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USA earns a painful draw, 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

Portugal scored in the final seconds of stoppage time to draw the USMNT 2-2. Lou, Christian and Tim talk about an epic choke, considering the US would have advanced to the knockout round with win, and now need at least a draw with Germany in Thursday's game.

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I believe that we will time I believe that we will time I believe that we will cut. It doesn't have the same ring to it excited for being average. I think the ESPN. World -- -- -- written resonates a little bit more but when you walk away with the due to time in the manner that team USA did that. Felt like a loss statement. I mean even the players admitted that to a degree afterward players. Yeah like the empowerment thing. -- -- -- cannot bear eventually. But as I wrote a WEEI dot com you read articles and yeah. Looking like an action Christian personally -- action until he actually writing -- and yet. I have to start tweeting. So baby steps baby steps that went out yesterday. Three guys at mentioned you don't see it see it I replied. What he's not in that part of it I don't -- I noticed -- hot -- is not yeah well as Mandela slowdown. I've made my peace that's what I had -- spend a -- that does not meet the quota Christian and -- be -- and interact that doesn't count in Iraq. -- one step towards the quota but I don't think it was the 40% that you're supposed to meet -- does get ready because that's common now lectures common. But as -- on the call -- dot com today that is an example I think of where soccer needs to go. If we are going to meet the lofty criteria. Of what Bob Bryan put forth. When he said you're not a sports fan if you're not invested in this event while part of being invested in the event. And not just passively watching it is to treat it like a sports -- would treat a loss of the team that they care about. That Red Sox bottom right exactly that's what I want. That's what I want. You know if organ. Of the culprit but he's played for the American -- by the US that you can't be overly critical of why not. No I'm not the campus is that what you like. Watching the broadcast. On looking at the paper in the front pages today. Looks like that says okay you got. You know it's like. All the guys playing. Or reports are like six year old or seven you you don't -- You want to coach him up but you wanna -- them so much they never wanna -- sport again pick and herald that The Herald shows the game winning goal moments after Howard's got his hands on his head. I don't know number five is but he standing there like he's just being kicked in the nuts about. Ten feet away from the goal. Meanwhile the global front page. Is a celebration. After Clint -- school. What's. Paper really tells the story war with their art. To me it's The Herald because that was a choke job yesterday by team USA. There's no other way to describe it. If were not trying to push a product. If we're not trying to sell a sport. Works has tried to cover a game and talked about and events. Which story more accurately tells the description. Of the emotions of the fan base I would have to say is the picture Tim Howard when this hit his hands on his -- Would you not agree. Dad and get a guy says Matt bells Keller an athlete I'm an Arab BS LER. And yet know when to pick him up you look at a ball and it's almost like you need to be able to read between like really one's almost propaganda -- And it's in its delivery and visual aspects of the paper the next one you really kind of say OK they're down they screwed up they couldn't finish. But they're not even out of this thing yet and that I think comes more to. This soccer in general like it's if this is okay -- that it's it's not the end of the world. There still -- it yes it hurt your pride a little bit and he would have been so much better for you just emotionally it would have an easier for the next game. Which is on Thursday for you to you know regrouped. The -- to me it is the set -- going into the World Cup. Any expectations. Right. Told so much about the event and it is to listen you that you watched event now -- he's -- you do you start to get into it's great event. With the likes soccer or not appreciate the passionate music was involved. But the anticipation at the head coach it would not gonna win he used Intel helped up these matches out there would be gone forever he went got to get the excitement. Then it trying to just kind of really back a little bit object at four points at the two games now the issue be happy with that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watch that game. And exit through Q -- attempt to Lawson. Now watching the game it's -- okay now wanna be critical it's like you're talking about him it's like -- you got our eyes on it. Now don't watch like Americans. Gay and as I must -- what we give up my man like -- -- Taylor Twellman right -- although I absolutely love and I think he's doing a great job. But -- obscene as to -- -- retreat knowledge that you're shredding them. And a one tabulate. Now you're in. You -- mile walk well -- like welcome to sell or is it between the Red Sox their World Series you know to -- whatever it is people just. Shredding you because there's passion is emotion is that people -- upset about -- that shows that people are watching it. Because these guys into it also like oh my god -- so much negative reaction well. Welcome to the sports world is when -- apparently it was a game a losing game two to two which what it felt like. There is gonna be criticism Michael Bradley yes you the best player -- that team sorry you haven't shown up for two games doesn't take away from your career. Okay where it's gonna analyze it now like we always do when LeBron James jokes as a bad game. We'll look at his career is great player we know yet but that one game we're gonna talk about it the Bradley has showed up yet. If it does it can you say anything to the fact of okay yeah we're gonna watch it like Americans but we're not talking about baseball. Talk about football talk about basketball. This is soccer and if you're gonna be critical of it like Americans like you'll watch America's sport you -- I have to know what's going on. So if you don't know what's going on. -- Bill Bradley screwed up. I mean are they going back and re watching the game like we do at dissecting everything every -- every low post that we can I highly doubt. He's in front of the net in the balls on his foot. And is no goalie. And he's got that huge net. And it kicks -- defender who just sticks out his knee doesn't score. You know so that there's there are some obviously -- a bubble with the right to want to go to -- Wilbert although. What we eat what -- he lost the ball bring it down at the cross kick and an -- to header deterrent to tie the game up. Okay like how I know what the other guys are supposed to be doing. About casual soccer Fran. Bradley's fault while the case he lost the possession they stole the ball teapot. Where the other guys out where's the protection on the back -- of those guys out of position to protect his back AP does lose the ball. So yes I'm all about being critical of -- -- about calling guys out if he'd be but as a whole to be -- that it. And most of the American public who are not soccer fans. Can they be critical covered a lot of little to nothing about I'm that person what I know about soccer could build a shot glass maybe. But I do know -- when I see it and that was a choke tee yesterday wise not individually wise right. I want Bradley jokes. See I'm looking at it it what I'm reading when I'm seeing is that yeah he lost the ball. OK but everybody loses the ball and soccer they're constantly loses the ball a steal to steal to steal. -- all that's all it is. To me a choke his mental decision of a physical mistake let's define it yet to create choke is a physical mistake that has brought on by a mental distraction due to pressure. And that's exactly what Bradley did yesterday in a tight situation he made a crucial mistake because he wasn't thinking to the circumstances. That to meet defines. A chill and soccer fans don't like hearing that I'm sorry. But this is exactly what you get when you want your sport to be treated big time will wanna analyze big time level. This is part of it if you disagree 6177797937. But I think that was a choke job yesterday late. Yeah and at some thing ex soccer fans -- they want to bring you guys die hearts on the casuals. -- -- right -- low low degree -- want it -- elect a loss but Michael Bradley played his ass off yesterday sir firm. I mean I think they all played their ass off right if you art Michael Bradley bass clarinet team. We look at it Clint Dempsey. Mean so. Right front of the net humorous that you missed that that goal to tie it which would have been one who wanted and a 5050 ball with. Who knows right thirty seconds ten seconds look at that later but when you it was a 5050 ball like that it and they turnaround encounter with the game tying goal. You look at that. Mean if Tom Brady -- ass off for three quarters and it is that which -- -- for efforts that -- I don't but if you play great for three quarters in the fourth quarter threw a pick two minutes ago. And they lose the game. We're talking about the great three quarters I think there's some up yeah right but we will be focusing on that last play -- the called -- game right. I think Chris Webber had a really good NCAA tournament -- time on against North Carolina well I don't play well it will get on a difficult time I play well that game. I tried part of the reason that I'm being as critical as I am again acknowledging that I'm not a soccer expert I'm differing to those that war. -- -- -- -- listen to ESPN. 850 as I was listening yesterday -- in the car on the way back from the airport. In fact I got off the plane at 11 I got in the car. And America took the lead on the Clint Dempsey goal to make it 21. And I don't know what the hell was -- announced or -- -- -- construction -- what caused traffic reverence as usual I'm listening to the game and Tommy Smith. And GPL camera going on on about how. Portugal's body language is bad their heads are -- in fact at one point I believe Tommy even said their bags were packed in Portugal was ready to go home. About a minute ago it Portugal's World Cup. -- I -- -- What I. Act act Tommy is great -- of -- accent I love the enthusiasm he's great at what he does. But it was nine minutes of celebratory. -- pounding for the US. And it was nine minutes. A funeral dirge or Portugal. And they made it sound like it was sold over. And then when Bradley screwed up in the moments thereafter Tommie Smith said. All he had to do was kick the ball into the stands and let the bands play it. So that's not -- and that that's a soccer analysts in -- that easy. That to me it's like dilly dally with the pocketbook will line. When you don't have to do it if that's team USA hockey and Ryan -- makes that same way against team and incredible lead. We're on the guy. We're absolutely killed we killed. American basketball teams. There have under performed right in Olympic competition world basketball opt out of our sport these guys should not be immune when they -- up. I amicable but -- agreed but don't choose or a little -- think that there is this. Built up. -- Don't be OK. With me York mediocrity in this sport and if it this. Based on US prescribed based -- -- -- -- walker where where -- -- soccer and in the mindset of soccer players and soccer fans. That regardless and it's based on the point system so. Like losses and draws and 000 scores like that's a win and why -- a group that maybe year. Maybe here that's what I'm trying to figure out I was I likewise it'll be like it's it's okay to have but this is this is okay. I gather bombed out yeah other upset but in the big scheme it's in the big scheme of -- the big picture. But it's really insignificant. Blogs an advocate at the bit more -- -- US thought on soccer because we we are in the world in where the game is in our country. I don't think that you know Portugal right now is saying that now tied to US. Okay no other pests but teams going nowhere they had no -- -- matter of fact. Do any emotionally tied the game up. Noting the breathing a sigh of relief -- order to get crucified on back I don't think they're -- -- -- -- -- scored that -- -- we just sort of played this -- -- we scored OK we still have no shot the -- the US high -- game made -- one -- one. They knew that they were dominant trying to score a total one forget about it's all or we don't fight back -- -- minus four goal differential. We're not gonna win this thing we're not moving on with Don there was zero excitement that tied the game up because they knew they would Don the minute the US made it to one. You know what what what I'd look at it got a guy here at texting it up Portugal is fourth in a world where at thirteenth. And elegant 85% chance that's not a loss before the game started. You know they feel it's you know before the start even conceivable that -- gay people to Portugal's they -- now -- not right. But it took three other guys in the -- hurt right now and not playing good soccer. Get smoked by Germany. The -- for the World Cup started if you knew that there was going to be a one dollar -- tiger -- -- OK but the person at texted. Did you watch that game. We really did digit did you watch the fact that the US now he's up to one issue of 31. Know that there was there was big big dominate that game and they sure won that game it at him with seconds to go. They gave up in midfield. Was a beautiful cross Byron although by the late great ball. And I don't he has heard this or not but soccer sometimes can be -- Yes it's cruel game the World Cup now is set about fifteen times the best analogy yakking come up with -- first sport there were more familiar with that was Childress -- That's what they'll once it was joke -- I don't know jokes are now beautiful the New York Giants -- that the fumble play. Herm Edwards pick up the ball Giles got your back miracle the meadowlands. -- game was over and it was a ads that are over that just gave the other team an -- Didn't understand what Dick Cheney could not sit there and say that was a good. We had some type what you their -- that's a good -- a great -- what do you -- that game yes -- think we just I Portugal very good at the same time we. Distance but it's the same thing is like OK so you know you you're going to the playoffs you have teachers you're going the players you have a first round -- How important is that last game of the season. You try your best players are your best play is it doesn't matter if you wanna lose the stats -- manager already in the playoffs. Did not let others nodded I know it at the one thing -- I wrote down is its momentum the biggest thing that they lost. Just the emotional momentum that they would be able to carry over from that game into the next game into the next round there and but but they were in and so they lost that -- they lost obviously lost the points and and the momentum. From being an underdog. From being the team that the very coach says I don't think they can win. And they are here they are in a position to prove everybody wrong and you continue through this thing undefeated and they lost it. There's been a gut check is today Qichen you know what yes but -- the -- world now quite frankly I think it's -- -- soccer's a flaw in the design in the World Cup that you can have a win on the table like blow it. Have a tie be the result and really not be affected too terribly much. Well black and they have a tie itself like. What other sport has a tight end it there I mean I know you don't know what does anymore football. Basketball OK hockey football you can but it's rare now you know the biggest question was was gonna be sudden death all lawless sudden death. -- we -- are so much we made the all star game means something. Right athletic -- others how much we -- guys an exhibition all star game in baseball. Mean something and you can't hide anymore that's where we are. Tony Rhode Island -- and no matter. Tony Wragge glad they kept our bunker got that don't know anything about sloppy go at it right on the head lawyer formal law. It won't but lost on net on net -- Byron although the law. In the middle part of the he'll bury them before that at the Roland they need to be at all alma -- waste time. And ballclub they need the ability that is in any more upbeat than 84 when he -- he got control the game with one minute ago. Let the best player in the world. It is feet on the ball and he did exactly what the best player in the world supposedly will cross that make the -- pat. And -- -- I mean. That he showed the day before with a minute left that he could take its vehement -- -- and scored a goal -- at -- -- -- you put that ball down on the corner. They control their apps around keep them away from the other team. They would of one neck in walk away and we beat celebrate the next round right now right. Exactly and there's no icing. I'm not the -- there's no icing it soccer to a parking ticket. We can spend the fifteen to is that is only down a bit but the fan in the stands wrote back and Portugal are quite as much ticket. Six or 777979237. -- About soccer I -- that packed with things that America hates about soccer. Came into play in America's high yesterday. We'll tell you what they were and why they resonate so negatively with American viewers. When we come back. Everything -- -- because really except if it happens tonight tonight tonight two -- -- classic and tonight. I think. Both teams going to this game kind of want to win the group. So we wanted to go into this game recover fast. And and good Germany and get three points and now I have seven points and our side and then. I'm being in the driver's seat for the round of sixteen that is our goal. Maybe there's an standard quiz pretty bad breaks and then -- harmonious -- four days and 37 -- -- BS Sports Radio network. I'm putting forth the opinion that America choked yesterday. But he team USA gag to -- marked all over itself the last nine minutes -- gave away an opportunity to advance is gonna burn them maybe not. I might advance anyway his cell. I guess it's not -- parents say that Michael Bradley. Scott Norwood this game or anything like that are bought regarded president Marino and -- But it was a choke job nonetheless because it was in their control I think in a physical mistake because of mental pressure from the waning seconds and to me that is that the the definition. Of -- and that's what the American soccer team did yesterday that's politically incorrect to say because were disposed to raw raw raw root for the home team. A flash back and ask you how critical review of team USA for failing in hockey this year or. Team USA basketball teams and some world basketball championships and Olympics gone by say eight to ten years ago when there were floundering. It's OK. To have a sport get elevated to a more lofty status but when it does and your team fails it's also okay to be critical 6177797937. Any other major soccer country on the globe. Who has that result pulled away from them in the last moments the way Portugal took away from America. And tell you that nation is not putting out a front page photo like the Boston Globe did today showing this celebration. This is not a celebratory tie this tie feels more like a loss to -- will -- you -- number -- what you're in Klinsmann had to say. What soccer team isn't built to draw there's draws all over the place strategists. It would have built for draws -- what does that mean -- 32 matches the World Cup committee eight ties so far wanted to before. We we think of soccer we. Pick of Thais who was going to give -- to put out -- you know that's I just think that first soccer head coach to say electing not built for ties. What does that mean. We what we just we we go balls -- a wall at times it was so offensive that sometimes we we give up goals and beckoned so we that we the we always went about one or two new parties out tomorrow and it was soccer I was at a soccer blow out. Ethics of 23 Eagles big time -- was strange. Do things that came and played yesterday that Americans normally don't like about soccer that actually did affect the outcome of the game one of which is the milking of injuries exaggeration of injuries and Taylor Twellman tweeted that three times shortly after the game. That when one of the American pleases you see -- so I guess juicy. I came off the field slowly they added an extra minute of injury time and that extra minute allowed Ronaldo to get the goal. The other thing that Americans tend to hate about soccer in this one thing I can't stand more than anything else is the clock the injury time cloud not knowing the exact time and heck even the point where the -- yesterday after an all sports markets at. But you've got one more chance to get you one more opportunity got one more rush. Americans are so conditioned. To bottom of the ninth two policy I mean -- a warning in football. Oh final second to the point that we instant replay the ball coming out of a player's hand in the middle of a shot before the red light goes on. Behind the backboard that's how we define great sports moments in. Eligible voters when the ball was out of bounds. It's not one point two seconds. At one point nine yes exactly -- of seven tenths of a second that's -- adding. If you could have a clock in the game I need to count down writes I I. Need to kind of count up notice that they. Care stick it up the B five restore. The extra time at sauber Terry. That's the other thing -- dig at the clock with somebody goes down a time it and it's like -- -- two hours and coming two minutes and ten seconds. And then at some deals goes down it's a -- he'll put like three hour meet three minutes in the forty seconds on put four minutes. I wanna know what that is is also soccer -- of extra time. They'll let -- play like like finish -- the guys look at the clock and says actually time is up but Portugal is making a run is now I passed the -- now the Walton right. I'm gonna let this play develop if they miss a blow the whistle game over so. You don't know. But I don't know if that game was over it because that because that the great Boller now look down right they just ought to let the last ten seconds play out. Mean a certain airing your your on the team and you see ten seconds or twenty seconds got the ball -- foot. Again no icing boot the thing all the way down -- only ten seconds but it's a lot -- -- you don't. Is that he's just keeping this little secret I mean it's yes it's like to set up with -- good with the ministry not weaponized separate them amazing controversy it has become -- hasn't passed yes auditor do an article on this. On a -- Susan. Date they asked him about. Does what he was doing you know it was that plan is legal first ball there is a little games gamesmanship. I guess nothing that anyone else would do. But yes of course he tried so far away for the -- as possible to make her too when you -- you're way over many Eagles and this as far as. The time goes that the number on the official board is merely a guideline. We don't want guy -- now just don't merely a guideline as to the minimum additional time not an exact number 48 quotes. Four minutes on the board to turn out to me four minutes and 59 seconds. Five it quotes five minutes could mean five minutes flat depending on the referee's interpretation so every rep for -- Has its own interpretation. Based on what's going on in his game that it so you had no clue. No -- 6177797937. Jade called Chester go -- -- 937. They guys I don't. The object yet -- ultimately point that you me everybody -- such -- readily admit now why don't we all actual film he beat the you can talk ought to -- that you know. You took place the second half in at a lectured them and -- -- -- five minute. And I don't know -- given up and that's that thirty seconds ago. I was at a party -- about 75 people were equal protection at all like it was like quietly kind of your little people and it. Indicated -- choked up at is an awful tired that you actually because. We're all had not played war after the walk toward helping the third -- they -- weren't connecting it -- I think I -- it absolutely destroyed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right exactly and this is the kind of result where you can look back added an opinion of advancing minutes kind of forgotten about and then it looks like. In history books a good time because it helped to advance but in this moment right now let's call what is they choked away yet I went to end up with him with is gonna Portugal gave me. -- for Portugal to advance. The US has to lose. And Portugal to make up five goals. Five goals now the US could lose three Nelson prize they can win by two but Portugal's. Again there's no excitement off they attacked that is there Don the minute the US went up to wallop late -- game and they were done. Gonna is gonna roll them you know and they're going to be -- and it's gonna to the US the tide Germany now. Whether the Oleg beckoned a conspiracy thing and now we'll see what happens at these two teams. But I just you look at then I don't know how you can look at it any other way other than a lost that game was one. Airing going to remain up next W media. Aaron you're -- go -- and guys. Bradley obviously. Choked on -- and -- and there's no excuse me got a little gave up on the field absolutely. They can play better. Against Portugal uses against Ghana. That no -- also. But all night long the United States is given. -- on the link they close down the person on the -- late. All the time we got to -- exactly and then probably a better strategy for them. In the game. And it all throughout the game they were getting net cross street they could only get on the set it up. So. Yep Bradley gave it up that's on him he kept that we wouldn't be having discussion would have -- out you talk about how great they -- -- But I'd given up all -- on the on the wing. It allowed. You know that cost -- over uncontested. Or -- -- -- to be 100% honest -- and I think some of these guys that. Are in the studio today it would mean across the glass will -- the same sentiments we don't know what the right or wrong. When you definitely you know yeah you might be 100% accurate but the kind of analysis at least that you're bringing to the table right now is what I -- and immediately afterwards on ESPN I didn't need to hear the -- -- be counted about how great of an event is seen as I know degraded and I'm in I body and I'm telling you. You. Washing it down your throat mission accomplished out there I've got it. But just told me that why we lost you don't have to keep telling me in reiterating what kind of a fantastic event that is. Trust me all be into the Germany game all watched the Germany game are all triple it'll be -- well or work in -- while tracked it for sure. And another thing to in the game is over. I know you know some -- like election Alice I know is going to be disappointment I wanna hear that disappointment in your analysis. I don't wanna just hear you disappointment if you don't mean to wait -- you analyze those last couple of minutes Tommy exactly what happened that led to it. Don't just basically show me let me know how to upset you -- You keep coming and he let it go it was it wasn't a great goal we know it's off of just Cameron's. -- -- what you work your way back and you don't change and you're gonna has been made all the right substitutions. And then you look -- -- -- hear any girl. That. That that was incredible though is there's there's so much good news and yet that that moment that gosh I really just I hope it doesn't come back to haunt. The US. What happened but I'd rather lose that pull away what happened across weather guys there it four guys did defendant what happened not just a ha. What happened to Alexi lawless -- and -- a big guy with that crazy goatee the Carrot Top pair. I am I think the thing yeah I guess my resume up you know you you know you you cut your hair you know do you put a suit on. And you're still the electric -- I remember from. Eight years ago. Let's have a point Christian is that you can't do it I don't think. Just to. When you really regional local here permanent I don't think people in Boston wanted to see sports analyst or talk show host on the air. Openly weeping after Aaron Boone hit the -- You know or Bucky Dent hit the audits but it -- Harry why it happened differently and that's -- the only way he can do this here's a guy that was on the east teams that -- Knows that knows the despair not beat L to win at this level right so they have them on the air it's team USA. He can't do it he cannot be critical and -- feet is it's wrapped up in a different package to make you think that he's being critical but in the end. I don't think he can do it. Not just -- than in the minute that game is over to your point in the air boots a homeowner lets go to the post game. Off. And if you believe they can't believe they lost all the it was right there to sort it all out there had -- almighty god it's just. That really just happen until a break more -- -- next hotel. What happened at the senate that ill -- with Bradley at midfield quite agree at least page earlier I like Beasley leaving -- -- though with with seconds left. It four guys in front of the net of the guy slipped through everybody just come out like just give me something not just. Ha see Bob Lee is is is supposed to be he's Chris Berman UP if you watch Chris Berman he never thought anybody for is somebody out to pass the -- Kate. He'll never be that act that is overly critical of the surgery he wants to be every player's best friend and as a body is doing for soccer -- out. That's Alexi Alexi all your job you do that there and he's -- he's doing also glad. More work Cris Carter. Like that's what his job is to do regardless of the stars and stripes. 6177797937. We still got tons of people lined up that wanna talk about the result of team USA's game against. Portugal yesterday we will continue to talk about the but just run -- top and -- token what's going on with my guy Koji -- should I be worried about that. This is 937 Libya.

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