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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Tax payer funded sex changes 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network return the calls here the second good news for you John. All -- look at it finally is happening for you. And notorious cheap -- as we know over the years and -- get -- little Dino paying for the surgery. No more at us now. Massachusetts on Friday became the third state in the nation recover transgender medical services. Including gender reassignment surgeries standard benefit -- government health plan for lower income and disabled. -- so lower income people and -- sex change operations on mouse and disabled people. Well could be low -- got disabled people hate to use -- term what's the cut off. I'm on the on the money to request you make a 100000 got a paper wealth. Stores like this and think you know happier one and like the globe editorial the sudden in the house done like here. -- grandfather now anyone's open yours mine. Like someone like hardworking American 5060 years ago -- those guys that someday they will the government the taxpayers. That widow lives on the top floor of the two double Decker who's paying taxes. That's the day so some. -- lunatic. And get as we don't know the elegantly guy we go downstairs and see that guys always breaking balls what's his name you know -- the work here's a work you know talking about yes. That that's the guy I was explains that taken -- your money's going to work work 52 hours of the guy. Tomorrow you know to Russia's tomorrow right Wednesday Wednesday and on that we put it out tomorrow with a -- picks -- -- trash. They take a portion of this -- -- -- -- and it deals and they give -- I'm not. Once the lop off as I am -- movies I am proud of the constitution yes it is -- else that is what -- the sixth man you didn't see that page globe supplement yesterday the diversity -- these very yesterday they're not gonna call you remind you did not -- -- to -- -- -- little out -- the more. I would -- The -- brother I'd rather donate to the Deval Patrick re election while Governor Patrick may be present Patrick Williams frost -- by the something cool to show up my house. I don't -- get. I probably part of -- com -- quality as its top priority Patrick said the statement. Massachusetts is a leader health -- we make the tough decisions for the good of our communities where discrimination of any kind. Will not get all the taxpayers. Don't pay for guys sex change separate himself that's discrimination yes we us we have collectively lost south African mines that isn't seen some some gentlemen. Who -- of working only you know makes 11121000 -- -- and food stamps need to be. If he wants he wants to have them given and boobs I mean -- you -- be closed minded that man deserves -- yes and you write this. The way things -- going like ten years from now he'll be hate crime to say. This is wrong only two other states do not -- enhances his ability to get a job he could then go to hooters is right and and be gainfully employed have to -- -- I don't I ought to be Jerry got a look at what other two other states that have this program. New California that's one -- now. And it's from Pawtucket, Rhode Island Vermont to California Vermont and two other states. So congratulations to them this if it's you know Californians and -- financial concerns knowledge through. Afford this but what about women who -- breast augmentation. Should -- I'm all for that expense as a public call for anonymity and the disabled via. They call one. That that'll never ask as they're not -- protected us that they're not small -- two women right not a protected class they would it's like your group's. Procedure this announcement is really historic not just historic really historic because I don't think there's a state does announce in one fell swoop. This comprehensively the medical care for transgender people is essential to Bennett H Klein senior attorney. Pretty gay and lesbian advocates and defenders in Boston based organization providing legal service for lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered. It's very very up we seem almost 3.2 is breathtaking and groundbreaking and this is do we. At least pay for -- a therapist trying to talk him out of it. Before actually go through that and knowledge not one best for everyone that tennis that's awesome out of -- -- now now speak of small breasts to women. Hope Solo will appear in court Monday after police say she saw the two relatives of the home. Near Seattle should be their tenacious a goalie for the Seattle rain former Olympian is being held without bail himself out king county jail domestic violence assault -- We -- -- allegedly assaulted her sister. -- seventeen year old nephew early Saturday to help us out they don't. Yes -- held without bail. There's nothing like it should be held without bail -- I don't I don't know if it's a guy beaten up his wife you'd say that's good old Jeremy Jeremy and officials respond to an -- won't call which a report woman would not stop any people that she's obviously no stranger to controversy. 2012 she -- in the chest -- in 2007 she -- coach she married Jeremy Jeremy Davis a day after he beat the crap beat her up. She's. She lost she tested positive for banned substance that twelve. This girl is one time maintenance yeah yeah kind of moment you know if you're issued a goalie in Boston. Some women's Boston team like the eighties you know between now and you argue yes while I go to the games with -- my side keep hope a lot of Coca-Cola. And you -- very strange story. Very strange story right there -- a story in Canada. This woman she -- she deserves -- she's going to jail protective the rest of election Parker star deserves in the left lane of highway helped ducks by the side of the road have been charged with two counts of criminal negligence and dangerous driving after a motorist motorcyclist. A father to sixteen year old daughter crashed into both of them. Were killed and I saw this over the weekend and it was present like this grave injustice she stopped to help ducks and now she's facing life in prison. He sensed matches popular folk like -- -- -- -- dessert she deserves life in prison after stopping. And causing the death of these two people such an -- Over those -- -- -- -- a choice essentially to people or three ducks right six ducks stuck to the dots soak the ducks are a lot all matters to people dead that's unbelievable a sixteen year old girl. Yet in her fifty year old dad yeah. Motorcyclists at the kids are different aren't stupid but she stopped and left lane of highway. Because that little that was -- you ran over some squirrelly -- the year and it. Ever run over and -- a colleague. Overlook the grateful. That congress score. So I -- -- dog now. I hit a -- Memorial Day weekend this past yup. Published on law Euro walking I know it was a while I was driving in here on Friday were -- I was sick. Got a taste AA. My father was -- in stopping the meat usually that they. -- kind of limped off in the woods. That's that's not as bad when it is -- them my ex wife. One hour after she bought the new car broke off the show room lot off the group via a lot and on way home. Get passed -- would be year like splattered. Guts and I didn't follow just that's okay -- because they're over popular online real hurt all the -- very upset our dear if you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- recently yet so bite at the year dangerous and good. Very dangerous one -- actually to attack you. Office. So that. Should put that dead pierce ray on them again and again the rangers' practice yet than they -- they live at the Pentagon with -- -- the other -- a couple of them. While I was running up a little a little trail I saw two -- that was that's the mom would be crossed by mistake and want the -- attack. If you picked the baby -- -- like run away with the media but what they are afraid you -- is a true yes. -- headlights yes. You lastly Aaron Hernandez was briefly hospitalized Saturday for routine matter -- -- confirmed yesterday. Citing my medical privacy laws he declined to elaborate -- Hernandez. Was taken city's saint Luke's hospital in New Bedford torture for. Did you love it when the story broke over the weekend read that it wants out he wants out of Bristol county has aggressions -- is just no fun. So he's like petitioned the court to move him Olympic and it -- every prisoner. In who's not enjoying model his steady. Didn't -- cold -- travel time for his attorneys excuse yeah wrap a field that is yes get them long drive down there whoever rumors that -- A chopper circles and got out of the long haul he had no problem making that drive one or two to point out a good point made it all the time. Mean true what -- just say you know you're not supposed to. Enjoy your stay here we're traditionalists -- to guess what was this anal fissures could be. Could use -- made up thing to Google break. That would you don't timely but they are sick of school -- -- -- fuel -- doctors or anything like this he wanted to he won our interns called in sick. When he does that she's really sick always at the girl called Monday morning and in June choppy trade -- After watching the World Cup cricket test it out this year it's -- area. Headlines brought to you by AT&T -- minor cuts from mucus a couple Fridays ago you with the blog I did I did nephew in -- again if they don't know about three more days for what I -- -- -- Al from thinks the you know we can do we can squeeze out there it. Old you know -- hey -- what's up. And I allies up I know. I would like it a little issues and I'd really like is accurate. It is. -- -- -- -- It beat it around every day. Every all the apple. Knowledge. Is. What he says that Ortiz. Is in the middle of his work he's an app or. I'd say I -- Al allied -- -- right there Al Al I did not write that didn't say anything you write an article and no out I said the source. While output -- -- -- didn't -- -- down for a good -- -- I'm trying to talk I didn't say is -- his world that is only album to come back to niceties having his worst year in five years which statistically out is apps will be true and I called selfish because he is selfish baseball players by and large. Ourself if that's okay -- okay go ahead. -- -- I'll look at he has not selfish like you cannot be -- and the salt. A Red Sox have read world championship. Because that David Ortiz is I'm selfish clutch hitting it may be -- should be. But he is not selfish like -- article is the state. Al all of Alex Alex Alex designated hitter of course all he cares about his hitting by nature. He's selfish that's -- doesn't mean you can baseball Al league baseball he can be selfish if you want. In win all the time. Quote we support. Do you think Manny was selfish guy now. I think as a human being yet. They all quit he was right. He wasn't he wasn't a selfish player. About when he was promised the day off and they asked in the complaint as Rudnick nicks and other art and the scenario. But stocks were about salute into dolphins that -- -- that it. Any irregularities in Albright that still grappling. Good students don't Al Al Al -- just hold her politics right now. Ability to play again at a very high level has nothing to do with whether you were selfish or not. Everyone in response was helped win the World Series called -- that's still traveling yes that's throw it has nothing to do whether result Richard Alley Alley you know. Out yellow so out you know wealth itself which -- -- one team sport. -- to selfish player he wants to take the shot all the time you can't be selfish and be clutch and be great -- -- -- Barry Bonds could have been the most selfish world. -- agree can't we agree. -- I I don't agree nothing to do that more follicles like Joseph -- we'll talk with you next and something happened. At the travelers tournament yesterday that is never ever ever ever happened in the history of the PGA tour.

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