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Butch and Buck discuss the big decisions on the horizon for the Celtics and the future of Rajon Rondo 6-22-14

Jun 22, 2014|

The boys get into the Celtics with the draft only a few days away. What does Danny do? Trade the picks for a veteran or go young? Also, Butch is interested in if the C's will pick up Embiid if he's available at #6 despite the injury. When it's all said and done after the draft, we'll probably have a better idea of the future for Rondo. Butch and Buck debate if he is a leader. The Red Sox are still in the mix here too.

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Rumors and trying to score wrong -- Scared. Pretty good slider -- curve ball in the house trying to read the ball in the dirt and get a good job at Ford via many. Gotta keep Mickey Vernon I mean obviously we're you know I think -- trying to origami hat sometimes together. -- could sense of the game company on in that they have bats and in big situations. Sometimes and make pitches on him but sometimes -- -- -- -- here you're looking further. That -- best location and and and so just relaxing and then putting good that's good at bats together. I would argue that that explanation by Dustin Pedroia is the definition of pressing. Talking about pitchers and by the way your Pedroia is comments about the run that the Red Sox scored. That he realized that someone so was on the mound but there's like 180 average against. Right handed hitters that it was a wild pitch in front of the plate that you normally don't go one. But that did he know that's a desperate to score around right now and is close plays it was the -- -- one nothing game with a team it's not producing runs. Is fifteen runs over the last eight games that was a chance you have to because you might be reacted when he scored that yes. -- my goodness that's a game winning touchdown yeah yeah. Dexter says how to be -- win guys they have hitters who hit above their weight -- The -- heavy plus 136. In run differential in the major leagues and put that in perspective. No one's even close to scoring 383 runs but they've scored a ticket back to Colorado Rockies scored 3% to. The closest team with a run differential to the days. And at 136. Is a -- scored giants at 46 in other words 75 games into the season the Oakland a's having ninety plus. Run differential compared anybody else in baseball. -- they win baseball games don't give a bronze in the scored -- runs. Release -- I always think you know it's it's -- -- this smiling at the jury's reaction that -- it was like it was like the college World Series. In a smile on your face and talk to frank Gloucester I brag. A lot of part of my number one odd number of guard fidelity -- butch earned a number tool time bullet that. Now every time the reason why aren't sure how I should be done on somebody usual bubbly I go to baseball. It -- -- -- -- ball but it ball and it you guys on day. We don't -- dad frank and he got it all. You -- calling it WEE I know -- to. Actually my doctor -- in my government all bored I'll watch Tony Clark I -- -- -- the red field agent it's doubtful -- walked away. And a re delighted because like she is still getting guys out additional -- He had -- it. Everything below the -- -- not among the timeline right page not the leopard but. Of course they think. Example want -- -- bought it three. And -- -- -- what gets -- all of these like Friday's other ballot bowl but that's October to debated and being accused. Out of the money. -- credit quality idiots ought. Epic about frank I'm trying to hang on hang off frank I'm trying to figure out just exactly what it is it's got you fired -- -- -- that. Carlos filtering came back and hit a walk off is it. -- did -- -- knock guys gonna start the all star game what is. I'd I'd -- -- -- require all public don't -- I don't blame the talk it's. For example applause and want to run it right now the manager that you got all the Yankees went and and that we -- -- bound in book is that. -- -- your problem or -- you but -- -- one time and I put it up on one debate bought it it might be Indonesia. But double date to IP that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama on opening day games I don't know why you upload or looking at a government -- aren't aware of that -- -- -- -- I'm out on the paper that's out today. Department already -- in all I'm blessed with the update good. -- -- out of organic act surely GA quality Yankee game we can't and that game. Red Sox -- talk about right now. You -- army Epstein. And Larry -- you want them they'll use fraud first pitch at a at a Fenway Red Sox yankees game. What I am about my iPod and I and number on how we drank pop. We pitch for this. The final series in the years at Fenway this year Derek Jeter is gonna have his last at bat. You kick off that final game we thrown out African knew where Jeter's number two Jersey. It. Rules you weaken the will talk Germany caps and I'm not a random Larry the -- buckle write a column like that and I've got. I'm trying to work up the beat number two number one shot. A I let's go to Stephen's -- river belt by the ladies' home opener. That's undoubtedly right -- up Steve. -- porch. I don't. -- it felt good. Giant felt that the Red Sox throughout our and he may have made up -- I remember about a month but all the result of the spotted loading up -- run well there -- leading global. And when we're kind of like wild while. I think it would how to pitch -- ninety Richard you know you Cole all say yeah hypocrite static. If we can get -- -- to -- be a little bit but after that at the a little -- starting the -- and Pedroia coming up to someone around big numbers and the other guy opened up some up and number I think we can't it's gonna come up the ball. Or promote a -- Bradley to back to what level what it back now I feel like this -- going to come up a little bit. I attribute talking -- -- -- -- medical black hole and literally thought it was all option. Could -- jump Trout seeing it probably won't play he yeah. Brought all your cohorts -- -- torture -- It's an admirable way what I felt that was that it -- blocked all -- -- this -- -- like it'll. Wanted that late should Gorelick a profit but it's like gonna allow them brought coal. That respect -- -- just lucky that their respective annual open. -- got back up. Back up slowdown. Do you think that John Ferrell doesn't respect -- Copeland is not at all. Oh well it doesn't respect that slowdown slowdown -- now. -- -- That Jack lit up I look we all know it's not let's not play up the call it. But what you said was that John Ferrell does not respect or a COLT. -- okay we have a hard time continuing with that logic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Always -- sports game it's just paint. Anyway we got to take a break in a minute so before we had to break Parker do want segue. Talk about the Celtics here in the general question of this. If the Celtics don't go -- an established guy if Carmelo Anthony York Kevin Love is not whether it's. Public are not in the Celtics polled by Thursday night. And you're sitting there with the sixth pick in the draft. -- like -- imbued with all -- world but a broken -- Sitting there are you taking him yes -- why. But the answer now. I'm going up the playing it up exactly do you answer yes I would take him why. If you roll because otherwise you're you're running in place new tickets for instance someone who if he gets his game back -- two minutes okay. I agree with -- no -- give you the reasons why I agree with he does anybody think the Celtics gonna contend for a championship in the east next. Any Matt do you think the Celtics could shake yes and they gonna compete for championship and it matter what happens even Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony now. So my logic of drafting -- and be all things being equal and that meaning to your medical people tell -- That the -- will heal and you have some. Semblance of assurance like you did -- solid journal like you did -- Avery Bradley that the injuries won't kill you forever. You try to get impact players in the NBA. This guy under no other circumstance about what's happened now would be available at number six. You've got tons a draft picks so few 500 next year -- year and a better position anyway because you've got all these -- I am taking the risk more than ever. On a guy like jewel and -- right now why not. There's no reason why not unless. You think that the injuries are that he'll become Greg Oden or somebody else and just want to why. Not you're in a position to take this chance you've got. You've got some grace with the fans. The only reason why not as garage on -- factor you got to decide what you gonna do what -- Enron. If you tell your teammates by their actions which are waiting even longer while and you got to decide which it would be your tree. We're keeping -- all come to a head Thursday in the so many things to talk about maturity when I'm Michael -- and we'll talk more Celtics tomorrow but. It's intriguing with a draft coming up at the patriots. Were in this situation. The patriots had the number six pick in the draft. And it was gonna be god it was clearly number one consensus pick like -- and be wise and it was drafting leading up on -- -- These -- to be lit up right now if you gonna take that guy and take a shot at the all bird pass rusher or some guy who could be a huge difference maker in the NFL. So it's coming up on now Thursday night the Celtics draft Michael and limit your next. Good morning -- Arnold. -- -- great. It's what gives yes. Okay I've covered the show talked me -- that he's the ahead. What are talk about. Spurs coach pop and and appreciating we now stands. He's now joined -- -- -- brown. Check some one party -- Stengel called. I think that's pretty respectable quote. I agree with -- all that it it's kind of hard the way of mixing in. Mixing in ninety suggest what their but yeah are you to think about some qualifiers what do you mean. Why he's won what five Q did you talk about a number of championships one. Yes since war since the world war true. I might I can't speak before that some of the baseball guys but I know Stengel -- -- overall. 4950 truly did. And all of those guys are -- lots. And I think that we compare. They coach spell check to pop. To patrol our. We've we've we've done a lot of comparing and contrasting. Popovich to -- to war as a whole water at this point. I did it that's where it starts to fall short because is repeat champions in basketball happen more so. -- -- professional football and three -- happen a lot more than they rarely happen in football. Rare. Yet so stupid but pops and spread out through. It's been -- I'm not not disparage anyone as far as one in 98 and then. 920012002. I think. Not I don't we all know what I meant -- to a three year right mom. Yeah -- I don't that they've won two in a row so yeah arts -- it's five spread out since I think 9099. And about wanting to it I couldn't see ballot check after winning. And at the parade I can't see him doing what Popovich did the other day with respect to that not one not true not free. And I hope LeBron takes platelet. -- post Pat Riley wants them to use it does a moment later but. I thought it was funny but I'll look broad. -- -- he did not. Perform poorly people formed iPod admirably I think it was more of a question first we're deeper. And spurs were better. I just looked up for the sake of argument it's hard when you Google and try to find the best coaches of all time and you compare sports. Here's a list from Bleacher Report of the top fifty coaches of all time. -- and adding college John -- is number one Vince Lombardi is number two. Dean Smith is number three. Bear Bryant is number four Scotty Bowman is number five Don Shula is number 6 PM tool is number seven Knute Rockne is number eight. Paul Brown is number nine in Red -- is number ten. Spangled admit it was eleven is Morgan wooten twelve is Phil Jackson thirteen is Eddie Robinson. Fourteen is Pat -- fifteen is Connie Mack sixteen is George Allen seventeen is Dan Gable. Wrestler Mike Hsu -- -- is eighteen. Has Casey Stengel is nineteen Mac I think Lars what games in the one Bobby Knight -- when he. Bill Belichick is 21. Alonso stat he's 22. Told Blake is 23 bud Wilkinson 24 John -- 25. Pat Riley 26. Tom Landry 27 Barry Switzer when he eight. Dick -- hockey Joseph Gibbs. Chuck Noll. Sparky Anderson 32. Alex Ferguson we look for -- Connie Mack. Gregg Popovich is 35 on that list by the way. Might be able Leo well the latest updated it's this it god bless you for going through that it's a stupid -- speak news. Who you know but that would Bleacher Report. And the title of it is. Their fifty greatest coaches. Of all time. Me Connie -- kept acquiring talent and then because it was always the second franchise in Philly they drew flies. And he was always short of money was always selling players. And I believe -- His lifetime he won more games any manager in baseball history but I think he had a sub 500 when he percent well you know how these lists are right I -- and and and so forth but. I agree with the caller that Popovich to be much higher that. A bit but let me lead you to one paragraph how they judge this. Grating to coach the leader of the team the teacher of young students is an art buried far beneath the surface. Forget the spitting -- yelling and stomping never judge a book by its cover. We never let the animated personalities get in our way of propelling raiding the greatest coaches of all time. To be the best one must breed winners demand respect and preach honor and integrity no easy checklist. After sifting through the history books we found out fifty greatest coaches. Of all time and attention about this listing under the tweet it out they have an iconic quote. From each coach I'll get you Popovich quote for yourself Michael before we go and so you were quotes they have. For each one of them so it's uninteresting article very. Porch yes. I wanted to point out a few weeks -- called -- I talked about looking at this year and using -- 1977. And -- ninth season as barometers for big -- be achieved this year. You made the point idiot of -- global quote good. -- big pop he's doing he's going to a match up better numbers. But just took a future QB export reference I. Wanting to -- Harris that he totally kicks the rear end of both big poppy and Jeter. It's the number our league leading -- city has a lot positive offensive categories whether. Plate appearances that that's wrong it's doubles triples RBIs. OP gets on base percentage home runs sacrifice fly or previous plots. What intentional walk out at 35. Season leading. That is an interest in stat and we got to take a break so welcome back and we'll decide -- that little more. And I would say just off the top my hand -- -- -- kills them -- workers -- at an all star appearances to back with more after this and sports -- it would -- -- A frustrating season at noon today it's all about competition you can be great the entire season or ever -- you you are so during the NBA. There's going to be some ups and downs at times and last year was a down south president of the day and -- haven't even Danny. Thank you turn thing around quick and really -- which -- -- very soon. -- John -- those comments he's very publicly lately on all kinds of different shows with comments. Leading up to stuff the book called it's called saying hello and -- by. It -- I don't know I'm glad you went there because as a columnist we all know your job and what it's supposed to be. So I'm asking you what are you believe. Is really going on when Rondo and -- behind the scenes in other words do you think that. The DNA Rhonda believe he'll be back here they sort of talked about an agreement -- do you believe that it's 5050 in. You know -- wait to see what's gonna happen here. I don't know. That's why I'm asking I do not know why I'm what does your gut telling. I don't know I'm I'm as surprised as anybody by need the sudden. Loquacious this over Rajon Rondo. I can I guess the best answer I have is I don't theme as part of the future of the team. My answer would be. That he's the leader this team now knows that's where the pockets. Borrowers when Garnett and pierce were here. Even other veterans he didn't feel the need to do. -- let's just play the opposite percent. He feels the need to be seen as a leader this team so he's speaking out. Yeah upon our ability let. We've already had this thought that you -- but collectively I just. Have a difficult times seen. Rondo as the guy he's always been a guy. And he's always been a very important guy. But -- -- to kind of -- build a team around one number two is he dot dot dot. -- leader. Well by definition is a leader because he's -- cart handles are all right I just don't automatically try to -- I'm talking about -- like climb up my back guys. I think he's different kind of leader the guy performance -- filter that by example bit is that what you gonna go right I was gonna qualify. You asked me he's a leader my answers yes. And here's what I'll qualify messes leader. These are things leaders do in my opinion he plays bigger in big games. Bigger the game the better usually place whether it's selfish reasons or whatever it is a milling guys who've been selfish but perform bigger and bigger game. He'll never be considered. A legendary leader and -- Celtics uniform when you consider. Who we gotta measure himself up against. Larry Bird Bob Cousy Bill Russell John -- checked. Other guys who have been considered leaders on this team coming going to tackle. I think Jim hard and no but I mean so. I think he likes the spotlight I think he likes being the guy that sets but I -- I think he likes Bret Stephens and I don't know this I mean I'm I'm surprising. But I think it's a big part of what we're seeing here and what they're doing so if you believe one way than if you believe that he and change behind the scenes have not made up their mind. And -- clear -- wait to see with the Celtics are going to do. It's intriguing if you believe on the other hand that they've got some type of verbal agreement Danny says listen we're with -- gonna commit money to just let this play out a little bit. I'm that's it it's intriguing either way going into Thursday he -- So staying in Boston. That's the plan you never know with a season brings. As of right now I'm only going. In the hold his -- its own is always so hard to read in between the lines -- Rondo isn't it. By the way I tweet it out to an article about best coaches and there's a quote from each summer pretty good here's the quote from Gregg Popovich who according to Bleacher Report. In the top fifty coaches of all time is number 35 on the list. I'm seeing a little bit of on confidence a little hesitation. It's not supposed to be easy every brown gets tougher penetrate our good pass issue with competence want some nasty. They have like a legendary quote from each. Coach and by the way in the list I said. The top seven -- wouldn't Vince Lombardi Dean Smith Peter Bryant Scotty Bowman Don Shula which several techsters. Attacks in same bunch who ahead of Tom Landry and chuck why have attacked some X a great point with Lou Albano. Blow bottle I don't think is on the -- as you have like forty tag team championships with what I like is playing tag team champions. It was you know write this here's a quote from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- their but look at what it. We Vince Lombardi quote it's not where the get knocked down it's when you again. And bill Belichick's quote in this. Would you think bill Belichick's. It is what it is -- you would think so but it's not there's according to Bleacher Report this won't be good enough. It wasn't good enough today it won't be good enough against anybody else either. That's their iconic quote going to bleacher. Anywhere treated it out of it like to see Angelos -- ever Bakken butch I Angela. But -- you guys don't can't do. I don't that's that they about the -- -- but don't want to argue about. Right now that it is thirty or 41 you see them. Now waiting for the trade trade deadline that they typically need -- -- I think a couple of bad in the up and the yup and couldn't score they tried to think they'd make a move now major. Instead of waiting to. Folks are that's my fault you just cause I I hit the button by mistake -- series Angelo called back you know wanna call it you -- a shot I had to say it was an act is a great point by Angela should they make should they be aggressors should make the first move in Major League Baseball player. Well that awaiting the problem with making this big blockbuster move of which Angelo tried to talk about -- you -- months I don't think that's what he was doing I'm gonna speak to graduate -- as being pro active I don't like this -- gone -- Costello Angelo. I -- -- knows better way to dialect and Debbie and I wouldn't do that team you already it's. Talked about a couple minutes ago there is that the period that exists in Major League Baseball makes it difficult to make a major move right now. Because there's so many teams in baseball that have some somewhat of a shot at making the post season. Now maybe deep down they don't think they can make the post season but Heidi so that you fan base and you're trying to. Put advertisements on TV and radio and your network saying hey c'mon I'll watch our team play when we have a chance and the -- on his cell semi important cogs. For future seasons the the White Sox did that one year at the all star break on the Jerry Reinsdorf. They were like I don't they were in first place so four games out of the author -- and they turnaround in years ago. And they turnaround sold everybody off because grinds up just wasn't convinced -- the viability of the team. But that's a tough sell you fan base particularly disdain age. We're football training camp is so much more watched and and chronicled and it was even ten years ago. Put into question are you being the aggressor you making the first move into baseball's awaiting. The July 31 wouldn't trade deadline when everybody and I'm saying that it it's it's no because it's it's hard to -- I mean. I believe he said in the -- I don't know if he said at a price article three and I'm not on what's so you don't know what that I -- problems he called back in the course Nike's he's pissed is. You know whatever sports I'll have to call John DB -- let me back and never. You know -- DBS -- nickname for me he's the right football coach by your first news second scoring. Orchestra from came on the on the way it's part of it but the main thing is that you know like Italy won every game a year but -- -- -- you know DV I loved it Davey goes to wait. Every practice he's got every game yeah if you don't see him he's there and he has a good I'd like presence with the coach is over on DBS -- c.'s dean EB. He'll stop practice. -- the -- you do everything go he's here the second string guy I look forward to every Thanksgiving morning and into the animal show here on high school football that you make your prediction Cambridge is going to be what -- it's like clock -- well it except. -- broke don't want to play at. Right they -- standing now they've moved on because. And and it -- the people from everything I'm gonna defend the move. It was what Cambridge did instead of its aspiring to Hillary Everett is this suspended this past know -- -- totally got me wrong here. Cambridge instead of -- firing to be whatever it is. With the other direction. And found a team that it did play maybe beat them thanks -- some real. They should have aspired to be whatever it is but they went the other way on aging and -- between legs and a game and north Angela sorry about what -- in north Providence agent. I don't parliament about one of the medical is that correct. All of -- build our project a minority in. We always patriots use. He known because. He's a societal cultural. Problem. I like that guy -- because -- -- -- you see you got the anyway and he's not a. I mean do it at that -- in my. They you bring people to that he may turn it can be seen on genocide. I think so. I think so part of bill Belichick's acumen has -- coach and why he's number 21. On this list as he gets the most out of his roster in a league where you got a commitment I think that's used that you do know this is 81. This is a fun hey we got a call -- you saw this ball going to stand up it's not a knock and you constantly saying. Debt that this list that you conjured is 81 it's not like baseball reference comma let's go to that. It it's totally on quantifiable. When you're comparing a basketball coach hockey coach of the football coach often feel like the scene in a few good men when talking about did you say dangerous -- grave danger it. Like do we have to go back in this -- -- Michael I know what I said Michael from Plymouth called and said Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coach of the ball I mean now belongs in this. Convoluted -- he gave us you even sedated grave danger he's a great that I. And so I looked up but -- -- a few times having guests. Did my job doing that. -- Three hours down one hour ago crystal play. The play a few good men now they eat eat it began to Broadway play I never with committee -- -- field. And on holes find it hard to believe that whoever played the Jack miracles and way better. -- I don't know I I just of the Tom Cruise world in the Broadway play with played by Tom holes -- Who played Pinto and animal on Broadway -- This which you brought me here fourteen. Put our lockers and -- and that's Jack Nicholson talk about the -- Kathy Kathy Kathy and I can't. You lieutenant Goldberg Weinberg as Google Weinberg Weinberg. -- more removed from the great was the vote --

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