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Chris Mannix of SI.com on the future of LeBron James 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

Chris Mannix joined the show to discuss the NBA draft and the future of LeBron.

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On the table for the NBA draft with. Every organization every general manager making multiple speed dial calls who would you rather talk to our basketball buddy from a -- SI dot com. Managed joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Chris thanks for take a couple of minutes which I'm sure is a very busy day or you was well how -- Guys that you don't want fine quick question -- the top regarding the Celtics specifically what do you think is driving Danny. To get the number one pick from Cleveland if indeed that's happening is that to pick -- player he really wants or might be to pass it along and sweeten the deal for flip and Kevin Love. Now I think it if they move up bottled up in the draft it to get the players they really want and and I think that you know there -- a couple of cornerstone players. Are still available in waited in Parker that can change the shape of a franchise I don't think brought that. Abandoned the pursuit of Kevin Love by any stretch but. The other that talk right now of moving up and look Cleveland really since they won the lottery as let seems note that. If you've got an opera for the number one overall pick. We're willing to listen to it that David -- for the GM out there. And been reluctant to trade but certainly. Either fielding offers I just don't think that Boston. As a not you know one of the operas that -- out there that I've been told this is on the table it is something involving -- top. And potentially including Derrick Favors -- out in in what those deals that you die with the fifth overall pick. And and Derrick Favors and they're dangling you know those two assets that simply far more than Boston can really offer all the terms of pick. I -- players so I think it it's a longshot at best that the W rebel against that. Do you have any idea who he covets who Danny -- would pick with that topic. You know. They effort by Parker for awhile. You know he's got them extensively. -- -- don't think you'd like most teams currently so that they eat. He commit the NBA and be ready made scorer immediately -- four spot. When he gets there so he wanted it to -- it though it Reagan's. I'd have a hard time seeing anything pat involved with the top overall pick I thought he would then. Tough call for Cleveland. It shall it be -- LP. I just think -- Even though we got some issues with with aggressiveness. In identity of the polish Lebanon was -- but -- game -- to get the college. What -- approach with a game you saw him play and Kansas when he was gone. He was spectacularly -- -- player you know can can defend multiple positions already I can see that guy is as being that the biggest star. I think in the strap that include -- and beat that -- Chris let's just say that for some reason Angel knows by by draft by by by tomorrow that loves socket socket happen to start all over again and can't move up to number one. Is there a chance he moves Rondo I know sector meant to you for its Christmas Sacramento but the lakers as a chance Rondo gets moved before the draft after draft -- right. I get don't it -- I don't think that their Rondo was gonna go any time for the trapped. Or really any time that the -- season I think the Celtics wanna get a good look at what Rondo looks like apple strength. In Brad Stevens system with whatever players they're able to bring in. -- during the dot -- not to say that but right now they believe that on the department long term plan. I don't think you wanna get a good look at them before they make it he moved -- -- dealing Rondo. But he overall pick in a -- doesn't make a lot of sense with Sacramento made at a king desert where are -- -- you know about the -- right now I mean it is. It is every every team in the league he'd be willing to deal with the kings thinking to want to talk to every team in the league. About that a victim and really got any app and on the roster. Not named to market cousins so the of the could be a lot speculation about the Sacramento. All right up until but the moment they -- somebody with an eighth overall pick I would be really surprised if Rondo winds up being dealt with in any that the package on draft. It we're talking with Chris -- SI and SI dot com I'm wondering if Jabari Parker to circle back the top two guys -- were talking about. Hurt his draft stock. Or at least raise some red flags with by many accounts was -- unimpressive. Work out a little bit overweight a little bit too much body fat was he just trying to convince Cleveland -- -- that he's not the guy I don't wanna be in Cleveland what -- about. I don't let a -- I don't understand this narrative that the doubt there I mean he doesn't wanna go to Cleveland to go to Milwaukee he he might be the first player ever that the yeah. I don't buy into the -- -- in you know work outs I think that's a little ridiculous. The you have to look at it work out and pay that much in the group workouts. That he's done you know the people that thought is -- seen him we're right at practice conditioning. It wasn't that it was overweight. According to people out of pocket duplicate. Egypt without shape you know we need in -- things that raise the red flags that in the individual work out he'd gone to. And none of them shot the lights out and now that he's been extremely effective -- wigand's. When he went to Cleveland it was really good -- in that work out from from what I've told about the but the people there. To Parker's been you know sort of mediocre up throughout the process but -- -- -- look -- is body of work in college. That it is -- -- the potential and and is very little chance. He escaped those those top three pick but I -- that they got them beat up -- that first overall pick you know that that -- to Parker going to be neck to neck port. The closer we get to the draft the more I seem to read that flipped probably will hang on to Kevin Love and if you want to deal more has to deal he'll do it by the February deadline. You see that as probably the sooner the plays out tomorrow night that Kevin Love when the end of the day is coming god will still be a wolf. You know it's always been unrealistic to me that that Kevin would have been tried -- for the trapped for two reasons number one. If it does it all the sudden he looks like the guy that just you know acquiesced to whatever Kevin Love want it and political wanna be that guy number two. There's no reason to trade him before the draft -- -- getting hip hop I pick if you're getting it up I pick and you wanna. Feel a draft the guy that it fits into your vision of the future more than others and that makes some sense but you know if -- you're even -- to the spot for the -- -- The lakers seven is not really need that. The push the panic button make that move for either one of those picks so I don't think they Kevin get the training camp with this team I think that both. Minnesota and Kevin Love do not want it going you know October they got to sit down a deal with the constant media crunch. I was gonna come with a with a seat with cap on the roster mean. Let honestly believes and and I am not really sure why you believe this but I know he does. That this -- can make the -- -- next year he did you think that electing with the help you rubio Pekovic and some of the other count on the roster if they can with Kevin for the real upset. During the season outlook for the he'd rather they can make a push to get the play out so they don't wanna go through I keep that would be completely detonated. By the speculation -- daily speculation. On where Kevin and it goes so I don't think it would never gonna happen on draft night. Would you like to 2007 guys when we take you straight to block -- and that happened in late July early August that they thought the timetable I can India for Kevin Love happening. I you have Chris you have to oil and be coming to Boston in your mock draft at number six correct. I'm what why did you do that you know some more you like me into his. Wishful thinking. A lot political I -- it you know the strap is it kind of guesswork. Now when you get that last week it out and date because the -- direction it just blows up there right now but. Or two that they -- factory in number one night I look at that he's the Bob Austin and I beat Philadelphia. As an -- possibility. From what I'm hearing but. The other members NAEP the GM in and -- would be that the GM at Houston when Yao -- was going to all these problems with that particular fracture. I his career I have to wonder about wondered -- that would impact they have decision. Orlando I you know right up until about -- like -- that most recent mock draft night and -- go to Orlando war I was disturbed by a couple of people I trust that. That -- and it in the GM down there wanting to take a player like him beat who who made -- -- play at all. In the upcoming season the told multiple times that you got it done adjusted taking MB that we bought in and the second part of it is. You know that the -- at this shakes out now with with surgery being done. To beat and an art elements agent they now control the flow of information they can give it medical's are not it is medical to wherever they get well please. And essentially cherry pick whatever team they wanted to go to so. I don't haven't done the hard times in the warning -- go to a team like Orlando even -- go to team like Utah Boston the market size. You know it was with the with the team there in the the structured in intact in the back -- -- Immediate role within that team that just makes a lot of sense to me that they wanted to share some of that information with Boston and that in that way. Egypt what I've seen trapping him beat unless they got a close look at those medical. In -- I'd read your column this morning -- -- LeBron you think is pretty good chance -- Miami are probably right. If I look at it selfishly though Chris just this is for -- from a talent standpoint only. -- for the Houston in like two seconds with hardened and Howard I feel like I feel like wade is just cooked. Yeah I -- I see that the one argue the -- -- -- make that is you know you got the Western Conference in -- couldn't keep up with the -- if you don't -- second round. With that group and it -- you can put -- -- LeBron with with James Harden. And with Dwight Howard and -- that you you don't have anybody else in the debate about the trade all -- actually. It just relate to the -- that god at least that Patrick Beverley -- you have seen the capita in the -- but. That you're you've basically got five guys -- you know or -- up straight would be inside out to come and play them in that conference is just. Little -- little -- but yeah I mean Iran if wake doesn't equate -- and I'll opt out here in the same spot with Miami. You you are you're in a difficult spot if he doesn't opt out no question about that that the -- doesn't opt out. It's a total game changer but it yet if he -- opted to his contract. I think that the LeBron -- -- our study looked Cleveland. Potentially go back there and certainly Chicago -- with the ultimate wildcard for everything I've heard from LeBron. And privately from its people is that chasing championships. It is number one priority in it that remains true that remains of strong you put in the Chicago with the help Derrick Rose with -- with that -- -- local property but the guy. So keep that in famously with some of those system are you -- -- -- that -- that that the cult favorite wide awake when the champions. But Chris even if he stays in the east and even if he goes to Chicago you still have to beat the iron of the west to win that NBA championship. And and pad your legacy steps. -- -- -- You know that the recent Miami. Two -- they get shot makers beat Miami the favorite. After getting beaten violated Antonia because there's no guarantee that -- is going to be back there next year because of what they have to go to Q and I'd argue that. It broke all the city had beaten and beaten San Antonio in that series. Mind you would have beaten Oklahoma City by the way that alcohol plays. He just played right out of Miami want to play the best political isolation they don't have the -- well anywhere near as well. As San Antonio doesn't act like it I've been Antonio in that way in I think led to a got a great shot two win that series so. It Antonio kind of little sense you know might boogie man. In a lot of ways they're just the one team. That my the other part time who will have a hard time matching up with but. That they don't get it taken out they conclude the second round next year I mean how they'll block the first round. This year without so is why don't put the spurs I think by the -- up despite what anyone the last. All right let's wrap this up with the highly speculative but very fun question. Ten years from now. If the biggest star in this draft is that named Wiggins Parker or MPD. -- would be the general manager saying man we never saw that -- that guy that guy is a star. And not one of those top three and -- I can't get too and I'll say the easy one it got to act in the me I mean this kid and it I don't little bit better than most of them a few features on of our. But the magazine dating back to December I've seen virtually every piece of tape it's out there on them. I think is special get I mean it's. When you see it play off the dribble and he can get by anybody. And his jump shot really improved on the last couple of years he's kind of a combo guy but he put six until we got more than an upside for the duke guard -- In the long -- like him a lot I think you've got real star power. I've written all over the other one is and other major kid opera -- the kid from Louisiana Lafayette. Media week opposite set any limit at all from a mid major at Weaver state patent is 'cause they've Maltby just 64 point guard who -- everybody who can attack. About it recklessly and effectively. He'd probably been in recent skyrocketing up the draft boards. It started out on twentieth in my first mock -- up to twelve. Right now with Orlando like is it going to -- it -- eight or nine. That for the draft tomorrow he's the guy that I think could become a real. They'll littler pipe major major star at the next level. Is Chris -- XS IN SI dot com thanks for carve out some time on a busy day crystal talk -- down the road. God -- management Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline 61777. Point 7937. Or your phone call straight ahead.

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