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Buster Olney, ESPN says Red Sox are in a deep hole, but nothing they can't climb out of, 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

ESPN Insider Buster Olney joins the show to talk about the hole the Red Sox have put themselves into. He points out that they're lucky to be in a division that's having a down year, and says that Pierzynski is one of the worst defensive catchers in baseball, which puts prospect Christian Vasquez promptly on the radar.

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Let's throw you brought tears by cancer care. -- -- And Mohegan -- Commencement Maloney and Christian oriented place with an FB. Hot 97 WEE I buster joins us via ESPN and ESPN. Dot com buster how horrific -- join us again this week. I'm good I get the -- I'm going to be like -- the person thing. It out come out -- you know I'd like to -- which character is an animal house that gets run over it solid well. -- I -- is all's well that really I feel. Oh no not all as well but I I don't think -- quite as dire the situation and let you know there's no question and we have not seen. A Red -- up and played this and so many years yesterday it was sudden Peter Gammons and I had committed. Won the last time this team been like when he poured in baseball runs scored because. If your home park Fenway Park. You you have an inherent advantage it helps hitters you know with good -- And typically even bad years they'll finish in the top happened runs scored and -- -- 24 and beat the Yankees twentieth and runs scored. That's that's incredible and get a picture that on the stat page because you're not gonna see that. But my point is about. You know all -- -- stay calm all is well he is man. The rest that division is so old mediocre to bad. Dad it's not nearly as dire as you might feel like if you watch that team play out dated eight. Because I played -- point out to be able the Yankees they are scoring -- Until the back into their rotation they've got issues in their lineup that they're not sure are going to be sixty -- people in Toronto. And they're concerned about is the losses of a couple of stars injuries they worry about the back in their rotation they're trying to get it starting pitcher. The Orioles that's only issue in the race ever betrayed their best pitcher. So I don't is no question that where the -- and in the standings. It's had its eighteenth hole. But this early it is not something -- climb out of and they'll let go to -- Peter yesterday. Eagle and a New York -- we can they take two -- -- 38 they would series against the cubs. In a week it's gonna look a lot different if they start to play better but that's certainly big -- they know what you mean. Yeah -- bus you know I feel like we hear the same thing. Every time we talk about the Red Sox when -- going to a new series with a new team out they can win two out of three have they gone this West Coast. Road trip and you know and and went -- games -- going to be up tell a different story. When I look at it it seems that like it's time to start called up some of the younger guys. And at least see any of these guys can develop we're talking about how guys like -- may be -- Vazquez may be on -- TDMA via move move move move he bats. You know is there any chance of those guys coming up at any point in time in the near future and that if they do come up but what they help the team. I don't think there's any question that even they are front and center with a question about Vasquez because. When you decide AJ Pierzynski. He's doing it based on the an assumption may. That -- probably not gonna help you defensively because you regarded as arguably the worst catcher in baseball. But you've figured that you know he could get 340. In theory Annika hit some -- power -- glad that the day at a ball pitchers in baseball the least to would have played appearances he's dead last and -- yes it's 637. So the question I'm sure the Red Sox have is some he did you know if he's not getting hit and what is valued at between and even if you. And if they get to the point where they say you know what we we just don't think they're -- the table. And you might have concerns about a lack of power in the line -- the Christian that kid is only to contribute to that. But you might as well have some strength that a deposition because right now they're not getting any strength at that position. And you do wonder you know yeah you guys know this is that a lot of times teams will use an off day. To evaluate the situation to make changes to make adjustments. They've got that coming up they get important series against the Yankees can call up a bit throwing out by a strong throwing catcher. This weekend that we can do it wouldn't -- like to run rampant in Major League has stolen bases and it may be -- time to cut it to pull the trigger on that. You know one on the other thing -- I don't need any question that you know Jake Peavy probably. Whit clay -- coming decade it probably in the firing line. Buster -- from ESPN and espn.com. Busted the subject of your espn.com. Piece that I'm looking at right now from yesterday. The prospects of Tampa perhaps moving David Price can you speak to that a little bit for folks haven't quite read the column yet also. We were talking earlier in the week about some hitters that might be out that the Red Sox may be interested in acquiring. What -- I'm Seth Smith from San Diego what is the likelihood of him getting moved. I think he's -- -- he's -- -- -- in -- -- Here's the Diamondbacks could be a guy out there but man I'm telling you liked. Speak to the general manager's assistant general managers about the market and position players. And they're shaking their heads and they're saying they're just all and is going to be almost nothing out there are. I you know the Rangers theoretically could be candidate I think I mentioned you guys the -- that they're feeling -- is that okay we might wind up trading some things. But if we trade and Alex Rios and Adrian Beltre this year. And that means we have to replace him for next year to the -- think that as they have players come back from their injuries they're gonna be able to contend next year. And Alex Rios is a great value inaccurate eleven million dollars with a salary -- Adrian Beltre. It potentially future hall of Famer and and there's also no question he's kind of taken a step back. So that those could be some of the guys you could be out there and they're not. Perfect solutions and it's going to be competitive market for them and you know I know that the -- back to that questions around baseball bat available hitters. But it doesn't look like they're going to be a lot of options now about David Price. I'd spoken with people without it -- you've been dealing with a race and. I get it back over and over again the rays will move now they will move to day if someone puts something up front of them. They've been such -- did disappointment. -- -- -- that free agent after 2015. At some point they're going to move him. And they might as well start turning and turning over the team now knows the feeling a bit detained they're talking with them. And accused the question -- you know will Saint Louis cardinal step Bob will attempts -- giant step up with a Los Angeles Dodgers step up. I think that there's you know that the race probably more than other T to listen to offers within their division from. You know theoretically. The beat teams like the Yankees to the blue case. But I just don't think it's gonna work out that way and it's much more likely gonna see. Tampa Bay trade price either one of the three nationally teams I mentioned. Buster if it was April you know as well as I do that to probably in his rotation -- buck colts and TV and they all come back -- -- -- -- hold on the bodies but we're June to June ended June up. Any -- Della -- and work pitch at a high level you mentioned peavy now being out there and block gimmick to me it's. Whether you're an iron out of so we look at the trade Jake -- -- can help on National League team and I got to find a way to keep tiller roast and worker is right now it's about wins. Maybe even -- brought out there he's not the bullpen. I would agree with -- -- I think brown would have some value. Because right now you know a lot of teams who are hearing Fiat and Chrysler get the margin from the cubs are David Price has gone. While. You know that's really steep and they're talking detained about. A guy who don't have that much service time who are not as expensive for example -- Miley of the Arizona Diamondbacks getting a lot of play in the trade market. Because he's only get to play huge disservice by many not that expensive and brought it in that mix. Now I'm sure any interest king would be concerned about the same thing the Red Sox are concerned about. But at the same time I think that the fact that he's not gonna cost that much in terms of salary would make him more attractive now when you -- I think. Now if you read such right now he got to forget what's on the back of the baseball card you gotta talk about what the results are right now. And I -- think peavy would add some value to and actually came I totally agree the Alou and that's probably a good fit for him. And there will be nationally came out that would probably say you know what. For what we need this should be good fit St. Louis Cardinals for example you know they just looked lost two of their starting pitcher's shoulder injury. Michael walker and Heidi Garcia. I don't take would be you know wild about going to the Miami Marlins but they're having a hard time filling the back into the rotation. So I do think it probably would be ideal for the -- they would eat some of TV's salary. Not get much return but on there and they'd be able to open a spot in the rotation. But think Korea buster before we say good -- here and this is and they came up earlier in our program rob Bradford writes for WEEI dot com and conversation with Scott -- one of the things they were talking about is changing landscape of signing younger players are law what happened in Anaheim. With Mike -- contract the context was -- Bogart's here in Boston obviously does look like he's Mike Trout just yet by any stretch of the imagination but. Was there a paradigm shift that occurred there are a bit with how Anaheim handled Trout and might we see more of those contracts for younger players in the future. I didn't let teams are trying to do and yet they're trying to lock up their guys and a lot of people in the union are resistant to that. They feel like there's too much money being walked in the long term contract to the value of the players. But I don't know how if you 212223. Years old you turned down a huge crooked number. For example or did you guys who won that out there now a couple years ago the Padres took an offer to Chase Headley. And 2627. Years old and I don't know the exact number but I think it was around sixty million dollars. And Chase Headley would you know one of the best players nationally a couple of years ago since then he's been horrible. And eighteen may turn down that offer. And now he's headed into free agency he's got a ruptured disk in his in his neck. He's trying to figure out how to play through that. And to get into free agency. And of course we you can see here and say boy if he'd only taken that six million dollar deal. I don't know how we how in the world as a young player he turned down an offer. The 608000. Million dollars and I understand what the union isn't thrilled about it. That's a lot of money. -- bus -- before we let you go I have one question for the other day. We did this segment on the show or three -- we can bring whatever and there was a charts up put up by the Washington Post that described how people from certain states spend their time. Unfortunately. People from Vermont and I think you grow up on a dairy farm in Vermont correct -- yeah they don't like 08 hours of -- there. What going on. I always answer when I saw that my reaction to it yeah. -- I grew up and it I mean you know your other barn at 5 o'clock in the morning he got to get about the 7 o'clock and to think that -- Remember once -- grownup. And where I got on the bus. And we got off the bus to school I would probably the seventh grade and my sister came up behind -- which premiered it got -- behind your clean. Yeah I was gonna say that's not the only -- -- those -- neighbors but now you're. Go to selling itself on a little. I don't pop -- I thought it might -- -- -- You're gonna do about it buster thanks lover coming out of luck next time your Milwaukee wanna see you -- that sausage opted instead of Kurtz in a -- I don't know would you -- about it by I. Fourth boast 00. 937 WPI.

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