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Three For All: They took our jobs!!! 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

World Cup soccer can be divisive, and in Amherst, a man scolded his neighbor for watching the World Cup and apparently taking jobs from Americans. Also, people from Vermont don't shower.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man -- -- -- -- three or wrong kind number three is a country threes overall picture. It's 34 wrong these days with MF beat. We're -- here on the Daytona Beach -- -- -- Maloney. I Christian is going to inform all of us here for the brief brawl today. Why New England is cute dirty and too lazy. -- -- take it away twelve. Totaling over Washington -- to look for those states Washington Post developed this survey and I was down five. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So what they did as they gather at a budget information to determine. How Americans spend their days. So what they did take a bunch of maps. And showing the regional variation how America at a time so there are some -- average ages fifteen and out. You know certain certain cases. Play like we speak for the for the younger days a casino but the numbers could be a little bit skewed. But I just for certain statistics and what was sweet time but with that. The first what you look at is average daily -- So people from Alabama and Mississippi are the nation's -- capitals averaging nine plus hours each. Down there Christians things move at a slower place that's -- -- -- they didn't. The food that must have something to do with nine hours but the heavy greasy food eat a lot. There's normally when the servers come out regarding healthiest cities. The southern states usually don't and make. Went to what now seven instruments have been. That alone for Alabama Massachusetts eight hours and forty never sleeps on -- Wisconsin. I would be one of us what other states. -- -- him as an -- we're human. I don't know what I'll go to bed Joliet and eleventh in him differently like -- does not not forget that not getting it -- to manipulate skewed because Joey. -- the eleventh. How does get a lot that he's not saying -- when he gets out and ultimately than you do. When he goes to -- with the girls not necessarily sleep study get up on Saturday Sunday. He's got one -- for 39 o'clock in the morning our top 8:39 o'clock until. 8 o'clock eight I can't sleep past and anymore. I don't of attitude about before an app scout DO you know -- -- an -- from the weekend -- -- that you are now. The three to five. Yeah they'll be ready are you just -- your heart it was you know I didn't choose to have hit though they'll get -- -- -- you sleep. -- giving you -- typically it's your mid twenties in eagle and you lose sleep particularly you're missing cabinet debuting at 9 o'clock exactly it will artists. Values thankfully I think early -- I won't -- about the south -- Vermonters. This story gets good at local guys it here's the data shows that you're not overly concerned -- personal grooming the top half. Average of -- so when it comes this spending time. -- -- -- activities like washing dressing and just generally dating -- act together for the day Vermont is a notable outline her. They say. You're the worst Alabama Georgia Louisiana South Carolina. They had the most times rewards does it again I don't know how another belt you know got -- yet keep clique that look good and I. Commuting to look the the thing about that -- seconds -- you're in Vermont how much time does it really take you're not gonna calm or can the bees wax out of your hairs from the same birth in stocks and cargo shorts that you had to date before. Published on is that really -- This is true. So no wonder store but vast. Philip talk about community are an optional add a New York. They have suspects working actually an average time. Spent working and guess what state is number one worked. More time working working and they have seen this is what kind of blew me away a little bit right I what does it -- but for the same reasons -- we don't know the answer what is it is in North Dakota it is North Dakota -- help me with that shale gas. The big shield. So basically what's going on a lot of the madness. Art it's like beat the new old west gold rush like they're heading. North Dakota to work long days. Smog days -- jail time -- 'cause they didn't. Moved out there and basically go back demand camps anyway so why would you go back and hang out of the main camp with a bunch of other guys. Mr. Christian he got red -- and Viagra well in coconut oil. But -- -- keep working to make it more money and make it overtime -- So not the go to spent eight hours and fifteen minutes. A day working. The US doesn't believe an eight hour days and investors through. Seven hours informant that seven are what -- the -- and -- -- -- are also because Hewitt takes its massive stimulus. The so the weather's not great -- -- eight -- days does not yet doesn't make sense here I I would think. And that may need to be over working at Maine has the least six hours and 54 minutes. Because of all the temporary jobs and seasonal jobs they say so. People from New England we take from this don't work hard they smelled bad so thanks Christian appreciate it at -- Kobe case in -- Yes so it is subject to that. Right now the other story that came out from New England on the top of the soccer again here's your government Amherst Massachusetts they do you have a different -- All of this dateline -- police received a call Sunday from a woman who claimed her neighbor gave -- the business for cheering too much wolf watching the World Cup. Apparently what happened was good neighbor next door was upset because he wanted to watch a NASCAR race. So she was making too much noise watching. The World Cup you wanted to and I'm quoting here. Place some Leonard standard real loud and watched the NASCAR race. But she's from South America and she'd been worried various team jerseys during the competition. In Brazil are out there. He was all upset and started yelling things at her like -- taking our jobs. In the future won't exist pick guard -- bit. They're well. Out of that is the best mile -- that he would like NASCAR and that was this later skidded yes. Pretty bad -- the girl was that store was what we know that a whole Illinois use. It. And big. I give you never heard that think that south -- the now. Never did you not a South Park fan I was there was -- village you what it's like fun clips. -- the what the -- was able to -- Not. In Russia Bosnia and get ready for the draft to look at it Derrius artsy. And -- and a lot of equipment -- start. And everything they took Adobe used a term. Paper it -- get a good dividend ago. Like Peter just drink -- heavy. Leonard Skinner and NASCAR wasn't. Yes when it's definitely you can't get more murder is not easy to win a confederate flag outside -- -- and only the real kind of go together. But we -- -- go to hear on the NASCAR and I'll -- -- good. Yeah well they have a New England. Or 38 lazy. And -- public congratulations. On the government check check check. Couldn't get Rhode Island or Connecticut -- Nixon out Taylor now there. New Hampshire sit back they can't blame us for this one. That's what 7779790%. Of the HTT -- line for NASCAR fans to defend themselves. Against soccer it's 37937. In the 1 o'clock hour oh I don't we're gonna do of 130. Stick around this hockey fans because we've got another edition of tender. For the Boston Bruins lots of Boston Bruins offseason news that sort of bubbled up yesterday. Without being set up another edition of there. The Boston Bruins and what they should do this offseason based and community came out in the last 24 hours including Jerome -- contract status. It got a 13 here in 937 WTI do. And then here you -- I think -- yeah. They're here. -- yeah.

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