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Jeremy Schaap on the US draw vs. Portugal 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

Jeremy Schaap joined the show from Brazil on USA vs. Portugal.

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You blame yourself and anyway -- what happened. All I would put my heart silences that every game every time I step on the field. It's a cruel game sometimes. To Dennis and Callahan apparently germ nation has taken one of those tests not lost back to headquarters. He joins -- AT&T hotline good morning Jeremy how aria. -- are you were doing fine I congratulate you on being willing to oppose the tough questions in a difficult time after a win that got away do you believe Jeremy. That the US team believes there are some positive element in that 22 tie or they just. Whistling past the pitch when they say. Their happy with that. Well. I think I think they have the ability. To step away from what happened in the final act in it created themselves. Look six months ago. When the rock of late and Salvador. And we will put this group -- -- -- you've got no chance that it is good group of gas. They're going to get crushed. Have or will again here in Portugal. At the first day. -- Larry I think they're they're probably yeah. Psychologically. Capable of saying that something we -- very happy. -- -- Of course there's got to be incredible disappointment and frustration because they were still eat -- heartbreak injury. Quote it felt like last night. In those final moments -- it was kind of the DC. To -- opposite beaten version of what happened. The Algerian. Where you're. You know you know what it was all over that you let -- -- -- as we move there were going home and. In Atlanta Donovan scored that goal and everything changed. In the final minute and change their entire -- -- of course they were all of their away. And certainly war it was -- it was strange the choppers. Hey Jeremy -- surprised after the game that Klinsmann was asked about some kind of a potential arrangement where he and his friend on Germany. -- They both advanced the -- by everyone goes home happy I'm not really sure how that works some guests and you will look into it a little bit in the next few days but is that really seriously the possibility. I don't think so I need you need. If there is street -- there was this you know in in the 92 World Cup with our street west Germany. What are they basically. You know. Played very cynical match the lab -- move on. That was a long under the old rules were changed because of that -- the match to play. Currently that would make it different here because you know -- both they both go. US demonstrated and I think our guys it's it's a lot -- night. Topic -- ready to -- demonstrated commitment to playing hard no matter what. We basically. Deep Mexico that -- Atlantic. See in the World Cup qualifying. We've seen for all the world and it goes -- when it looked with the gold in Ramallah he did it. I think it is exactly right he did. It is not a team that would ever -- doing at I don't know. Did he loved. We I don't know coarsely. In their camp one. I don't I don't think he's been -- now. It's something like what let's get a fair question -- your question I very close are you ought. You're it was the coach obviously of the German national team of people are going to talk about black. Not for. You do it they're going to be cynical please try each other -- And. If it's tied Jeremy with 203040. Minutes left if it's. 00 or 11. What all the game look like. We're back at -- you know. You know the problem it's sometimes you know you're you're playing. Or a draw your playing situated. One and one just that the other guy. Scoring actually opened -- we all know that they eat and drink. And -- -- -- so glad you're include the bat -- and I actually -- -- against Portugal because. Go neck the draw with -- very favorable outcome here or so you you know considering. How aggressively are you going to play. We had the play. Extremely aggressive otherwise no. -- won't be sharp. You know I think acted. What we need the -- they're trying to play the drug now -- obviously that would -- at soccer. He Gretzky did not inch you're back. Certainly need that we can't play. Smart game. And decide we're just and back yet -- It is we. Will see yourselves the old school war that it needed. -- he won't be looking for their own opportunity. The journey would not be proper soccer strategy if toward the very end of the game five minutes ago seven minutes to go you're tied at 11. To ramp back. That aggressiveness so as not to give them something of your aggression. Causes you to allow goal. It is -- you could you could certainly. Make that argument. You know they beat you. You can play Smart in the team you that are later Donovan. We're talking about something similar last heard -- argue that you -- they they shouldn't we can't afford to lose this. So. Be careful here but that he. You know those in the concept what it would trouble. That decree. I think -- -- rate from going into. Please you know and nudge nudge wink wink of green. That hey you guys stayed back -- -- -- to kick the ball. We talked about this Jeremy SR Sherman talking about really since the World Cup started -- great turns your -- it was a great for a couple weeks ago. Are you comfortable with the weight ESPN overall is handling the World Cup it just seems to me sometimes to be propagandist -- comfortable. With that. I got it I would -- -- now. I don't get why we're doing down here like. I certainly don't feel that way like you get there he clipped. Read online me. You know I think we've done a lot of stories. She's dead here in Brazil that you talk about. A look at something that I know I mentioned frequently without I'd like -- -- console. -- gritty. Bob -- you talk about it did it the. Angered -- -- the part of some people so far during the twelve and frankly in the small minority protesters. It certainly Kirk had to come out there -- and it's been by the fact that we've. Heavy force by worries. But but I I I I think it -- I believe that we're making it -- -- covered this orbit. In. All. 360 degrees. Showing the good and the back at it and I know that you know. That always -- -- the war in all. You know that good hitters there's no reason. I mean you know. We have I think slightly different yet hey. You know a lot of the other sports broadcasters which of course you know -- -- current surely show -- mostly. -- The -- You know they do a good job -- something right it is you know that it's newsworthy coverage. Like yet he would -- we also used. Germany -- when Klinsmann after the game talks about Germany having the advantages of an extra day off. Less travel not having to play in the heat of the jungle and suggesting. Almost in no uncertain terms that the officials of the tournament somehow have this -- use the word rig that's my word. So that the favored Germany can advance more easily even if what he says is true does not not smack of a little bit whining. Well. Me I gotta say it aren't dealt with your included in a lot over the last couple years. They know what he. I appreciate moral and interviewing because -- Greg. They'll tell you what -- thinking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact is there. You know that extra bit -- -- beneficial to Germany the fact that they're recording -- much more temperate. Conditions. And again aren't at work compared to an. Actor and the heat and humidity that you and equipment made up as yet. We're. Of course they didn't know would it be where. But they'd been doing some would end up playing. -- The -- In the end -- I mean those are all places -- -- the degree -- of the -- extremely. Hot you. Just got. -- bad idea. I think you're include every right to. He did they know. And to call out. He spoke words it's curious scheduling and we there are will sit down year. They have World Cup eighty. It well. It is here in all different kinds of climate -- -- -- each -- than any he'd shoot at you. That kind of circuit in high humidity -- can make any it. Actually. When I bet he'd been a wild scene would be claimed -- -- doesn't Cirque. Jeremy if this were Super Bowl or an NBA finals game and the guy who gave the ball away at the end it led to the then the other team's big score. He would be ready for the tough questions. It seemed to be Michael Bradley wasn't ready when US a tough question I applauded you I was sitting on my coach sent. Way to go Jeremy but he didn't appreciate that did it. You know I gotta say -- I've known Michael Long time and -- known him calm and it would bother. -- uncle -- used to work that yet -- and. Michael. -- professional. I mean you so emotional. And you internalize things a lot. It just that moment. It's hard for it might seem to. Find the right word. But I -- you you understood. Where the question coming. There and I I was expect him to say yeah I blew an -- -- -- my fault that's and he but he couldn't do it I mean I I just assume. That's a soccer guys are used to you know the kid glove treatment and chairmanship does not bring in that and that kind of taken back -- Like it was. You know it's it's one of those moments. You know would it stopped you know lot of guys don't get get Michael credit would not -- -- -- a -- and it. They -- through. It -- through the immediate elbow afterwards. And to his credit he did. Page every match in the twelve stadiums and recently HBO did a thing about the white elephants that exist in the sporting world South Africa former World Cup site. Greece Olympics and they are these white elephants stadiums that are doing absolutely nothing but falling apart. The cost millions and millions of dollars -- belt or are you -- does Brazil have any plan. -- these twelve stadiums when this event is all over. Also the stadiums are going to -- in the didn't you frequently they're Canadians that are going to be home teams in the Indian. Where I'm sitting right now few miles from the 300 million dollar -- been out in -- identity focused on is real -- Yeah this is a white -- I mean it's crazy we -- -- let the anger the people Brazil. Some people because of the expenditure on the World Cup would -- when he. Necessary services are being neglected at -- All this symbol we are in the rain forest here we are you can't drive. I think you could peak loads up about 400 miles from here in the act here -- come up the Amazon. It that big city don't get me wrong I was surprised how big but they don't pan but it seemed to complain that. -- In it. There are up and it -- in the court of Brazil could justify adding. It is. Political. And they all be true -- bad for the oracle and all the sports economists will tell you. That they're not gonna get their money back on something like that yarn that. -- there. -- need so much poverty in so much neglect. And it extra -- lot. And they're gonna do it all over again in 2016 for the Olympics are they not. Too -- and sixteen -- -- yeah. You know we always talk about. On compared heading into an Olympic early that was the case -- -- In any number of others. Glad they didn't. You think he's still well by excel either are right back in the US. But -- right now. In the early part of it is that there's there's just choking bureaucracy and your -- in the lack of on would you -- -- and over Brazil had incredible in the army which is now big -- Almost from the day they -- Awarded these. It's so weird that money in the questions also with the money he's Alec. It would be that they can and build the infrastructure and easier and. Eat eat it's mixed use. It and you know I don't know. Usually -- at the Olympics I'm not sure about -- It's a question. Assessed. Boss -- the no I did not. You know. As he is just like -- back and Ortiz who we live. I eat it with those mean knowing it Amazon like soccer pretty. They were kind of -- and and they needed by by urban girders I would be much -- here that your approach. Shall. -- in the court. -- Can go to and of course there's been moved round -- I'd show up from Brazil -- Dennis and Callahan has always Germany we thank you for making some times where we enjoyed the conversation. -- -- -- Yes -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T'S -- you wish you were there doesn't India -- and as big events and grill acumen jar which I don't think that's legal -- -- -- the number one but wanting to go out and they may be going crazy. I mean talk about a place. You can't win the senior review merit yet and that's just what else he said you can only get to 400 miles off trying to -- drive there. -- you got to get like a raft like they are The African Queen. Does and I want the Amazon to get there is that captaincy of Cisco drove to Brazil to see the World Cup that he know that you could drive them. For instance at the end of the road but over it's he wouldn't let the bridge to be what I do now. Seven cents I 79 between seven your phone calls next PNC.

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