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USA chokes with a chance to advance 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the USA's failure to close out Portugal.

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Well my friends we find out today who is all in on US World Cup soccer and -- and un repentant. -- -- Unable to praise yesterday's effort unable emphasize the value of one point and never ever ever even -- The US gag and choke away a victory so what would be boys rose colored glasses of a soccer blob or blasphemous they blow. -- do we play that pretends again and he did you know if you would have told me de L -- -- and eat it got a point against -- record again I would sign for -- you know I had that he's so positioned them. And this is the worst I've ever heard it is virtually. Acquired. Of people of the -- that you have to say if I had told you before this round. That they would -- four points. You know -- very happy but they have three before the games are now they have 31 hour up to one. It's it's laughable and I do have that will be the first to command. Our colleague -- easy yep nice job Arabic at all here he's right to you know Kirk it's right you are cracking the whip or the team. But the east it's it's a is it posted online or something towards buried somewhere now all and they Alex -- brick and now on the middle -- -- -- -- really long way of Lowell spinners. In the league split it should be played up -- should be prominent. Because he does a nice job of explaining the problem here we we we we are afraid you know -- But blasphemy ESPN guys and all of the you know the soccer. In the soccer soccer losses. Target the beat that are rooting in the press box. And they won't say that their team joked Michael Bradley sucks why can't they say that. -- -- I've watched two games all right that's enough you know does not advance the cause pressure is is here's my question is as his -- to pick in the team. And if not can you explain to me why the price -- is in there. It's it's where he had the -- and -- so -- The game ends yesterday -- -- they blew it they choked anybody's being fairness they choke that game away it's -- a break choke jobs in World Cup history. The game -- you go to leave lawless and the other military does -- man man man what's is that. MM MM MM -- And lawlessness and hands over his face. And says not rated talk of sobbing. I can't underneath us -- under that says. ESPN's soccer analyst Alexia lawless like I post the question and order and soccer fans killed. If -- for a playoff game ends like that -- back to the NBC or. Eight Bruschi. Rollins election yeah you think Tedy Bruschi Rodney Harrison and I'd like and again this has. Men's rights on the BZ I dot com. He says if this happens in other sports we say bill but there's a goat Peyton Manning's a joke Scott Norwood and LeBron James failed the Bruins fell apart. In this case is a wonderful I had told you before the in my opinion four point -- take it it was such an amazing effort. Good result of these guys it is Iran mean to insult take it serious -- seriously at the same time they demand we take this sport seriously. They -- AA. Flop around like a bunch of broads on Broadway and -- At some point. Doesn't someone have to stand up -- Ian dark that the club a polygamous Ian darker said. Give the guy yellow card that flopped it was embarrassing. And I'm sorry. And the guy who said the US doesn't do that McCain uses name but does a guy. Across the street over there one of these soccer exploit this one of these guys who became a soccer expert a week ago who -- -- no after the Brazil slop fest. That the US doesn't do that yes they do. -- honest to god is that he's a guy gonna be okay Kessler Kessler when there was name is I don't know I was you'd ever in your life -- stretcher come up for a guy and then. He'd jump literally jumps up. Like he was on his death bed he jumps up and says good it was a healing. Thought I was the president's -- finger on we can get to this known but at some point. Every one of these soccer guys who takes it in the soccer. Serious soccer guys who says it is pregnant bestseller Kessler. You guys know I don't know I mean those -- the go to guy who went down debt interest and was writing campaign that brought the stretcher on the bounces up and said oh he was. He he heard his hamstring hopefully he'll be okay no he didn't hurt his strength he faked it eat flopped. Why is that so hard from the senate -- top flopping on what's amazing is that we do is just get to that you have that thing. Is that we do and watch baseball when the game's release Sloan boring we as I -- big baseball fan say. Speed the Franken came up stopped. -- around and play is that we do in in. You know you name. That the sport in football they say you know they get this problem with head injuries out of stock. Why can't soccer people rise up and say stop flop and like a bunch of. Fans don't like I enjoyed flopping it's where you watch the game. It's like going to a -- guy makes a long run this for five guys fall down. -- our guys to write up as soon as it out sometimes they treat them they bring out the medical staff and as a just ignore him but you know there's always out of your and it's. Is that. How they do it on every level I mean you go to school soccer game or -- I used to attend soccer games occasionally. I don't remember that. I don't from now that sort of level of diving and its other Americans dammit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who didn't think that was. Outright laughable who didn't. Find that to behind comedy and I wanna hear from a dark and twellman said nothing but that's a good point that the dark later on call ago for what -- was like a little much elbow later today. He went back. In -- what is the middle of the first half when the second half started they get ready to go again. I looked over used -- to remedy this and he's rubbing his joblessness is supposed to be I assumed as bad ass with a Mohawk can add to that Jews. The biggest that what you absolute Reitman and that was brick and funny as how awesome it was okay. And us just nine minutes to (%expletive) off everybody out there are a bunch of idiots who don't watch soccer you'll love talking about it they weren't supposed to win. Give them a break. The USA are the patriots USA would be elected jaguars beating. The patriots. -- pissed off people already now -- points out aptly so after the game -- league Alexi blouse and Landon Donovan and others. Jumped up on their soap box and an optical port of a -- prose such as. -- valiant effort. By the Americans and epic contest an amazing game if -- Bob -- tournament that keeps getting better and better. If you read said team USA able -- points after the first two games at the start internment payment would take it NA RB. You're looking at the wrong way Jerry there look at while all of all right okay out of money now -- I I asked the same question and you did do we -- pretend mountain OK let's -- may pretend now and treat them. Like their eight year olds playing soccer that's what they would like right and a -- murals. It was a good effort guys now that government everybody gets a trophy -- lightning detection of water break pick a lot of right now orange slices -- the -- -- -- -- -- in the water do you want to. Be taken seriously like we take football and baseball and basketball and hockey. Or do you wanna be treated like children all the whole thing when you turn on the TV and ESPN as the announcers saying week. And they show celebrities tweeting about -- reaction of the fans and the score. This is a Leni Riefenstahl feel this is propaganda brought by Bristol Connecticut right did you mean it just as propagandist work. By yes it -- and you cannot cannot cannot. He gets this it's your. -- -- -- that went out to ESP on on hi where is it just -- and they know because I've -- ice ice opt for different versions of sports center. And it every single case it was sold. Unanimous across the board with different. Anchors and different. Talking Heads. Giving the soccer coverage with so excited about this. Also the same thing I'm excited about this and say -- -- -- and weak way weak. Panama -- Michelle they say we we almost. -- It is it is funny but you know you can't again ample ways do you want us all waved the flag and -- -- that's okay then. And. I read somewhere this week in the John you know John Walsh the guy runs he is in. Huge soccer fan and that the words down these not. You're not produce they don't it'll Powell. Descent and as though there's no it's it's like not criticizing -- by certain radio station ask us and -- speak about climate change should -- you know Europe and higher hater. If you're not on board and there's a -- and I enjoyed. The game just like I say all the time you know. Game is second in the game is -- matters this takes the pressure is what may exports. That's an enemy and they buck how often do we watch chicks chicks gulf. Not -- no not often but once -- was opened the show weeks you know to hang on to the to the -- it's fascinating and I mean. I the purple shorts didn't hurt cloture. What's the eyes of those. I don't know but I hope all I hope it starts a trend you know like well with her you know the rest some of us some of them. -- policy Yang announced that it -- -- out of Sudan where -- -- policy Natalie Gulbis election Thompson maybe ports UNC. Lucy Lee Juli Inkster not from my gosh I personally don't I Jane Blalock are not really. They stopped sprint champion and all the champagne in the -- couples courts. -- only -- on the back of a soaker. Did you Kirk yes I was so I'd sell my friend like a affront to my tweets leases now. All I do sit here and root for her to three putt on every -- -- -- wants the president that camera right behind her she bends over it was soft -- will play as she's 44 pianist it's OK okay it's alright tell -- them and it's a protection study for what -- marketable. And you're able puts those stickers her legs anywhere and someone's job strapping. Yeah yeah extra time. That there was like pink it's purple rose one to reflect. Pattern fatigue color yeah yeah. Afterwards this year assembled -- caddie in the chorus -- -- to get -- It. It's a beautiful piece of chicken and -- delegates up. But the point is the sport is not to report that he likes I I I love football. More than I'd love. Hockey. I'd much rather watch -- NHL playoff game particularly elimination game game seven. -- like a pre season or even of September football and hatred Jabber -- right exactly it's not this sport. Is secondary so take this gig yesterday was more entertaining suitable permissible to blow it was not this was -- and this was close and it was intense and long stretches of tedious. Play in the middle of the field. But because you know how much pressures on these guys you can't take you can't look away right you know -- guy like Michael Bradley can't handle and and you know garlic. Ronaldo who is -- dog. Capsules Carmelo Anthony that's swimming against a dog that's the best player in the world. Good when he BP -- he's hurt you. Well I saw knee injury. I know and it caused them to go down like 27 times holding it yesterday but I -- the -- onside offset some point I don't think it's a complicated pick and learned -- -- -- pick -- up yesterday -- he has no idea. But here's the problem. ESPN's got like 9000 people in Brazil. I think including Germany shot on the ground and Jeremy Shepherd that I think he's been called home. Yes too much much too tough question. Michael Bradley and Michael Bradley I thought would do the right thing because you know as a soccer guy most and seem like. Decent guys and just take all the blame them -- I'm sorry it choked. He wouldn't do he wouldn't take the blame he just couldn't. Four in the words of my fault my bad and Jeremy would not let a month or -- we have Jeremy with the big ghoulish. We have -- media ask drunk -- on talk of the game Kirk -- weekend swell. Band test here and has as wonderful. I have my I go back to -- I've never in my life I would if -- the irony is in its okay pack appears stuff. The hell out of here we're going to get somebody who can tell the -- just -- Is the craziest and two World Cup team ever. Happen to -- out of school I mean that's an American had bought most coaches I blew. We don't candidate Aldo made great. You know bending passive and allowed in the guys scored. I don't know it -- -- he has to look at the notes to go okay we played by Reggie White by the bachelor the ones from Coast Guard who cares if Howard got -- -- what defender that's a good point. Did you wanna know a couple of that the -- scene of Howard curriculum made the play yeah. Overshadow I heard them say it was the the defender who took his eyes off the -- who was staring at ball -- want a spare ball so why and how are -- man could not out c'mon make the play high. Look guys this is if this is a plate in the NFL playoff game. The big quibble -- is the guy in the backfield the secondary would be. Barbecue right by the Denver bronco right right -- right and I don't know is now right three years ago choked and write the final conference playoff game right and he got destroyed in this game and losses -- in his head. The the other guys pat on the back and they go to to Donovan who's out of it like it. There's going you don't always -- you know -- cruised to -- -- Is good I mean these are but he's more critical thought and he actually points out who blew it on the -- did as well allows match and Michael Bradley public's. Michael -- post game. Crazy game we put so much into it. And then on and I thought after. A difficult start we the response and the commitment. The effort was it was incredible. You know difficult conditions and and still we found a way to. To push through an end and really every -- left everything on the field in the spotlight comes on brightest and then you know that the biggest tests come. You know. What are we like how how how do we respond in difficult moments and I thought. You know tonight was another example of you know us. Showing everybody. You know who we are in -- and what makes us. You know a good team. Guess admitted he took the blame can I please get the question where was the only notable -- the whole post game ESPN's plated 57 times to their credit. Germany's -- there he he he doesn't know. He doesn't journalist who doesn't get choked up when America but he knows he's he's gotten past that he can do this stuff I think he's a big soccer guys in debt but he's also pretty fair. Now is a reporter -- yeah yeah right and I don't know -- allowed Gaza and the press parks. Because this next time route cheering the press box require permitted. Must have your question. Do we have yet to it Germany's -- we will play what we have it through Wallace after the game we have lawless after. Wallace one he actually says it was a mistake he actually sent the US made mistake. It was hard hitting is electable yeah. Michael Bradley losing the ball that -- shouldn't do it and and that's that was a mistake. But just funny guys back there's one guy in the box there's only one possibility -- that what president and Euro was saying what if you're trying to figure out all the different possibilities out there. That was the only one possibility that can happen in that moment. And they didn't and they didn't cover for it and that that yes it's a mistake. And I just hope that that mistake doesn't come back to haunt this team. Was with the bush started crashing hope that this kept the ball mill in the the ball to midfielder with the yellow -- sucked complete the deal yellow cleats. And I mean honestly I I assume -- some patronage and everything he's there because of his father and that's why he's on the -- -- -- play. Because he's got connections. Competitiveness is this is the biggest event in the world. -- -- -- Sort of I -- in I'm sure we'll have some expert on later today and -- crazy Michael Bradley patrolled the midfield was the. Water break discussed at length. Yes it cost them the game. Did that thirty seconds beat the thirty seconds at the end of the game I cannot look at the White House for half. -- -- yeah but you know they'll the flops cost them yet been -- in flop a hundred times. Is -- five and a half minutes and stoppage time to what -- -- ten seconds -- I've -- both. Or fifteen. Isn't -- does and how they don't complain I don't just thirty seconds fifteen cigarettes are -- -- must score. He complaint Clinton and complains about before important Germany oh yes in a better climate. And with that one extra day but it doesn't complain about. The time because Portugal's reaction to the goal is nothing. Apparel the pack which kind of stood amid denoting can't. -- suppose for them to -- Obama's win but the didn't care. That was the best player in the whole world the I don't worry I don't agree with Clint Dempsey has to -- to play yesterday Tim Howard better. Like this is minor threat. The game that they played like crap. They want right idea that they played well they. Los what do you know I'm sorry I don't know anything outstanding to you know you're absolutely right I watched both games start to finish yeah they were much better better in his second game in the first so that they're back to build on -- aren't much better in the tie. And they weren't in the win the that we can be chairman. What a I have no -- I know I know Germany beat that Portugal -- for enough right and US or play better than we did the other day. We are we we are -- we are remedies Woodson -- Oklahoma have an idea. On Clint come on you and you could do would have been like and -- else he has produced no joking just. Qualify as whining even though what Klinsmann said after the game is probably true. He's bitching about the drugs bitch about the one fewer day of recovery. He's bitching about the travel he's bitching about they had to play in the in the jungle while Germany had you know after drink compete -- a lot of by the pool. Is this whining if what he says is true. These phases are very emotional for all of us and I think for the fans for the -- justice for the bench. And that's one of World Cup is all about you know and so you've lived through those emotions positively and negatively. You know and as has got to kind of from across it often. And and move on and we got to move on appreciate. You know we gonna -- this point now. And we do everything now just giving to -- Germany you know we won't talk about it anymore about both of golf that's was now it's off the table. It's all about how we gonna give them a lot of problems 94 days from now on this either and that's what we. What are you gonna do and is this what a World Cup result about it wolf can result is about the next the next thing that comes up -- ourselves. It was a little bit of Obama but. Having fun and get the next one. I don't I like them -- I think keys. I think he sets the right tone. It's as the questions strip -- some real questions. And he answers them and I I think. He's playing in the disrespect Paris whom. You do that and yet I was looking for talking about the fact Germany has an extra data recover Germany didn't travels far -- -- -- and in the sweltering joining flat out I was just thought they took care of the -- -- they took care of the charities for a which is not true -- the SP and it was a like a blind draw in -- -- it was just happen to work out this way right but so what if your job is to motivate your guys and get them ready to play. The mighty German team do you use that disrespect -- same as. Belichick letter. Any good coach uses it I I kind of like him and a and I think. The craziest thing I've ever heard at least since I've become a big soccer gotten. This and I thought it was a joke had to go back and checked and they asked him if there would be some are arrangement. With his friend who coaches Germany to tie -- on purpose that's unbelievable and I think and I and I had to go back and literally said it can't be realists -- -- Twitter. Went back consult the question. Read there was a story again who had a story about it on how it's happened before they did -- twenty years ago and it they -- the -- -- of the video and it's something that is being considered to west Germany who did this. And they. -- -- time they -- -- they just kind of kept the ball back they stopped playing for the last eighty minutes there was not a shot him on goal in the last eighty -- this has happened this is not a precedent no so there. Are people who honestly believe that the European Klinsmann and his friend the German coach will set this up. So they will tie. They say if the idea if the goal is to advance out of the group. And it's 11 and there's ten minutes left one of the case may be why not just. All the guys home and play for the tie and but he advance here's a thing you can do that they could agree to a -- announcer going to it for the game the game certain guys pulls on the ball this foot for ninety minutes the game within an east team would tell you. Magnificent. Yeah all the greatness. That's the way it's done that's a plus plus that's sportsman like that takes -- -- -- level as a whole team clocked a best but they want to there's no way I am and I don't think so either against take us to take this seriously is gonna do that's the most un American thing I ever heard -- just say in. An infection draw on the next round right now somebody Germany they think a better -- civilians who clearly want to make a deal with this Powell. And it's 11 look like odd minutes ago that attack and win. Think of that nature of the game is tied no one's gonna attack current that probably not and I'll just sit on the yeah -- -- the states is yours your game that six minutes ago when something happens there's. -- -- guys all by himself he's just gonna stop. Now they're just aggressive enough of that and how to regulate all camera for keeping the ball -- -- tied late in the game you're a -- You know a policy -- and yet you what's gonna go through our 61777. Point 7937. Turkish capital John -- from Brazil in the 8 o'clock hour a full lines open we will talk with fuel. And as long as we're getting on board and proselytizing. And and and and soccer -- We have to. Change our ways about David Ortiz. -- can be selfish as he wants. He can be as self serving as the ones as long as our bank -- Does what he did yesterday all right with the world.

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