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Live from Rio: Taylor Twellman with Dale and Holley

Jun 23, 2014|

We talk about the USA's chances after tying Portugal, and look ahead to USA-Germany with Taylor Twellman LIVE from Brazil.

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Special guest here coming up Taylor Twellman did the color analysis. For the US Portugal game yes and -- on Thursday would be doing. Our story well and analysts -- sailors can't wait to get his take on. -- what happened. -- just on on what happened and not only what happened with the play. That the final sequence but what should we have to wait any longer because. Everybody Taylor -- gonna join us like -- asked the first question is I think what happened to good way to go here and hit it on the hotline let's bring in -- from Taylor Twellman Butch Stearns Steve Barkley and Michael -- I don't Taylor. -- -- -- -- I -- my friend as you can imagine how we've been talking soccer for most of the day that's what I ask you about Taylor. What was some distance from that final minute or final thirty seconds between the US in the USA Portugal game. What led to the breakdown how how do you give me the anatomy of the breakdown and what should've happened in your opinion. -- -- -- -- -- Who. Under -- read what. Be sure your person but what we eat what you -- exercise. You molecule or being on Michael Bradley is one certain. True on uneducated. Cycle that we obviously. At first soccer. T ball walker very secure. I get. And he'd walk the ball sat in yards from -- It's all the struggle for Michael -- out at six. White shirt off the ball to re Packers and the guy that scored double current. Warm. And I hope you got it that the little bit about not being sarcastic. Here is -- But the little more at -- Michael Brantley the culprit. What can make good. Which is sometimes we do too much I think. Those. Were the -- the Greek Portuguese players. That that -- in the pocket well. At giving up. It's over the opposite ends of the court and it secured before Egypt. -- it reality is that. It caught -- And at what point article -- -- you -- reachable. And the sort it out -- point in going into major hurricane. What -- include -- in the book the World Cup started so it. And Taylor I don't think anybody denies that my question to you as somebody. 11 of the people in this country with your finger on the pol viewers storied US soccer player you know how you're group of people feel. So how could they really feel that they feel like okay. We got four points were in a good position or to Michael's words Michael Holley said this. Start to show to be called yesterday's game a devastating loss. I can't talk I'm not gonna deny it and -- -- Tokyo the public because a lot of opportunity. The court and he -- your first oral caught. And you're sitting out records sold and what an -- or did they report that not not that he cannot. -- or that group United States in the group so. Straight in -- in out all doom and gloom. Germany -- and one -- -- and watch that one part or all of parent so. Obviously that vote for a little doubt remind everyone they meet Portugal is tight South Korea. Immediate goal in the South Korea Portugal. In. Order to get out the current. Indeed -- in the world because so many things happen. I'm lucky. I got lucky and honored the ball. But I'm -- at that one. It was right or that we are hectic at the US are you. Should feel. Taylor -- I think people I think we speak for the masses so at least for the Massachusetts masses when I say that. Going into this people -- if you could have predicted a win and a tie Pete would be very happy with that. But then the way that I played out as white people so upset. So having got that disclaimer out of the way look ahead to the next game when you see that game and by the way as an aside are you doing that game. I'll do anything that you are in the ought not go so well. It -- injured in. Germany and have a leg up on both for the United States because -- quite a day earlier that they're not quite but now I'm up how hard it is. She's been active in the ring all the hot humid -- they might not quite American immigrant protocol agreement. On the -- in the United States so what are you all their quickly. It mentally and -- got one bailout short. Short commute prepared for the game against Germany. They Taylor what do you think that Jurgen Klinsmann made the comments he did after the game talking about the disadvantages. That the US has and the advantages that Germany had. I don't you think mark on -- -- I'll interpret that weren't -- There arbitrary entered the story line here because you conclude that one in 1990 woke up here -- -- European championships in Germany. -- -- will be a war. That he believes everything he's saying about our current -- because he had that little thing. The United States court one and. I think in the locker each year are now trying to hit. I have been determined that it needs a lot of posters of players. They're able when he was one and -- I don't take a lot to what you're content publicly. Because they're walking between tree got a lot remark -- I -- which they have been in the -- -- you can -- a little. Comfortable out there and people put little like college Iraqis trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know after Germany's first game. It you heard a lot of people saying they're on a different level nobody can play with them now tell me on Thursday. How does the USA matchup with Germany. It took a collection. It's going to be pretty interest in what Germany doesn't -- that aren't they decided that -- to the white horse. Center. Kind of back. On the back line and they lack mobility why it. What we welcome the United States -- -- your locker burglar that your brain cure all that legal war. I don't sorted wide area it because I think -- -- -- Chairman. Whatever we're talking about here Brazil in the world guys. Yeah well we're here and their coach. While all about trying to draw get the ball at the bottom. If you don't call it. If you would indicate. You bring -- -- -- back probably can beat the actual goal differential all. I got back and wait for the draw but it certainly had an idea. Shot that he has slowed down and what he's -- a lot about Contra. Taylor. Considering the time difference in your travel schedule that we really appreciate you Colin and I can tell you. For a fact my friend we've been talking today -- EI about the best analysts in sports. And we were also talking about the lack of analysis from a lot of the US soccer brother and but to a man and on the text lines in you know how this works here. That the plaudits for you have just been common in. Unbelievably doing a phenomenal job analyzing this and that's coming from new englanders and you know how we are. -- -- That's OK like I appreciate it but I Taylor takes me to say -- do appreciate it. I -- on the and getting all the from Brazil. We take a break we're back and mourn dale -- right after this.

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