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Bob Ryan and the meaning of a "True Sports Fan" 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, stirred up a little controversy while appearing on The Dale and Holley Show regarding his comments on what it meant to be a true, sports fan. He joined MFB to talk about the World Cup, and clarify what he meant.

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It is soccer it is the world's most important work you should have a sense of that. -- should be willing to plug yourself into this experience. It's a different kind of experience than rooting for your local team we're following your local league it's different and it's it to. Refreshing change from the day -- day. The world that we live in. And I do say this you could call if you've been quite tough football -- because of a baseball fans do not. Dare to call yourself a sports February gold plated pride if you're not interested in this event you're something else but you are not a split. -- -- Bob -- said put down holly -- holly Iran at. 2 o'clock today we've got the World Cup game involves discuss the World Cup -- -- -- those guys you wrote similar words in the Boston Globe initially and without fail to discuss it. A few days later we've got the world of game against Germany here on 937. On Thursday as America tries -- now officially playing its way into the knock -- stage it was on able to do you sell. Against Portugal final score of that game was. Suited to yesterday after America had a lead late and in my opinion eight choked it away. At the end part of reason -- -- on today to talk about his peaceful with further is that you know there is a yeah but she really getting involved emotionally. In -- Tournament like this that sometimes your team loses under really bad circumstances like the end of that game there's going to be criticisms of Bobble I'll put it to you. Is it okay for people like me and others were upset about the way that game and -- yesterday. To be as critical as we have been about teen USA or where you -- suggesting that this is just something we should be in for the nationalism and the flag waving it. Well I still question I'll answer that question with a question. If you were -- -- Antonio spurs fan interest doesn't start. I would do I could feel that the game six. A source in -- you broke up -- -- -- you're -- it's your first in 2013 under tiller became sick. Depressed six. One play away if they get a rebound there's no way out and shot if they could well there's no. Passed from well not go to Paula so that's sport. That's just a different sport that they -- If they did it look at how well I imaginable. So what's different it's a sport but what -- play bigger you're bitterly crushed and disappointed if you could see that it's victimized by such a thing but in the end. It's your -- Because you have to finish. Didn't know how to get a rebound and USA had a clear and then and a topic -- That's still -- to the end of -- -- -- -- -- somebody -- as they like to say and sucker mark. Am and there would be no shot no -- no not. But he got me in the defense they relax and that was that. And they want and -- positive tax bite by Portugal more than it was a negative backed by the USA but the result was that bitter disappointment but fortunately. It's just like didn't and none of percent to. It's not over and we're worried -- -- shape if someone told you -- we would it would be in the shape we're heading into the Germany game. -- -- thought we would have taken it so that's that's sports -- so that's -- to deal. We're actually gonna put Bob Hope once it is a line is really bad in the background back and acts on it actually sounds like bomb and -- aren't all that in disagreement about the premise of the results of the game yesterday because as I've been making the case. Use soccer fans. It's not a bad thing that criticism of the team is existing because you know what rule and up to the argument that I made and WEEI dot com today. It in first that there is is there's enough passion there. And that there is enough enthusiasm right there. That and Bob where I was with a budget gets back on the air now is the criticism of the team that's not much better the criticism that seem a weird way is kind of a good thing. Because I think it's speaking to what you and I summit we agree upon that if you got reaction. Then obviously enough there is passion there and passion leads to continuing to care about the sport the next World Cup and maybe years in between as well. Oh so late and the worst thing you can have a license to helping you create artistically. -- game that you play -- indifference and so. We have if we got angry people -- a step forward and for the game of soccer that won't work when when -- hold on Landon Donovan issue surfaced. And people are not. -- one side or the other mostly it tight in mind. That's great. That's what I mean we're part of the world community now it would have time. Not that long ago when we were the utter backwater. Football in the mirror and Boston was in the quarter -- forced -- And we were nowhere near good. Kind of NFL count that everyone else was we didn't have that they have to water cooler discussions the patriots absolutely and it's -- And -- partial shut up and entire history of the franchise. Well that's so you know you'll get. We were we were what 1990s nobody was talking about the patriots -- which -- the people with a one and fifteen. OK so here we -- crank it up and won't that that's the kind of action that does that should be engendered by sporting event not so happy that we have. Yet I think it's good because it's initial exit daycare and me as twenty years ago. We'll let -- release probably should've had it was twenty years ago this thought oh well it's -- Portugal big picture appears now we watch the game. They should have actually want it now -- get your thoughts because soccer itself. This thought now that there's a chance that maybe US and Germany as play the tie it literally the effort level just to tie able to move on. That just doesn't feel right I actually agree with that. -- but you know that's that's the way the world works -- you're you're gonna get involved in your world now that's gonna happen here this week and why is it could this is just like couldn't. And this isn't like the most likely scenario with the things places that explains how did in the old slot between that a premeditated -- -- -- on both teams park that they both wanna -- Although in our case that's immediate. I'm. How well that's where you know were probably comes on the double but also like not much will a little of the utter naivete of how many people that he bought this is what my point has been kept. Robbery assault yet. Over that white people stop the US right. Oh open your eyes to the IV that. There's a bigger world out there and illegal but the Olympics at least we're here to -- -- -- experts and screaming you know it -- -- it to -- and he'll get. OK you know that's -- and that's the that's good. That's another world out there so. The world the of the matter is that in this. Byzantine world of international. Law. That -- can often be very beneficial and it has been known that team. -- -- and the kind of mutually agreeable I don't think that's when it because he's only going to tell you don't play to win the game you -- to advance. To get food group. The next move the next he just when you play to win game -- categorically but here. Only objective for the United States America is to get -- and at the time. Don't doubt that the plight of one or not how to decode and that's what they will do and that's what they should do by virtue of the way that we worked out Americans don't like it. It could describe apple Olympic. By Bob so it seems like this this World Cup as opposed to four years goes didn't just a lot of attention. Mayors because he has finished showing it nonstop coverage every time I look at but the TV. But based on the day of recent success of the USA team duty they'll be enough traction to keep the United States is far -- interest moving forward or. I mean have Ed do you still have more work to do to commit assault we could commit more are tied to a sport. Lot more work to do I'm because when people not about what people examined and beat the nature of this team. And you look at it and seven of march 3023 players. I'm not American developed players they are they are hired -- weapon of American passport I think Germany one from Norway went from Iceland. Eric Eric Eric are eligible by the international rules but they were not developed here and until we get to a point where. And I know other countries have these kind of players as well. But nobody has as many as we do on their current lobster we need to attached to there will be only you are only at. Or one or two of them are between you -- but we need it all seven of them. And and that should that's not a good state we still aren't developed enough. Shall we have a long long way to go I I he had thought and I'm not I don't know I'm I'm. Gonna happen it would mean that the sadly attendant had an election on the spike. It didn't like -- -- 94 we got through it despite what you know to it's good that it's a stronger league now that was in -- years. Look at incrementally better but I don't know until we tackle -- we're gonna challenged before not yet. -- -- a filing here and again this is little inside it's a little museum but you've been in the business for a long enough that I think you can appreciate the debate you've got one local paper the globe coming out with a photo and headline saying getting to the point in showing the celebration of the goal from team USA. To make it two to one from Dempsey then the other paper The Herald has a picture of Tim Howard with his head in his hands and another player bent over the -- Just. Upset about the fact that Portugal has tied to -- a Tutu and headline is down but not out what's one more accurately tells the story of what happened yesterday. Well the risk -- -- you know disloyal. I think most people are looking at this as a negative event. And that therefore most people who saw it and pulpit are thinking about it in general terms rather than how it turns. The more practical way of course in terms of the big picture is out as is is the fact that we got the point clearly this is. This is Harvard Yale you know clearly this is I know well now we all know how you felt -- in November of 1968. You know we had this game one. And and we didn't get it but in that case it's -- undefeated season and with the end of the line. Of the season. The seat and not over dull -- site. I am I agree that more people are looking at this in a negative way. And that but that The Herald reflects the public sentiment a little bit more than than we do but our our weakness is accurate we got a point and that was your most important thing ultimately. Bob thanks for coming on appreciate -- further in the debate will talk to again soon okay. -- either spot -- on -- -- recently and from the Boston Globe as well course following up on his piece about sports fans and needing to be involved emotionally. To some level another in the World Cup an umpire -- that if everybody who has a soccer fan feels the same way is also OK with the criticism of the team with the way around to a PS. Did you did you know about the seven players that weren't develop -- does that change your. You know opinion of the team when seven of the players who weren't developed here -- bass -- for his team. Based on international rules for fifa does that. You into the into the chase we'll look at the team because now I did not notice and I guess you know Bob points out that other countries do the same thing. However -- was flying over to Premier League you play for Barcelona played for Real Madrid the plane. For Manchester United and go play for the whole country so that they're they're playing professional the country's developing getting better and other countries and come back comply. You know it doesn't. I'm not these are the -- and these Americans born and raised in America. Technically. That's not that's a look at out like data from -- and -- -- look up in order to break -- the guy from you know some. That's all now. Yeah now. It's one of those things America welcomes all people could talk show the mother Mary and mother -- -- Germany -- -- -- in America next thing you know he's on the US team German air service finally brought up today it Lewis still technically a citizen of Japan and we didn't know that until today Austin laughs yeah. When we come back upon further review I'll get to do well there's at least one follow up to a story we gave you earlier that we have to come through on that next is not presented in the union.

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