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Ric Bucher, NBA Insider, joins Middays with MFB, 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

Co-Host of Towny and Huff mornings on 95.7 The Game, Ric Bucher, talks with MFB about LeBron James getting killed in Miami, the options Minnesota has for dealing Kevin Love, and which players could be corner-stones in Thursday night's draft.

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We got -- your current speed out -- I'm -- Ringo and Stanford Cisco -- -- laureate thanks a lot for coming on here in Boston or things. It well are you -- Thanks a lot for join us in now will get to Kevin Love and -- second but obviously the big news of the day is -- LeBron James opting out would you think when you heard that. I thought into it it would crash Twitter and I. It would crash where for no reason because. Either stay in Miami. He you have to opt out they have to opt out can -- rebuild that team. And have a chance at at -- again so I know that a lot of people little -- he got that now that it. If you leaving Miami. I still believe that that's the case I don't say it was hard enough for them to lead Cleveland to go to Miami. As much people believe that he's ready to adjust. He galloped out around the country looking for the next -- -- he could rise to a championship or help prize to a camp oh lead to a championship. I just don't believe that it's -- What I know about LeBron James might surprise me at times. I would fully expect. This is just the precursor. To Miami trying to put together -- better team give him another shot at bringing in him. Now -- -- last week that rally is talking about you know guts and everybody's a cool you know way to put it on the -- stick this thing out. So do you think that this this is just being able LeBron just cooperating beer put a better team what you think this is the Bronson -- Pat Riley. You gotta say that to me now I'm gonna opt out it's up -- you -- put a team together or I'm out and I just flipped it on him. Yeah look I don't think there's a battle -- mean particularly keep in mind thank you think about what these guys who have been through over the four years that he's been there it's amazing thing to four years past that. I think that the wars that they dancers think about the growth LeBron James has had think about the promised that Pat Riley. Made -- LeBron when he brought in there. And think about what they accomplished and how much it's changed -- LeBron. To think that now these guys are suddenly going to be at loggerheads that are and are well what do you do for me now in what are you doing and that's what Pat Riley -- thinks it does take guts to stick it out. We -- they've been used it but broke we don't think that -- kind of calling. LeBron out with that statement. They allowed these challenging him to stay -- what are you gonna do but I I -- that he's challenged him from day one and it is. It is grow. -- it is allowed LeBron James to grow into the player that he is today he did the same thing. Was to anyway. In terms of challenging him to become. Aid at a champions it's Pat Riley knows what that it and so. I'm one and eight yeah I think right. And two I think it's been part of the formula -- it made LeBron James and the players these today at -- -- that that's probably. The part of the narrative where it upon that bothers me the most. LeBron James was not the player that he is today in Cleveland. He was not the players -- today. That he was. It the first year in Miami. He's gone through tremendous growth there and basically it's because. Riley in the heat organization and the rain away all of the said he let. To stop clowning around. We could stop there are just getting by on your raw talent. You need to become a champion and champion approached -- certain way. With a certain mental toughness. And in spite of the disappointment this year going down inside now people are ready to kill and -- -- the same guy. Well I bet that's period were -- in serious. -- a lot closer than anybody recognizes consider. The -- forgotten game one. In fact he couldn't finish out the game was right there from Miami to win. It's not. Playing in ninety degree 95 degree temperatures where LeBron james' body he stuck in a -- control and if they win that and they're going home to Miami to blow. I believe it's a different series but everybody's. Forgotten that because of how the last three games weren't. By Rick so listen a lot of us up here in Boston. Get nervous about this -- Kevin Love situation that the deal may be off the table or may not be happening at all. That the Celtics made just stick with their draft picks and rock are Rondo gonna be traded Al Massa stare at the world coming to an end. What's really going on. Outlook look at Kevin Love very much wanted to come to Golden State and Golden State started conversation by -- Klay Thompson in the DO very appealing to. To. Minnesota. And then for whatever reason. In the last couple days and last week. Golden State said a local video including click option and that with the game changer for Minnesota. And they really haven't gotten around that now I've been told that. To keep an eye out for the Houston Rockets that Houston Rockets are willing for Chandler Parsons. Impaired yo Nazi guy that after Klay Thompson at Minnesota is very interest to them. Don't take offense to this bought the Boston Celtics and -- Getting draft picks at this point is not really where Minnesota wants to go they want. Player they want somebody. That they can pair. We're. Ricky Rubio and they want an all star caliber player. Now outside -- -- I'm Ron know. You name me a Boston Celtics who fit that category take away the draft picks give me the player. That they can trade to Minnesota where they go you know what that might -- next to Ricky Rubio. We think we can build off that. Gerald lawless computer yeah. Are still waiting. NATO rebuke her latest accomplice national basketball writer as Wallace host tonight a 57 game in San Francisco and Rick has got to follow up on that -- because you traded yesterday then that you thought it look like. The timberwolves would not trade glove until likely after the draft then sell. Is something changed about Parsons being edited the mix the last 24 hours or so with Houston is still a possibility. -- may get dealt before the deadline and if Boston come up with something good there's still BA prospect of him winding -- here before the draft has done. Is no interest in Houston the interest by at least in their ability to jump into the deal I mean look there's a lot of conversation goes on this week and this is the time where most moos surveys and I was told in conjunction. Where -- the talks being dead and used an interest. Not to expect anything to happen this week because they had put so much effort and focus on getting that deal done with Golden State and because it largely and this is. This is -- saying that people are -- are missing on is that. Drastic from what I understand the -- overload situation. Is concerned are not really at the forefront there that they want a a quality. Young. Talent coming back to them. And that is what's most important in a lot of these cases. Draft picks all our. An important part of the equation it's wide field are being made. That's not the driving force here in at 1 PM. Who hasn't veterans. That -- there are coming after. And and then you know their their teams are throwing out draft -- and -- you know. Something came back like we're collecting graphics and they're playing basketball and we're collecting draft picks just. That the public can kill some guys you can play and it's not just about a wrote. Recycling players. And getting more draft picks in. Trading away our guys and then taking new guys at some point you wanna put together -- and I believe in Minnesota at this point you put on taking over. It's looking to add. How they want they want to try to win and compete now not get another drastic. And particularly talk about it you know six. And below let's -- -- -- a couple of guys in this in this draft. That you would actually look at and say these are cornerstone players for a moving forward and I as it has Parker Wiggins. I don't I don't know that there's anybody out there that they're probably want to pop up that definitively anybody else to say is the cornerstone player. I don't see right now. Reconcile the set six how far do you look past all the injury risk of jewel and BO's that just. A no brainer be still there Celtics have to take them. Yes well I've been told is that it's a no brainer that you would that you were taken because. As it says there aren't any guys that are game changer that they would pick at that point in the draft. And the Celtics are a position where they can go. Where if you hit and beat any ends up -- more so Ilgauskas and he is. What -- arming or playing with that. That fractured particular bone. Then you elect a you know what we we we found one we got a diamond erupt we we got eight. 88 cornerstone player. I'm an adult. Well look they're young they're loaded. As far as future draft pick it's it's worth the risk. -- either the Celtics or the lakers. Because of where they are right now. Because of what is expected of their respective for an answer your spare you are expected to be good and I expect -- put together a collection of good players. You're expected to. And nucleus and a chance at being great. MB EQ -- that she nobody else think hey you're matching. -- banks offer any insight glad you joined us hope things are well out in San Francisco -- speak against him okay. I that is repeated her from our broadcast partners on Sampras has -- 957 the game.

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