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SoccerCast - World Cup USA vs Portugal Recap 6-22-14

Jun 22, 2014|

It was a tough decision considering how the game ended. Russ and Ben talk about the positives and negatives that can be taken out of the game. Plus an early preview of USA vs Germany.

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Welcome into another edition of WUS soccer cast as always I'm your postman get along. Will be on the phone is. As always Michael post Russ Goldman -- how are you. And better than. And did pretty badly and I'm sure we're gonna talk about. It was a very interesting two hours and we're gonna go through the entire thing. And it's gonna take just four hours to go through two hours -- known despite that we'll get through this relatively quickly here. And let's just start -- at the end of while all that was unbelievably deflating I don't know if I've ever seen -- have been that deflated after it. It's tough but you know I wish Sharon would you'll opt -- -- Portugal when you've followed him like all football abusing your share of natural flight despite. But unmatched. So much on the line and you're so close to like getting -- reports -- -- -- broke. Yes it's extremely -- That was very hard to watch. And there but you know what like like we've said before. We went into this expecting a tie at least I did brush you're kind of expect on the same lines I don't think you. Have them necessarily winning this game but we both said if you get a -- -- of this game. Daniel looking pretty good and they are still looking pretty good. However. Just the way that that happened hurts so bad and you know that hurts them playing that full game and giving full effort in that incredible humidity and where they played. It's just a hard way to finishing games that you should have won. They should of -- they were actually the better side than. You know all we can go to the stats say -- I jotted down the steps that even if you look at the stats for all pretty even including possession. US what the better side today and if you're looking big picture band and and part of this for me was looking big picture. The gap between the best. The -- countries in the world. The US has closed the gap I think adults and they deposit to come out of this all of a gut wrenching ending I can look out of positive and say you know what. If we can do this with Portugal. Maybe I'm wrong about Germany maybe we can get a point. -- -- is predetermined because they needed just as badly as we do. Maybe maybe we can stick a point against Germany now where we're before our our I was completely against it. And they showed me something today. They showed a lot today and -- what's go rights of the beginning of the match there did that. As slow start to match and -- within five minutes you have a terrible. Terrible attempted clearance by Geoff Cameron and lens right it not mean he can take his time and put it exactly where it wants to put right over Howard's head. It was a terrible way to start the match and you know it for about fifteen minutes after that so about the twentieth minute. Portugal was dominating them and making them look really bad. And I was thinking oh crap were infer really long night here. And then everything changed then. Up to like you said those twenty minutes after the after the US settled down and pretty much got over the goal. They started to wanted to get a -- into the match and -- was very encouraging after that point. Because they had several opportunities to possibly. Equalized in the first out. End up for me it was more about the the effort -- you know again I can go back to -- years past in the World Cup. And feel that the US were outclassed. And then I didn't feel about where watch in this match -- this -- Portugal we know that that Portugal may be a little bit overrated. But you're still plan to talk ten -- they're ranked fourth in the world. With arguably the greatest player in the world playing today on that spot. Right and if he's not to criticize -- yeah. Dead at the very end of the match by the way and so did not see as well it's one of the best players in the world. Show what they're all part of the very end of matches and it really is really hurts the last spot. But again to hand with this team and actually look like the better side again. I'm until it's horrible part of his feel awful about how all of it ended. But the launch I'm trying to think about this and think about that the US relief come along -- -- that I really thought. In you know I -- coming into this war cop I was hoping for four point outlets and didn't stick in the you know again I actually predicted for the match. You know I actually what what the hell -- -- don't -- for 21 victory -- it was looking really good for for up to the final minute of the match. But I would you know like -- in my. In my head I was saying to drop would be great going into the match might have would say to draw my heart was into one. With the US victory and you know I can't I can't get out how they played in this match and -- again and again we can get past. The the brutal ending but I guess I've always been a big picture guy and I just see all the positives that would take out of it. And there's a lot of positives the biggest of which is that Dempsey can do it alone upfront apps -- And then you might rather was much better this game he was. Doing almost everything right where his last game he couldn't do anything right. And who's putting the ball where it needs to be outside of really one run where he is this is about the thirtieth minute or so before they took that. -- hilarious water break. He had -- easily on his left Dempsey on his right -- had two guys -- I'm forgetting exactly who was needed to guys in the outside of them it's a five on 25 on three run. And he just dumps off a bad pass to Dempsey behind amendment played. Breaks down and then all of a sudden Portugal's countering again. And end at that moment it was still one nothing Portugal and I'm just thought man this is going to be bad this is going to be bad they can't. That they're getting ahead of themselves trying too hard and they settled down so well. And they were the best team for sixty minutes of that match. There's a lot of other great things you can take away from that Jermaine Jones performance was spectacular. Until we collapse on the field at the end of the Yemen had nothing left. That Ian Johnson we finally really got to see him what he's really all about and who he is a special special player. You know what was really really great about that in Johnson's performance overall again. At the very the very end of the match again where. -- they got the equalizer until it's Cuomo was just saying that all about -- Johnson was was ball watching on the on the equalizer and that that's unfortunate very in the match. But if you're working. Overall his play. But you know again it was such a combination of Michael DNC get in the ball. Michael -- Michael Bradley in the ball to Clint Dempsey and also getting involved that in Johnson the three of them really working well together. Could step in Johnson was very dangerous. And and that's issued positive to take out of this movement forward if they can get him playing like. And Clint Dempsey plan might. -- -- beyond that he quit and to get the job the go ahead goal that was great but he was a little quiet. In the second half. Are putting me in the first half a few he was incredible the I -- people -- not I thought he had a better first up and it did the second half you know we've scored. The go ahead goal but I thought that the play the three of them played together. All -- was what's crucial in this performance. There are spectacular and the addition of -- -- off the bench which you and I had. Thought it was a curious decision to include him in the squad and Klinsmann knows more than -- sort out while while. That's a dangerous player on the outside of those two guys that can get back and defend and both push the ball out. I think -- might see more of that against Germany. Now listen I completely agree with you and you know I heard or Taylor Twellman senate that he thought you know again you got this right but they're gonna bring and -- like it -- -- gonna do that. And again it was a stroke of -- use -- term genius but I think it was. Four for Clinton to bring him and it worked out great they really did and like and so we might feel a little bit more and now now that we've seen how about how that works and off. I don't know the thickness. Of follow up Jozy Altidore moving forward. Plot I think I'm comfortable with Clint Dempsey up front then. I am absolutely very comfortable with him solo up front I was wondering how those gonna work out -- them and I knew. That if he's gonna be by himself up their Bradley has have a special game and for the most part he did. And worked out well for Dempsey and we're double for Jones very well for Jones. Let's go back to that goal for a second of Jones. That was -- completely in my eyes and X unexpected blast from him I did not see that coming in when it went in -- -- That's -- side of the net there's no it really that winning and. That was a special goal. Then and what eighty I'm telling you wish I thought he played a great game. And I thought he deserved to score tackle as he worked his socks off and -- score that goal everything -- point. You know what. Portugal started. To -- forced to play after that. But I still felt that the US were still gonna have a couple of opportunities. To possibly win this match and they and they did and you know again and but Jermaine jones' go about that was special golf. After that goal. You thought the US might sit back and be resigned to 11 draw and say you know what they've been playing better than us for the first half of the first half we've been playing better sense. But just make sure we controlled this game but they stayed aggressive. And not too long later there. Paper aggression which yet -- five people up against three or four again. Some good crisp passing and no luck of the bounce and it works out perfectly for you and then you get a goal right -- a -- chest. Everyone was right where they needed to be. They're playing excellent soccer and and watching them up to that point you're thinking. -- -- I underestimated this team this is actually seriously dangerous team no matter who they're playing not just against some of those lesser tier talent or that. You know the court to that mid level Portugal Belgium talent. And you thought -- got to get crushed against the big dogs in Brazil Argentina Germany don't -- them. But -- this looks like a team now that can compete. On the level. Obviously -- those major teams the portals and Belgium's like we mentioned but. They got to give a little bit of hope coming against the big dogs such as Germany next. It gives me hope and I would also Disney World is watching Germany played against -- -- gives me hope. I'm talking about the way that they played announced that thicket of -- can can really. Can really take it to Germany a little bit and really at times -- particularly -- them. Well why can't the US and we're Germany and possibly -- -- point and now I -- you know again. Going into this then we talked about as we talked about -- -- optional. They're not gonna get anything from Germany and gosh I'm sorry call me a flip -- -- call me on the whatever you want I think they cannot get a point. I don't think it's crazy to think that they can get a point. Well you can certainly flip -- more and more evidence is presented to you -- I wouldn't consider that a flip -- that's just using the evidence that's given to you and in this case they've given you more evidence to think that this is. A semi legit team. I think it is you know it's funny look at some of the other cases that are already knocked out to strict about that. -- knocked out New England knocked out you know the US. Our one natural weight problem from going in there and non got -- wanted to OpenId one point away one point away and you know what they might not need another point but but again I'd rather than get something from the -- announced. To could be yet to be in this is that there's all kinds of scenarios Robert -- about this. But you know what they've put themselves in position. To -- you know to move on and that's -- again. We didn't call this group -- we call the other group to group adopt but this group was going to be extremely top. And and if you -- before the -- -- -- has started that the US would help or points. Coming out the first two matches -- I would -- that's right and they are probably gonna go through you know and that's why I still feel that they're going to go from some -- I I think they will go author and here's what I think will happen. I think they will lose to Germany. And there will maintain their four points. And I think Portugal will be -- And on goal differential there don't throw. So I. There's obviously a couple scenarios here we'll go into those little bit further. But back to the game itself and moving through the games so they've gotten the go ahead goal everything looks great everyone's on their feet ready to go. Is and I just told them they look like they can easily do it they can easily do just hold -- got this when in your advancing in your flying high. And then Devlin has the ball and he does the exact right thing was that he takes and deep corner. Dances around it shields them from getting it they finally get it back. And right before the -- seeds. The throw and -- and yelling at them to get back get back get back. And what are you see you find once the ball's thrown back Kim and EC three players US players trying to trap. Portugal. And I'm sitting there thinking what the -- lead -- you wanna use got to get back to have you can -- enough and kill a little bit of time. Three of view if he gets the ball through you which it's not that difficult to do if he gets the ball through you. Then now they've got a big advantage and they they did have a big events that got the ball to her and although restrict the streaked down the right side of the field put a beautiful cross and -- finish it off. It was frustrating I didn't understand why three guys would try and trap the ball on the corner. To kill time when you know you need to get back and you're vulnerable look on the counter look at what you had in the back line you had people that we're very nicked up these are nicked up. Beasley nicked up you have these guys that. Work at the top of their. Fitness at that moment. I thought it was a bad play. By the front of the US team. I was one allows ski and yet -- just fine with the two of them there that made sense but whoever was that third one might have been Jones get your ass back. You know what. And in any sport. You know again all of uncle uncle throw of the Bill Belichick -- you do you know. Get the F back because again this is situation where you just need to get back this quickly you can and then. And the -- the ball went Varnado and telling your I think I lost my breath because. And I knew the minute he got the ball it was gonna end up in the draw I I don't know why I I again. He has done I mean you've been quite the majority of the match. And he has -- one minute of brilliance and not politics once second Bruins. Are perfect and I'm talking about ten point out. And they get the equalizer and you know it is just it sucked the white body it really get after all that good that they did. We have to go back and think about the the sucker punch the very end. And that's that's what hurts you know again that's what hurts about all this because they were so close. There are so close to going through to getting an incredible win for for US soccer history. This would've been a moment this sort of been. Bigger than beating Portugal in 2002. This would've been better. Now let's go back to move that wasn't made. Brooks in for -- that are. Right. Now that move came back to haunt you in two ways one -- there was not fit at the end of that game we just talked about that right -- Brooks. -- -- Rain G defender. Much harder to cross on that. Now again hindsight Tony Tony obviously nine I know that but. If you respective it's it's a more difficult place for them. I didn't know why Amy seem like it's easier for him to defend the goal in the some plastic that he is taller and can jumping get up for had a -- obviously seen that. I'm not saying that Brooks is his magical player now all of a sudden because he got that great goal against Ghana. But. From a strategic standpoint you got a fresh fresh legs can get up there and jump and -- is tall range defender. Should have been out there. So very very interest it takes. You know again like he -- hindsight you know I mean think about that if you result that maybe things would have been a little bit different it's actually an interesting out point there and. Of course you always have interest in -- this. But let's talk about the scenarios now let's move forward we got the result that. That we did want I mean obviously we wanted to win at that point we're thinking win -- does is amazing they're gonna advance but we got the result we needed which is a point release took away a point from Matt. We set ourselves aside we're tied up top with Germany great. But what's next. You've got to Germany on Thursday. Both teams need something to advance. Unless there's a tie in Ghana Portugal. If there's a tying got to Portugal both USA and Germany advanced no matter who wins right. So. The road isn't that difficult. Now if Portugal wins and beats Ghana. And you lose to Germany you gotta make sure you lose by less than three. Right now can't it can't be bought out by Germany. So. I mean that's basically all you want right now don't get blown up or Germany so that in looking at it in that you is not that bad. No no it's funny again right after the match not thinking about the different scenarios. But I go back to to what we talked about before and we thought. If they have four points coming out of this week and then that they they would never really good chance of getting through they still do. Based -- to most of the scenarios are in their favor. But you know want. I still want to get something out of that match I think it's important to get something out of that match after the way descended. I think if they get something out of Germany match you might be of the build some momentum going into the knocked around. Think about it think about you know again we're talking about how the -- in this was. What they need indicate -- What happened and try to turn around take Kate not that energy that negative energy. And try to use it to get a result here because. Because if they got something from that Germany matchup for them but they've got a point. One they're going through which is. Which is very important. Potential momentum and very very interesting thing because. Might that might help you forget. All this. Others Portugal match ended because that you would get a sick about this. Getting a point from Germany and Portugal and freed from Ghana which -- thought that. Think about that. And that's actually something that could potentially happen. You know and that's why I think I think four for confidence it. I think that they're getting a point could be massive forget about the victory. Let let's get a point I know and no outs in America I'm not supposed to -- outlying. But I think you know appoint in this situation. Would be like a victory. Yes yes absolutely you know make you feel good going up to the next round which would put you against Belgium. Which is we talked about Belgium a lot I've kind of downplay them a little bit I think the goal whole notion of the golden generation was so -- Now that I see some of the big dogs being knocked off I'm starting to believe a little bit more and more. Not a great squad though I really don't think that's a great squad but. In this tournament the way things have been shaping up they look to be very dangerous team now. They do they do and and I've I've watched them play and and argued you know I've been chipped in in Belgium. Art because of how much talent that and asserted is special player you saw that today yup he really isn't special player. And they. They have players second finish there -- goal keeper and then how they have a good defensive put out all. Everything that you need Belgium outs. But are they -- their team and I don't know they play together as a team that -- might need to dump on the this is about talent they need to become a team that's why -- the US complaint like they did tonight. They would have a chance against him might eligible board jump away it. We're jumping way ahead. And -- jump back. Back to USA Germany. The games we played at noon on Thursday both games will be played at noon. So there is no way of knowing before you go into your game whether or not you automatically are advancing just because of the results of the other game. Which is you know great obviously to make for more compelling theater. Now. Let's operate -- the premise that -- is still not healthy. Are you still running out that same line -- war are you making some tweaks and if you are making some tweaks what are those two weeks. -- -- Boy this is a tough one because. Because again I could see I could see Klinsmann going a different direction but you know what this lineup war I'd say you go all. With the same exact one you go with density upfront by himself. Give slut in midfield like. What they what they did today. And and you take your chances that one you know again. You might wanna consider me making a change in the back form. You know again maybe he's OK go and you. And you might be forced to play play Brooks. I'm not sure about demarcus Beasley too I mean the market obviously you know again what the world you know. Maybe it was just does succeed at the end. I don't know I mean do you make any massive changes with the with a back or probably not maybe -- -- would be. Forward for fitness reasons with -- with these sort of -- if you're asking me why not go with the same lineup start of the match. I think I agree with you I think you do go with the same -- Easily. Is far more effective as a player when he is playing when he's bringing the ball up the -- he can create. So I think it was just you know he took. It looked like he took a legit shot at his ankle so look at -- -- have been bothering him at the end but either way you're asking demarcus Beasley to keep up and and trying to defend one on one against. Cristiano Ronaldo I mean that's unfair. By. I just think that you bring the same similar. Provided that -- is not helping now here's the next question if Joe's he's healthy do you play him. Absolutely -- you play. But he let him know hold on -- even though knowing that you there's in extreme circumstance here with the way they that would. The steps to get to eliminate their extreme. Right you still plan. He's still playing because again. I think Jozy Altidore gives you the best chance to win and and I'm being serious here because I think Klinsmann wants to play. Which can be and beyond that target. And then second set everything -- nothing against tucked into play attempted -- did a tremendous job and Michael Bradley is in a while Michael Bradley to be more creative. Because because they couldn't depend on someone holding up the ball they had to play a little bit differently but it allowed them to get the ball out wide. Just took Abby Johnson and it worked out great. But if you're asking me -- probably wants to play with a target nit -- which owes it to play that. To play it up for -- one. It all I can tell you I think -- -- and on and I have a feeling that. That might work well against Germany and and I I think our. -- -- -- access to an article that actually show that that's actually hard Germany has been playing DUB playing. What basically played dock how they apply. You be -- -- that's that's that's part of my reasoning with it help whatever it is that you complained their system against them. Absolutely and -- needs if he is. Healthy he needs to get going so get -- -- third I don't know exactly where the game is being played and what the weather conditions obviously are because I don't know where it against it. So if it's a hot humid day I if he's older non IC can't claim it all depends on the weather. Because if it's a really humid day that's a really good chance that he could speak out again and be done to -- World Cup period so. Depending on what the situation is weather wise. Hold off judgment until -- game but I don't know I don't know if you necessarily need Joseph Zeev regardless. In this game knowing that again the extreme circumstances that would have to occur to get you eliminated from the tournament altogether. You play it safe in your place you go over the line up that we saw today. Even if Tuesday's opening up -- Oregon not simply Dempsey one Delaski Johanneson all of the same time. Just to say you know what screw you Germany while we're gonna do whatever the hell we want -- -- here's something else and I'm totally joking about that last. I arguably here's something that you have to consider that a factor at all that. -- -- During the Clinton isn't doctrinal. You know think about that yeah don't you think they Jordan Clinton would love. To get a result from Germany don't you think that he would love. To figure out a way to beat Germany. So tell me that would -- part of his thinking going into and I hurt you know. I heard him after the match in and he's sound like someone that was. Was not looking for a draw he looked like he was looking for looking to be determined little. He felt this low against Germany has disabled cinnamon we did real deflated saying -- -- -- and I didn't see the post match comment. All the other post match comments again was basically. Bandits. It's kind of like you know after this deflation. It was more like -- we need to get a victory against her I believe he's that we need to get a victory against Germany. And and I think part of that is the motivation moving forward like. Like I was talking with you to get them in the right mindset going for victory I think is important. But I think that there's also a special little thing in this for Clinton. And not I'm telling you I think it would get much satisfaction. And being is his country -- in Germany -- you know again he is German is a German hero but tell me that. That he would get some extra satisfaction be in Germany. I think he absolutely would especially after the last World Cup -- form. He definitely would. OK so so again. I don't see Clinton said in a ball. Or draw I think he might wanna go for the win. You know again I could I can be crazy on this because. Because evidence says you should play -- for the draw. Blood on got a funny feeling that Clinton's gonna go go for the three points. Good I liked but I like where your heads that -- if you're that is aligned with the clintons and I like where it's well. Hopefully new York and our our percentage I think you guys are you looked very similar to really I'm really creepy. All that's that's that I would not -- adjusted to -- and meet my entered and I was in. I looked nothing like him and to be honest -- and I'll just say this. Spanoulis into the part of does have a similar look like my kids call me Peyton Manning had because I got a huge -- -- the ago. And they have huge. -- have a -- next to me who has a tiny heads does look I mean I mean in your next to each other really does bolster it does. Does it looks like the elephant man Nixon OK -- you -- -- be open man. Well that includes another dissident. Thought. -- well. We will wrap this up right now what we're just -- need to work so. We know what we wanna see now we want obviously see them beat Germany. And advance as the number one team out of this group so they don't have to place face Belgium and though get a much weaker opponent so. That is one plus if you do get to beat Germany. But you'd you don't need to win I do not we need to win this game in fact you don't even really need to draw. Just need to keep a close don't want to have the attitude going into this you know you don't but I I'm just saying you as a fan looking at this. That's what needs to happen now if I'm playing. I don't know I wanna win I wanna -- I come here to win that's it that's that I want to win. So obviously he's gonna tell them something different to what I'm telling you the things. Now this show I mean I mean he's listened. He's got a job on -- -- you know after that type of and into the match yet to get their morale up it's you know again. It's not going to be easy after that -- but again you know I I I keep going back to this when I think about this. He can he can look them straight in the face and say you know what. It's a -- to draw to Portugal then doubled four in the world and do you pushed into the Mexican should've won this match. You can play with anyone -- -- Portugal -- you play it would Germany wanted to play it would Brazil. Why can't you play with any other. Country right now again. Again on paper they're nowhere near some of these countries that teams split on the field but that but the game that's played on the -- actually -- took advantage. Well you know it see here's the thing and let's just have this -- little conversation vote for the benefit of the listener. Is that. When people give me crap when I use words like tie and fields that's fine. But here's the thing. We call it soccer right they call -- football why would nine use American terminology. They call an elevator lifts. I'm sorry but I just don't use everywhere that they used were playing soccer here in America again you called football we call it soccer all played on the field do you Wear -- Jersey. You have a uniform on. Tell me when I've gone too far. I don't what Iran now yeah I'm sorry but -- I'm sorry but you know it. That does bring us to this. To conclusion. Of this edition of WBI's soccer cast enjoyed that runs. While. -- -- Thank you guys are listening to another edition of WBI's soccer cast as always I'm your host Ben -- you can find me on Twitter at young Ben WEEI -- -- -- you can find him on Twitter -- Ross underscore Goldman or. Check out one of his other great podcasts will there be fourth in two or carnage awkward talks all about Fulham football. And the misery that that is. Expense firfer bring me back to form a Mexico wrote it.

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