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Scott Lauber: "There have been some guys that have rolled their eyes," 6-21-14

Jun 21, 2014|

Scott Lauber spoke of Joe Torre's statement scolding David Ortiz and defending the difficult job that scorer's have. He also noted that a few players in the dugout rolled their eyes and said they wouldn't have acted the way Ortiz did.

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Pilots brought to Oakland California were virtually is nice this time a year and probably all times a year Scott Robert covering the Red Sox out there after another loss last night. We have spent Scott the greater part of the morning discussing what happened in Boston on Wednesday afternoon -- Bob Ellis the official score keeper. Any -- news on that particular subject served. Not -- -- -- and Joseph Torre you know what -- fairly strongly worded it pretty unprecedented. Statement -- paragraph statement. Currently holding court he isn't saying look -- In optical court have a difficult job day -- AM. You know -- they've beaten her the respect of everyone in the game and you also know in the air something that I thought. Pretty much everybody knew but maybe I'm wrong is that. Or go work for the long been a surprise routine -- They scored so they're not paid by those who is their paper -- based on their -- to be impartial observers. Are acting. At the core of the team. In that sort of action and apparently do the work he's for all the years in the big league didn't know -- here. You kind of thought that Bob Allison and he the other -- who worked into Fenway could give the -- got the benefit of the doubt on -- close call it doesn't work that. He really did he really truly believe that that was the job or he just felt that was what they should do. He really believe it. Repeal don't like at the close play and hit the home. Usually get that call -- you know that's not how it works and Joseph Torre kind of -- reminder of that little statement air even Ortiz was not happy. You saw where he thought Torre in the court what we're all happy about it help -- -- and wanna comment on it yesterday with the thought was hurting the right way to go. Has ordered that -- -- than it scolding and -- bargain. At least for now that's what David Ortiz -- Scott I'm under the impression. Am -- that maybe the media TV. Media whoever you want to call it. They work for the Red Sox I don't feel the same venom. This year I don't feel that people are being called out if they need to be I notice your colleague guy. Abbas he wrote a column this morning on it do you think the Boston media are Red Sox media are covering the team but the same. -- that they did in years past. -- tactic so I mean I think you know I won't speak for myself and and and our paper but you know I think if you look back in -- covered collapsed. Month or so at The -- the kind of credit water and gone nowhere I know personally I think I've been pretty yeah. -- that I. Sort of covered in that light and I I don't think it's been successful eaten by adding I think the offenses. The -- you start seeing Red Sox team are in quite some time and Iraq these polls here I think that as time goes on now I think we're getting more beat. You know and some of these are expecting yet there's some of them are not -- what could have done differently in the off season sort of saying and we'll dissect where an area where they may have fallen down a little bit -- -- looking -- you know look I I think it. A lot of times you're covered reflects the public view the scene and I think early on this season. We ought a lot of people wanted to give them sort of the benefit of the doubt they well look he won the World Series they're obviously it means their own person. Some early and sort of yelling period trying to get together and -- you're not figured out now seventy. Almost -- I've seen and they're still seven games under 500 or whatever is now -- And treading water going nowhere -- I've written that a number -- -- -- is -- back. Sort of thing with the collapse on and you know I felt like last weekend. But back to back one -- losses in Cleveland where real missed opportunity for them. Kind of put together the sort of run that they really need to go on in order to get back in this thing. I I think. Though the gap with this isn't the wider angle a wider land -- an accurate is that no one in the elite is really running away with it and so. Look at the right at the other night. After the first -- here in Oakland. You know -- -- those -- could have in that first seven and a half now at the last night. What was. You know release some games left to go that's not an insurmountable. An insurmountable things so you know what we can be critical thing of the past relating -- -- -- technical constraints aren't all that. The -- bill. Hovering around some sort of content and then as we get closer to the trade deadline going to be you'd sort of -- present what we get -- -- I think it's going to be people who -- more critically you know from where. Okay I'm not asking or expecting you to throw any of your sources under the under the bus. But can you honestly tell me that you were when you work through the clubhouse that night by the next day. In Ortiz was Zach can -- Ching about that the score. That not one ball player under his breath was a mumbling about that after they just got to win in the game. Did you hear that you -- I would. -- -- -- A they would I was traveling Wednesday that you get out here so I let the neck but after that game on Wednesday. I do know that in the current since there hasn't been Geithner rolled her eyes a little bit there are some guys are playing that he wouldn't. It would protect the protocol I don't think. Anyone on -- that David Ortiz stricker for the crowd but when they're not happy with the call that -- the price of the few weeks ago during -- apple will not stop that there aren't you go -- -- -- Feel like you figured in the game and -- orchestra except for that. But I think there's an element of truth of the car and the guy's been around for quality as he has ordered a lot of runs you sort of -- the man. I have -- the Boston with the Red Sox now sometimes. And I do think that there are -- where he can get away with some things but -- adult shares -- this one of those are you to -- your -- player who you'll scoring decisions. Absolutely not -- through all the parties don't make public. And court court decision it's been well received mr. that he is everything Republicans and do some things that. Most guys either wouldn't you would never get away with since. And he -- clearer -- he gave Turkey. Right and we want it both ways we don't want the crash Davis -- cliche answer ABC or. Only when they say things -- that we like so. Not surprise and maybe maybe maybe surprisingly economic think about 73%. Of the respondents -- website WEEI dot com Scott. Disagree with David Ortiz. -- -- -- -- touching in whining. On Wednesday which I was kind of surprised that but the give him for the benefit of the doubt maybe that's a reflection to Wear the Red Sox are going this year. I think they'll learn and look I mean it's sort of a -- implement great pit when things aren't going well you make. About a player like that drive and get blown up because we've got to talk about something other than the fact that. You're not winning any you know he can only talk about cup. Up at the -- so much when David Ortiz hit a great character like that and that's the and complain about it after the game and you've got a little something to talk about that sort of focuses so. -- you know and and you're right one of the things -- -- -- -- -- hovering David Ortiz is that he doesn't all the arts and when he feels certain pay about something he generally helpless about it I love that -- -- someone. Who covered the team I'd rather have that than a guy who set himself and and doesn't really wanna make himself open to the public election created sort of seek -- is a little bit. And that's what it is important in trouble at times here and we are right -- all our current contract to do you know. You would talk about how I wanna get it done and -- -- get the respect they deserve and all that well. It's great that he's headed in the extracurricular copy to -- and -- OK but having said that and I understand Ortiz has 32 world championships under his belt so that gives him a certain cash day. But when John Lackey a couple of years ago -- gesture and make faces and get annoyed because certain plays weren't made in the field behind him. Because he wanted to win. The guy is and I you know the contract situation he's in for next year the guy goes out and pitches in nine innings. Pitches is hot out. In knees and a non decision. But -- no complaining on nothing from the guy. Tell me about your impressions of John Lackey this year. Yeah net excuse comparison I think it's a little Apple's market because certainly it -- -- stands up that the vaccine the other day. And says he -- though it -- I could have another win under my belt. You know work Jake Peavy who has -- more -- people when you get an extra pretty good -- and expand. On that like the other night here. Nothing -- calling are looking at -- -- the other day was calling out scorer guard would not uniformed member Kenan. You know I think that when you caught me sort of cross that line. Atlanta right about we're gonna Greta -- that went about when he was complaining that he wasn't getting any any protection and the lineup. And it was affecting his hitting is not calling it teammate. They are called up the front office in that case and you're saying look you gotta you gotta be something you've gotta you gotta make this. The situation a little bit better for me back surrounding me with someone better at all. You know I'd I'd never heard in the -- say Mike Napoli hit. You know I've never -- of state Jonny Gomes -- you know is is is a guy that I don't want getting behind me. If ever you've never done that I think he has made lead ownership thing you look for another that are in here because it can make the lineup deeper can make everyone better and that's something that. You know I think what we do it all part of the media and and see and do all the army what described what backed I think that. Where he was coming from on that. You know and again look I thought you know I thought that that. You know I thought with -- date it wasn't right and it wasn't you know. Certainly -- -- -- not deserve it up and up to -- that it did not deserve that sort public. Public display -- about. -- at this we would look to it but you know again he wasn't calling martini I think that's kinda. You know that kind of what people got Lackey aren't from the body language and think years ago fairly or not it will look good for and then and you know these -- picking me Lackey is by all accounts we -- when he got about it. -- very awkward aren't about what you and then. But now he's a popular guy at Fenway because he delivered a world championship and he was on the mound when they want at all and had a great the year last year so the perception completely -- change and Dave Ortiz says that reservoir of goodwill because he's won all the champions it's ultimately people wanna see him. Playing for the Boston Red Sox in the water team. That's exactly right and that's kind of what I mean by you know the David Price and the other day and the thinks he's a couple weeks ago kind of thinks he's bigger in the game like you know you do what David Ortiz is done. In in in the city and and for that franchise and you do have a little bit more exit -- -- do have a little bit more leeway. You do try to walk around and feel like maybe some decent things. That you wouldn't otherwise you'll stay on any other team in any other city and I think the fact that the yet. Some of the crime with if Turkey's border north to a better product certainly to -- -- what you active the other. My last question Scott west that I know Ellsbury is gone I understand that -- they've had them in juries but in European -- the biggest difference between. Last year's team and this year. Well obviously there's a missing link offensively and and I think in the outfield you know -- and it's also the second yet. But it's not. I remember during the winter meeting talk with the cherry can about the outfield and about losing all variants IE I asked him point blank look is here this year. You know do you feel like it if Bradley struggled a little bitter you know the fact that -- young guy and it's the kind of finding its way offensively or need to bring another popular in here. Specifically aren't complete center field and said no I think you know Victorino -- move over -- it was pretty comfortable about that. Well for me this was the biggest misjudgment in the offseason they were really counting on Victor -- playing all the time. Having -- -- last year and I think all of those things. Where he worked things that we're suspects that you know it at that where -- possible that that they wouldn't happen again. Is it game played trended down last year to about 118 or fifteen. You also had the year last year -- that -- that he hadn't had your work. There were signs that they wouldn't get what they got out of Reno last year that it is really really missed that. I think you know in the actually developed very who's already your read up -- -- you removed and number two guys pretty dynamic player in his own right when he helped the right. And I -- it really takes Cole coming out -- so you know for me not having victory you know when they're sort of that -- but he was last year as a suspect that the -- a lot and I had to go to. You know things like -- Grady Sizemore -- topic but it worked out. He couldn't replicate what Pickering noted last year. And you know look where they've got left out of left field and they got last year but I think the bigger if you would suspect that the Reno are in there with any kind of basis and and it will -- that. -- buckles comes back Wednesday in Seattle is at the word. I think it'll be either Wednesday in Seattle Friday in New York. You know they could. They could manipulate something with that you brought spot you know they want to. -- I would bet it would be Wednesday at Seattle pot holes and then and then worry about there's the next spot on Friday that you can go back. -- Jon Lester on Friday in New York it given the opting out there I did your uncle would go. -- try to do a terrific job after you get through tech event fat had. Poster of Ortiz doubted the hotel front. Go out and have a good time in Oakland. Boy it's always fun and Oakland take it -- -- appreciate it thanks Scott are right I think that -- it's got lobbed from Boston Herald on Sports Radio W.

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