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Suarez loves to bite people 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Suarez's insane desire to bite players.

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It -- James led back off that I really would back off sheltering with. Let's young boy some. Quite common and on the Penn State can you -- a month off assistant coaches. And little -- fish orphans it at. Eat up in the -- Washed himself you know that we gotta get these deep -- -- now. Well my only work on -- could. Be another our -- we done it's it's your penis you can Washington as fast -- -- -- A -- and -- ha ha -- The top of terrific job our -- Great neighbor is a really really big guys and hours and hours father home from -- who -- a power play nice guy. What's -- like to introduce you to the whites on your balmy yeah well yeah. -- -- call. It. Do you think it I mean maybe we have this for him do you think you're -- pot. I mean I'm I'm pretty sure I was never taught now. Ottawa wash it and I don't -- this is so -- eutectic helped by just figured that would graduate to showers and just kind of happened. I I don't Baghdad. As I spent longer than others hoping. Yes you know I've -- but that's when you're right right exactly already learned after a the idea we should get sandusky and that there was an ever audio -- In the transcript somewhere where he says he was -- -- That's the greatest Alan Bible time coach as teaching them how to walk itself. What are your way through or right when he -- swam at the wide maker. I went to the -- the pretty yes and I. Never. Never heard of -- important dudes were important way is or where is justice twisted -- -- -- a swimming in two that's quite a big difference is important what you couldn't see anything but there was nothing -- where there is like -- -- -- picture -- the catch is that it's a mock -- And fitness Agilent pictured in the early I would -- -- an -- stripes. As he stressed right but at the -- up on why they would girls that was seen on we never had girls a unit dude really -- we were segregationist really yelling out. -- -- -- The YWCA. Yeah hall and a mystery -- took after trunk yeah him and hope that you just you recall a slip it out about -- that they were called these swimming classes overdid it you want us -- get over it that the various the various stages we -- yet. Ours was. -- Right. Fish. Barracuda and shark. For stage one -- test the next night yet -- -- But the really bad kids they -- you know wherever it while round four don't. It's in -- -- -- eco bella more knows. Are you sexually attracted to young boys underage boys. So much sexually attractive -- -- stage bullish. Sexually attracted and I -- young people. Or I'm loath to be around them. If I -- but no I'm not sexually attract. I would say. -- fear of contradiction that is the single most damning. Answer to a question I've ever heard back old Perry Mason -- -- drama yes it loses. I killer. And worse. It's clunkers the question was really direct was exposed -- I was as -- as -- read -- twice just to make sure you -- torn between you know being honest yes. Big careful and it is but. Are sitting yeah it's not on camera but nearby yes there -- sitting there and he was. They should. And over slashing his -- and Michael -- the the reason we bring this up people probably confused as Bill James. Stepped in again India and we did that when have you -- at -- down algerians to use the lunatic and built -- on the Red Sox payroll does is his productions. -- it is is gone metric prediction absolutely yeah on he had Stephen -- this year. -- -- I'd -- home runs and guys have -- -- in the week offers next book to come out in paperback -- by the hard right in the order before he becomes via the projections suppression. Is just mean justice this year these quasi mode. It took an estimated two in the global -- circle back to him at some point Bill James 2014 predictions hitters. Jackie Bradley junior A 3290. BP a 749. -- yes and fifteen homers. Gene -- brooks' three channel BP 800 OP yes. And 32 homers and just dabble in the pitching market a bit Jake Peavy eleven and seven. With a 331. ERA. That's he's got Stephen Drew added 332. Will be the 730 UPS and twelve bomb yet. Shouldn't be a yellow was called a rebate here and each in my -- at twelve commitments yeah. Let's hope that since September don't look. Who has the lowest a note to criminals. Who has the lowest batting average in the Austin. And it ain't even close -- turned -- on. Us to look at that point. Here's Andrew and I don't watch them stay up 33. Let's not get Syria and -- to mystic -- -- -- mr. -- was much better than expected at. Ten million bucks to. When we hear from you know the Malone he's in the and all the guys on the -- were heard from Auburn from Tomas had some he'll -- he Munich -- play and that one hopper to repair and if their candidate was -- -- said if you're wondering why they signed. Check out the -- opera tickets go that it yet to forget that play Monday night and what thirty or. He could have -- circle the drain. Their big move was to sign a -- Shortstop poking at it which take. Expressed or jumping off point today and I think we need to start with what ever intrigues. The to a view on this Wednesday June 25 and there's a half dozen. I would suggest you let me go through all six animals -- -- you -- where you people who were you people wanna start. Intriguing the Celtics trying to rest the number one the rest of the W pick in the draft from Cleveland. The risk reward of choosing damaged goods -- MB at number six if they say there. The -- a basketball options sitting before LeBron James. Is that Todd is almost time to blow up the Red Sox and perhaps the single. Most disturbing and embarrassing moment in World Cup history the somehow some way. Combine the daily double of cannibalism and flopping. Yeah it's the same play in the single most humiliating moment for this tournament by the way it's a little cherry on top of the Sunday or we can discuss. God's will. Was done when Bergeron -- the -- have been -- it God's will was done those are hot six what intrigues you. You know I did when -- -- the cut right and -- right do you well it's like it's like a Middle East and thing I like it. I went outside shot guns and yeah as. How we celebrate yeah I hope I lost I just lost control and every bodily function updated everything just came out just that was damaged when -- -- -- -- latest -- uncontrollable in my hands speaking allow us if you wanna make this transition. Finally he came out with a stolen yes dead set against biting yes. And may be in the in on the contrary -- -- favored by my -- Lewis Suarez my new favorite soccer. And they were flopping series like. Like -- not only entertainment portion of the -- each team should be allowed to bites again yes yeah to -- -- -- all game but selectively and what we wanna -- Did they banned Marv Albert. When he bit again on the chicken man -- Mike Tyson but the with the competitive team itself. Having a huge help you at that it was supposed to get away and -- -- -- -- -- this guy. I love him he needs he can't stop now biting now. He's supposedly great player he can't stop biting in after the game you know he did he pulled the Michael Bradley took no responsible honest no blame you know that's those that stuff happens problem I have with Luis Suarez is the flop. I mean he just smiled with a -- unbelievable. Almost as bad as the -- -- -- eat as -- he will be aggrieved one hurts as if he were attacked and and and shoulder in the mouth itself as a stallion defendants such as soccer MacDonald like -- by the guy. And then beauty. Is it to the game of the games on TV are going. Because -- acts like we -- things out. You know it's like old fashioned soccer with a flop in the they just have the full -- that don't have the pool camera correct. Aware that the -- to -- tournaments I think he knows it is but he is unfamiliar with high definition -- have -- idea in -- was anyone -- and that the -- -- if you gonna sell you have to try and public target audience of mine who's gonna -- and one by the flop from Suarez now that he got them all yours to play by play. That's inside the penalty -- So soon. Clutching his face. What's really -- thing here. Analysts say these are deployed to cheerleading so you know. You mentioned hitting -- action. -- -- -- bytes and we've yet to see conclusive proof and that's the third time. That Lewis Suarez has committed that particular crime once in Hollins when he became known quickly as mechanical. Most famously against Bratislava benefit to tell CNN EPO game. That drives me nuts. This is Eric Adelson is Yahoo! Sports column in the league it is New York Wade's superstar appeared. Two of Britain Italy defender -- you actually. Good bit better I can -- -- does come out like Alexi. Come out smiling with a -- take -- like I mean it is -- you have an opinion. Right either -- -- against the elections again it's an important you know some of us are afraid to Pakistan that's true but you -- I said two -- two bites again. Guy here in am area not -- it against period by period. It's fun -- -- in recent. Amendment on the sort of -- Competitive advantage -- game in this. Some Psycho with a compatibility and yet he lashed out -- -- out. Don't like Psycho it's icing on my side -- issue -- six months ago yeah for a few weeks -- -- them but from what they report. You bet it epidemic stopped them did it for anti competitive and write out one time it was hard it was like a -- that she can mop and kind of just like. You know come out on your hander and the only one you know and a biting -- in the steal it might be the only thing that you don't get into the economy a Little League pitcher and it's -- Public just swimming instructor father Flanagan now he was the -- that Hitler unfortunately we're not a factor here. Let's -- coming out RO one -- Suarez if you. Didn't play. You're screaming from the rooftops as soon as this game's over whether it's you or your coaches or not seen that defense has to come down and come down hard I think debate. They should be ample rest the term they'll be comedy made out of it it's it's fun to talk about that we should talk about it they'll be humor involved in a -- really. I think about as kids that remember reading an article on a month ago where he talked about how. He didn't want his actions on the field reflect on his kids and he was worried about how what was he was trying to be on his best behavior and yet. He's got two young kids and how do you explain it to them in the sins of the father being visited on the on the kids that's who I think about right now this is madness I mean this guy needs help. They have to decide what the punishment is going to be able or Saturday's game against Colombia -- Columbia wanted to be. But if they ban him for seven matches in 2010 for the first offense and the -- of another ten games matches. Or a second offense last year. Doesn't have to be more than seven or and you know I'm just concerned about his cute OK hawk talk script that's. -- -- -- -- Due to we were development has kids when -- -- -- be -- -- -- thought about it and besides I'd do that's -- Asia that should mean it's a job to do with the news. We cannot get this this policy and our guys you guys love -- and -- agreement stupid story but he. He's so vapid there's nothing between -- of that -- Optional it's just like the oh what is taught not to be portable it's more importantly it's it's an amendment. Well this is worse again reading from Eric Adelson Yahoo! Sports guy who said the year of super star appeared. Two bit Italy defender halfway through says -- Boris. There is compassion. Boards extremely difficult background. Those who grew up with little or nothing often play as if they could lose everything. Sometimes the best athletes play with -- almost all via that it could all be taken away. That motivate and prods. And often leads to true great overall this. Adelson Eric from Yahoo! that is pathetic and your compassion for his actions. So that nobody else in the World Cup. It grew up in the game in in on -- now does does gonna want a guy all the other parent -- Koreans -- Harry Potter and the starter rich parasites that they grew up like -- -- and I have to mansion taken private jets to Ireland and all OK and guys via a -- is the only guy on the streets. That is on believed that's a columnist from the united state Yahoo! yeah who is trying to explain and apologize. For a guy who -- an insult -- there is a passion for his extremely difficult background. Those who grow up a little or nothing often plays that they could lose every. You post -- -- on the street or what's wrong guy to incorporate much growing despite an advocate your standard helmet which are dead from the already not by the way ahead about a way he just brutal way I mean he's not get the play -- rest of the World Cup. I assume all those those other two but again it's it's cost him a lot of money to this guy grew up without. Any money too hastily but too much yes. And -- -- it'll ever since -- and -- -- understands because he grew up much this car has got also has a reputation for head -- And is the racial incidents as well so this is not this is not forever -- know no. If you watched -- -- I didn't and it's awesome highlights and they and they compare and contrast I believe it was in the first app. The official watching a guy from Italy. Went into another guy press and they gave him a red card yeah. And Tubby Smith -- set this is unbelievable. That. Harmless to let two guys who want the ball coming together and collided negate the Italian guy a red card they played a man short. And that happens and nobody sees. Jobs at its very first guy they're not orange allowed to look at replay I don't know -- can't be against right right. I mean let's it's -- nine point six Brandon Spikes did this and that didn't stop Belichick and drafting him I mean he partly gouged. And gouge you but that a guy -- fighting in our bodies stuck his finger again we saw him do that yet in the -- it. I mean I asked you hear about guys -- of telling stories about guys biting in the piles all the time biting his worst spinning. -- the course. He's at worst and spitting it hurts most just -- is more symbolic -- spitting is more disrespectful right this is assault yeah I mean you write your critics you laugh about it consumed tree Rollins went to any danger certainly Tyson with a -- all the field. This incident we we have some laughs. I spits in the guy's face it's like. And knowledge of that -- Romanowski. And JJ stokes. In which was pretty bad. It's just like -- this is like. The actions the one girl just crazy. Or -- -- yet through it's just I don't they should suspend them used to it detaining the thick of that would you watched the CP attack somebody again I won a bat. We have that yeah. You could bat in a casino with a it would buy we're it was the casino. One of those British it was Sweden or somewhere in the Netherlands where they. You'd -- they took shots you could backed whether he would like an opponent that's so. That's sound insane these guys Taylor Twellman decides to one up Alexi lawless a few Lila says ban him from the rest of the tournament Taylor Twellman assess. It's a disgrace to me I rooted in the -- and I believe it is it's gross. Fighting players as gross Alexi. You and I take great discussions about how you disgrace of player on the field and you've always said. Spitting on me that's the look at its lowest we've already punched -- in the face this is lower to me as -- -- its 100 hope you biting. Biting another human being my mother and I can't grasp my mind on it to be quite honest. He should be suspended for life. Poll. Like -- that's -- underscore. Ethics is the best player isn't he on Liverpool who hasn't played for John John and these guys so I think it's up and it's about this and it's human between mr. that the you know in the truck. And apply the applicable world's greatest by her. Apartment true. And -- Different about it. The disrespectful aspect of spitting is that a man saliva is projected your face yet you're not bit. You know bleeding you're not marked right this is leading and mark at this like you right. A look at this is worse as -- -- like 9000. Other long east and so crazy things. You know -- the scope of the the personnel via bulges in this. Coaches are 677. 7937. We've identified the biter as the most intriguing aspect of -- But we still get into the Celtics trying to rest. The number one pick away from Cleveland. -- extra points and this is John Henry's highest paid athlete. Yeah I'm sure guys makes more than David Ortiz. Pedroia urging -- he's got a hundred million dollar offers. From other clubs to buy stores all his reports it's -- well yeah. Ages and and -- -- It's unbelievable. He must be really bleep and good. To be this crazy and still make that money. If you're good -- -- -- not -- your repertoire if you're marginal guy just try to figure crazier -- I guess -- -- crazy as the at ten days ago and -- rabies shot probably. Why are -- I arm and shoulder which are worse -- his first incident in what it was 2007 it's the same place to -- on the shoulder it's what goes for the shoulder and the other one was on the for a little biting -- frisky I'm not a lot claim brought to a little out little bubble like nibbling. No one. -- -- I don't like being able but it definitely. Did that and the -- -- -- -- you know like I had so he didn't in any of these incidents get a competitive advantage. -- -- she sensed that yesterday it just does it has the and I'll at least a pitcher. Somebody dollar he said he get off the right off the plate I'm getting a competitive advantage as originally in your mind. Nations that would be why would be more Clinton watch. -- way if they didn't bounce the -- the rest the term we didn't see him again but that doesn't mean should be suspended stop -- expendable to bite. -- -- -- -- -- Police don't want a -- appeal. And then you play at that point right now you hear an appeal I probably deal as we go to break would be passed ball. There are just some things ingrained it ones DNA that -- Help and law argue sexually attracted to young boys underage boys. The most sexually attractive yeah stage -- Sexually attracted you know on the either uninsured young people. I I'm loath to be around them home. I -- but no I'm not sexually attracted to him in the woods.

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