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Ortiz gets his hit 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

The guys discussed Ortiz being awarded a hit by Bob Ellis.

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So so hard and and I think it was we'll plug you back home and -- and it never happened it's always like having him over more than a decade and score -- -- -- always horrible. His home and you know I mean what do you normally work to do -- -- -- mobile -- -- and down. So we've got I would look like kind of back that I don't know they'll always -- attended. So it's not like -- -- just kicking a puppy kittens pokey with you see what he's doing wrong you know since it's something that I. It's an out of control. Are really really. Really hate to say but my respect and my admiration for Bob Ellis who in the face of all the guys in the press box. Last Wednesday ruled the Davids. Ball hit to Joe Mauer was an error not a hit. Has waned this morning when we come to find out. That upon further review official score Bob Ellis decided. Credit Ortiz with a single off the glow -- mark -- Major League Baseball reviews. Eight in a preemptive strike. Peace -- what on second thought I think was hit for David Ortiz is. He got the squeeze out as the Red Sox took breeze on his heart out. I used I used to think well I guess on how that works. Eric Eric calls some of the Red Sox stone that is while we take care you and like you like it slightly cynical about the is -- -- his Elvis. And ball mills a friend of mine and knew -- years ago haven't seen him lately that long -- is great voice great politics IBO. Yeah yeah like. Aaron Baddeley you know color but we try to get a hold of him he's laying low double c'mon. It's a good gig you know the official scorer gig for the order -- -- a 150 dollars a pop made downward as this but it's good it's easy go to games. You make your judgment call tickets at the front row the press box. The most newspapers I don't think splintered as do it anymore you know it's kind of compromising but he's he works you'll he those spinners -- -- -- on their last night probably heard his voice yeah -- a big -- -- voice. Really good guy I'm I'm women and I'm gonna just assume he gets squeezed the -- And it's a simple thing you know they said to him. The -- gonna change. You know -- -- wrote that the other -- the league will change it they'd do that you know especially for guys like big. I don't know why or blog about the sites let the league -- I don't -- -- stay out and buy my vision of what evidence that he get -- what evidence that yet but that plays any different today or yesterday it was on Wednesday how the league was gonna change because port it was pretty hard -- I don't think -- major points. There are three but I believe like three officials courts. Among -- -- and doesn't for a -- guy. And they all wanna do it it's easy money com. I may be the message was clear if you don't change this you get you get fewer assign your it's also and I guy like that you know that's why not come home Oscars this is a good gig he doesn't want to jeopardize it and he knows that that he might say the wrong thing if he comes on here. He did the right thing it was an era he stood up to all the Ortiz fans in the press box and Ortiz and all the pressure he got there. I had a lot of respect from when he made that call I'm with you though this is gutless. You should've stuck the -- ball buckled. It was an -- you were right. I mean the only reason this is getting changed this is the squeaky wheel was bitching the squeaky wheel stood and looked in the cameras after a big win and said. The official scores. Are horrible. The Red Sox are that petty. The they would either. Directly tell him or somehow infer somehow suggest through back channel. Methods. That he's going to get if you were opportunities to be the officials or or even just a straight out I mean it was a favor here and -- -- That's petty and that -- congress to -- I don't think -- -- at some -- do for Ortiz all the time -- yes you know helps quite a while I shouldn't use -- -- -- it. I mean this is the most enabled the professional at the in Boston why that's huge on -- what what why he changed Ellis. You watch again the middle -- and ostracized Nady maybe you'll look at him in the press that's Smart and everybody's pissed off that's part of it out -- pissed off that. They just disagree. I mean if you read any writer who says Bob Ellis was right it was an at all. Amid and and would you read that if it were the other way around at my hour with a hitter. And whenever Napoli made the players you wouldn't reader here and -- be no big deal because it's David Ortiz. Bob Ellis was indeed. Ostracized in my opinion and pressured and when he changed his mind. They all the plot that could he did the right thing. The answer to the following questions. Is pretty simple if you think about it and they are as follows. Why does David Ortiz get a contract extension any time and every time he wants one. Why is David Ortiz. Interrupting managers press conferences to bitch at -- Why is David Ortiz. Pointing at the press blocks in the seventh inning of a game. And giving the thumbs down to an official score. Why is David Ortiz able to whine a -- a score keepers decision why is David Ortiz able to destroy a folder with a bat. Almost having Dustin Pedroia be a victim of collateral damage why. Because he can't exactly because he is able to and because there are no consequences. To any of that because David has earned such -- -- in this town with these fans. With the media members and with the Red Sox organization the -- They wouldn't have won three World Series if not for David Ortiz so act like a bulwark. Barbara of Fargo on Saturday to mossy yesterday and they're both telling me that -- -- Red Sox on the sorties and he's -- when the kid that doesn't mean anything. The opinion of what he's doing any less ridiculous you know -- key has the right to bitch about a call he -- The puppies reported that all of you here. Scale he's the greatest collection that I see I think he has that right but he also has rightly criticized in in the media that the media should be criticizing him. Criticize us for criticizing. The idea that the talk shows in the in the -- -- -- -- -- -- The number -- defenders. -- -- -- -- was -- -- on -- right -- On Thursday Friday morning says. Even in the Muncie in and even Fargo even. -- the guys who really like him are gonna say. This this time David you're wrong this time and that's always a but they'll is always a but didn't happen I mean it's it's like he earned the right. To be this selfish. Grand stander in the in the -- in the clubhouse after the game. Because he's such a good theater that is his life -- -- was a pretty good -- It's better Ortiz and if you do that he'd get killed. I'll too much in the -- said it thinks -- best Comas in the city right now but he writes today. Ortiz has nothing to apologize for because at least it gives us something talked about which is more than can be set for the rest of the read the next line. Ortiz is many things are planned as a one of them and thank all that is holy for that well. Thank all that is -- David any willingness to land. Many was a great theater. If Manny did that would it be with the circle the -- -- Manning and today Manning's greatest writer and editor of course he can pitch about. Officials course called -- an -- tie game it's a neck Arafat who writes every game in defense of David Ortiz. He says quote it's -- this is a Red Sox team anonymous teammate you can try to figure out what is. It's crazy that anyone would ever think Ortiz is selfish. Imagine after all the years here and everything he's done. Actually as answer to that crap. I guess when the team is an -- good everyone turns on you the needs are obvious ear now the nature of this area I guess. Every one terms under arrest these guys are delusional. Everyone turn -- -- -- wagons around we noticed these guys they -- wondered too bad things -- gets around and at the whole world again explain this one to me would David says. This is David Ortiz in the to Mexico. He says. At the end of the day our job is based on results I sit down and watch TV every night after angle before. And all people cock in bitch about is why I am not hitting 300 I've never heard that said ever. Where of course. The only thing could be watches that's right. It goes home at least an hour. Around what after Red Sox -- -- -- -- I was a fan might show you that you gave you shows them before the game we bitch about what I did three -- after the game he's watching nests and that's my goodness he's not a lot of bitching going is watching Jim Rice is what to Steve line's rights watch and -- Wakefield right. And Telecom Karen and you tell me it's anyone disputes not a hard hitting that he's not hitting 300 know that conversation ever liberties batting average or if he's listening the radio on the way home is is -- when that. -- for not -- 300 public. Probably should talk and I don't know he's the telling these guys are delusional. Are bigger teams prior to last night's by the way 123 loss in Seattle last night after waking up and don't know the results out Lackey allowed seven earned in three and two thirds. Alex Fernandez was outstanding. And Maurice who -- you get to -- second. But before that game waltrip -- David did issue an apology sort of it's on tape we don't have on film it's not recorded but it was. Shoot outs in the paper. All I have to say is I know I old apology to ML BMR Joseph Torre and even the score keeping guys. Ortiz. I know I have frustration come out that way and that's not what you really want you don't want things to be like that. There's a lot of people mad at me because I argued something but I didn't think I should get. I don't blame them I'm not apologizing just because like got that result. Meeting Bob Ellis -- changed it. It's because the message was spread out based on frustration that's why I'm apology. That's a statement a statement yeah I don't -- that's a statement. You threw it in the paper -- the -- and had a camera in front alike -- about before an immediate meeting is no sound of all older not. That score keeping guys yeah -- -- these apologists. Even to start with the horrible you said they. Don't they question their integrity right -- mean and we know that he's that he is the most spoiled. Enable coddled athlete in history of American professionals. -- really -- -- he's if you're really good couldn't soccer. Americans. Q who's who's been more. -- -- Nobody not even close. And I realized -- different but Brady gets criticized whole lot more than Ortiz well. And it has -- -- criticized on but he does and you never arise out of -- mom thinks I play good this is Brady. We kept the jets game is a national store right -- correctly so by -- in the receivers and act like a child but he deserved to get doctor. Do stuff like this in the icons. -- bird. You know. Or spoke to -- stuff -- aids Pedro is a good right yeah you know have Pedroia. -- icons nobody. It is shillings some imported nearly as much as David Ortiz. By the placement in the talks for that with the force is definitely with him this is inexcusable and again that was one of those times we'd just say. We love you David but you were wrong. And they didn't wanna do that they can't bring themselves to do that. He was wrong -- -- was right but today. The pressure was brought the bill on the little guys votes for the little guy buckled. And the little guy buckled to preserve it is a movie you know -- terrorists like its big mob guy and it's pressure by the mob got to be that lone voice gives us to give. I -- the call that's that's. -- -- -- wanna abolish that I I don't the guy that's I don't below his pay grade not set yet probably but if you said listen below the league's gonna change -- that way it works it goes all the reason for you to change -- -- get his way. I'm not changing the league wants to change they can change what people see any differently about that I don't know not a place. Nothing changes but they change calls all the time it was like the -- -- your -- third stuffed them in that box product XL yes and they've watched -- wouldn't -- watched play again what you thing but it is it is pressure on the little -- this was that's a bad team. So David Ortiz QB vs 49 season to force this is I mean that's what that's what you get. And and he wins and guess what next time. It's a slow roller first base to score and whoever's in the Crist deep roots as a means it's going to be -- -- -- And we got if you've seen ST you know we can do this in the -- But some this is not a Boston. Pulled an David shell -- field that little research. And he. Did wasn't difficult for him to do -- Ortiz charges that occur that he never gets a break from the official scores as suspected. Quite the contrary one other thing is the last couple days we have a poll in the whips and a couple of days to despite calls and texts. I thought immediately expertise now more the fans no question but the fans get then you know don't get. Not so yes but there's more split the media's it's consensus that we took up we -- like it was sunny and possibly through 73% said. Ortiz is wrong missile was a three fourths the media -- -- -- the -- but at the has the story sort of. You know. Have life over an extended period of time they felt compelled to say David. Was out of line right by god that's opt in to -- is a classic example of that today are at 6177797937. Red Sox loss of merit last night 123 there may be an issue with John Lackey -- from injury standpoint. Clay Buchholz will be back tomorrow and that we can.

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