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Three For All: Christian runs up the score in youth flag football

Jun 23, 2014|

Lou gets a letter from an old friend in Japan who watched him play 14 years ago. Christian coaches kid in flag football, and runs up the score.

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled -- -- -- Renaissance man who thinks he's three -- wrong. Number 30 yeah it's kind of -- -- overall -- It's three overall these days with MFD. Bruce -- they all start off these are. Her brand of things happen and how life has been in our daily occurrences that relate to -- table -- now we're just not you know knows deep in sports all the time. So after I actually come here coming here last night. After I flew back to Boston my car was here. And I walked upstairs committee office and I sealed letter from Japan in there and yes. For a little but people in Yokohama -- was mailed directly to a difficult what's that -- a political decision today and says look what I got. It was an autograph. Requests from Japan but baseball's color -- from eighteen years after you've played there narrow base that he cannot. Glad to any relation. Opera Leo I faced our guys ready to -- will go I think a lot of people knew -- -- a little bit from Yokohama played there and because the fact -- -- rob voting that we have baseball card and he he said it was regrettable fortunate because -- have good numbers of Japan. It's I don't that's the best line it is regrettable if you did have good numbers might. I'm sorry that you. Socked -- it does it meant that there was some mysterious judgments you know on that team leader should've played more. But anyways this -- -- I play in America was more of you know of might play it was a really -- judging me. Put he's concerned because they because we don't have a good you know. Mindset of memories of Japan which is not true Zardari is the -- enjoy Japan daddy's gone because my performance. Maybe wasn't great. He's concerned have a bad feeling. Which I don't. I loved that they're actually -- loading up the baseball is an absolute mess but I love Lebanon there. Now did you guys like my ex wife. Is from Japan fan base that -- about the there is no toilet because that the -- -- -- from the ground -- what did you what did they did you we towards it my apartment was like americanized -- had a shower. -- in my apartment with yet it was everything it was American -- went up locker room locker rooms that we had toilet bucket showers. We certainly have showers -- stools. So we set little stools about a foot high low wooden stool. We get a beer in front of you needle you want you to watch you can watch yourself -- route via her her. A visa like is sent to hospital immediately you like it literally got to do you would look like a foot high yeah it's like you know. Did you get in -- and you actually with a mere front yeah and give -- face off for now. That was when he missed I think what mr. baseball. Is that is -- top solid guy that -- -- all of his way to got it produced and wrote that movie I tell you spent a lot of time there because it was bought on that washed it before they enjoyed it before it went. When I was there -- after I left the watch again I thought was the greatest movers is even on here because it was sold similar. It's something exaggerated but for the most part it was it was it was hysterical maybe nobody accused I would. Hate to have a -- -- if you -- put out a couple times I would not wanna look at myself one 80 big heavy guys think about it you sit down -- he just in -- -- but elegant -- -- at my -- that that lets you -- of the things kind of perspective that. Philip radicalized appealing if there aren't accurate let's -- baseball card in my Yokohama baseball cards -- thing I liked it but I -- show your gig if you look at -- hat -- -- at that mine had -- accurate it -- your -- But it epic bald mouse is bad big foam had that -- -- up and I did a horrible it's bad axle there. Bad attitude and a pitcher had. Yes -- if -- think one of the San Diego Chargers ignited fears this idiot a project features the first guy ever now exit a water break. But also went. One of those protective hats off. And he looks like mark Kelso and absolutely the the last slide it up the last line was that wish you good health -- success by now I guess be used to my funny language. So denial -- and other than that card back I I was so impressed I got here last night I saw the letter on the desk and you had to be an autograph request was. Keep -- little envelope with the -- make quite an impression over Japan. Our seniors you're still get an autograph requests and a -- that guy took the time to find out where to send writes yeah I mean they're just. Send it to the Red Sox mean he just -- figured out where you work at it he doesn't and on us to be an ambassador for Japanese to dissect it here. I apologize for -- home -- excellent. Though it was not home I don't live here you know like I don't feel right you know a I don't live here -- Christie acquitee. Weekend many Rex Ryan Bill Belichick -- a moment and it's like football game. No I mean no voice today but so like two days of like football game so there than North Shore flag football league like a government twelve year old so. I put together a nice full team there were just running through most -- -- -- but we did get beat by one team pretty badly so stirred up yesterday in the knock out round. We've played against this one team and we my hat there's the mercy rules 33 point very reports of their appointment don't we just call the -- well sure enough I've put in some guys that should be of course a guy that should be receiver. But again. They're still they're still scored points I can't stop bumps or not they call the game the coach of the -- with me. Going through -- line to head coaches -- short little quade jacked up loaded. It's not going up all the kids like you know it's not like -- yeah hard like punching her knuckles punching that he gets to me. Moxie not really reported its knuckles me. I'm like while. Whoa what club pro late day comeback here we don't know what's what's what's twice so later I got beat by play five points in the in the first game we play. Why so angry at the same thing he keeps walking. He he's talking I'm like hey come back here we need to cut -- total went up up up up. Let's talk Soledad public spotlight no hard feelings you know to a -- about the kids. And -- signed misconduct form as a coach so I'm like. It's not a product or I thought I'd get up there did you -- started didn't bring it. Register big jerk all of these kids. Twelve -- twelve I don't without getting -- -- came back now it's very vague and respond to me next thing you know you know one of the coaches what are the other guys in front of the places chasing app from you ought to handle this. Disrespect my tenth. I mean I -- -- I usually I'm not coaching my case because you know time like this -- situations I don't want it did I don't wanna be that coach. I am that coach -- I am mad at this guy and believe me I lost the public listen we got killed. We -- one particular this team it's not a good ball to damp black it's hard to think tackling -- stop trying to pull them multiplied. Bush or not I got beat it to -- man thank you very much men have another but yesterday. Map out hot. Area and there's really no moral of the story. Is hot we -- -- winning all banged up our age group so that's applause. But the fact of like if you're going to. I guess culture kids do you like she's got to be read. For this amount that is a no win situation for either you guys do you coach -- -- teams dogs for nothing nothing to do well will you go to someday we'll see all -- I would imagine -- deal with their real. -- you -- materials -- your kids well just on the list cities but there's always that got up. No and I'd I'd let him but no right now it is the guys coach he's with the kids you know so they're like they're all right are lucky right now -- drive myself. A personal one wanna know your son is right. Today and Tuesday they don't you are so why they're your they're beaten up on your son should be good because what this guy so this is -- that is going to be Christian -- -- I got beat earlier that the guy. But whatever it happens -- every game that was going to be the story at the bar he was getting that whoever bar he hangs out and say I out coach Christian -- -- -- football stadium ruined his dreams and ambitions are now he's still telling the story that -- -- -- -- -- I -- hard. The difference is that Christians kind of been through it you've just got to go to get that guy. Actually does think he's Bill Belichick. Figure to me like actually really does think good for is like our that they've played this game is that that plays together yet and really does believe that he's bill. But you know -- -- -- early games have -- the really do believe that. There's a big league game I'm shown everybody that I can manage just like Terry Francona you know to give it up it's just. It yet blacks I had played so soon so I take place veteran. Knows that which is nine I was I went belly diet I -- I had so many parents -- no rules. Like bubbles that is please at least the way to do here is totally different than -- -- ever that you can't -- -- candidate yeah it did it it's somebody catches a pass and their running down field. If you're on the opposite basically briefs and don't move without tackling deplored what kind of what went into. You know in my life you know there's not a meeting blocking you can get it somebody's legged on around -- -- -- -- -- ball Christian is no contact I played like football and LA and it was you can block. This is NFL rules and felt like -- sanction -- -- like it like it is cities like football where you tackle the guy and then pull the flat out I got a got a -- up. Well -- -- Mike down like -- didn't I didn't play tackle and they're already a flabby around the guys like always as easy Bob bad. 130 all right we're gonna go back and forth about the soccer debate whether or not team USA choked and is this a product of all lesbian sports fans caring. We'll talk about that coming up at 130 Bob this is not resentment of the.

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