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David Ross with Joe & Dave after the win in Oakland

Jun 22, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to David Ross, who hit a homer in the wild sweep-avoiding win against the A's.

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David what are script this one I had this or that -- Elijah they have that largely get away. And -- wins it with a home run. Yeah you know it's nice it's if they had never. It never comes easy when you're playing good teams in we let them when I get away from a split thank goodness it is for for David and and that last home run. David a good day for the Red Sox office yourself included with a couple hits and a home run. Did it feel that way early on we were able to swing the bats early -- getting two quick runs really had to help Lester to. Yeah I mean it's always you know we've been -- and tight ball games or or. We're down here lately and that's tough when you're pitching staff when you can be aggressive when he left the guys. You know make mistakes of the middle of the plate and be aggressive you use it pays off a little a little more here to do that when you get the lead just ninety Philly we did the same thing to this guy. That are placed there to jump out to a lead on him and have some good at bats you have two home runs off in my Jonny Gomes has been very successful. Against him into the match -- -- to be pretty favorable. Yeah I mean -- mean maybe sometimes you have some guys that the juicy little and others but. As a team on this happy with the at bats we had Mike Napoli with a with a great game I think his. Is up a homer when he starts doing that you know you can you can expect some good things to come. Well when you think about it -- having to sweep here would have been you know obviously the -- -- -- really really well what are hurt but you gotta win a game like this when you take a 621 lead. And you've got Koji on the mound and he goes against two home runs -- you were shocked as everybody else that happened. -- you know it's one of those things you don't you think you're not expected to win when that stuff happens you know it tonight. It was a little frustrating you know the you know utilities but he's been proven invincible here lately in and and for the last year and a half two years and when he did give up homers kind of dumbfounded by. You know those are the kind of losses that they can can ruin your season and and for us to fight back was -- was huge -- -- what goes on -- located fastballs yet one was split finger he told. Middle and and and same thing with they -- pulled them and Jae -- for that so. I'm glad we were able to pick him up you know -- guy's done such a good job for us for a for awhile now and you know when he has won when cheek in his armor one day it's nice to come back and let him know hey we with the you know David so we got Jim and I did a good job of picking him up. For once floats on the Seattle David thanks so much great job today the one more thing before Belichick go wire catchers getting hit so much of back swings lately who's on the -- -- I don't I don't have any scientific. Proof on that I think you see some guys get hit more than others the closer -- are to the hitter you know some guys. We wanna steal strikes you get as close as you can today to the hitter and and that may be some of the case have seen some guys kind of get. Get -- more than other so it's it's a fine line of you gotta be as close as you can without. You know I -- yourself. And the actually got to kind of recognize who has bigger backswing David Ortiz has a great one you know use -- is the Jonathan Herrera doesn't have that big -- -- think that ball cut in on me many in the temple with hands and in. It's just kind of one of those things happen we'll stay out of harm's way and how tough track out because -- away from from getting don't think that it got to go on.

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