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The Celtics may be trying to get the Number 1 Pick, 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

Following a report by A. Sherrod Blakely, Comcast, Lou, Christian, and Tim discuss the likelihood of the Celtics obtaining the number one overall pick in Thursday's draft from Cleveland, and how his affects trying to obtain Kevin Love.

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-- then let me actually it's just Maloney in bands right now Fauria as lefties gonna come back middle of -- show once he gets his lakers shirt back on in anticipation of Kobe Bryant -- game plan together and I'll. That's. Missed that news LeBron James has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. But talk about that a little bit later on here in the 10 o'clock hour that's. Right and don't go no guts these. You'll stick it out mind. Maybe maybe not not done yet and yet but I agree I think it moved by him. We'll discuss that at 1045. Also just a little bit the new news about the David Ortiz error vs base hit scoring decision controversy that's coupled later on in this -- -- point out DNC. Mean hands could be ominous at twelve clocked -- soccer. -- real witness in the -- now arsenic trees stay here all the way up until 2 o'clock when dale politic over the guys are up the Red Sox last night and understand -- you're already getting tweets in advance of the show from the Lackey gators. Could have anticipated right. You knew that was common edited three yeah that's right logo on radio to Mars is -- -- -- of guys awful. And it started there's no question about it Lackey last night. I don't know I don't know what the hell happened last night here that -- to be honest with -- right because having used in 94. Early on that game just absolutely cruising. And you look at having. No idea what seven -- runs last night that the six prior starts at eight total of 160 air raid last six starts he's been basically unhittable. And then in the fourth inning happens. And it would just it to snowball the frustration out I don't squat down -- mound and he did look like you've got to hobbling go to first base I don't know there's some kind of injury. Passport from 95 in 91. But the frustration level. It was like he know that he's facing Felix and at a 21 lead and they we're not gonna win unless he kept -- at 21 lead. And he gave up that first run the second run -- and always out of that thing but. Mary the pissed off -- is in every. Did -- do that but thirteen pitches he threw 21 gas and actually I mean did that cannot. He's he committed the more he pitched to more frustrated he start to get in -- -- then -- there goes to hit -- doesn't cover first. Base that would seem that -- over that beside himself I have no idea. Bush expected to get their besides himself -- he's he's he's yet to be mad at himself you know arm for not covering. Out of I don't think -- did he do the right thing that he go to the right now -- -- go to Italy race so what would he possibly be mad about maybe thought that Napoli drew went home to get the force out. That try to turn -- Maybe he screwed up his back he's not gonna get a second year tacked on after NASDAQ -- aren't -- result. Well it's like Steve even like during the hit back with every pitch -- they would -- off he was screaming yeah you just dropping -- -- -- And hired -- that's everyone's intense. But let's call it etiquette you know the basic -- make it to -- you wouldn't relax homey yeah does that first and their articles that a pitch in the dirt that. You know aged as an awesome job to block an office kneecap you know -- those ricochet -- the financial companies the areas and with every -- to actually use screaming dropping F bombs. That you think has lot to do with who who use species speak. There's an -- -- of them out there adding you know he was like press had too much margin was so slammed on -- get two runs off Felix Hernandez early on is 21 that's got to be to game three. To pitch -- ground -- hide that can't Mike Napoli fires there. It'll of the diamond nodded like he didn't cover first no double play in Iran story. MacKey did not cover first base he was halfway between the mound. And first -- the ball was hit very hard Napoli made a nice play back TV going to his right. And he fired two true. Napoli threw accurately did you look at home when he suffers face was uncovered. I mean yes -- -- don't to you know not sure but. One recession and -- off. Leave them. I'm Alina that's -- alone election laws that's to me that what Michael Bradley try to talk his -- Iran does not make it well what does it mean. I don't I don't I -- a said that when he -- When he comes out and just says but I'll leave that alone is inferring that somebody else was at fault there boys inferring that guy -- -- -- go to yeah yeah yeah. -- may -- to say well and I tweaked my back it could -- rather just talking about. Alec and injures -- deal with because he did we leave it up for interpretation Jerious but it is thought might be like rather than. Give any excuse that something happened just I'll leave that -- not workable act like I'm making excuses. He's got one thing that we did see from Lackey the afflicted years ago we -- blown auto ball but he never knew the head of economic there was -- a product it's surgery in a blown out elbow. You know there was did not excuse I mean there's other things that he did that you know we appreciate. The babies you wanna give the excuse that he was he has backed tweaked out -- something. Because on two different occasions he just gets the back of Amani and a squat down electric catcher. And that's just that's just ought. It on the fastball and modified in any one in the replay of him trying to get a lot of first he broke late. There's no question he broke late but when he started to run it was like a little gal public it was like a if it wasn't running it was like yours hobbling over the first base and maybe just didn't wanna. -- -- you make an excuse that some jammed up on. Still going on unemployment play calls sounded like Steven drew walked. Just -- befuddled and confused. The look of shock on Steve -- base when he was at second base degree -- it. You and there you start to go I was motion you know so I've I thought he was gonna hurt himself and -- -- got for big after a these -- -- mental health day for a month. I did turn around and go to home and others using it's sort of it's actually dust ups throw that ball. With no well yeah they turn to quicken nick audio look at the Baltic attorney just get rid -- because the guys on him. And -- the sales into the dugout right over the bag and everybody is looking and everybody noted that the show up wrote that really bode well. Well you know let's just pleased that it over the went up and an elegant patriot quarterback or something like that just rose and everybody gets mad -- seasons on guys -- Spike as a wide receiver Randall on route I loved that it will wind up in the in all Canadian football -- -- and. You know -- got the news if you're lacking that and you go to this game Lackey -- Felix. You -- all SEC team has done it the last. Couple of weeks actually should take three months and you know that I'm gonna roll up at the throwing up eight scoreless -- one run. On two runs tops. Right 42 runs early off Felix should look at this has gotten this is. I got to be perfect you know I got it I'm gonna you know keep this game right here are two to one. I think -- lead up ahead a -- whatever it is it's just. They what's astute to -- in that situation 32 I just think that he was self Russia I've never seen him like Panama. I've seen -- scream and yell at errors you know but I'm just talking about errors those were errors are you -- pissed about the passed ball but. Every file bought act please drop and Bob -- Why so little what you saw on Twitter last night to you and I think the question to bring up about -- somewhat similar to loosen them. We've brought up by Jon Lester few weeks ago is. Are we going to have every start be a referendum. On whether or not they should do something with Lackey on the back after the contract because. For all the people that are complaining about the theory. Of John Lackey. Trying to rework his deal. It really shouldn't matter Pitt's performance oriented. You know I mean like there are a lot of people out there who are complaining about the notion of wiley signed to contracts that we should lead to this contract. Well if you have that opinion. It really shouldn't be changed. Whether he's a know the rest this season when many are under one or fees of one they would any RA over seven. If you're somebody who say -- well you signed a contract should not of the contract he was hurt or now these healthy and pitch well. They shouldn't turn around -- rework the deal if that's your opinion. It really shouldn't matter if the if if it's white is right wrong is wrong. It shouldn't matter what the performances. And I I do I think is a little short sighted if your Red Sox fan in the -- -- mean last night's start notwithstanding. He's got a lot left in the tank. You're saying well he sided deal he should stick to it if there's some that left there in his apartment and his body make held a lot of sense to tax -- -- on the back yet. But that's that's not really that some people's mindset. Right you know the guy that thinks if bench -- that had any balls. They'd make -- -- for 500 grant right it bench Eric had any balls. And -- make David Ortiz -- that would give an extension but that people don't want. -- to give in to the athletes that's wrong don't they just don't want to give man. Now if you think about the general manager side of it says a little while when I want David in -- for me the next two years. Why would not give an extension why don't why don't I want John Lackey in my rotation for the next two years but why would never that thing up and given a two year deal. But people take -- past that because it just want to give an exact don't get out and make a pitch for 500. I did it is -- deep down they know threats out gimmick to your deal -- users of a bitch about quite frankly when they get it done. Well that's kind of my thought on and I I don't think that the debate old for a lackeys right and wrong re negotiating a deal. Should have a heated to a performance. Obviously you if he stinks the arrest the way it is no reason to reduce the deal about talking about that -- performance though -- it would -- but would it -- not good for for people or complaining and there's a lot of them we fielded the phone calls we've seen the emails received the text. For people who are complaining about the notion of right or wrong getting out of a contract. If he does turn around and come back from whatever back ailment may have a -- strong down the stretch. At the opinions shouldn't change that you've got it. Of John Lackey yet not make sense because he's pitching well well the go ahead and sign him if you're somebody who has that ought. That this guy's manipulating. The contract. Because he's trying to get an extra year tacked on or the but it scared up to redo it. That should be about performance that's Tuesday right or wrong a contract is a contract thing. 6177797937. Yeah I'm on the got it says -- -- no decision's going to be made even listen to Red Sox management. They are flat out saying all right now which -- in his but they signed a contract. And that's what it is. There's really no discussion going on with those guys. So. You know. Whether he's good or bad I think you have a lot to do weather's good -- back of the -- stinks. There's no way to renew renegotiating anything if he does great it gives them a bigger a sample of what he can do moving forward. Is it to me if if he was like Jake Peavy -- right now. You know guys look at and say -- all you raising your rotation. And you always give me a couple of good starts then once -- negative the F 56 runs in the -- going to be in the low full mid fours right for the half. You it's that -- say while the only way we would bring you back is for five immigrant. There because your -- half starter wanna -- kind of guy. Right that's that's you and you say we'll bring -- 500 grand if you wanna commit revenue grand and great in retirement. But when he pitched at a high level which he has even though he wasn't good last night. Because you'd want for two years. You know and him what he signed that deal what 3031 years old. You know it it's a cloudy side. Because at 3031 you look at a five year 82 and a half million dollar deal there really -- -- six at 36. It can be out of a game at thirty sixers are ready to be done. He signed it -- six years later there was decision to remain it was aren't thinking about your sex. Now he -- at a high level. I think the Red Sox were just wanna keep me for two years the -- some people don't wanna hear that because they just don't want the Red Sox the event. Exactly that's all they really and here -- voting that way older Red Sox Palin think that way he goes eight know the rest of the year and has an ERA of under two. Then I don't wanna hear the tune changed at all now makes sense that he had a good year not this is it. A moral issue to some people at this as a right or wrong what's your name is on that piece of paper issue it should it matter what his performance is not ventured to the Red Sox. Because of what happened last night just as -- for instance. You should renegotiate this season that's great protection that you have on the back at two in the offseason because his arm could go -- lot again. You know he could blow a lot of neat he could have a bad back like we saw illustrate last night on -- and re do something now. Go ahead make him pitch -- earn the money absolutely. I'm just sick from the fan's standpoint who seemed and we. Had many interactions with them online or on the -- spotlights the fans were morally a band aid. By the notion of John Lackey asking for -- work on the contract. I don't wanna hear the complaints -- disappear or change of tune disappear if he's great down the stretch because -- -- come into play. It's immoral list -- wrong a contract's a contract issue. And frankly I think it should matter he's good by the end of the deal which you'd Grammy that are an -- on them. Even in the next two years yes not a good -- it's it's all the boat I agree with you the it is there's no rush is no -- a -- right now. You make sure it gets to your health and the minute season is over you do you do a two year deal. 6177797937. Tech -- from Boston hi Ted -- 937 WEEI. -- -- -- -- -- And I do all the the order that you don't doubt about instrumental. -- admit he committed Al -- has gone. Music director -- our bond yeah yeah he beatle Paul it would have been let -- -- but -- -- bit -- -- go and there's little evidence to reaching. I don't make that I worked without -- I mean -- -- a year let below what PPP nearly fifteen cooler. All of god and utility that partly -- 500000. -- Italy has been out. Molecule got a boat don't. You don't set I think and then you're the exact person and thanks for the call Ted you're the exact person that I wanna hear from. In the offseason if lackeys backing is healthy it's not a bad entry from last night -- is great. Don't you know you fifteen million back. As you can -- to a two year deal fifteen million dollars under value. Because the -- yet so you know you look at Judd John -- I don't it could be if John Lackey is a free agent -- away years. And alas it was bad but if he remains healthy and he pitches to a -- three are right. Any was a free -- it's it was a gimmick to your deal to give -- two years probably 35 million probably seventy and a half million. And always getting older but that's Kuroda gets sixteen from the Yankees and Lackey pitching better than Kuroda. So you know he probably seventy and a half million bucks. It's not gonna sound -- and a -- -- to two years 35 because you get this this the sixty dangling over him. So both both sides concede -- -- sound a two year -- You're 22 you can't -- a million bucks which Thabeet and feel fifteen million dollars undervalued in Lackey will look at and say well to the 500 grand. Will retire or 22 million over the next two years twenty million next two years okay. Colonial you'll still get paid 1011 million dollars a year and Red Sox are still feel like they get fifteen million dollars under value for the next few years -- -- fifteen back. Anderson does the exact and pro that was the first got a call because that's exact point I'm trying to make minutes enjoyed good bumped. Well known as the secondary went -- to try to -- I thought his full point to what was clearly the reason he caught. That hey he was paid early -- he shouldn't have to be paid late. Just sort of remember that if the debate sparks back up again and he's good down the stretch because I don't think the opinions will be as strong as that -- to start off. Our offseason discussion about John like yeah deport if you doesn't have this this breakdown. But he did last night then we're going to be discussing this is over his last six games he's -- here at one point six you know so it's. And we have to go to the reason we reason yeah he's been probably the best picture and you can debate either way but -- he's been the guy. The last night he goes out there. He he screws up a player first. He gets he gets beat up in the in the fourth inning. I mean you look at the play by play it hit my pitches thirteen pitches walk it runs. It was it was used it was ugly. -- any -- shown his emotions. But Lou had the best breakdown he said it again. Is the fact that. This is going to help the Red Sox they're gonna be paying less for a guy Beckett easily get more on the market based on the way he was pitching. Take out this game is pick out your worst score OK your worst game and this seems to be it right now this is eager to sell lacked. OK but he's gonna stay here they're gonna resign him he's not gonna play for 500000 dollars that a sign up for two years and it's gonna be below market value to you should be happy. Forget about whether it's what teams do well that you care less about how much placed. More dental care though people -- that it. They saw -- just don't big picture don't get like it doesn't matter that that the US tied at all that bad state that they don't care that they want John Lackey is the better team we care about that Christians com. Some people care about what that's -- at all at a team they just don't. Want to -- in the aptly. Is it a moral issue or is it a performance issue -- John Lackey 6177797937. Will continue down that path and we got to get to the decision speak of right or wrong. Was a right or wrong and he goodwill over a bad move to overturn the David Ortiz hit -- error. From last week at Fenway Park is a decision has been made their missed that store will have -- we come back this is 937 WEEI. And I -- all the other important that you don't doubt about instrumental thank you some -- that's very kind of be.

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