke job. You know at that data once an attitude to draw that it was a 22 loss I've heard that and and I understand the pain of that situation. -- we could put backs. And possibly a couple days and say you know what up what is what got them through. -- well but here's the problem is I feel win a lot of those people feel wasn't -- -- loss because you had not only the game in hand. But you have the top seed in -- You're group. In hand. And you're playing you're setting yourself up to play against a potentially weaker squad in the Russia South Korea or Algeria whoever it is you're better squad to them Belgium. Not so much. Thousands of very good team you know I've had many arguments Belgium. And on this golden generation that their. But we've we've had these arguments because there are legit team now I don't I don't love their chances in the World Cup some people predict him as the dark horse. Put their legit team I won't take that away from of their very good -- a lot of -- all over the field but that is for another pod cast another day. For today. We're concluding. Our USA Germany previews slash. Luis Suarez reaction podcasts and we're gonna conclude it would Dennis Ross. What's your prediction give me the score and the result. Okay. I'm gonna go with 11. Are going to be positive here and the Communists say that the US has convinced me by the way that they've played. In this last not that they can actually get a point. And I think it I think -- it's 11 going into say the sixtieth minute then. It's gonna end up. More than one in a moment now aren't I im gonna predict. It 21 loss. But there's still advancing because I'm gonna predict Portugal wins. One nothing over Ghana and it does nothing for them. And that could. -- very -- happen not you know again the nightmare scenario is that got to win big and on the US is in trouble -- and we just have to hope that does not happen. I hope I'm wrong I really am -- I'm obviously going for win. You do have a chance -- yes I think they do have a chance to win this game I do nothing gets out of the realm of possibility it's a slim chance but it's a chance on the -- that's all you can ask for. They're in position and and you know what you were called back we're talking about European Klinsmann not mentioned this before and I think tactically he has been pretty good and if there's someone that knows Germany's. Better then but I actually did better than Germany obviously that ball low notes -- the better than than -- but I think Clinton has an idea of of what needs to happen to get all three points. And I actually feel like he's gonna put them in position do it and I can always say that a -- managers just in general. I think I I think this is again I think this is this is Clinton's -- Not -- situation but this is this what he wants he wants to face Germany. And are you gonna do you think you can. To get a victory because it would be huge -- of in this case. -- You're absolutely right. He wants to stick his -- Catholic thank you doodle dandy. Outflow which let's not remember let's not forget the Yankee Doodle Dandy was actually a insult towards Americans by the British it's not this American folk song let's pro American. We and by Cohen and I guess. I mean maybe that's probably my fault but you know what that's Hillary Clinton and just dropped to sprinkle sprinkle a little knowledge on people. Always did -- -- -- it's always good to add knowledge Kunis and any better us. All right well that concludes. This edition of WBI's soccer Palestine your host young men from -- don't always show you can hear me every weekday at 4 o'clock coasting for a four. You also follow me on Twitter young Ben WEEI. For Ross -- my -- you can follow him on Twitter. At Ross underscore Goldman -- cottage stock if you're -- fan or if you'd like to learn about -- check out his podcast there. And you can also Jerry and his other podcasts at your big patriots fan. Fourth and two. Fantastic stuff as always -- I'm glad that you joined me again today and I look forward to. Thursday's game at noon it's going to be a really exciting interesting game and I'll --

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