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Merloni swipes MLB Free Agent Sluggers, 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

As the Red Sox get closer to the All-Star break, they're hoping to be buyers. Lou takes a look at some of the teams that will be selling and treats MLB Free-Agent sluggers as if they were girls on Tinder, and swipes left or right.

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I salute you really dislike later swipe left there. Everything prisoners most not just -- -- -- in music. You know it really I don't blame and you know -- again yeah we're -- -- -- right -- like. Yes he like he's quite right we don't like he's like let's let her if he likes what right you don't like -- was okay. To the three of us who are attached married or. Basically married like for all of us are basically. The defeat in your voice and every time represent it well -- yes that is the site revert back up all of a sudden I. Well we have to live through Joey Joey was the one who introduced distance -- we swipe right to find girls are within your. Region younger characters come up you know like the pictures of the net all he sees the pictures if you like her think she's cute you slept right. If you don't you swipe left if you slept right. And what jointly call you up vehicle have a a coffee if you both play it right yeah I thought you start selling to other sex messages. On -- Penis pictures sometimes. Which probably obviously use somebody else's -- Because right it's like got a friend and he has this been -- about it everybody's pianist and I like that investors such as yesterday. And again and again thank the guests as play well at that point. I'd still -- organ or do you want we've got fired -- that might be available to trade deadline I want you to swipe writer swipe left. Chris you'll get -- -- I can't play a complex eyes on the lawn is not be -- playing well -- Ra I was gonna do it either but I'm gonna. Differed little on most of these but my bright or swipe left that the Red Sox should take Iran at any of these players tag in the trade deadline. Option one government and we've got this posted WEEI. Dot com. Comes to us from Wall Street cheat sheet all right that's the website that compiled these. Options for anybody to get the deadline -- upon the Red Sox -- one from the Padres. -- Smith swipe right or swipe left. I swipe right person for interest -- had not given up much he's actually just just killing -- the problem is these platoon guy. Like -- -- united against lefties at all and so almost like he's taking the role of the -- Right I mean. -- -- question left that you want he is look at the numbers this guy's question righty so platoon. I would have some interest. Yeah that's what brown that that's why price estimate how much given up anything for not too much he's got a bought a half million dollar -- and this year he's there -- treatment region next year. Christian yes -- it's basically just a rental but I think under the circumstances you could need somebody. But while they're 45 flight recited some slept right six home runs fifteen doubles and we likely -- guys right I -- President help help them out last year it's it's part of their make up issue Beatrice but it's not like it's a it's a that big of a problem solved Charles where -- where you put on all of these guys by the way -- the Mets -- page on WEEI dot com option number two Josh Willingham with the twins lose -- brighter swipe left. Swipe left the apart I don't want anything to do with the guard Amanda studies it is decent hitters got some pop. The -- last year -- late late -- eleven games. Issues missed the -- because I came back. Through -- okay I I have no use for -- Slept -- we don't need any more guys to may or may not be able to play due to injury missed a lot of time last year we don't need another same victory and we love them. Oh and he's somebody we can count on -- bring some consistency back to that lineup and he's. Again I know I would swipe right at -- give up like nothing. But I mean nothing. If they take the problem off the Minnesota's hands but if there's anything of import colonialism is not worth it are Carlos Quentin only cadres like writers like left like left like 36 times I. I honestly -- get a pick I'm sweating a lot and you get a. Off of my phone you -- body injury this guy's pointing out the season last two years now apparently 35 games this year he's got two years left in his deal. It's it's like eight this year eight next year. In 2016. Is actually mutual option at prevailing -- buyouts. There's a buck 92. Just left like 38 times Carlos when in a bar somebody's why brown is somebody is not Clinton's. I missed time -- -- tornadoes due to bad the so so. Total missed time -- 200 -- games in two and a half seasons San Diego that now not that have a guy we're looking. Four dollar -- absolutely. No part of it works but it left your -- lefties go on to -- No work this is why don't we cannot have the -- music in the background this that is up one. Matt camp swipe right or swipe left not not very hard. Like bright he's you know all of that he's -- guy. Joseph Smith and I still needs to -- Mac tip the guy has been the guy for awhile and a lot of people nine a lot of these. He's this he's that he's he's there now what about the money Lou won -- not an older is that five. Of course having the money is actually enormous. They're gonna eat some of that money you know wanted to publish to eat of it. The a lot of this money. Well if they can get it down to be paid at 1516 year that yes she's the one -- -- -- third field he's a middle the order guy -- and since that the other bench him for awhile what every deal with. The month of Jodie -- 333 than 9510 yes that's twenty games okay this the guy that jumps in its third -- -- we should exit -- And you've got to -- -- bad is huge is -- risk yes there is. Is that this risk with everything effect camp. He's the guy. So on the swipe right swipe left analogy this is someone you swipe right on because the -- it hot but you also I don't know that there -- a little bit crazy is not just evidence that -- yeah. But it is not just there it would accept what it is beautiful but Seth Smith is a guy that's hot Cessna seven agree year. -- is hot but that's more Matt Kemp and again -- -- -- -- -- Two good looking guy yeah but -- being out when he -- million dollars gonna get that number down to fifteen. And eat thirty million bucks forty million bucks. I think they would and I think you'd be good for. I'll go right out are you Christian -- -- with camp and -- -- -- they lose said he was good look at it that's not well you're -- good judge. Yeah and lastly -- Chase Headley. Swipe writers like left -- to take two Padres players now left not a good partners selling off everything yes they are by the associated Padres garage sale it absolutely is -- thrown out all the junk. -- the good stuff all of that girls. I don't want any part of decently either again of the rental and a woman have a good year not the -- have reason to -- He's thirty arbitration ethnic and half million this year he's not he's -- -- next year. It for -- -- guys actually performing this way I mean he -- -- -- and long term you believe them. Maybe not I mean we go there -- 1 o'clock it's it's up this list it's Mac camp. That's who it is small -- Seth Smith got to take the role now. But now it's getting hot -- so. It's smack him. He's only right guy got should be. I in the noon hour -- -- revisit our conversation about team USA soccer when they -- or not will get to that Andy you're being Klinsmann is preemptive excuse making. That's on the NYNEX and on 37 a VI.

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