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Minor Details Ep. 90: First half prospect rises and falls with Brian Johnson, Chris Hatfield

Jun 23, 2014|

With the minor league season at roughly the midway point, Minor Details breaks down the prospects who saw their stock increase and decrease the most to this point in 2014. Portland left-hander Brian Johnson, enjoying a breakout season, explains his move onto the fast track, while Chris Hatfield of SoxProspects.com details those prospects he sees as having made the biggest jumps and those whom he saw enduring the greatest falls in the first half of 2014.

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Big picture. What's been happening this year in the Red Sox prospect universe. Read about at the halfway point of the minor league season with the first wave of All Star Games having taken place this past week with all the short he's -- leagues now underway so. Good time to figure out which prospects have been making noise and rising up the ranks in which have seen their stock take -- hit. Talked to his -- sir Chris had -- the Sox prospects dot com about a number of this year's noteworthy rises and falls. But first we'll talk with a player whose stock is arguably taken the biggest leap in 2014 and the Red Sox system. Lefthander Brian Johnson spent almost all of 2013 in single a Greenville. -- from other organizations who saw the 20121 round pick. Particularly early in 2013 when his strength was diminished after an offseason recovered from a line drive off the face it left him unable to work out in that. Offseason between 2012 and 23 team we're generally underwhelmed by this stuff last year. No longer Johnson's been dominant in blitzing through high Salem and now double A Portland but the combined eight and two record and 2.4 seven ERA. Including a five and one record one point 71 ERA. Through his first -- are in Portland he's looked like a big leader in terms of pitch mix XQ she and inconsistency. Brian thanks for joining the show congratulations on what's been really good season to date. -- So let's start with this you know you you did start and -- you did Darden high AA which is where you finished -- you're really made two starts and IA last year. Coming out of spring training where you expecting that you would start out the year in Salem or did you think you know what based on how I'm performing in spring training I think ever shot a double. Our problem. You know a lot like I got was returning category of acquisitions that is when and there are enough. You know excited about being normal -- not have. That's all around it and or about one -- -- -- report to it's getting back out there pitching you know I had to -- starts in Salem are three point play upstart. -- arithmetic is now certainly reported here. Well let's let's get into that the idea of normal I mean what was it like to have. Well I guess revisiting the past we had you on the show a year ago were we were talking about what it was like trying to come back from having gotten hit by that horrendous line drive. It's the end of your of your professional debut. Which resulted you're not being able to have a normal workout program entering the 2013 season. Not having your normal strength entering the 2013 season ends you know just kind of getting used to being back on the mound. How different was this offseason for you how different did you feel when you started taking the mound this spring as opposed to last year. Bomb under a different you know -- so Oxford trained. It was played here -- a word com. -- -- one thing after another it was you know trying to get over mentally and then try to Umar ready physically. And trying to work out make up -- lost -- you know I was. I would I would try to force everything -- you know forced. Being bigger guy that hides it in trying to be too much in our dollars. Are well I got these remarks so. And you know Norton got united I didn't work out of the last three all you really because my my. Like driver did -- did not work out her for doing it and so -- right property ebitda reports that China decode the one -- all secretly. Well you know so when you're when you're taking the mound this spring then you know is at them is the mental part the more distinctly different just to kind of sense of comfort and who you are as a pitcher knowing that you're building on a successful end of the 2013 season. Or was it the physical component of just. You know feeling natural on the mound rather than you know rather than -- going to feel -- throwing a fastball and you know with the with the ball coming back up the middle. A little bit of both sides had more more immensely that so you already got their compete I was. We're going out there thinking oh my gosh Soviet -- it would -- what -- The -- of what -- what -- about the crap. And get everything you know and for me it was. These Richard before it was going out there that are -- to other market hit by it by a ball it was -- -- discredited it. And operating I have today and get really you know so was -- -- -- that physically it was. Well good luck entry go to north of great it was halfway here I mean quite well. Early in the year my arms observers are getting more tired more part of yours because -- quintet slate act ordered. I think attention to work out artists so we now. So in terms of of how your stuff was working. In spring training in what you've taken into the year. How would how would you characterize what you've been taking what you've been able to take to the mound just in terms of the sharpness power behind your pitches. Com. A lot more you know I think the biggest Sydney last year was. And the Armstrong -- in being able to win the championship Salem. And not going to instructs you know nobody. Nobody really walks here and all -- and go immediately instruct but I think I would be biggest thing for me because it's important election yeah. You know -- rule that the coordinator concept on the opposite to Marco Michael and -- what sort -- -- twice about what. And just instigate comfort mr. poet have competence and the political operative who must throw it out again to cobalt and what you law. But you rather do it -- that's where the political but it. And I did well -- hysteria over spring training this year. What kind of action to get on your change -- -- using it to do. -- -- -- Personal capital more -- -- -- a little bit more. I had yet -- a little bit but that is what Henry's mind country it's hard at good action on Wall -- changed. I just talked nonstop on this -- partly. Click on the ground. What kind of velocity do you have on your fastball right now what kind of -- do you through your changeup that. I don't I -- out. Don't get to chart that that is rather broad look at that much. You know it's interesting it's interesting to hear you say that because one of the things that's very interesting to me is that. Number one last year you know there were times there would be scouts saw you earlier in the year earlier in the air and they were like out there are kind of scratching their heads because they were. Waiting to see you know they were used to date they have reports about what your -- you've been in in college it probably didn't match up to that at the beginning of last year. When you're talking about not having your strength. Then late in the year I was your reports about oh you know Brian is probably bumping 93 may be in 94 here and there which is different and -- opening. This year I've I've heard you know I've heard reports of your velocity being. In the high eighties a lot. Low ninety's there was one out who said. You what I really liked about seeing was that the you know was it. He was very he -- comfortably and that may be 88 and 91 range and then when he knew that he was getting close to the end of his outing. Many bumped it up to 93 years so -- he was impressed that you kind of where had something in the tank. Are you trying to throw as hard as you can with -- is this maybe a stupid question but when you throw your fastball are you trying to throw the ball as hard as you can. Or are you is that not your priority. Arm you know. I do. It's okay because I order I want sample every bit -- again. But at what has that little thing that. You get that little extra adrenaline you get that extra fuel I don't know what it is. -- -- apparently everybody units and anti Iraq it's something that happens in the gamer but it was not obsessed you words situation that gives you more driven by. I I remember as Pacific. Opportunities I'd like to record reached out here and get some. And I was on the struggle back in respected. You know there'd -- guidance biblical image of an opposite and it I had no idea as well they're good did run over yours is it I guess. You -- hope that it just party can't but I -- that everybody -- that little bit more -- Do you have any sense of what -- of what you're comfortable velocity is -- in what you're trying to do with your fastball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I respect -- did not -- war. I mean for you you know is how much do you prioritize just. You know how how finally are you able to -- to pursue execution you know like when you're when you're targeting when you're targeting the plate. I with a fastball are you targeting like a third a half how are you approaching how are you approaching location. I'm -- market as well I'm. -- -- set up I guess I might series very very simple I. At least in the game is supplies everything. Quaker earlier spree put down. And and -- -- you to comment everybody Damon what are we want to go it. I try to draw level and blows or it can be honest and that crippled our figures pretty freely and popping -- well. How good have you felt about just that your your numbers have been great right you would use starting with the starting -- -- time that you threw. That you through what -- perfect innings in in Salem when you kind of put yourself on a very fast tracked him to get promoted in the first month of the season basically. -- you've had a I mean just as consistent performance as. Any as the Red Sox have seen in their farm system in the last couple of years I think that probably Brandon Workman is the last person who comes to mind for me as someone who start after start. Was putting up the kinds of lines that you are. Is this is this kind of familiar you do you feel like you're in a particularly. Good place have you have you felt this kind of -- before or is this it do you do you feel like you're you're kind of that are arriving at a different place is a pitcher. -- -- them doing the opening like this. Or this is my second four year just -- You know it got down door and take BP palm ball into it. Problem Nazis insular attitudes and -- having Margaret. You know sort executed our -- agents to once it has to OJ spoke herbal. It doesn't matter but -- -- auditors or other competing in. I think all our consistency -- -- just. -- part you know whether you have a great start for a terrible start. Don't let that affect your routine you know that the biggest ever regret is routine institute by Ottawa because that you're that your basic operation. And what used to that it'll all in the active users. You worked out here you're throwing program year your goaltender trying to work everything just kind of all the players were to retain my card. Not everything I wanna do every day I -- feel like I don't that would allow bill. What does that what does that -- the work that you didn't instructs on your changeup allowed you to do how does how does that done how how does that impact your institution in that -- Are on the -- huge you know I didn't talk. Popular around Europe which urged. Russia so I was basically a -- times in the -- replace it. Where I went out ball. Herbal. And and Carter was why didn't like -- -- yeah I was so I just worried about getting beat up my four best pitch. And and just trying to go out there compete and now. I don't like much into what almost like second third best sector pitched where I had. All my -- I go to any time you know -- -- this allows you to open up or -- where. Ago. To a changeup that you have opinion does depend on what -- what -- -- -- situation -- it's Adobe media. It's hard for my options and what. So would you describe yourself at this point is being primarily fastball changeup curve ball or would you eight are you still incorporating the cutter that mature or with those three pitches. Are you kind of working with them primarily. All I mean I thought for I mean I guess I'm on up and and how they see what they -- quote -- -- -- art equipment in the army. It probably. Kipper -- apparently -- -- where we're -- ago would fit and they adjust to -- -- -- -- you know I mean. Are you don't go otter classic way to game and authorities. Anywhere -- game maybe five. Just to keep people honest and down. It's working on. If it's working. Watching you know army. Mystic in my game plan a routine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you need -- punch out which -- are going to. I'd honestly thought this is the process of last year -- on her -- and and right now I am honestly tell you I don't need a better I would feel completely comfortable yardage and -- now every other day. It's not about poker orgy of outdoor and agree -- -- -- -- situation. Well they're the consistency has been tremendous you know and the fact that you the fact that you did jumped from Salem up to Portland you know how satisfying has it been have you been surprised that you've been able to carry over to your success. So seamlessly. While competing against a higher level and you know that to levels above where you work for almost all of last year. Supply technical if you wanna pop -- Ottawa. -- Com. I mean it's it's it's exciting I mean I have a good time right and -- -- -- -- -- -- I think just getting older and understanding your you know -- on Saturday somebody you're not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And responded the -- -- -- support your partners or struck out. Given that you didn't you know that you're at the same level as a guy like Henry who's younger than you which is you know kind of and now somehow that seems crazy that he's that he's younger than you -- Just just by virtue of the fact that -- younger -- so many people yet he pitches. In a mature fashion but. You know left hander. Throws fastball curveball changeup you know leans on that arsenal how much do you guys how much have you guys been kind of trading notes about -- about how to attack. How much if if at all have you been benefiting from the opportunity to work with him just to talk pitching with him. Bob you know. Experts we -- they have a book of letters together yesterday. Are yet yesterday actually -- It's what it is you'll you'll look at somebody's account which was her game -- -- look at them and a look at me you know what what which you earlier. And usually were writer wrote -- page but. -- you know watch him pitch. Has really helped me it was my changes I think it will shorten. It his success -- -- -- it means a lot more. So I mean I think just as it has indicated it will hitting it AG's and in pitched well AG's I think. Anything doing well you'd feed off each other and you know. You just serving under kind of -- coordinator. When you what when your charting at this point to you kind of thinking through the hitters mentality at this point still putting yourself in the batter's box position given that you were. Very accomplished hitter as well as well as it turned in college or at this point -- you just thinking about. Kind of fit the sequencing kind of it kind of putting yourself in the in the brain of the pitcher. -- I'll probably. Finger at a hitter -- -- -- I think that some walked up those new drug. On for me I just. It's my strengths. And it is. I think so much for our I think myself and your work out and amazing. I just lost -- game you know people are you a lot just watching. They use you guys -- on certain that it should see it I take a certain edge of the united contact concerns -- I think. Just watching the game realizing that it helped you out on just just. I think baseball censored. And you'll regain this type of -- to carry through. So kind of thinking in a way bigger picture of me and getting into the area of things that you can't control says -- these are always fruitful lines of inquiry because I get it you guys have to think about what you can control but. You know if the Red Sox system is really interesting right because at the upper levels particularly starting this year when you're in Salem up ahead -- you. There are a ton of really good pitching prospect to you know who were kind of known to the prospect well now they're the guys like like Henry Owens obviously. Like -- Anthony Renato Matt Barnes and Brandon Workman. Ruby Doris Allen Webb stir a lot of guys kind of on that depth chart of where you'll ever mindful of that about just it being like wow that's a deep system and if I'm going to be if I'm -- put myself in position. To be starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. I have to be really good. On the yacht now. You know between what they're -- roast where noddle arm -- men and -- -- all great -- you know. I can control that I can -- intellectual. I can go out there and do the best site and every five days of work. And work hard like in between those five days. But a recent bad weather the people who don't like and get much it's just went and competitor diplomat Red Sox got some Geithner. But. I don't I don't think I just think like that you -- terms. All of a coward about it myself quite popular in Cuba but it is very. Argument of that opportunity and ended up on my hands. Is it meaningful that you know that some that some of violators who follow the system are now saying you know it. Johnson looks like a guy who belongs with that group there's it's you know he has chance to be as good starters basically any of. I mean. I do 1% now but that -- here yet but also here but. I mean to -- -- I'm I'm really excited about -- on Saturday cut I mop up but it happened about this year that I'd I'd. That's at peace and I think dumb at the start last year as Bert -- what about now last year kind of anxious nervous and worried about every fifth day and not I can't wait all treated. And Bible and everything has just based on. I've got to ask you know every picture that I see coming of of you coming out of Portland features what seems like a Mike Napoli sized beard. The Red Sox for what it's worth I think that on the books they technically. Don't allow facial hair at least anything beyond a mustache out of this thing come about. I'll be honest I actually shape -- -- -- came up and that night I could double exactly. I didn't I didn't beyond that what you got in with a beard now that I've shape and -- I came up in the you'll have a Michael Bradley explained. Our Guerrero all only got a this year and I know herb -- Oil probably fail with a lot of ground we article about -- like yeah. Worry about it like -- that is it okay now like -- it got -- -- the changer or water. But it -- what you don't appear that it that was you. Since the public -- -- province and it is out of pocket I didn't honestly alt a market. They don't grow as yours my I've mocked him. I don't like Mattingly because of I didn't biker -- Nagasaki more. It that the fact that. Yes -- -- growing up right before right before all of our very eyes that's the kind of seizing your happiness -- Yeah I guess outside receivers -- upset because. -- in the bunkers on anymore. Well it's it's formidable you know I think that it really you should be proud of it who has -- aside from you of course. Who has the the best and worst facial hair in Portland right now. Yes I would say. Michael many you don't shut it fully grown ever oil only. Com. Michael. -- need quality you know seeing nothing has been a problem for the worst I'd say. I mean haven't -- -- the goatee now merchant air. Our particular you particularly in the -- auditor now. Well you know I exposed that it it only makes sense given the overall record that you guys are presenting at this point they've got to all of you would be able to. I -- to grow decent pace so. You know congratulations that's those are in order book on that front. And for the fact that you are having this this terrific start the year I guess I'll conclude with one with one last question some so you know last year. When you spend most of the year in Greenville I assume that the major -- feel like a pretty distant thought. As a performing at the consistent level that you are in double A you know which is kind of known as the separate early where you start defining. The guys who who really do look like big league prospects. Which you know are you in a position where. You know where as much as -- focused on on Saturday on your next start restart to think OK this is you know I'm I'm. I'm putting myself in a position where I have a chance to compete at the at the level that I'm that I really did have dreamed of getting to. Yeah you know I mean I think. Is anybody so they weren't thinking about the be -- -- and I'm thinking about Saturday and I think what -- -- you or editing that we start run trouble. You know what you need to do what is factored this -- -- Did you know where you know I don't I don't put ourselves -- and make those decisions -- -- -- So. You know if it happens. Today at the -- -- your now I'd be up and I I don't have all that fact or actual. It is problem because amount of art in our outlook in the artists -- I mean -- corporate about but other matters it's the law and order matter right now orbiters are. Brian thanks so much for joining appreciated and are you going to keep the beard going until the until the season's over what's the plan now. Tom I think -- want to keep it going and even guys like that we he would start to -- his -- human upper opening it now. He he brought his -- projectors. Aggregate that it -- as per normal but it so I hope I don't well -- and so on and so on but my mom did you at all. Other than. Collateralized. Maybe that's why milky ended up having to go to -- did he just you know he just wasn't what. It must. He can. He can pull off a lot of things have paper thanks I appreciate the time -- -- you are at. Brian Johnson has taken a profound step forward in his Red Sox career emerging as a pitcher who belongs in the conversation with other top pitching prospects in the Red Sox system. Well in the red foxes and is joined him and elevating prospects Pattinson who's done the opposite. To answer that we're joined by the mobile -- -- field. The Sox prospects -- com we took a brief respite from his busy summer schedule jousting tournaments. And roundtable summits to consider other rising and falling Red Sox minor leaguers. As well as what he Hatfield has seen from John and it's moved the 23 year old from the number twenty prospect in the Red Sox system at the start of this year. All the way to number -- right. Now but that it you can hit it on the head Alex that I have to give -- you were the ones who made sure that these people the fact that he. He didn't get -- season or last year stayed in people's mind at least I know from being. A little bit I got a -- to -- Johnson recently in in Manchester launcher after. I'm what might have been it well one of -- -- starts so far this year in the seventh inning outing against the Fisher cats. And you know he did say that having -- -- this year is really didn't feel a lot stronger he feels like. You know he can really go deeper in the game and she's got it -- his legacy and and so -- -- not scrambling to try to get into game shape during games. As much so that's really did you get frustrated -- -- -- -- -- -- when he got drafted would go to system quickly end now that he's healthy. Finally and cover it was a role that at least doing you know he's only eight starts in his time in Portland put. What is it seemed like you are kind of mastered the level you know region in 47 innings. Ideally you're able to -- Or whatever -- won lost record is. You know forty -- -- thirteen blocks you had a great year and you know you get even better to go to -- as secure and shut out. Or six innings of shutout ball pop -- -- in the last start on the fifteenth so. You know he's had a great year and it's almost you start wondering when will we see him in the pocket. Which of course might be dictated more by the fact that there's just no room that are. You know it is -- -- -- making his debut at next year the late next year opt for sure he keeps this up. Where does a night of Sox prospects sit during the games do you sit in the scout it's behind the plate to use it in the dugout did you ask -- did you probably why hearts catcher's gear. What what was your view of -- when he was throwing in Manchester. -- -- me and I I I told behind home plate but. That's certainly don't have the featuring stay outside that they you know like personal and on the oversight. On the -- that that the velocity was maybe a little lower than we've we've seen him that he was only sitting at a bar outside igniting 1921 they didn't -- Which -- pretty reliable on Indian protestors are not that maybe just might be. What kind of -- David he was out there so -- I'm -- you know -- he he throws you know reader for which used discover that it works and the condition of the -- -- -- -- you know -- agree to delegate it -- -- -- really pretty packed. Picture lineup that are good. But you know he was in control out there he knows how to catch. You know he's he's what you would -- state college pitcher drafted in the first round will be able to do out there in the second full year and system knows what he's doing. And you concede the you know high floor but perhaps may be lower ceiling. Tag that was an arm got trapped it -- you've got to keep it seems like inflammation aggregation it's not necessarily going to be. Certainly the top of you know it's it's hard to see him going above or below. Projection. It's it's great to -- it also works really release -- Arms inspector he'd even missed a picture to our game that day because you work so quickly so. Great great -- -- a shield to provide too short. -- is -- does he have any any pitch that -- they've clearly plays his plus two you. I'll blow you look at the changeup average. Couple all got some nice break it's it's we have a solid average on our our. Scouting report. You know might maybe be a little bit better you know when -- broke out early so I'm not afraid to double up on it and things like that. I've got no book or under someday somewhere right chart inactive but lord knows. Well that. It's more just got commission and well I mean and article were used -- -- historic -- that. He -- we doing out there you know he's he knows what he has in the picture he knows what districts aren't you know how to attack hitters. You know release -- -- that they you know no -- -- Now our number one that Adam -- figured you know double double up on the changeup and and -- the curbs were slower you know and now I -- the at that. A lot of ground ball off the current as well as -- the chart here. Well you know we'll try and reduce really -- contact and that's something that you like to see the -- double not try to strike everybody you know. Is trying to reduce that back contact with deep into a game and he's been successful that's also ardently double -- -- that it starts he hadn't thrown fewer. Inside innings on the -- were in the sixth it into the sixth in all the once this starts. Which is really good sort I didn't know he's. You know 23 still you know doing what needs to be doing it can't fault them -- for -- -- -- a little -- -- -- -- -- -- technologies. Simple to leave their. Twenty to eighty scouting scale what he -- for his beard. We'll all be good solid they're all going to -- in Portland the -- are you talking about it they've relaxed standards. It's pretty solid Tom it's not quite as -- at seven arrows column which is straight Amish -- -- Let it it's extraordinary -- -- something about it center console myself with at least you know. It's a bit above average saw that it may be approaching clocks. So did you -- deprive him that it reflects who -- is that your view. Sixty you know it's it's it's not crazier thing but it's it's definitely. You know it will go sort of. Berry did so that is a Portland team -- that's pretty loaded -- there are guys that there are guys one of whom you mentioned desire is currently apparently. By turning -- his free time. And in -- Marrero. And he's you know he's been an interesting performer. This year by virtue of the fact that the extra base. The extra base ability has has come at it with much greater frequency than it did last year. Certainly you know a guy like -- that. You know it's it's difficult to say that he took a huge step forward this year but he did because he's you know been outrageous that a couple of levels now. After being outrageous at a couple of lower levels last year. -- light hearted show more power more home run power this year to you who are guys on that team who have -- -- made notable steps forward. Well you'd -- rookie -- and won't belabor that point because I know that you certainly covered the subject -- -- You will not you need not ever apologize for talking more moved beyond that this is. The -- friendly environment. Yeah ally anywhere anytime a guy jumps you know from being. You know let's not forget where you now expect we got my tickets at eleven or ten. -- -- -- aspect actually have a great year you had them. 72 you're right to -- maybe a lot of that we work. But -- -- -- a -- jobs and they're probably in the top twenty top prospect in baseball that point you've -- say. That's a big jump you know you can say what you want about the streak like. So I mean you do look at what they've got questions were entering a year this is something we examine the -- -- are subject to grab people. I'm graduated from prospects status this year and the like -- that -- certain of our prospects. Knighted him for that -- over and over Serb move I think some people still -- You the biggest question coming into the year or -- we just was last year slew. Get there really wasn't much he didn't you here and sure not it it looks like it wasn't you know he's doing exactly what he did last year. You know he knew they'd struggle upon being promoted the Pataki he just wasn't otherworldly and now he's back to being kind of of the world again. So it's just a matter I'm always shipments and it is an -- You know the opportunity coming probably at some point in late July or August that would -- You know where Simpson is is more the question whether they you know ability and shutter which -- and an outfield corner something. On the question that -- became more complicated things to Brock pulled. Yes which is weird on the post as some -- the other day and said you know we might we -- all line up in August that has moved to Pepsi Center brought COLT and laughed and as a before ultimately less human rights shield instead -- -- on. Which I don't know how he keeps doing a sport and there's just and it seemed weird two weeks ago and now it seems perfectly fine. You know it's like to get some circulatory. Well we've done at the -- level. -- -- that's yeah I mean it's all the questions just a matter how would translate but in the big leagues. In all the emergency looks like are -- supposed to be doing it with some power. On the well he had certainly something of an -- mandate you know with that in the -- just below seven -- but. He's been red hot and you know needs you know -- -- -- -- average on base and -- eclipse -- 528 cities. Getting you know I don't stick it hasn't achieved up outside. You know I I did talk to -- scalp that was a little bit skeptical whether he -- at the Major League level but which is close to it doesn't really have to do on these kind of -- Shortstop version of Jackie Bradley were just get the ball -- it just ask yourself how he got to. You know ball in the hole but he still ordinance still has the arm early got out. I'm really at this if you at this point played his way into the picture there near term at shortstop for the reds are eighty by the end of -- fifteen. This and how he's playing so that's another -- from from from Portland. The one who. -- all of those guys to me into the year as being as being guys who could move up considerably. Montgomery aero is someone who dealt with injuries last year and so you thought well they deal with his base under MLB about a it's a hit the ball a little bit more authority bet if he if he backed up what he did last year than you thought he could be the number one prospect in the system which he's doing. You know why are you. You heard that he had been basically hitting the ball a thousand miles an hour off the wall Sophie gets a little bit of loft in their home runs there. And the guy who -- you know for me is I did not expect this kind of it that the progression that he's made in Portland this year has been completely unexpected for me is Sean Coyle and I haven't seen them this year. What did you see from -- loyal allies you know how much arise or has he been for you how surprising. Has it been to see what he's done. After two full years in Salem in which he's he's struggled with injuries. And at times with performance. Yeah you know it it's foggy. Sort of from. Under the -- the model lineups in Iowa got to see him DH a couple times. Are -- it to see him at third base which apparently is over played almost nothing but second. Base yet another mood he's been cleared out -- As the positions open or you're damn right you can play your position again congratulations. -- but -- I mean. With him I think the biggest question for me was staying healthy Tom you know it's. You -- so much time to I think three different injuries last year to different parts of the body that. You know you -- -- kind of lost a year and he had such a hot -- just tearing the cover up the ball at nine home runs down a course like that. On the and then actually came out and he's been able you know impact the baseball without -- I'm you know in granite and limited Chinese tore the cover off the -- sitting pretty well this month he's already got. You know five doubles and three bombs and fourteen games. I had with him staying healthy I still want to see him stay healthy between now and the end of the year he's not a big guy. You know it's sometimes Smart guys that we have the you know poppy -- Allen -- You know. Serious disorder that improper unstable and sometimes that the coal with that you know with the -- -- picnic on your body. Oncology has stayed healthy and I wanna see if he's able to withstand. You know that whole grind of the season until the end of the year we have really -- in it it would do that in and out on the field. Armed he's certainly right the -- proxy kind of what where he is now so little bit as we have to thirteen start and here twenty theories is that we jumped out. Thirteen was where he was just maybe he had no end of April last year so it's about and -- where he maybe should have done. It didn't stay on the field to play more specific it's. It's you know what we need this yet and then you've got -- the Red Sox might have little five decision come down the -- UC's catalog costs. Topic it is certain to get protected but at the same time. That it went well that's another -- taken either don't know. Did that they cannot meet community it's and staying on the field he can do it certainly some of the questions. Yeah and to me it also answer the rule five questioned quite frankly because if there's truth even if he spends all year and don't play. If he shows this kind of power from the Modano right handed power as a second baseman. You would you would take that guy you would take a flyer on -- -- I even though it's not your conventional utility -- to me. -- 572 slugging enemy in the strike -- -- you know terrible on the block to strike out ratio is you know not great lost 38 but that's sad. You know is not striking out the -- he has in the past and last year in Brooklyn -- And sixty. What -- or some other risers side you know big time risers that you've seen nothing you've seen you know coming through this year they've gathered have just kind of turned the rankings on their heads. Well you know enough -- I haven't had a chance to see an end. Yeah actually today just promoted the sale of I wanna see what capital joke Opel. I'll know you're the guy who out of college the Red Sox put them right into the ball and Andy is dominated in all last year and you look at that segment. Maybe the guys it's gonna blow through the system as a reliever which we don't really. See the time the Red Sox but then. This year he pitched well enough that he basically forced his way into the rotation looks like and maybe you're out you know. Inside scoop on what happened their better than anybody was -- -- like you have to -- expert disparity you're just on one into an extension now he's. Then in the -- rotation and I just today got promoted up to Salem. You know the numbers are kind of video -- You know in 62 strikeouts and eleven walks -- 51 settings are clearly way too good -- level granted. Did you Mitchell for for the Sally -- -- once you he doesn't Salem especially -- are stardom. You know you wonder it's a situation where. The Canadian projects distort the -- a guy but it of one of those -- rotations -- -- -- recruit but he can't start. Are packed situations. You know maybe -- just doubtful some camaraderie a little bit more. -- in Britain and undermine our rankings -- for me it's more written in terms of what you can do in. Legitimately making the -- use him in a different ball and playing so well that the guys -- really jumped out for me it was stroke on call. I don't I think I'll I'll I'll I'll mention quickly is. In a very small sample size and hasn't been able to -- too much yet but Rafael devers. For what he's done in very very limited time so far to the -- summer league. -- and sixteen games he's just destroying the week is OS's one point 120. It's more numbers that you're accustomed to reeling off when describing the players -- against. Even -- read that the. Com yeah I mean and then you know he's not striking out at times. I I would be surprised if he is not promoted the Gulf Coast League. Are eminently. Maybe not a social opening date but by the end of the month it -- -- -- on the Americans silently. Two years as a matter maybe and sending them they're saying I wanna be in the gulf closely prove it in and boy Agassi. You know page image. And that's terrible sixteen. -- -- senate is -- seventeen yes yes yes sorry I'm excited sixteen last year. So you know near the -- I don't know made a lot of noise and instructional league and spring training operatives are being down instructional -- here in -- Far -- when certain coaches and instructors were taught the bottom senate you know guys from other teams that they were playing another pack our car itself. Policy we can do in the states and see if maybe we got a might rise. Our agent he's maybe not -- it in a poker -- to the system or move to perhaps it's because that's completely unrealistic but. You can't anticipate that even though it's obviously a possibility right like what even even if it is a possibility you never it's kind of like cal. There -- some doubts -- never say that a guy as a future number one starter. Because you can never predict it's a little what you you project him as being a very good number two and then he's -- number one. Right. Exactly you -- it takes the kind of magic fairy dust watching each reached the majors so to speak that you know no -- knows you're gonna get it. Done in -- -- -- strategic move keep dust -- -- -- were -- I want to see where this goes -- in the and that's where we put -- on the motors. -- Yes yes -- diverse -- you know sixteen games is already. Capitalizing like that again he's another guy like you mentioned that was in position where he could rise very quickly if you lived -- -- I'd been and so are doing no that's. Talking to Chris Hatfield who is apparently been anointed tonight I mean had -- to press the prospects dot com for his work as an executive editor often -- something that's recognized with with the unofficial title from the from the British royalty -- So. Picky about the thinking about the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm too mean there are two there -- two guys who kind of whose performance at least stands out in terms of the the opposite side of the question. And one of them. One of the I think is really complicated. In that Trey ball because you know number one number with the right the Red Sox first round pick in 2013. There has taken twenty years has ERA in excess of seven by. You know dot -- dot lots of caveats number one he's only made nine starts a pro a couple of which one he had strep -- the other of which he was recovering just from strep throat. Two. Some of those outings have kind of the normal early season pick up three you know you -- depending on what's got to talk to you and I Curtis got a he saw that 86 to ninety dollars and the strep throat outing I've heard other people say that he's been sitting at 9091. And -- in touching 9394. I have a hard time I don't know what to do in in some ways I struggle with what to do with Trey ball in figuring out his prospects -- the other one. I think is somewhat more straightforward in price -- You know are those the guys who you would circle in terms of -- it in terms of just from a performance standpoint the biggest surprises. In the not so nice direction. Yet there that you guys actually made a list before -- over at the top column the other thing -- bar that we have to keep repeating the people that that you know. When he was drafted you know you want to hear that about a number seven pick overall by. I would say that is what you are supposed to be doing -- beautiful could be a little better you know you don't want. The -- to be approaching two you know I'll but that's edible meat silent spring training he's still super -- -- You know he's he's the type of guy where he's a projection. We'd be able bulk clay Campbell type -- -- the Red Sox had gone after in the past couple of years and drafts. You know you got it didn't have to be patient on -- that we use -- people -- attention these things and be patient on. Part of the numbers have been nearly as a unit where you want embassies put. Just patient to wait it out to see that could be a lot of pop up and Albert Hammond in talking. Actually ironically enough with Brian Johnson Manchester -- talking to him I'll I'll get at least a five irritation. And you say even for him at a college guys something that you really need to get used to and worked all -- dot. You know so that's seven or ten innings last year -- closely. And got a little bit of awaits the late start but it -- to -- -- training like. Something that'll start this year it's not surprisingly that maybe the ups and downs they're especially when you're dealing with things like getting sick and things like that. It wouldn't struggle for him this here I'm not gonna worry about them unless you still doing this by the end of next season say I don't know about where where you're -- on our. Put it to me it's not time to worry yet even if it's okay to be a little bit disappointed but what he's done and so are. I would certainly be looking for more consistent stuff in the second half this year warm weather order. You know getting a little bit in tune -- to the physical routine W one would hope. For any player that you get to get a chance to evaluate them healthy rather than. -- -- you know with any kind of injury but. That they'll be the one thing that you know that they kind of last year with these last year the reports on Johnson war. Well you know why is he -- he topping out at ninety or 89 and you know and it turned out that it was because he didn't have an off season to strengthen. In so with ball. We -- with all you you would. You would do in order for him to maintain his status and I had him when I was going to be exercised with baseball America number ten entering the year. In some people -- that I was too low on that. I know it was based on you know was based on the idea that this was a guy. Who should have stuff that impresses even as it's raw and some of the -- have gone through have seen that especially the ones is how many instructs us here. In some of the ones who have seen him in Greenville this year has -- not come away with with an impression of stuff so. I would I would -- that would be the interest in part for me. Yeah we saw in the spring training and what was the third outing of the year he sat you know I did in 92 topping out at 83 which. You know fighting velocity Serbs are matching your person you thank you your own program exactly and he's still learning how to pitch is that -- so -- You know it's it's you got this debate lanky athletic body that you've been playing ball outfield and pitching well until now. You know it's just a matter of getting everything kind of going from one direction and so this people interpreted in the technically just kind of metaphorically. You know -- isn't -- together and in working. You know as a pitcher full time and so on not quite worried yet although we did drop them a little -- -- dropped and and a thirteen at this point guard. Proceed down sixteen today which. I must have a switch -- an -- to be announced an ideal Ireland and they are on the the site rankings. Well frankly I've known as basically being the same prospecting was interviewed right now. Exactly exactly and you know the questions like an urgent question in the -- it will probably be the same again entering this here which for a guy who's not far away as it's okay it's. You know if you look at this point. You know that's appliance it's kind of more of the same for me. -- -- you know part of it is you know he's been on you know -- been on the DL now a little bit with a hamstring injury. At first seemed like it was just stated day and now he hasn't played in. Gosh I mean it'll play in children has he is not yet where he -- that -- -- LaMont now. I'll you know and the -- that is the seems stops its the -- recognition just that you really -- -- our viewers scout chats here. Eerie you know I was able sit cannot stop its series and and saw him. We do on the -- stops that even -- a parent gets in front which is coming in and not really recognizing them and when you're guessing on pitches at the AAA our our Major League level it's not gonna work the way it did. For a guy like him where he dominated in Greenville and in -- so. You know it's it's the -- that first pitch recognition it's not include a -- -- a little bit. An atrocity that has the power potential there is some power at the put together you could see him today. You know maybe 2031. Depending on how he got power to do not necessarily that it -- or -- approach -- the -- -- Simple frustrating because of the tools that are there -- You know I think the account I've got to come to grips -- -- the fact that he kind of is what he has at this point. You know I just. The books kind of air autumn is -- -- Again he's missing an opportunity to maybe get a shot in the outfield because he's hurt too which is another frustrating thing that it is probably a third time two years of fort -- two years now so. It's been a top golfer and. Indeed -- you know so is getting to an age where you where it's kind of unrealistic to expect that there might be a break -- although we have that we have to exercise some caution in that because of Brandon Moss -- Who. Truly like to kind of read through those lines and reminded all of us that doc but we have a guy who looks like he's stagnated through his mid twenties might suddenly become an absolute beast. It is in his late when he early thirties configured. Yeah are going to be coming up productive player and I got a realistic given the same -- has lost it's not -- -- surely it is stated mercy who. It necessarily every day -- these kind of like the third and perhaps outfielder in Cleveland right now. -- Is it useful guy to have on the roster that doesn't cost a lot of money and that you can just kind of slide and we need -- perform. To a certain level you know is not -- virtue. You know even getting out of -- at this point I think would be good Obama is not the defense necessarily that a guy like murky does. And I don't know necessarily going to first base with what apple loss of maybe it maybe it might work for him. -- -- -- and happy. Quite the senate since it com. But just where you sit -- -- lost -- -- Red Sox may not be the same but where he sits on its second division. Margaret -- this year to be honest. You know it's. But it didn't -- -- and yes he sits -- -- into the roster partly able to get -- -- additional something but it's not going to be huge for our. Just to clarify one just recover -- aspect of your scouting report on and the one thing that was noteworthy -- this year while he was healthy which was a limited time. Was increasingly cooperate affected his on base percentage even though is that batting average was. Totally dreadful. Was better than it was last year in Pawtucket short when he didn't walk at all. -- to strike -- rate was down slightly but from a from that from kind of a starting perspective you guys didn't really -- Progress in the overall approach. Really -- I mean -- you know Chad did mention there are a couple of you know there is Munich glimmer of hope that that were EG took a walk but then you know they are not -- to -- -- two walks during that series and one of them was. -- -- we have them into the world nothing was close variety right. Odd but that's said that you know he's already got as many walks twining in and 39 games but he had an 82 in last year's match and so. There's something in the air but that's -- with it trusting. Our guy and statute diets -- tripled that -- -- -- down and out along -- -- pocket monster twice this year. Keep keep cable access -- kind of work the program. In terms of approach. To that sense. Maybe just going to be another solid -- -- to that series were IQ number. Catching -- Leo last year what was probably his worst days of did you seals easily against -- -- the of the Orioles start and he looks awful obviously. As -- -- seventy you'll probably should again stay on top pitching coach contrary. It actually into the eighties were completely off balance and I sobbed and instructional league in spring training it was just like well -- -- -- -- -- and that happened so. You know maybe you just kind of a bit -- -- series and not in that sense -- self. You know the guy like that's not gonna happen overnight. Now I am before we continue -- I've been you mulling over a year you're knighthood in I've been thinking like what is your -- effect casts all what do you. You know do you do you ride in in a horse and carriage or do you take your own stallion to two games when -- when you're heading to them. Well I mean to say we're living until New Hampshire right now hum hum hum. Did nothing glamorous about that's on display at low. You know protect it is the least among the peasants. That they say so. I'm on the modern. The the people at the moment. You know maybe appreciate it should things change in the the year I'll I'll upgrade to the council and and in all these years. For now it's -- -- futile democracy it's a really refreshing in a refreshing thing. Who also remember a lot of money. Again. Well it's -- not even necessary guy who felt that a guy who didn't do without expecting coming out of spring training. It was political circle I didn't even realize the numbers in Salem and he got promoted their from a short Staten -- haven't been all that great. I'm glad it. Let's not just coated they've been in the numbers there have been very much like what they were in Greenville last year when he couldn't -- -- And we've heard up all of our power and dignity and -- the guy all spring training in in the spring training spring training but going from what he did last year which was. You know walked 81 guy -- 170 innings which is crazy to. You know in eight starts in Salem since he got promote that you Bloc's 28 guys in 19 in the third -- it's. In theory -- I guess. You know eat it's again it's the -- staying at last year so I don't know that necessarily all things so much -- -- sort of what I was hoping. He might do it this stop this -- as perhaps he's still got 28 strikeouts in twenty innings but. It also giving up contacted at 32 hits allowed in twenty and so when it late in the walk -- higher than one and I think that's not ridiculous and that's. I was hoping that we see a lot more out of them odd I haven't had a chance to human person is and he's been for -- on the here but. That's been part of the support for -- Are there any other debt that you have that maybe -- -- a little bit. -- Great Britain I think is someone who -- who I thought was really close to being an impact reliever in the big leagues in this -- has taken a clear step back. I'm obviously he had some elbow issues that ended up putting him on the DL for a couple weeks in Pawtucket. But with way more walks than strikeouts in that a pretty low strikeout rate in Pawtucket did kind of you know and moreover he's in his last his last year which in which -- options. I'm know that that is saw that that one is is. It is is a tough one for the Red Sox system I think or at least from the vantage point of their bullpen depth. Sure yeah but I'd like to blog about an -- please. While they're gonna say that the opportunity to air next year you know of the seven guys in the Boston bolt -- -- five of them are gonna be free agents so the spots they're cheap. Even shows a little bit so that's that's -- that's certainly part of what's been so that's one -- one of the bill crap that has happened yet. It's it's almost unfair to look at -- you know for the same reason that it's tough to look at someone like Paul and say that's it that's a disappointment but it. I'm the proponents hasn't been what I anticipated for guys like. For instance. I guess -- -- -- probably has been about nine with what I thought maybe maybe you up in not quite to strike out. That I would have anticipated has given a guy who can generate some velocity as a starter but you know nothing disappointing he's been very steady performer and he's been good but. -- but -- to meet them and like Jamie Callahan I expected. I'm in his second full pro season. Maybe. A notable step for because there was a pretty decent amount of buzz about him in spring training in and he really he's he's struggled while he's been in Greenville says he'll be some and some analysts. Yeah -- I think I'm with you on that because we saw on the spring training sitting you know in 92 to 95 which was. It's step up from where he was last year not -- that kind of velocity -- just kind of start it at all you know. Part of the water but you do in Greeneville. But yeah -- -- just hasn't translated which is really strange to accurate yeah I had a for the potential recount it. You know 76 it's just four innings that's. You know you can't chalk that up to just -- -- ball and playing well and -- they like he's he's not giving up contact. You know he's still young in 1994 -- they respond nineteen. Right he's he's he's -- -- image is Trey ball. Yeah yeah you know he was you know drafted a year earlier -- Earlier I mean it's -- people in the type archery I scored directly in the same class and poetry almost exactly two years old and so. You know given departure was old and young sort of sort of trap yourself you've got time but like that you're right it's you'd you'd -- for more out of -- -- that -- currently. The other one who I would -- who I've I've taken stock of me is it's kind of in the -- categories really hurt the Red Sox at the Major League level. Alex passing you know I think that there might have been an opportunity for him the Red Sox are in need of right handed out. And whereas boy he performed really really well. In 2013. He did get his opportunity to make his big league debut this year and he did get his big league hit but his size performance lining in his third year Pataki it. Has been pretty has has been not good to end its represented. Noteworthy step back from his previous couple years when he was trying to -- through injuries. Well and it's just it's interesting to get last year and number when they -- the Red Sox put him on the forty man roster will -- to absolutely. -- rushing for it didn't make any sense. And now it in the rule five year when they lost -- Josh Fields and mine actually which. It's not into the world but at the same time you lost two guys who maybe could have came. Meanwhile world you know wise outcasts and on the forty man because you're sitting out hurt. But then came in last year just crushed it and -- all the the swing adjustments and things like that it's like well you know if this thing mechanic adjustments -- -- so he needed in the Red Sox look like geniuses. The other -- -- -- it hitting to 34 you know and he's not infer any power again. Which was kind of the article for -- -- does. You know beyond -- approach was great but he wasn't impacting the ball at all. It looked like he only got one home run in 52 games -- -- more than and I mean it's hit them often double fault because he was. That won't help -- -- -- it was a little bit of flexibility. You know happening typical right sideshow. You know maybe he'll turn it around as the weather heats -- he's been pretty good injuries. In seven games he's you know it's twenty degrees. You know three doubles and a triple on -- -- a little bit of power play extremely small sample size of note that the dispute -- facing. Since she got back down to -- that would charge in the that's said -- -- -- the -- out especially with taking a forty spot. Let's question Alaska Chris Hatfield of Sox prospects dot com whose domain in his. Whose domain it as as night. Of Sox prospects dot com is that a -- -- minor league system. Is overall good year for the Red Sox system bad you're either. I think Goodyear even though they graduated you know dinner -- in Jackie Bradley that farm system. You know China has the blue chip -- -- -- they came up and replaced those two guys. I'm -- I'm working officially graduated our expert you yet -- graduated the we kind of just take our discretionary side and guys graduate. Is number eight for -- entering -- RUS attack. Right okay so yes some people had graduated from didn't you know about it officially on the he's been great and into the global. -- you know that the tropical Portland guys we mentioned are all doing what we hope they do the guys to step back in although we -- just you. You know it's not necessarily guys you have super high hopes for I think there have been very few major. Disappointments. In terms of guys that -- actually have a long term plans and starting role or major rule. You know ball perhaps excepted but again he's got excuse that you can you can take it from got a young and -- rock. I think it's been a big year for them. Media haven't had the guys in spots where they needed them at the basic -- for -- initially -- -- used. Maybe an execution I think in ticket that's in the heat that's. NATO has a point difference and hasn't stepped up but that's not all our -- -- to -- response to that is supposed to provide the -- when things go wrong with them -- -- level it's supposed to. You know produce players who helped them into eighteen down the road and you know we barely talked about guys like you know without a little -- -- -- like we didn't get into the fact that. It Peter Otto has been making some strides in the pocket. You know Alan Webster has been up and down but he's been pretty good lately. You know we can -- carriage to -- -- hitting at least a little bit at them at the not AAA level. It and it is kind of the same question there's a lot of guys were doing some good things and it certainly hasn't taken it step back -- is a step back I just because that would art waited to be honest it's that much. I don't know why -- what do what do you think as far as that goes out. I would Alexander agree I don't know that it's been I think that most of most of -- critical blue chip talent has done what the Red Sox would have hoped that it could move would have hoped that it would have done and in ball. You know ball you probably don't make that assessment until when he fifteen if you're the -- are at least if you're the Red Sox now his industry value may have gone down as a potential trade chip. But that's probably find because they probably I'm looking to trade a guy one of the only guys in their system who has potential top of the rotation stuff so. And oh yeah from from that vantage point I do think it. You know the overall there's a pretty good chance that the overall industry value of their prospect pool has probably gone up this year which means Goodyear. Yeah yeah for the guys who were in there and then coming up what was a pretty good at least top of the traps for me. You know has pretty -- infusion of some guys -- -- starts seeing. It's always pretty good top of the draft though so who knows I'm I'm steered clear that -- check back on that a few years it always looks. Like you go to and I thought to the 2009 draft is going to be a better one to. Red Sox fans have any thing and I hitch its hopes for the future so. You know -- -- -- natural again that's for sure. Thanks to Chris had -- -- Sox prospects are com. Into Brian Johnson for during this week's show if you'd like to hear the complete interviews with both. -- WE yet dot com slash podcast as usual a big note of thanks to produce a -- day and -- yet to tele. And to all of you for listening to -- again next Sunday.

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