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Jun 22, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by John Tomase of the Boston Herald to talk about the merits of promoting Mookie Betts, while also discussing possible solutions when it comes to getting the Red Sox out of their season-long rut.

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-- -- -- -- Are sore things that interest in some of which might just. It's. Okay. Usually rob Bradford. Welcome to another there's the Browns coach cosponsored has always tried whose distinctive clothing people make you looked so darn good. And -- knowingly insurance they have more integrity than it anyone except for maybe our next guest -- to mossy. Boston Herald is joining us all the way from Oakland. But typically we would just be hitting the Mike back and forth but he's in Oakland and I'm not I will see him in Seattle. And -- Oakland. I action she unseasonably cool actually quite kind of sixty retire. Coach -- scorer on the other masters. Very -- just like October. It was very similar to October but back when they have that that Ted Lilly things on their back at night of marketing back to the old days of the the fabled Oakland a's Red Sox try to remember that that was that was. The -- thing on the back remember Ted Lilly LI LLY on the back of their their jackets. I don't actually. Remember that's still no -- I remember in the playoffs Derek crotch shot Miguel. Children so it's sad to see that this is things like that we really miss him -- didn't really come far too sterile but what -- we talk about today. You wrote a great calm today about monkey that's why the Red Sox will be calling up -- bats. It was a far better column in my car call -- exact same subject. By so short but I I do one days since we obviously mind. I wanna use out of the jumping off point -- the conversation which is how can the Red Sox fix themselves because I was writing I don't know if you felt the same way. You're writing about how the Red Sox should call up -- bats and then you start looking at everything that's wrong them. Here saying how well they can fix here fix here fix here that I tried to point out. This event that there's things set in stone on this team and there's only a few places I guess mostly in the outfield that you say. That's a fixable thing and that's where they were realistically. Actually do something I don't know if -- -- because -- Napoli Pedroia drew Bogart's Kaczynski to a certain degree I guess. But is that you. -- that are. Absolutely 100% and match and -- way I look at it again today yeah I have very similar system here is okay we know that process and not about to. Start DL material in to -- -- this year's team not happen. You'd say and what is it realistic way to make any real improvement. If you look and you step brought all this play you know Middle Eastern Ellen. But how much senate feel you know Jackie Bradley go what defense that great but they haven't really gotten to where you gossip that position he's hitting like 150. With nobody on base true to us whoever they should beat them. That's a spot these upgrades in and they're so simple solution -- extract one rookie in another European team yet smooth and that's just relatively good and it still you know -- -- -- school. Sweden but at this point you need to offensive spark and -- When you look at what he's done over the last year plus you know hitting about 350. -- leveled the minus numbers now projected a couple of COLT. Promoted you have just got. Few weeks ago I I think is an obvious simple solution and Q it happened. Yeah I came in. Elicited might be first short term solution you have obviously victory -- around the corner by UB he has -- -- the -- is we we know it is hitter missed the for the entire season this. I think he would say that. And so you got him coming back in your right about Bradley you're getting to a point now where in late June. Okay you had your chance. And yes he can play defense but would this lineup you cannot carry that sort of back right. Not an up and it's not just you know it's one thing Barrett guy like Pedroia struggled early in his career. The numbers aren't they are but the approach transparent and you could see OK this guy up. What -- can't Jackie Bradley -- you stand the way. To lead you to believe but it didn't work well it's turning a corner I'm not saying that she did you do it Sierra or he can't do -- being into the minors. What you get what he is right now. They're two weeks actually do believe -- know what he can get I haven't seen it. Now created in with a -- Bradley also visit Villa there they reverted to closing hide him but with pitchers who have. But I say above average fastball lets say 93 year batter. Then they're not gonna start him driving goes the to start starting hall hole a lot more in that position because it is not close to those pitches that. You know and you know I am or do you look at his numbers aren't high fastball up and not I don't know they changed it. Out of a week ago I think -- won yet. -- like a lakers' one church what I like bat. And that just tells you right there and when you make the argument even diplomats gardeners and you do -- -- minor -- track record was. Suspect he got on base -- you know he was the guy he can handle pitching well why isn't that. Carried over and you know there are people in the organization to a point out that. Well he didn't caliber stitched him caliber last all of my particularly and did you hear that to -- ticket to go like. Did this just something he's not. It's just usually not until Albert. Yeah you look at Ryan took the other night right Kurt comes in in and in every single pitch. Exactly what you're talking about letter high fast. Ball home home home home home but let's let's talk about bats for a little bit because. Probably either one vs sang him. And this is the be all and all this is gonna solve all their problems. But in my mind what it does is number one it probably gives you a guy with a better -- -- average number -- It -- and then also. He adds a dimension which it is I think under the radar they've been missing this year which is a little bit his speed they are not able to execute. Though playing the way that John probably like to play last year. Putting pressure on the defense they can't do that because they have actually no speed and his got to at least has a little bit. Tory -- strictly -- over the last year on base average. Still numbers I think dropped that you can't levels you know it may -- won't translate quite like that in the minors but he got somebody who can. Conclude a little pressure on the defense and he's been a little bit temporary station to station outs and that's a hard place to be when you're not going to get yeah. Yeah and -- if you everyone searching for the magical reason. Why they can't get runners in scoring position but doesn't help when you're going station to station we thought -- Detroit last year in the playoffs. That was the most station to station team in the history of baseball. Then and now we're looking at it -- Red Sox and it's not that bad -- still makes things so much more difficult. Yeah I'm just waiting to try to -- up potential -- belly -- I think I know who you would have as a candidate for that right. No no no -- my yeah. -- -- all that leads us okay so so we talked about the bad situation we talked about center field that's a part of the equation which you could you could fix it and we've we've said before first base second base shortstop third base. Dot that's dot. -- you're you're not fixing those do not switching those around with the may -- the exception of integrating Mel Brooks when he comes back maybe a little bit. -- Bogart's keep struggling. But in -- serves a purpose against lefties hit a lefty pitchers novice coming on the cover is actually become a positive Victorino coming back. Are missing golf course Brock COLT the guy who invented baseball he's he's there and and in doing in being Brock -- And in the catching situation I think that we've reached the point and I know this is this is something that you already written about them and maybe because he guarded by you wanna talk about to just give me the high sign if you want me to go on his friend. But. What we can -- huge -- left the Guardado I would what I would say is that. There's been this is we've reached late June and so it's not about experiments it's not about what may -- this could work either it's working or it's not working. And the thing is -- AJ Pierzynski. Is that your carrying him because of his bat. Here at the potential of his back in this lineup the problem is is that his OPS I think is around 660. And so that I guess that's a testament to how bad this lineup is because. You're carrying a guy on this team you're saying that's our catcher and he's here not because he's a good catcher but because. His bat and -- a success DO PS. Yeah I try to respond to note the -- what is -- -- are great because right now. Unfortunately you know -- back up catchers probably as big problem as they chase and ostensibly to -- Today Owens -- I don't care what. I Rusch is just always a couple of days ago so that you know it's Versteeg hit a lot but. Not big. AJ and then the other -- -- all the problem they have a chance at the moment put AJ and I am a little did I would have no no no. You're right you're right and that's why he did that's why I don't think -- a conversation starter now unless they get the right deal -- something's gonna happen. But whip but we're we're looking to say okay you have to keep moving on we have to keep evolving as a roster. You're you're permit the case the Red Sox would make which is this doesn't really unique got back. Even though we have a 660 -- because there isn't a logical solution I guess what Blake's Blake swatch card would be but he's just too far down right now. Yeah yeah and that no one saying that says he gives you the ability to occasionally erupt into what now. You know he seems to have developed a warning track our notebook out and buy a lot of knowledge that I you know -- -- -- and valued. That's the one thing you do at least -- to do much and you look up in the slot how many guys right now are we the parks. Al -- Napoli a Jay. About it Bonecardi go to this post to be that guy but you're really happy. All he's he's he's just lefties are right handed hitting specialist right but he serves a purpose on the steamed it's like you did last year but the problem is is that what you -- have a lead on a more this year and -- you'd talk you write the home runs I think Ortiz has eighteen. The next an ugly seven point -- Admitted halfway down. Back Rick and Matt and Matt you know especially -- and not. -- -- -- rallies need to at least be able to relax and. So how do you salvage things and we we -- tomorrow. Moving bets involving either one of us are saying this is going to be to be on -- and your run because. If there's something like that was the case that -- -- Brock -- but that's exactly what he did. Dad yeah that street and old probably not been and you say well what -- -- brought Colts just that would be. Obviously -- great when you asked about I don't know that you do to be not to do now I think. The bash big makes sense to me because it's a way to internally and prop without. Hurting your chances in the future -- -- big. The bigger question is when you pull up you know when do you decide the -- Dhabi you haven't built like. It. Go -- division that will keep June hanging around -- and probably direct B -- you -- just say -- about the American League in general so. If you wanna just around they can keep -- like Colin and they -- wallet -- to say -- only -- step back a while. I think the bigger question Red Sox observers. How long do you let this go -- and at what point you make it about you know nobody wants to hear that I think that question mission react well. They've put that's a dangerous thing in in use cited a stat awhile ago having on Twitter about top other than that seven game win streak and then 1212 games in a row and now they have that three game win streak -- you scored five runs -- that three game win streak in. And really -- I've said this threats -- people even that seven game win streak. You played by two teams were playing crappy but beat the Braves in the race they played just awful baseball. So I can bring it back to Europe Greg. The Braves clearly didn't catch it because it -- is with what -- were much stupid and it didn't. How much and the interject Bradley breaking ball like -- never -- technically at that spot and commit -- the same thing Sizemore Mario. We had decent series against Atlanta. You know it showed like the public on the team took a nap today and. And you get to this point with -- that in mind the -- that seven game win -- no idea that three game win streak. And other than that you have -- gone any kind of awry and you're absolutely right you reach a point where you just have to say wall but this isn't happening. And for whatever reason and we can talk about that so we can talk about hole and everything else I I guess I'll answer the question that we brought up at the beginning. How you salvage this. I guess the only way you possibly could -- if if you get what I keep -- foundation guys if they just go on a tear but right now. It will work again we're at the end of June and nobody is gone on -- there rarely. But he's the Bogart the Pedroia is the the B Ortiz is you know to -- dream victory he knows the nepalese. Those are the guys -- that you make -- break who -- -- right now it's breaking. Exactly and that's why I say you know. Go go crazy trying to try and catch being from outside you know cute and someone Turkey. The guy you considered I'm prospect element in -- wire. You don't do any thing. You know just to try to stay don't do anything -- try to save this game and we get up and -- and style anyway. I think you're more likely to do out a guy like that and then hope that guy so track records start living up to that. At this sport we haven't seen any they really just -- well Pedroia in particular really didn't and not during a match obviously surprised. I -- you going to be -- broken. Dot com all star. Or that. Yeah -- foundation guys don't do it than your not not mr. blouse. Question is is regardless of the starting rotation which I think we agree probably. Along the lines were retired about Pierzynski and not being the primary problem it's like it is the conversation. It's more of more of a debate which isn't it was a lot of this team is no even there's no debate is just. Either you stink you dol. But what the Red Sox rotation would dollar Rose so with a Workman and then Bockwoldt and abroad coming back I I think it is coming contrasting. What in your mind what -- they do. Yeah -- -- you'd enclave buck calls back in different -- in addition because he is a joke Sharks followed -- You know I'll what is kinda games potential candidates are playing work to Baylor up. We're excited basically about our regional you know -- -- at the track record being an all star being a Cy Young candidate. East -- -- -- -- think that I doctor today and now he's worked on the leg chicken guarding her over rotation which you know not as pitchers we exceed that. Albeit. -- I mean at third base and or. Iraq but. Called back and irritation because he is your best back there have been dominating are more and more than the two young guys. Bad night they really give a lot of preparation to be they brought out the night story and -- and April. Sort of like site martz. Run a course a little bit faster than you can move they brought to irritation simple that you. And I keep work over there are so right now I just read -- sort of like. Missed this away and work attack took -- hitter back big. Lend itself to a greater likelihood that a succession even though Derek bell had better stop -- -- Baylor so I guess we got out. Not really rambling never question -- And I agree debacle I think our party irritation and you forget all think about trading you know without another one. To a nationally -- come July yeah. -- I agree with everything you said im not little first off PBS to start pitching better a little bit better before. Before Jimmy give Nadal the big ones sell low on peavy if they are gonna trade him. Tom and I agree with everything you said it -- and the other thing is that everyone wants to movies got -- the bullpen every there was Sheraton Ferraro said this but. The TV EDS can't won't discuss the bullpen. -- that's not the flip flip of -- switch because you're actually might need them if someone gets hurt and we commend the drop back on them then all of a sudden you're screwed. Yeah now actually I think that's actually not you know taking -- long term. I didn't -- short short term because ought jar you know you got. So -- got an irritation streaky and keep -- LU -- -- tremendously but you have some guys -- coach you don't know what you're gonna get that a year. Be very real potential and -- and there are issues important month. You know regardless of what -- probably cut back so I think you'll be shortsighted straight to work. -- did you karaoke at all in Oakland. I know we battery were -- to carry here I just know he got. I'm a little more old you are it was good to beat. Well it's weird that you were when it happens where you Wear spikes on your shoulder pads in the press box -- -- -- Joseph Biden all. Like my great call it like my. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are looking -- a movement and cut it out eight track is it's good it's -- -- -- -- Jean jacket of all the trips. Yeah knows perfect yet -- light aircraft from the all right thanks for joining -- to get a teacher about it. -- jumper and I wanna I wanna serve and strike cool if the -- seal that. Won't.

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