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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: The Sox on another downward slide, Papi's latest outburst and the success of Brock Holt 6-22-14

Jun 22, 2014|

Butch and Buck get Sunday morning going with a discussion of where the Sox find themselves after starting off their road trip with 3 straight losses in Oakland. Should they become sellers? Should they bring up more prospects including Mookie Betts? The guys also get in to Ortiz' latest complaining fit regarding the official scorer - Buck is very opinionated on this one of course. Also, how about that Brock Holt? Is there ANYTHING he can't do?

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Happy Sunday morning to you all I'm -- -- Steve Buckley is alongside. Matt or Oprah taking your calls as usual it's at the table and throw the numbers out there for you to react right away. 617 point first. He might I -- UN but it's such a perfectly do. Like the music I want to say -- -- amused look at least those opening. This is called it's. The tonight and a new system here I don't. Hello bark I. I don't I just liked that music and I don't want to be able to contribute while that music with I didn't know and I know that we're we're back we and I know that music was three. Let's start again what does this -- to remind you of I Sesame Street merited those Charlie Brown special. Sports embark on a sunny morning -- don't -- -- doing great. Six. 1777979237. Repeat that for you wanna. Sunday morning if you're out there you wanted to chime in frustrated. With the Red Sox thinking about the Celtics may be -- major Bruins plans of the schedule coming out or he got a World Cup party today. 617. 7797937. That's taken chime in with war -- they prefer they could text. Because this is degeneration where you can hit and run. And it's just 37937. On the eighteenth he text so. What what's top of mind for users. The top of mine on your mine personally professionally. Personally. Which a life. At some typhoon in the back yep it's people last night. Did you grow it. It. Thai food the backyard I don't maturity -- you've told us I don't but we have a group on that yet -- personally. And much I was -- like I was on part time. -- you put his feet from those little girls and guys. Despite -- square very nicely -- -- -- with 10% tour. -- today from a from a sporting perspective what was on my mind. Is -- I watched the game yesterday. And two things number one. Eight if you read John Tomas in herald today it is indeed that's time need to roll the dies that's cute right now in habits to. John Farrell made a comment. That I didn't know about -- they did. Watch or listen to we hear the post game show. On either W -- -- -- But he spoke -- -- might apparently in -- it's the opener of the MacWorld but how -- you might read it this morning. Because of the game was over with an order that type food. And I would go with witnesses optimism come from other than -- that's what you expect -- you know expect the manager. It to be like team USA it's it we have no chance. Oyster you expect that but and it's in the spirit of what he's saying hey you know -- in this. And to the degree that there is a lot of parity in American League this year they are in that. Yes blind date is looking at this team thing we're rated take our. When they. Scott Robert noted in the girl's point 27 it's about people on the perfect game. And locating basement. So between Friday night's game pars Saturday's game when he 727 now right man. Even guys who had been hitting Pierzynski of these three plus 24 thumping. Music members. It's just that it in and sadly it's a -- kind of boring watching well that's. The important thing -- let me let me answer your question directly where's -- coming from yeah I think you're right I think it's part of it is the manager that's my job and that's -- What also they're pitching is good -- great it's great I'll actually go and used an -- can be used. Runs allowed their fourth in the American League only teams have allowed. More runs -- a less runs than them or Oakland Seattle and Kansas City -- -- wars. In runs allowed the American League you don't rank right now he probably haven't looked it up so you don't know the jackets. Rank in -- word in the American Lee. -- -- Fourteen out of fifteen now. Can't but today is the only team was nominal loss season. This quarter last ones than their 284. Runs but they -- minus 875. Games into the season so let's go to your word boring. You used the word historic before we went on the year about their lack of run production. I mean what steps do you wanna use 171. Run loss. Against 111 run wins that that's their season because there's seven games under 51117. To six games under 500 -- -- Here's where the difference between them in the Yankees right now were contending. They're pitching is good it's better than the Yankees overall as a staff they're not producing any runs. Rock COLT has at least solidified. The leadoff spot -- questions and things -- you must stand cult like. Called UC's name -- about the legends of -- label that has as legend has done that so. So okay you brought a -- bet there's one but -- its list a couple of things that may be need to happen chain victory was on the way but now that's the late knows. What that situation as I mean besides him. Let's buyers or sellers were you start to think about that already -- year left on a lot. I'm not because it it's just I look at the entire American -- even the Oakland a's who beat the Red Sox last three days there isn't a single team. That inspires me to say oh my god there's no -- And because -- this is I'm banking everything on two guys. Lester and Lackey can cause they've got two guys at the top of the rotation. Second on a good date beat anybody. And because the American League is so fair this year. If this magical role that John Ferrell speaks happens. And they were to get that -- second wild card spot. On the strength of those two top starters anything can happen. Which is why they shouldn't be so. He already answered one of my questions because if you are considering. With partly the way remedial -- has -- partly the way Brandon work ms. -- becoming ban the suspension Buchholz coming back in your. Think -- that you know he's not gonna in the -- arrest but are going to irritation you all of a sudden have to where would we play Willie McGee situation with seven. Legitimate starting pitchers in your. In your Major League rotation Lester Lackey Workman PV -- Roselle. Have we seen anything it says he should be going back to the minors right now right now Buchholz in new -- so you could still be buyers. When you could look to move one of these pitchers couldn't -- And if so which ones you what you just said to me because one of my questions was about moving left or lack you have value both of those. I wouldn't again. I would much rather -- look at. I wouldn't I really wouldn't -- know what I do one man and recognize that happened on when did you Wednesday. And we're on Sunday and we're moving on. But we haven't seen each other tock nothing up my sleeve -- thoughts on the you don't have -- that's true what are your thoughts on what happened Wednesday with Ortiz. -- You always are there's got to be honest I always fall under the Ortiz thing and maybe it's just there's so much -- him -- I was hoping you'd be -- suck up TV guys I'm not be in the suck -- TV -- I'm saying that almost anything he does to me it's almost water on the bridge I expect. But it doesn't bother me I don't gets under your skin right no it doesn't and an eight. McComb and it's as I said the years. What I see is on the right and I like to see what the Cyprus from what I do a double put columnist -- -- does that bother you that he gets upset about the the hitter in the ER. Let's face when you're stating that a field. -- 00 gain in the seventh inning and -- to get the disclaimer out always won three World Series the hero and and so forth and and and also through without. To anybody would claim I have like in -- gender against David Ortiz. I have I I can't tell how much criticism I got because I have been a faithful. Adherence. To. The quote unquote speech he made on that Saturday. Six days after the marathon bombing. And people saying it was a disgrace to use the F word and so what and so on all I can say. Is -- to somebody here to be a microphone and answer this overall and that's the point up there it's a few. But they wanted because -- a month David Ortiz. With a exactly what he says. -- -- -- -- With the same aplomb with which he did so. I wrote that couldn't have been happier for. In the SEC understood the spirit of the moment -- people like now the FCC are deliberately. But they understand the moment. Understand the moment what was happening and so so I could and I told him -- size that VO. Q you wrote down a practice of the mirror for 45 minutes he said I don't hear if it was choreographed and planes self care. The fact is that's what people want to hear at that moment he delivered those so with that disclaimer away. Satan I was epic game Wednesday was in the front of the press box of Michael's ultimate that was not that throws that ball was called. I said he's going to be. Watch and union and their egos he pops up on the scoreboard yeah and -- awhile because. Bob Ellis as as scores will do. And on plays that are -- These you know you've been a million times the watch it on replay and sometimes. Sometimes he'll even go in the Vanessa -- And and wanna see what in the TV feed is a -- Though that he he's moved on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's the due diligence of the officials scored an -- that was scored big league game. And have scored any game. As an official scorer or just on -- never scored -- -- I score every game a map mean scorecard I'm I'm talk about it in position where you're judged subjectively on whether an error I've never done. And I will tell it was in my few. At that argue at the old time game we have three people. Behind the plate who do you prefer scoring. And I used to just walk up to him seven the rate inning every year and -- Q everybody I don't know why today -- -- -- with the B should be MVP. And finally got the -- in ten years that three people. Cooling co chaired John -- honestly can't they said you know what just went along will take care act that took they took a publisher Bob become bigger than you which out. But they screwed by the -- Monday August 25 the Monday obviously that these group Larry ruby. Are really Larry relief hit a -- out rocket a one hop. To the right amount and the pitcher. And want the mom -- glove and tip off Islamic called an error that would be HO PP a hop hop. And they called it -- Man. And and I walked up I said you know you know in in in the big leagues that would be scored a hit because the bubble. And that's an instant you remember that we're gonna do this move along so if Larry Larry get screwed and he should just incidents in the scene in the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like what Joseph Torre did I agree with Joseph Torre says I like the fact that he stood up for Bob Allison for. Official scores every -- said they deserve respect also and I like the back -- that I think is a good debate about. I don't know the Yankee -- acting Torre admitted what our doctor goes I don't know all the people absorb just thrown it in there I like the fact. It to worry. I think in my mind don't -- a little bit said you know what David does a body work here David Ortiz. Does feel like he's bigger the game sometime in this wasn't on an island this is now a series of incidents so I decided this case so there there's -- I like I agree -- take sides and taking anti Ortiz. Okay and so so I'm I'm seeing it playing out right and economy. And I always because because they've made the comment to Silberman -- -- an enemy watched after the happening was over. But he does the point you know that thumbs down -- just you know looking at the press box and then we all know what he said after the game. And on the one that asked the question. You know -- did you happen to it on the field. He said -- -- first rodeo. And I'm sorry. It's it's a seventh inning of a 00 game. There they did not scoring runs. And I granted it was a heroic moment -- him. And use the word hero and a sports that's not a global sense. It was a big game beat him -- the game time element statement condemning Napoli wins it but that bomb to center field recycling into when everyone was unhappy. And it is -- -- Thursday. The bested David Ortiz and the worst that he guarantees the best David Ortiz is it is is in his ability. To get up and clutch moment in delivery as nobody else in franchise history has done. The worst that David Ortiz is this crybaby attitude on the field where he's in front at 30000 fans is whining and cattle -- About. A score keepers call and thought the first time he's done. Here's David Ortiz after the game on Wednesday. So so hard and and I think it was good to have you back home and -- and it never happened it's always like having him over more than a decade and score -- you know it was horrible. His home and you know I mean what do you normally work to do. Go for mobile -- -- and down. So we've got I would look like kind of back that I don't they'll always end attended. So it's not like -- -- just kicking a puppy kittens -- -- you see what he's doing wrong and since it's something that I. It's an out of control. So -- making it about the call whether the calls right or wrong you're making it about and I am too. Why bring it up and at first. I thought now police response internal we have a map Napoli response was -- -- we don't have an okay. I wasn't there and if you talk to Napoli -- was sent to the effect of well depends on whether we lose. We win my complaint we lose America. I thought was an inch and spoke. It's it was just weak and by the way to the Beckham David duties on another level. Now -- David Price to be protector of the game bright red growing David Ortiz over. -- -- -- I also don't have a problem when -- style and on the home run with don't you believe price felt like he might speak for some players who mostly. OK -- -- plan Ortiz is out of defense and David Price for example is cutting got CE. So when you're looking up at the square he would you send. What are you watching. Now what's in the same ball and that if it wasn't that good. They even make it with you -- kind of make it clear for a moment first pro government. That was me that was made after Apollo that they go all right the -- -- -- -- -- real quick yeah. It's people stated -- David tees on the set this up because -- asked about it. Is it to say -- David Ortiz though the bloodthirsty media. Given what -- get on the field. Is an incumbent upon -- to ask questions after the game there and I don't put that the Terry Francona when he was in town. And the people that said why is he talking about the relationship with the Red Sox ownership. That's because he was asked about it numerous. But let's go to the phones because they're lit up -- money to talk I don't let up. They're lit up we -- magic on Sunday mornings go to Mike in Boston kicked things off Mike you start the magic -- you feel about that. Today we are you have bad days ago we need a lead off hitter on Sunday guys on base so. Well here it is. Opened a few weeks ago during the losing streak. -- -- -- -- Maybe we sell off Jon Lester you know it was but it does another couple changes in the past we Indians bank. On such petitions. Where -- -- -- up all over it eclipse we. Anyway. Trying to say is there's not going to be in the time we can get a prospect for Jon Lester. Or. The Jones act or via the that we -- Are so. -- determined to do it and -- decreased. During their turnout who's been streaky. In the that was talked about people like this. Let's -- park gives everybody grief I don't feel bad about Mike on the charts in Yemen every Sunday morning me and Matt crime spills coffee on. Let's get what -- let's get what. Blow a way to win it really well my -- my quick let's have a conversation. There's 87 games left to play in the season and there are six games out of being in the playoffs. Is that that -- it's just the simple math. And social you willing are you willing. To start trading -- often you have assets I couldn't agree with you more. You have a lot of gas that you -- John Lackey that a team could get for 500000 dollars for next year and the rest of this pennant run. You have Jon Lester that you could trade for rent a player like the Milwaukee Brewers can't win. With a CC sabathia. You've got Shane Victorino if he gets healthy who has some value that you could throw into a line -- into apparent Iran sure you could trade off you're willing to do that right now. Don't think that this of the World Series and -- -- I didn't think lashes as a World Series teams so. Why why is it any different this year I think it's got I think they've got itching to contend into the -- -- quite how obese are. A Casey's has been reported time but. I can name -- bunch of teams. That would not looked upon as World Series teams and ended up in the World Series 69 Mets 73 Matheny when he two games. 67 Red Sox. The Red -- of last year but the cardinals. Against the cardinals went 34 years ago they won the World Series in four games fun out there to the last year won more games but let. It didn't expect it but did -- but in terms of you expected. So I mean I'm I'm sort of mixing the metaphor here total wins vs expectations. Put them on the same pot. Annual rise in late June early July these are all teams that nobody at that juncture in the Lucy's would have -- this team's gonna in the World Series. The look reports overall really good points but that's sort of cornea. What happened. With the Cleveland Indians when they started to -- you know they were out of the playoff picture of many years ago you have but to local that was -- -- -- chairmanship. -- -- them -- to Montreal. And from about one straight okay. They were contenders for the next I don't know maybe took a year -- but after that they were contenders for the next 456. Well but women don't like the argument against you would be that the Red Sox system is filled with -- enough prospects or. Can never have enough when enough now that you don't have to do that. OK and I guess what I'm trying to stay here is. When you have this kind of count are right and let's be honest. I want a little ridiculous aren't don't last so what -- can yeah and that and that's a fair point. I think that ship came on and they they blew the opportunity any opinion that'll be that strong John Lackey. I don't think you're gonna wanna -- restructured his contract. Certain -- -- to do what you did say that it is -- and I don't think John John Lackey and pitched for that was 500000 dollar -- it. I don't think that's gonna happen and then we have we aren't. Who is like that don't -- I mean it was going to be forty years old. So let's take east street ship's okay in let's gamble with Campbell now in the state. -- let's get the most reaching -- of these street here and and think about. Michael tell I'll tell you this much we got to run to a break you get a good job to lead off hitter you're on base. You've you've you've got out there you hit it tried to stretch it to a double thought better went back to first base but we got a lead off hitter out yet we got some people reacting. Mike says they're seller Spock. A write apps would lead off hitters boasted to get on base with a topic. We got to take a break if you bills we come back -- I don't what -- -- Steve Buckley and you average out all of dropped seventeen plugs. -- -- -- Well I I wouldn't say down ourselves because we we recognize that opportunities in China giving game when they elude us that there's a little bit of frustration that that stems from that because now we've lived this. Seemingly. One run game. I this for quite awhile. Well we know those opportunities are precious they're viable early on and continue to do everything that we can cash and we have not given at bats away have been there been a mentality at times for guys wanted to be the guy in a moment and and maybe force the issue possibly. But after a tough loss like that I think -- in the conversation that I have with with players and coaches that. We feel there's a lot a number of strong things in place we played very good defense we're pitching very consistently on both. Rotation and the bullpen side of things we're getting on base evident by last night. Is to the length into the -- be lengthened -- a little bit short but still that's not an excuse of getting it done with who we are right now. It's -- manager John Farrell says the pitching is there the defense is there the approach is there. Problem is the results aren't there when it comes to Red Sox offense they have scored eight. She's fifteen runs in their last eight games less than two runs a game or foreign foreign knows. They've now lost three in a row on this road trip all one run losses their Major League leading seven team. One run losses and the offense is a major. Major problems he Barkley -- it's not a problem obviously Brock COLT. And statements cult like rock called fielder for. The legend of here's what I've kind interest in buck by simple numbers. He's hitting 329. That's the best average on the rhetoric by doing don't even close to 300 Pedroia is next to and -- He is fifth on the team in hits -- 55. He has. He is fourth on the team in doubles. Okay he is fifth on the team in runs. He is second on the team and OBP behind Mike Napoli. Brock called as one of their statistical leaders and he's got half as many. Almost half as many two thirds a third as many bats two -- many bats has been his most of the right. A cooperative Burkle to -- -- minute. I think you'll like this. The all star game is to life with -- fifteen in Minneapolis out of upbeat about the ways the by the way it won't be units -- point. And -- You'd be aware Minneapolis which is that a remote. Your editor of the WTI notebook thank you so while frank tables are safe from the copy that they. And to -- appeals that wall and the grand scheme no. -- he's not gonna get elected by the fans and -- -- and he's not well enough known two to win the Internet thing at the end of the voting. He's not gonna -- -- yet. What I mean I don't know if threats -- city if they were at first place and an entity gaining greater notoriety of me aren't I might have a chance but but my point is. That -- Major League Baseball is trying to do to fix the game. And particularly picks the all star game at the stupid this dynamic counseling. What they need to do is just put more exciting players and the -- game. And rollout that nonsense where every team has to be represented -- like little -- who gets trophy. I had I want to spirits you know that's stupid but you know European. And I need my Tampa Bay ray on the team guys and -- that I need bends over restore is is the is the I used to city Kansas City market that's not -- because having good seasons but in any market where baseball is sputtering and the team is in last place. Are more fans in that market going to watch the all star game because they're little second baseman has made the Ulster team and I say no but moving past that. What they've got to do is make the all star game more interesting and enticing. I advocates more interesting enticing if you get -- cope up there running around like his pants or fire playing five different positions. Put him -- the -- all star game started senate -- movement afforded from places. It's a it's a -- exhibition game create. Excitement. By putting exciting players in the Ulster there. A venue or an opportunity for fans to do it since they've done that thirtieth man or whatever it is. Two votes it is and he is an exciting player go to jail Lincoln Jay from a butcher -- oriented. Innate skill actually that. To put -- Archie -- content perspective I was much more than that John Lackey. Tiger. And it led by anything it's that great point. Yeah I mean in the it to me we know Ortiz brought up to know that look at the terrific player terrific clutch hitter terrific ability to play in Boston. Any dust up outside the park and didn't sick kids security of all the good stuff. And who is negativity that Weiner I mean it's a big deal we all know he's lighter now a couple of years. While people do that well to some people can do that -- -- -- everything the special athlete the you know getting them by the paint standard -- would you know. My coworkers something I mean I think he can be a professional baseball or else I haven't heard this said to be at PH think about that company what -- -- Worked for like twenty minutes tonight at the time sit on the bench during not how -- must that be. You know we get to go on the field I mean that. Other there's an opposite argument to that child and not everybody could do it and they would. And it actually is harder than you think if you're not involved in that and so to get ready for there. Yet another note -- just have to back up which is point is that I was a beat writer for years. Almost every player has better numbers when their batting as a position player as opposed to batting as a DH. Right that it can assign it to really our job Malkin China and sit on the bench and brood about. Some score -- decision because -- -- and think about it I wondered you know it's it's a good thing so are in a baseball. -- -- not gonna be surprised that guy that screws loose require him again I'm expecting the kind of behavior. You know what from somebody -- so -- let's bring -- back to your point about Ortiz didn't bother you Wednesday night doesn't bother you now. Now I can't quite see that cannot -- from them all the time and at least at. Yes it inappropriate. Of course is -- you know after the game of course but we all know people that Campbell and -- -- just. We put up and to put the club has so much more. On national question. Yeah -- Cold War AJ Pierzynski to different guys. If they were the ones. Who did not the Brock -- would if he's cult like. Well forget the protocol did it right now brought call with a guy. We're arguing about the hit and came publicly that what we reached out to see he's got 200 -- -- -- -- that it really doesn't have the word -- -- The event without an agreement on -- -- -- -- guys you would think that JPQ you've been the most popular player. Ever lived Boston fans that he never opened -- I expect I actually didn't work out that -- did -- that it. Now they love Turkey despite I -- most people are decent people irritated. Everybody should love David Ortiz and and he's done a lot but. You know it Vick brought this thing in the -- today and I love -- but it's like you know kind of a break he's a hero always won the World Series oh we don't we don't recognize that. You can't look at this thing in a vacuum. And you've got a guy that everybody respects. It's one World Series this team that that's put up borderline hall of fame numbers. And it is wrecked in the community is unblemished Amin does a lot. And I don't let that game he stated in Vietnam middle of a Major League Baseball game in 800 tie. In the seventh inning act like a nine year world. Because he didn't get hit. And I'm supposed to look the other way and that. Polonium that's the only point I disagree with the previous column was nobody cares what people care back when I when I wrote a column of the day point. It was with the expectation as I -- here we gonna generate this morning at 9000 emails. And Beatles like got the next day there were the usual they're at -- of people I can cover up -- a dog show. And get the same tired Jericho die and all that while. So those people that in -- way in any way way to end but the litany of emails expected never arrived just up a lot of people and go to Jack can land next project. I don't guys act. I agree with you guys -- two things first published -- the -- you have the chance. In -- -- you bucked the PP I read your column of the day it was a great call but you know I have an issue you know there's been probably. You only have one issue joke about just one today. I got a lot of Q Mike do you Saltalamacchia I would open they didn't have him now I'm stuck on Napoli and I don't get all by the other night. I mean that at the billion almighty it struck out twice in it would double play. I mean you -- -- he's gonna strike out I mean it's unbelievable how many times a guy comes up luckiest. And I hope you got the guys -- of Baja Puerto on the Mendoza line around 200. And -- got the got to give -- a global slump Pedroia it was not a over the years that he's having his best year. So don't get that didn't they got no she didn't get a pitch and I agree and they can't get it the same -- like what that means anything. And -- I can't believe you're gonna stick with Napoli I didn't I didn't watching him strike out. I mean I -- slugger struck out making vehicle struck out this guy just. It just. Well. Jacqueline let me take a shot at answering your exact question and get tired of looking -- Napoli. My answer is no because we lived through this last year he is when that when that he's got a demonstrated. Audio work. As a Major League slugger does he strike out a lot yes but he did he hang on hang on while it's -- because of -- We know. And like the picture and so here's here's my answer to you Jack Mike Napoli is no different than he's ever done. He's gonna go right -- know before I'm nobody history -- be all we knew last year. -- an amendment -- -- almost certainly a I know so Mike Napoli last year and luckily I've been very articulate. And -- figured -- in my original. I would second that businesses export Napoli for once. I hold on hold on Napoli hit two C 259. Last year right which he had. -- 259 he had 23 home runs. 92 RBIs he had a 360. On base percentage -- 42 slugging percentage those numbers are not great but 23. And 92. I would argue without looking them up individually that at least half. Of those home runs were extremely meaning home runs late yankees tonight were okay but here's my point -- happily is no different this year he's been hurt. But here's his numbers this year seven home runs. 28 RBIs to 63379415. It's almost the -- actually think the problem is they have their line is -- big -- technically finish -- when -- finished. The problem is there's so many other holes in the line up five through nine it's on until we elect that. -- don't know what is so I don't I don't think. Go to bed throughout that -- I don't need that I I got to convince you. I'm not trying to convince I'm just saying he's the same now you look at what always been. This -- -- look at the -- like he's pitching great that's why you said there's one thing that is -- I told you wasn't want to think it's great Eric wrote what I think his ball Lackey is. You don't you know -- the guy on the team apparently -- this will actually let them be take. He was during the contract because he replied you're in now this year the person doing it. I -- it got there so he told me it was a may have -- planning money. And the you know and I agreed that included a good comment after that he sit. If we blog that he was doing that and that I -- you can integrate yesterday Larry kept saying it. I said there's a big difference Larry did do when you win. He was here with the game but it isn't a game with that it would have been all about him and it's all about him I mean that's always years. But yeah I went through what fifteen years. A lot over the new guys. In fact it was the opposite than it in the breeches when we took these sides and double headers and you know feel the Williams. Appears all the Jensen and now look at themselves deal. It's yes it's the patent. And I couldn't it about this but I look at plays that I saw in the climate. The best player who's ever played baseball like look at happening over age students want to be given the Major League script that was only -- things. But it -- as I -- to watch. -- they -- -- -- up edged down the middle and then the next pitch it doesn't cost of the strikes over the -- and haven't. And their legacy of that again I get a bigger something else to -- again to get back. Myself today at hijacked write -- a good one -- court. Question yes when you either -- the game again. All that that -- -- -- that -- Monday August 25 at 7 PM at saint -- field and came -- website. Old time baseball. Dot com as we go to break Jack's one issue. It turned into Napoli Lackey. Sox -- field and that in perspective Red Sox lineup some -- lineups in the history does this mean -- gonna go to Hilton baseball game might Monday August when he put that some -- he might while he just might. You might call back up again and plug it again to. Which will be good. Worthy cause we got we got news that -- -- don't we Tom yeah they might limit what a story like that right that it might -- Sunday more after this. Yeah a lot of won't you know -- challenge. You enjoyed it. You know -- And the challenge of you know moving around. Kind of. Rock COLT of the Red Sox talking about enjoying. What he's doing yesterday played right field made a diving catch a couple of great throws and -- game -- three runs were scored he had three hits he walked once. Problems with the right help deliver babies it was a -- and -- I don't know effect that if that innately notebook rock holt is not one of them. -- sobering thought for Red Sox fans -- Last year the fourteen to -- the wild card Cleveland and Tampa Bay won 92 games. Pittsburgh won 94 Cincinnati 190s pure point which you. -- brought up numerous times. The year before that 2012. St. Louis Cardinals got in the -- of filling eighty -- -- let's go to lower global 88 games. For the Red Sox to win 88 games right now. They would have to go 54 and 33. Which is 21 games over 500 the rest of the way than to win ninety games if they go 56 and 3125. Games over 500 not impossible. What does this feel like a team by the way were seven games under 500 last Sunday and are seven games under 500 Sunday and you know me and went from an X 500 operated. Is -- team that can go whenever that percentage is twenty to 25 games over 500 way. I know pitching to do well it. It to listen. Nothing I say I say with enthusiasm. I'm I'm not so much looking at the Red Sox. And I don't -- John -- enthusiasm that were right the cusp of turning things around. -- with me it's more a case of looking at Major League Baseball right now. And saying it is very team. And I grip at Oakland a's are good ball club. -- Brad -- conference I mean they had that big guys that throwing out the mom that winning games and in this red flags alumni association. And -- get a Brady moss playing right field -- it's like right now. Coco Crisp. At -- written marxists like 1718 home run. They have that power in the middle of the line it would -- -- -- which ticket really use right now like criticizing. Temperate trading randomized I mean it was it was. Quite a few years ago and a couple of teams ago he with the Pittsburgh and didn't produce before it went in Oakland so. Amok and I've had distribution is history and say why did we get rid of Brendan Mars. But -- -- side -- to -- he's not been hitting but he had a pretty good season last year Coco Crisp and the got only six Red Sox players but but back to my original point. I just policy team in the American League that that makes me. Think that they have no chance to giving back in and I'm not that I'm not optimistic that they will just not writing it off. 6177797937. To join us here on sports Sunday every Sunday morning. It's Steve Buckley the Boston Herald I'm -- Stearns can text us. And the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Matt -- taking your calls it is a painful process the screening process. Dexter says -- I would argue you guys -- power outage that lack of hitting wherever you like to call has been going on since last year's playoffs. Close at the numbers from our games I still don't know how they won the World Series -- that puny run production. Thank goodness for our pitching then and now don't. Get rid of them aren't so let's explore that so what do you do right now. Arm. Would Buchholz and do run. What do you do would Buchholz and do brought coming back you've got Lester Lackey Workman PV. Taylor also Buchholz and -- What surety answer questions it's a good question and there's no shortage answered the of their house to be what it's a part of part of it is that I I wanna see buckled back in the rotation just because he's buckled at the expense of the wallet and that's -- that's -- it's complicated. -- that is no spot the DuPont the rotation right now based on the way he's pitching and know yet that the kind of settled down on the of the night but. I do wanna see more -- I want a few -- they'll Derosa. That there are movable pipe state cap you want -- because he's you know the local guy from Springfield and all that but. You may have the most some of these stars into the bullpen and with some guys there. What about a trade and what about in other words a guy like Felix too -- for every year's. On service time salary level demonstrated success in the major leagues. A guy who can strike guys out a left handed pitcher might have great value to a National League team. Specially under contract their -- not just big market teams. What do you take a guy like do brought. Looked to try to trade him right now rather them put him in the bullpen you've got -- you want -- And this and that would if you take -- and maybe may be. You look at a prospect like Jackie Bradley junior again this ties in to -- you feel about Brock -- long term could Brock called be a long term solution center field. As a leadoff Graham and went do we just do we ride Brock hoping interviewed John Farrell was -- I don't know if you can isolate that -- But Farrell talk from a -- -- about rock -- we talked about. Very inching if you listen closely to Farrell Farrell says something very interesting he says I'm not sure how much how long we can ride rock -- without asking too much of what what is the long term prognosis Brock called you just ride him like a stock and then sell it or what do you what do you do -- Brock called teacher he sure. Only only legitimate. I shouldn't say that dostum a journalist replacement for urged Kobe how is so far this year he's been your best. -- party of them. See if I. I don't have an answer on that because. -- COLT is the unknown. I snub came to Boston that hammering and trade. And I guarantee if you did one line and find everybody's immediate treatment of that trade. You you would seed somewhere in those stories oh by the way the Red Sox also picked up -- call. And when he -- spring training last year his first spring with the Red Sox. The only time anybody talked to him was they had to get that cool name Brock a -- it's kind of a cool name and what -- like Matt Damon like a Friday Night Lights kind of name. And we like the headline on the front of The Herald rock and roll fake today is gonna -- The legend continues which. How much can we continue to expect -- hole because this -- went from fighting for utility jobs certain our leadoff guy playing. People are saying what are you going to put up on the plate during the that's ever been at the euphoria that is created a I think what he's doing he's carving out the beginning of what should be it's such a late career. To what extent who knows. Or fortunate we've dug out -- are still under. John Farrell would dale -- and Steve lines of the degree Workman. But extinct here and say about comets can you expect. Brock cold -- brought -- here in the managers say that. And that -- Not that he acts like he's feeling pressure right now. Isn't that almost like well you know it's that the bloom is gonna come off the rose sooner or later like they're expecting neither. Cannot produce mean the commitment is not a long term. Right. No I I think but I tip I would Ferrell said was that that. They need to get more beyond -- called the cutest. Throw him in every -- and there is going to be alerting her -- we've seen it happen a million times guys come up in great success is that'll second time around. And -- Major League advance scouts who might otherwise be focusing on other players. Well. The dollar home opposite same by the way give us a couple pages on this brought -- kid. Sold to look at it from the Red Sox perspective. Stealing gold -- from reading -- former BC guy played in the minors. Look up -- members would have been a Major League paid player to blow his elbow out. Comes to the Red Sox as an intern now -- advance scout. And if the shoe were on the other -- You're looking for holes and -- Stealing those jobs would be to send in a dossier. On -- call so. If you look at other teams I know Kevin Cash to debt the Toronto for a couple years she's now -- coach Terry Friedman in Cleveland. And I never seeing him in elevator Detroit couple years ago because he was advancing. The Red Sox. For the blue -- And -- the red Saturn Detroit as a cabinet and we got talking and he said my job is to send in a report. And how to beat the -- that's his job. And so we -- as a -- and a half ago. Those reports would be throw this to which tees and Pedroia -- Napoli presents you guys are playing every day and bark called is easy did not on the team because he's in the socket or be used in the team sitting on the bench. So you're not gonna get exhaustive report on how to -- oracle because. A you don't have a reservoir of material with which to Warrick and -- It's not -- but I would notable. I would add into that discussion it's his 41 games and this is under sixty frightened at bats this is not a week. So shame on the other teams of anonymous scouting report blog -- why I'm sure they do right but I'm -- so your point you brought this about -- Della Rosa last week you wrote a call. They're sitting on -- change. Well I didn't I didn't I -- -- right appointment yet did that -- -- -- hats off to -- -- -- four pitches for strikes. Looks like he's going -- -- social Brock -- is making adjustments abrupt halt in the point about the pitchers bucket. We call by your premise that you want -- back in the rotation. And buckled equation of course is signed under decent money forgot -- his talent top of the rotation stuff yet having. Horrible career worst season after having a career best season if you want buckles -- rotation. At the expense of who ruby kill -- so we agree is going nowhere Lester and Lackey. You don't wanna trade numb I'm sort of with you on that sends a different message so that a teaching me it's either -- your group. That's coming out of the rotation if you keep in dealer right. I -- Mark Leno is funny because if you again if you detect the club she would read. A lot of breathless prose from medium -- to brought. That are written most recently it's spring training have always been deprived guy because. Sometimes you you fall in love with a player. That you'd see. In the minors and in this particular case. There was a gain three or four years ago we're Portland was at Manchester. And I was in Manchester just -- that fifteen minute drive up 93 and again go see this sea dogs play. And I -- -- pitch and I came out of this guy's gonna win twenty games. And so every time I see -- brought it or here but in the top about him my mind goes back to that even -- -- Up in New Hampshire like I wanna see that got. Well it isn't it time for the Red Sox that they -- -- -- -- an Internet -- out in -- -- recommend that my flaw is that I I need to pass that in the past -- in a way around. Your along buck I think there's other people might feel that way in baseball he has the potential getting that he's -- not making big money's a lefthander would demonstrated success at the Major League level. Garnett before we take a break at the top of the hour and any umbrage war. And look at -- act. A great great show -- usual you know. It is you're saying mark earlier vote like you wanna keep our colts. Our electric complete opposite and that's adequate -- it's been a year its content that everything okay. Sort of money that -- make it over the next three years. I think this is like the perfect time to trade. All these teams that are at issue they all -- -- -- the chance the weather center reps are actually at. Like Gary glitter. Are you wonderful people to follow rocket back -- -- -- -- -- Women let's be honest Tony let's play the logic. You've had it would buckle OK we understand played a lot of wherever it was -- -- logic of trading what value. Mean really he's signed for good money's got the potential but with the season he's having right now until we come back up and throws to a three good starts -- value does he really. Let me tell -- itself the which occurred this crap he relaxed here roll you know. Red Sox constraint Ramallah then this morning nineteen in baseball probably twenty picnic straightened. -- called salt in their approach. Always Paramount on this one I'm talking about I'm talking about you selling low is selling his closure possibly it's all right. What was going door -- you wake -- we're glad he's pitching well for the White Sox. Which. Good work to protect that for the white -- over it. I -- it -- I got we're going to break I'll look it up and and I think what I'm gonna find is I think you're right I think at the time he was on the DL or -- happen but he did pitch well. For a year and a half period knew there was demonstrated success that they. The Red Sox felt confident they'd he'd give them double -- starts down the stretch and they got what they got they are the trade was made peavy was eight and for the four point 280 area in thirteen starts there. How many innings and hold on that only 74 hits in eighty innings which is a great number. 76. Strikeouts seventeen walks which is another great number those -- good numbers. I I don't think they're great now what would your order up in the air raid that Geithner what are your wasn't for an average four point two weights and pony don't add the numbers to make your -- that's that's a big differential. Don't add the numbers make you sit out. What that what you're hearing now four point 52 but that's not what we talked in great changes subject -- market Apollo is now what. You are talking about is the peavy was had bad numbers when they beat the trade. And it simply pointing out that they weren't bad everything were actually pretty good numbers for number three starter which is why he was brought him he was brought -- add depth of the starting rotation. If it's a -- of it was. Complete statistics looked at KP what he's done in the American League you can fire under their oil and afford we are great support the tip stop what our wireless years. This -- that'll pick. 08 pitching in the American League whether it's like last year in ten starts he was 41 with a four point 04 ERA. You satisfied with those numbers I got a handle it past the break at the -- now it is we'll talk about his point we come back about Buchholz. And the possibility trading buckles the Red Sox are. Continue to lose there's seven games under 500 it's frustrating we're here to talk about this morning celtics' draft on Thursday to limit to that little that we come back -- sports Sunday. It's -- -- it's WB yeah.

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