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Will the Celtics draft Embiid? 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the World Cup and the Celtics draft plans entering Thursday.

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What -- they rarely discussed but important element in the world of sports. Four letter word a four letter word. Jaw was the fifth pick it Tommy's and a -- and it just -- a three letter slightly and is I think sale. Is that -- -- always thought of what which which were -- Would come Smithson what Thomas said that's foreigners that's that's for the worst. Right -- that's the replay -- -- actually I don't four letter word begins with G as well. She thought that was very noses. But I mean you could see it without even counting passes you could notice that he he just didn't have that. He didn't have that big advantages and and -- games come over what she is -- okay. Is that the other the color comment. Who said that a camera and he said little bit one. Was on ESPN -- that's the Irish expressions Gary would you know this is that on ESP and Rea you agree. She is -- okay Irish press for seeming a pretty good golf energy. To Telecom to again. OK if it and they move loss. On that for liturgy -- the -- about -- advantages and until it. Little while she is -- okay. Well I got an -- right now I felt OK. Well. Fair ball away and offices of vertical teaser on a we haven't done an idol fun not a five times that -- Smith on Tuesday. Look at him I'd love Adam and -- and especially. Like you know like just the board of apple -- OK I don't know like. Look at these off the wall. Analogies that you know you'd use in effect -- they probably work in Ireland throughout. He teaches how are in Europe and America -- a -- to say. Which is good mix I and I sit home. I gently loosen the games Hillary in my write them together as -- and then later on makes it worse yet on that later on we watch. The game on TV right and we watch ESPN and they replace it's 700 times during the week they'll say you know we as pianist has taken this to extremes. I I watch sports and and the second half an hour at all and I'm pretty sure of soccer coverage before they get the basketball or baseball -- I'm pretty sure the US can play he has. -- that's true Chile -- firm that I I know -- there was like I think 725. Million Americans watched Sunday and I respect that I was one of them. I enjoyed it. Do. The charade begins when they treat chilly in the Netherlands the same way. It is not the reason we're watching is not soccer it's not the World Cup. It's America right right yeah. It's good ol' fashioned patriotism people like it's. While we watch the Olympics we it's why we watch in a war I mean we like to root for our team right our country. Chilly in the Netherlands ESPN is ramming that down a pro. You're exactly right the the the technical term is indoctrination. Larry indoctrination. They are they are reprogramming. Our American brains to say football and meanwhile we're seeing on ESPN they are reprogramming our appetites to say. It is the beautiful game it doesn't need to be eight to seven. Rush to really enjoy -- it is indoctrination it is they take every single opportunity in every single sports center to show you Ivory Coast and Croatia and then -- Herschel and that they analyze it. Bring in the you know not have been -- when it's when he's not weeping like a little girl they bring in the analysts in the eyes that tell yet. -- the guy from the Netherlands great corner kick and relieved that the midfield player for Chile was extraordinary. That and again I understand we watched the American rooted in -- That's just. That's just shallow right. Real. Real interest in -- Michael back -- I was comparative Olympics and when you watch Olympics and intuit for US team that's fine in the watch the other teams -- -- -- it's like swimming as all Americans swimming race what he watched two other hockey teams play a course -- Olympics and the smartest thing the World Cup ever did. Decide to Sepp -- RO one of these guys. Was getting in bed with the ESPN ESPN. Put all of their integrity that the nordic checked their ticker at the door and they win in and they. Bed with the World Cup soccer they said. We know we realized that there's a limit this. Coverage from the americans'. Appetite there organ crossed that line. And exceed that limit we have got to shove it down their throat and then you know when it's over and say. Ahead in the money -- money interest in this -- right. Is it chicken and the egg thing yet is yes where you say oh yeah we we have interest because that's all you show us. You want to see the Red Sox score I mean it was late game -- election and his pitch in. -- -- -- Not yet tell not don't let's early and welcoming early. And and that there really and Carmelo Anthony NBA draft picks a backseat to Chile vs benevolence and this guy. If you're watching Michael block brings it. Speaking English. And he's analyzing games that are like again Cameroon. One of Spain vs Australia totally meaningless. I convinced that this guy in broken English is talking yes it does not interview these guys are for they -- they just look at them you played your. That's it there's there's no this process. It's April and it doesn't do you think he actually sat down into the thing football now but when the irony is different ages -- -- That is. We got to get Cutler hasn't elected you can't look in the Soviet era technique to get some cuts from Michael Ball and ball -- about -- or shall come to receive from. On in Bloglines German blocker as chairman of some -- and you you tell me if you can. Preview of the US Germany game coming -- about it when we -- again it feels it does feel like you're watching -- apparently this -- infomercial for soccer brought -- you by ESPN I mean that's that's all it is and and say they will propagate this -- say -- everyone's -- well that's all -- -- -- but why do we -- ESP and paid for the rights to -- of -- stellar rotation and it should be the other way around the World -- -- -- but that -- -- They have done a brilliant job. As you say indoctrinate him but he. In -- like being in and you know that watching -- so you wonder. Do they have people in mind in my control like 84 we -- -- kind of asked Jeremy shop but this mean there are people there's and again. Journalism we are in the business of promoting the so that we are -- ER arm the United States PR arm of the world. That's exactly -- air and I'm gonna get the cold cruel reality for ESP going to be. When this thing is over soccer goes away for the warriors actually goes away. Abacus I honestly don't I know. Used outside a greater. I don't practice about soccer really down about America the party -- -- -- It's about a -- -- you really think 101000 people were in Gramercy Park or two ago Mexico and to watch soccer. All that adds to watch. The good -- US -- -- -- -- and get a big party but resilient you know for the rights hundred billion fought every dime's worth of their 100 million dollar -- as the next to you spins out after. Boxes that he is a major mistake on the part. The World Cup as fox can't 2.4. Am -- fox sports one that writes the thoughts on not nearly eight. It's his game with the bats apples and and they hit -- Seem much of that lately -- -- -- market as -- broken it's a couple of ultimate got wrote it -- a sixth at the critic. Some guy just the group back to back perfect games I think we should show discussing -- drop some producers gone nuts. I know the four letter word that begins with -- that is they rarely discussed yet important element in the world of sports is. Guts GUT. And guts. And we have a number examples that we've already seen and and some interesting examples of things to watch the demonstrate gets. Will Klinsmann and the US World Cup soccer team have the guts to play aggressively against Germany and risk losing what most people say -- they. Superior. Our football team. Will bench Harrington a month from now. As the Red Sox continue their stuck in neutral ways in the summer 2014. Have the guts to pull the plug on this and trade some people and give the youngsters up here. Will Danny Ainge Thursday night have the guts -- MBB is there to take a guy who has a stretch fracture that's what. These stress fracture in his back and by the way according to Chad work from ESP and the Celtics like everyone else are still gathering medical ample sources say at the foot and back fractures are the only issue with him be physical. There are several other issues that need to be addressed something they see in the next four days could scare them. Away so it's not just the two that we know about finally. Got in the sold -- has the guts to tell hope. Get the hell out of how I would I -- would you bet knew she. It's that she's got some issues well socket -- oh yeah yeah -- -- would you. Run you really care who pulled the BP gowns -- them still. But summons that you know it was a -- began -- dropping -- seventeen. Bigger and cheese Ryan -- back corner. -- that rat out of a job big husky he would. He's probably playing video games came alive and can be fair fight. Mean without the -- broomstick she has sex tape. All lower fortunately it will be right of the against her wishes right well Regis you will be in charge -- -- she. Merger dominate wrecks are army built tied. -- and -- -- can wait. So that's that the team. Okay -- writes about Danny -- guts today I agree with the I think he's gonna do something ridiculously stupid and as you said he's just the -- -- gas. -- all Florida been convinced it's a wonderful call and well with home yesterday I Michael got a target or his right foot if you're around -- -- -- -- Donnelly that Chad Ford and Gary does and this and then. A lot of basketball people. And then you know what I did did my scouting I watched that work out in LA that work on Santa Monica who dresses that secret there was of the -- on big crowd but Bill Simmons was there and there was people in the in the stands -- pro scouts are somehow connected MBA. But will Perdue was there covered almonds among the big weights and live. And he was just McEnroe these moves -- news and it does look like a lot actually does have rules that backdrop back you know. All the way fade away low post move and just I mean he's -- in the ball went in the rooms in his eyes he seven feet and he looks like an athlete. I would be enticed by that especially if I am not in fear of my job. You know if you're young GM and this is all that matters this this draft class this moment. I might not do you pick a chance but I don't think any change fears for his job and you know what the sad reality is. We up proper Kevin -- probably not coming here right. Sullivan Carmelo Anthony probably not come and I don't think LeBron James coming here I'll fix -- is leaving and we're talking about another. Year of panic. And if what Chad Ford says is true you'll look at the Boston Celtics who draft choices and not see them. For a minimum I have a year probably in the case of number seventeen that both people and I'm reading mock drafts from. Dairy -- Eric. From Croatia. Is committed to playing two more years in Europe -- so the two guys that they could potentially select Thursday night. Might not be here for a year or two which makes. The tank job that much easier I mean I know it's a hard thing to swallow but. -- much. Do you Ebenezer -- pull that off here than you would in Utah say. Or Philly for that matter really -- did that Philly took a guy of the again last year. And and Ireland's no morality and almost a commitment made a trade he sat out the year he's coming back this year with those trapped next to Philly as. So this is the year and -- race went through the pain last year they act like no team has ever yanked. And now there readied the -- to begin the rebuilding process. The Celtics are a year behind that's not how works -- you know it's okay well and be a year from now we'll come back and then will be ready to go he's gonna get hurt again who get hurt again what is and is again. New Orleans Noel get hurt again get hurt again get hurt -- -- of a bad back in bad foot and other injuries that we don't know about torn ACO right I'm guessing they all have. Other injury available -- the other injury that's what I would say that the talk back in full -- the back. I believe this field okay I saw that work right that was after the back -- -- foot the foot is hurt. He gets going to be not a problem again for this is one and done injury. We have a foot is the only reason they got a chance. Rightness of that -- as a good thing the broken foot is a good except that once again it's a good break we're giving you want -- myself some fabric. Fragile MB. The good. Break the Celtics guys with the public that the -- I agree they just don't they don't -- him biggest town a draft but I would take. Well if you read I read column in the Boston -- point and you of all people should know. -- year low NBA historian right yes you know in the fall. The Jordan. Brokers but -- same injury. -- spring of 86 he's -- 63 points that's true on the Celtics from this single greatest post season performance of players ever -- but he's -- seven feet tall and 255 -- -- -- design centers are different they -- star you know you think -- -- -- -- -- -- you know a lot of these guys with bad -- had good careers -- them coming had a -- career. And Ilgauskas had a decent career mean they're OK they're not all Greg Oden. You know they're not all total disaster right here's what's gonna happen he's gonna come back in and play a year and missed three months -- play a couple months on the six month going to be lingering its -- what if Korea and -- -- who's gonna have a center team NBA career. GO LMB. For Eric Gordon are in court. This is going to be good pro I think I've put the solid state court a great pick up along the along. What happened next year -- Aaron Gordon would be good -- vehicle and what how many games they went. 24. Point you know the thirty so the -- -- -- then get worse than they were last on the gives -- when that ship that they can be. They went about seventy but the year after that and they -- fifty. 1750 days and -- yes that's -- works. It well -- talk in the seventeenth pick. Okay and you talk and -- top three or seventy victims who basically this is going to be here for two -- -- that you've played in Europe was -- MB -- because you bring him beating go for 1750. I just went through he's not so module to he might know he's not not might be is not. He might be the I'm really not he might be. So you get indeed via the seventeenth pick. And you get a top three next right. And -- sauces and go and whatever you get first on on. Which is going to be some of party politics more picks so maybe get to the -- -- next year may be. That's how you rebuild you know that threat but it -- -- that would -- not just you can't beat you. Why did you are 1819 games and Gordon actual first of all. -- -- just said you would win when he jumped 120 ivory and -- the same thing this lead don't get is gonna panic. It -- job isn't a successful. You know as good at projecting -- -- because you want -- better next year yes yes just like the sixers did with the draft New England snow will you be really bad so in next 2015. You'll be real good. Well in the middle of -- could be hurt. I don't think he will be okay that's more realistic that is the risk obviously he wouldn't be available if you weren't. There's that other philosophical. Thing at play here it seems to be correct me -- -- wrong the NBA is no longer a center centric league. It's not like having Russell or Chamberlain or careen or a team or or Patrick -- those days are gone. The NBA has evolved into a into a slashing. Outside six foot 86 foot nine kind of league. Look at the heat look at dispersed look at the Oklahoma City team they are not. It's a center centric so I think the value of -- -- in this day and age is less than it would have been fifteen or twenty years ago. Well obviously if he's healthy and slashing -- 068 nobody doctor your prototypical Perino Abdul Jabbar of at all neither has got to eat. But -- -- beavers were healthy I would say he's still the best players look at liberty if indeed were healthy he's going number one absolutely yes I think. Obviously if he's in breakers foot you have no shot. And -- undertaken Aaron Gordon you've taken. Maybe -- normally. But he hurt himself he's available where guests and he might be gone. He might go out for five. Because teams love him. But if he's not I think and takes them. -- and position. Where it is going to be another year tech I always or not. And of the year got there with a pill can -- a definite and that they're in love I'm. Not anymore -- -- -- that that ship -- -- much -- to -- so it's you can never say it became an admitted but they know in their office in the -- -- -- -- again -- again trade Rondo and then in the trailer and I love that -- -- a thousand bucks for the score but it lol what's the choice. What's choice if you're Smart fan like -- say about the Red Sox you know you understand the best way to rebuild on us in the best way to win again. What's a choice a choice is to. I ask Danny to do everything within his power now that Golden State has dropped out of the law sweepstakes to get his ass in here I'm sure they try which is too which is subject -- -- it -- it was a bullpen somewhere said six the seventeenth. -- -- and another first. Second enough to get love. -- -- Probably not adamant that we over rate loves desire to come here to I mean I know it's not the only factories certain clips on -- to -- on board. Right -- we also rate Flip Saunders. Need. To get this done by Thursday -- it used to before the deadline Bret let's find a February. Knock that happens there's not like an Atlantic somebody did the stories -- all the big trades and rarely does it happen in the days. -- the draft including Kevin Garnett chipped -- at the end of July happened at the end of the month. After the draft in only draft the green trade -- rail and then. Men in heist. Kevin Garnett to come here so it's still for him and has this deadline is draft day deadline has nothing new and. 6177797937. -- is the theme Klinsmann bench Harrington Danny Ainge shouldn't anybody who has anything to do. Hope soulful lines -- double talk review. Tommy Smith ESPN's soccer analyst. Who was coined a phrase that probably will hear quite a bit between now -- -- -- journalists from all join us. 905 the soccer coverage the one thing it's kind of endemic in the game is. A lot of blame taking you know yeah I heard that that defenseman when there was has learned I mean again and again the guy who was right there right there. On the game tying goal. He just says there's nothing we could do and you know enough when he didn't wanna -- I screwed up or Beasley screwed up obviously that we wouldn't take the blame no neither would any of his teammates it was just like an act of god Cristiano. An album made a good pass and the other guy headed in and we were defenseless there's nothing with. I assume it's a sort of thing because there you know drama queen -- will. And but the catch is can now say we now so you do up they'll do you jealous I guess they'll do it. -- that it's only the media is exactly you know barbecuing in the midst of friendly place usually don't say it to Bradley is not happy with his friend German -- now -- not grass I'm not at all not at all but what I mean I don't think it's always has to be. You know genuine sincere -- just say yeah we screwed up in -- will get him next time that's what you do and he or other athletes even David Ortiz that all the jobs offshore they apologized to that score keeper guy yeah. That's or -- or maybe even national Paul maybe even apologized the -- -- and there is a another situation of guts. I'm sorry mister Ellis you have no guts. Explain -- I have that disadvantages and in today's.

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