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Three for All: That was easy! 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

MFB struggle to see how multi-linguistic they are, involving teams in the World Cup.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man in the seats at least three or wrong I'm never afraid of psychiatry threes overall picture. It's three overall dvds with MF beat. Hi Trisha and guess. And here I feel like him being set up -- for free for all Oilers this involves the store staples. The world cubs. And geography that we -- and I need to know self go ahead what do we so awesome job. -- out -- so I went to I would staples and you know that a little a little red button that they sound staples. That says this yeah. They're into the red button report -- Joey. There. Yet that was easy but I -- that was easy -- you hear that so staples sells another one. That has like twelve different countries on the different lighter so obviously got that one day you know -- -- honor of the World Cup. It's just kind of play with the try to figure out a -- deaths. Which translation of that was easy went with which countries are retaliated the button that says this is easy but is it labor collaborative players on -- the World Cup I have. Five teams that are either still alive or. -- have advanced one team has been eliminated. And the choices for you guys are Portugal which you know playing US state. That already played a USA -- then -- tech Portugal playing Donna. Germany big game tomorrow night out tomorrow at 12 o'clock we will have that game. Right here acts and 2 o'clock in Argentina. Brazil ball both teams have advanced. And the last what is that you might hear is Italy saw out of those five. Of those five. I -- a problem -- what the Portugal Brazil both beat us but it's instinct -- because whatever dialect. Of dialect of Argentina very you know but yeah let's go to play game right so Joey -- wanted to play. Number. Three and here. That's it that's only a little earlier level. And now what I'm glad I didn't notice or journal I -- mellow line I've answered noted general great and she. I thought I'll -- my reality and start out good but audio. And actually don't give me number eight. That's German -- only gonna say it again that's the dialect. Muted in memory. Loss. That's dialect and too much Dina I don't give me now you're noted it is odd to -- eleven cumulative. -- Now that's Germans being date -- -- yes that fit well. -- them about the easy at sounds like it's English. It may be like for like Beatles elements that low oil I was over it -- -- long easy and Germany's. Not I -- easy theory they'll appear on dictionary.com. So yes it's -- eleven -- gimme -- number nine. -- about giving number eight. -- one of the Brazil and the other one of Argentina. So give me number eighty yen. Lost. So you're not goes -- that's Brazil. That is Brazil yeah memories as a result. Pretty good at this I now I give me -- nine overtime. And there's Argentina that's Argentina which was forced to go import Portugal -- -- we don't it never twelfth. Part that. I rejoice so they'll bust you if you have you have the whole list there -- a have you -- -- playing. Number two. To. Know about it Netherlands would not what -- -- -- Just got another lap accident and you might actually be able to translate that -- -- enjoyed number two. -- -- -- -- upon land that I don't. I don't air China. And little or no Q did you ever play again -- -- manager in -- No not not not to -- in Asia yesterday I told you it really good at geography that is Chinese. There's a real easy one here's a relief to play in this game play number five. C. Always a Canadian not do it again. Dozen Canadians know it's it's light it's they don't really basking. -- benefits -- open -- Australian or Scottish yeah Australia they go. And then. The last pretty good have you got a few. -- number three overtime -- About. A book about it both of beautiful language it is monotonous you know. Deborah do with the Fifth Avenue we do about half an opportunity you get out there out there out here. Staples that was easy Dave price target that you already attribute I but I think. Victim gets the win he kept saying Germany for every single one dollar impairment -- that's fairly what does that -- the same -- same language Portugal and yes. -- Brazil Brazil both speak Portuguese. But you know that I thought it was a different dialect -- language flight. He -- the expansion. You know I'll be -- it's Venezuela Mexico via different dialects -- And instant illegal oil limited yes forgiveness for us. Italian soccer fans now that the Italian World Cup team has lost you can go back to rooting for the USA. If you wanted to marinara sauce on your spaghetti having -- chef boy RD or ordered out from Papa John's and were rooting for the Italians I. Guy. Fuel can go back to rooting for the USA. If you were rooting for the Italians because your great great great great great great great great great great grand having may have been from Italy and your last name ends with a -- -- even though your name is calling its deep and you're rooting for the Italians. It's. You rule can go back to rooting for the US today. If you haven't seen the godfather of 35 times owned every sopranos Bach says and say yeah. And we -- using your friends and you've been rooting for the Italians Obama and YouTube might freak Italian friend can go back to rooting for the US. And Italians I do -- American born guy from hole. To the North End cannery but none of those top five buttons and start rooting for the US. -- -- Offended don't. Show we talked about this briefly for the audience Lou why -- issue ever play for Italy for the office. Have no idea. It was good enough. Did they not ask her did you not only fairly I think of when you're a blow my ankle on when the Olympics where the Kindle fire I think he's Buick coach for the World Baseball Classic though fortunately -- -- -- doubt it just simply Alan -- LP acts. Doug Mirabelli their -- it was the -- a and Oakland. Amid Frankie. Is that that's the name on a minute you know minute keynote. That's exactly what that piece just said if you have any -- it's a grant active -- you iPod. Like the north and pizza. Is a pizzeria Regina she's had a joke. Or keep him out one. 6177797. And at present and in the final hour of the program. We got 25 minutes of underwrote the sports talk to begin the 1 o'clock hour we will revisit the discussion about what the Celtics should do. If they can't get into that number one draft slots. That's coming up here on 90% to -- media.

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