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Jeff Goodman on LeBron opting out 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

Jeff Goodman of ESPN joined the show on the breaking news of LeBron James opting out of his contract.

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LeBron James law day he said he would not make a decision on his future until he came back from his Caribbean vacation he lied. Because according to Chris Broussard ESPN. LeBron James agents via Twitter. Rich Paul has told the heat that LeBron will exercise. His early termination. Option. So LeBron is in play. ESPN wants no idea what to do right now I don't scrambling around a guy got him to Alter we don't well yeah rock and Steve McManaman about it and allow us elections -- Bryant without him on him. Your right -- right. I wonder it's a fair point. Activists coming here wickedness. The battery Irving Jabari Parker Wiggins LeBron James. It's an answer room to bring in Somalia it's an is that a mean maybe at the event itself eligible is that not. As good as any team in the east that's the best team in the east I think pat Riley's assertion that they. Only need to tweak. And retool not rebuild. Might not have sat set well with LeBron. Consider LeBron situation is right now he knows that he is considered. In all quarters the best player on the planet correct -- how does he enhance that legacy of only one way to do it. Start winning titles as much as Michael Jordan did. Doesn't he need to for his own selfish purposes. To to to get up on the mountain Rushmore that we talked about. Mom. Need to win a bunch of titles and I'm not sure the Pat Riley convinced him that that's the place for it he's going to look for the plays where. 23 or four more years to win two or three -- I don't think -- didn't Riley knew he was to a news that I -- this last week it looked back get it. What the way Riley was the weight challenged him. He knew. He was at least leaning heavily that way if not already committed to opting out don't you think for the bronze legacy for how people feel about him when Norris wrote that he doesn't -- -- perception. But the only place you can go of them Miami basically he -- to go somewhere else he goes to Houston joins hard in power people -- -- safe -- Kirk he got to competing last time. But the decision. -- survive yes you know he weathered that's -- I don't think I don't think he thinks that's the biggest fact I agree what kind of feedback we're kind of backlash is going to be. He's gone without a full when you start breaking the treachery or where he stands he goes the clippers enjoyed Paul and Griffin was just say. He -- they don't they're not under the cap whoever has been I mean you feel the same way about him if he was a championship there at the teams that under the cap we need to know who is in play with -- -- Was it was his legacy and anyway mitigated or tarnished because he won with two other superstars in Miami now so we go to Oklahoma City goes to. The clippers are not the case aren't ascend is my point if he goes I don't -- that he wins titles it goes back to Cleveland wins with these guys that was nothing that such that's it that's that's the greatest story in NBA history. Going back to Cleveland after all they burned as Shaquille brings hate each other right. Maybe -- animated up to maybe give little -- with a boat -- in a -- house call has anything in Cleveland's history in any aspect of sport ever indicated to you that things will go. Perfectly even if LeBron goes back there would -- go back their blows in the island bridge apartments if we were Cleveland so you know he's sworn awareness -- men's Algiers. And that he's a big -- fan now he's a -- guy to. So I don't see in maybe we're gonna talk to Jeff Goodman's all over this is a lot of men he knows I don't see what purpose Serbs and maybe you can help me with this. Opt -- and then it's. Right now maybe Michigan maybe -- he -- no mostly -- -- -- -- -- in their -- he now has option correct right he has option he's a fee the bride James lately I just go back but he does what he knows. In -- washed up. He knows the justice then he goes they have no cap room they are not under the cap and whatever Pat Riley told him in the exit meeting or meetings having -- two of them. Apparently. Didn't inspire this is is Al Carmelo Anthony involved and maybe. Maybe if some destination or -- Phoenix. We Austin come along Rondo LeBron Carmelo. Men love. Eight joining us AT&T hotline number need -- at our basketball I've -- PM Jeff Goodman Jeff good morning how aria. What god -- -- what does this mean as a practical matter he has options Jerry raises the question. If he's going to stay why would he opt out. -- again -- are you Newton credited I'm sorry. Why would he opt out if he doesn't intend to -- I know we can go back to the heat but does this indicate in your mind that he is a goner from Miami. The because people abroad is LeBron and he's got people around him it's just don't know how to deal would be saying this fervent about two years ago and weather expert policy in her Nike here whoever's element beauties things I agree and I think he's probably -- because you don't make this move. Publicly put yourself out there and mature rated elite because. You know. Miami's made it clear they obviously want them and they'll do whatever it takes sick people but you don't put yourself in this it is again. It becomes vacuum -- the dumb move to put yourself while you're like this. You could be the hero by just saying it was an I'm not opting out of discovered about one of the in my in the court. You guys are right listen that he's opting out at this point it it certainly means you'd rather be elsewhere -- got questions. We've Miami which he should have daughters in some regards because politely look like the broken down to Wembley. They don't have enough help pull out of right now. -- week at a level he's that normally would you know a top fifteen player in the league you could see them continue to win titles but. How are they gonna do it now. If you read what it will probably finish his career Miami stick around. You don't have a lot of flexibility. Where's he going Jeff -- we have the teams that are under the cap in Cleveland's there at the lakers. Where's he go on and his Carmelo Anthony involved here. Well I mean that's going to be the million dollar collection of extra early to tell right now. You know I've hurt for two years you can go back to -- I'd thought it would be his last stop I thought he'd go to Cleveland. On the next contract 13040. Years old. And thought on finishing up and Cleveland in May -- mature and understand. I think you -- to win more titles and amateur Cleveland. While -- crowd certainly more clout they did the last time around with him it's still dysfunctional unit right now carrier ring. You know does not believe it or not could you people brought him walk for sure -- Dion Waiters is consortium now locker room yet stayed up in the -- Aiken. You're part Parker -- into the darn good player with a bright but it looks could -- a little -- much space. I don't know where he ends up -- -- the -- to entry haven't met him abroad. A couple years could cope with -- -- you're gonna have one more piece let me about it I mean whoever. You know LeBron and Kobe they're gonna attract a third guy there so the lakers would scare me a little bit. In terms of -- place that I think he could end up because it's desirable on the marquee. Certainly don't want it to allay. And teaming up with Toby that would be kind of -- harder or maybe not so much fun for other means a lot. I thought this last week in -- just mentioned Jeff before he came on I didn't think Riley was going to be. That's strong in his statements about LeBron and -- he thought the -- was leaving it just didn't make sense to me the time something didn't seem right. When he said -- thinks he said last week. -- no I absolutely right otherwise you would have you would have been a whole lot -- -- this situation a whole lot more that you become -- out. -- publicly challenging all of which. May have backfired in essence. But again I just hope I hope LeBron making this decision. I hope it's not the people around a I opened him this time around and even if it is. You know I'm not sure the right one. I think he's got to go to the right spot with a couple of guys. Like he did what we've waited boxed him -- which -- he is no longer and I think that's got. A LeBron concerning you wonder how could it the chemistry. You know nobody really knows because LeBron that don't let anybody to use war shall have no idea how he's thinking and how will -- you get along -- these guys and again I don't have a lot of help around about me Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole. You know the bird barely got a role guys in the eats it probably needs to better but you're a strong by the baker. You know Danny -- -- creative guy we know that he's a risk taker he's a Smart guy is he sit around right now we know it's a long shot thinking how can I possibly make this happen how how can I make. This somehow possibility. I mean in in the ultimate during world maybe I mean I just it didn't anyway. Possible shape or form happening more LeBron you're ever words Celtic uniform. At this point in time and don't have enough. It'll take to get toward him. That's not the issue right now you've got to lower him here and he's been -- Miami. The last few years why would -- want from the Austin. And again I'll say it not so again I know people it means and it let. Not a lot of guys wanna play with a -- they're not they're not waiting in line the player would want. It and I know it sounds great -- because. If you guys were averages ten assists a game but he's also got the boat and have great relationships. With the players in the -- I know this because I thought all the sports. And -- very you know him I mean look at how many you've you know after the meeting with Kevin Love I mean he's -- he -- acutely getting in that regard. And that's a big issue -- cute these states coming up -- it would play with they know they wanna play route got interact with. And I think that's one -- -- Kevin love's gonna try to do here he can't. Age up or let you go if indeed MB falls to six -- Danny takes them. No I do not. I think -- each hitter -- like a lot of teams I think a team like Utah at -- might have taken because they can't world preaching. So they've got a rock roll -- the types I think it plays this one more conservatively. Actors it's -- the to -- doctors too many medical factors right now with your beat their career start you are being Utah. Different scenario epic Rabat and it's -- -- that -- -- it would that it's already got multiple. Physical issues. So if Eric Gordon no bodily and Julius Randall are all available at six which way to ending Danny leans. I keep -- elect scored but I don't important in Rondo you know the great -- neither one that broke out but -- you know what street you. I would probably go -- boggling array of and I'm not sure which one Randall -- the killer now. I mean -- -- sleeper pick he's going to be like fifteen excuse me guy in the league yeah obamacare actually -- start eager to have that much killer in him. I should probably go Randall it's -- on the port. The lowest risk. Well it's gonna be sure to -- it already is Jeff Goodman ESP of thanks very much for the time. Yep it but the NC on the AT&T I don't edit I got it artists. -- -- lakers teams up with Coby. Celtics trade Rondo to the lakers in the seventh pick in the draft. In future considerations. They got Rondo LeBron and Kobe. Celtics can MB market Smart so that shows the lakers have the sign LeBron before Thursday. Why wasting the number Rhonda win polar LeBron yeah it's all part of the same if he's gonna just that LeBron -- I don't believe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well if you're LeBron you think this is joined the Cleveland with a lot of -- I don't think it was -- -- I well angle is how does that's fascinating -- tactically what I think he's -- what I -- -- goes with them. I will be an all Rondo on LeBron possible but Obama brought a much money Kobe makes it -- 35 million -- the letters every minute bit and he tells you. But they continue to assignment -- Camilla is too late. They -- Perry opted out. Does that mean he can't yet to -- right it's an experience probably not possible I think any team of two teams under the -- kept Utah Phoenix Philadelphia. The lakers the bobcats the pistons the magic the -- the box in the hawks. So percent period where they're ten Celtics are there. If day. And as a bunch of possibilities are cricket team I -- Laker Cleveland. Sadly is that he did say experts at first. Wouldn't you consider that the Miami at pouring out. All of sleeper team economic -- to super teams from Phoenix he breaks but the weather's good the cap. No -- have they have that hard. They're way over what about the next. They can get under the cap. Well for maori -- so -- ask not happen in a buzzer beaters next.

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