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Chris Mannix, SI.com, talks about the NBA Draft, 6-21-14

Jun 21, 2014|

Chris Mannix joins Mustard and Johnson to talk about Joel Emiid's broken foot and subsequent surgery and how poorly it could affect his status in the draft. Chris also suggests who could land Kevin Love and what the Celtics will do with the number 6 pick.

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Well the next call -- going to be making news to Chris man -- from a Sports Illustrated who joins us now. Hello Chris what's going on this morning. Nice segue there were well -- yeah -- you're covering it up a fight tonight right. I am from down here -- Mohegan Sun in the Poconos which is probably the widest plate of the planet. The you know. Wait for the quite an NBC and I went to dismal he son in the Poconos and Hispanic I did not know that it -- racetrack right now my window and now. Did he play but that would -- -- I was talking to Chris network column up to come on and guy he's fearless he's covering a fright like in he's in the corner interviewing -- one of the fight is meant as by the fight scoring line I said as it as a as a guy ever been knocked out why you were talking to his manager. Not now not not knocked out there's been some the moment and I say that my iPad. I bet that brought a couple of suit because the blood from of fighters splattered all over on the epic amount. Well I'll tell you this and and I had a brief career covering some fights way back in my early days -- WEEI went out to a couple of Tyson fights in Vegas. It's a lot of fun covering that sport because there's so accessible they wanna talk to you it's it's it's one to engage with those guys. Well they have I mean that the different fighters that they have no teammate to protect. The code at all. You know shameless self promotion look at me I'll watch me. -- anymore they're there in the news whether -- paper view buys or. In a ratings points out the battered it for them so they can be as outlandish as they wanna be in and elevate the more popular. Enough about the popular let's talk about the -- NBA -- -- draft. Thursday yesterday the MB foot surgery boy has that changed things as far as what we're expecting -- Thursday night. Yeah it really and if I were so that we in the process of gathering. All the information out there -- spent some time in the last 48 hours are you. Whole host of a doctor's orthopedic surgeon. Medical expert and be seen it. I'd like get and I heard guys talking about Bill Walton and even Yao Ming on that list all of these guys while high profile -- From what I gather from doctors there are more the exception. That the ruled it this surgery is it doesn't exactly it's it's caught early which in what you want. Six saturated our recovery rate it extremely high the players like that so I think you'll then be yet to be. Reasonably optimistic that at some point in the next year. He can't be just -- to be able to get on the floor now that certainly it can change it back it you gotta let and he might split somewhere. In the port six range but I still think that. There's really high value in trapping him in that range you may not get him and all this year I think deported six month that the -- That are being put out there are are you are Kenner for him I think could be closer to nine months but long term. You know -- -- it all you know the right beat a 21. I think he'd be getting are really really high value player who politics. If you're -- Boston Celtics in these on the board at four. To Orlando. Would you try to trade your pick your sex in his seventeenth to get him. It's a good question. I would say no. Because. I don't want competent land it would take him I think that -- Boston. I would roll the dice and hope he's there. At number six I wouldn't jump up and and they -- at a rate we give -- to get -- -- that. We second her route they just get your hands on this guy I think you wind up with -- Aaron Gordon. Like many predicted all along and I bought it -- Or no on late and got riding pretty rapidly. In the draft. I I think -- can be happy with epic I just think it all there and to be sitting there at number six that they'll think it's. Is reasonable. You know that that I I think you grab up what what 11 -- I would watch out or not it is at the corporate the last 24 hours. -- Milwaukee take you know I -- and he's -- no longer there was no way. That John Hamlin grabbed -- he -- they were crap. A guy like that but the new order that there be limits on me in their their other businesses that are they're big on buying distressed asset. And you know make -- you -- it's better down the line and -- to be yet but -- put. A move they make where -- don't need it next year but I'm going -- could be Iraq. Have a way that is the greatest euphemism I've ever a distressed. Assets. Reported did you play is as distressed that. He got a -- warrant an epic right reported multiple people that. -- I. Got guys that stressed that. Where is Kevin Love stand at this point and I want to know because I've been on an island by myself. -- most NBA pundits would give up everything. But the kitchen sink. To get him to the Celtics to give up. A bundle of draft picks and a solid journal -- everybody else. How far would you go to try to get this guy. If you bought it and I think you can go pretty deep into the war chest. -- if you don't have. You've got good asset on the roster but outside -- on Rondo. I'm not yet great asset there and you've got up onto traffic so the next few years. Who knows what those draft -- are gonna look like I would give up you know 21 round pick what you your first round pick. What some part of a bundle that would include -- Salinger Kelly Atlantic or whatever I wouldn't hesitate to make that kind of -- the problem is guys. I think that's enough to get it done -- to think that Minnesota. And Flip -- out there are more inclined right now to get a package that includes players. They can help him win right away and because of that. Yeah I'm actually I think the ball rolling will not on the Golden State they got -- hearing it it not anywhere close. Not being not a done deal but if I'm Minnesota that the package amid Klay Thompson. I haven't -- -- -- guys who -- and eloquently the other night. Quite competent would get players that the guy who's probably a seven to ten year old art. Over the next decade -- about 24 right 24 years old who shoot the basketball and defend it -- exceptionally well. And he's just learning how to post up at that point of his career I think you. A future quietly five or aggregate scoring I think that's a great centerpiece to a package so I think it for any team ticket and with that. Package if -- gold stick with our. So you think most likely that is the landing spot. I do I don't really have a sense yet for what it's gonna happen I you know the Flip Saunders. -- getting real tired of being bullied around -- Kevin Love and eat you know a spot in Tripoli that was ridiculous and you know all this stuff that's being put out there about where Kevin might wanna play seven an interview took part -- Campbell. As a pay I don't think it let. Is it any kind of mood did you get any favors. I trading right now and I think you know. That did that offer any the -- are on the table now will undoubtedly be on the table remarks from now or even at the trade deadline. Our next year the only upside make me feel for the track is it -- get the six in the seventeenth extra team like locked in the Arctic -- somebody else. You get cute CK so that's the only the only possibly -- I don't think that it's any kind of Russia Minnesota park pull the trigger on this you know. I thought Pat Riley the other day promise like that guy lost his mind he comes up with this power play lecturer afterwards about you know. If you're if you're really a team player than Yang and the air if you got -- guts at all that you stick this thing now -- Miami if you LeBron James what are you thinking. I'm thinking that that speech that soundtrack Hewitt was. Air pelican straight out of without you know Obama be any given Sunday. It was. Strange that aperture than -- about the theatrical compatibility in new York new you don't hear from very much and -- -- -- And now -- that I don't think LeBron though. I don't think you're gonna be swayed one way or the other by upping Pat Riley that so what do you what's gonna wait abroad. If Niki -- in and suddenly Garrett and say -- we're gonna invest real money in this scheme we're gonna go deep into luxury tactically how you. In order to make his team better I think Connecticut have been reported well what about the hearing -- would not law happy. Opposite the financially state decisions. Are being made in my hand specifically Mike Miller on with the amnesty in it we can't tell me that was not. But not financial based decision dole it out a litany. -- getting moved in with the -- that that could hit over the last year so. Opera financial reasons I think that that the speech that rob what the year interim ownership saying we will go out there. Pay the luxury tax penalties and got to make it even deeper and better I think that we want to hear that -- That was a big and to -- them apart because I cuts in Antonio put on a clinic. So was it was it just the out the but Miami is that just about getting more talent or getting about a system. I think it's -- fine I mean and I have a hard time. It's rejecting the system is broken and it went for finals and went to (%expletive) beat -- and crap on inquiry incompetent that. Over the course of a few months and I think they got beat by seeing the likely guys. They -- beaten anybody in a -- by -- that is -- -- San Antonio team right now that's been together that continuity over what seventeen years Burke. For the most part between player started and correct the rock but yet released career or -- -- great team that I don't care what that the -- -- -- running. I'm not sure wade was playing is that they would want some of those I think it is -- -- -- right and got beaten up like that's over by the fact they agree with what Pat Riley say everything get a grip. Like you know you gotta you know look at everything in in the proper contact the Philippine that would support final one -- championship. In the Corbett team is you know LeBron in Australia late twenties and early thirties they admit that no real reasonably. Begging you to detonate -- team are making sweeping changes. To get them back to chip chip level it could do. Tweak it a little bit -- like Antonio and that's where big -- around got a perimeter shooter. If you get yourself another lock down defender -- you try to argue and get somebody with some type of dynamic play. At the point guard spot but these are all small thing that that he be changed not broad stroke with that being. Parts of summing it up for Thursday it's either Gordon or violate for the Celtics in the six -- Listen predicted that -- in my mock draft I think Gordon at their guy that's been hearing that strongly. I'm not bought and Danny got him. I think a few times during the regular season. -- going to -- the guiding defensive minded you rebounds. Is the operative game it'd take a three year figure out the terrible perimeter shooter it's free throw percentage drop them like 50% of abysmal. For player's position not a lot of guys know exactly long term it. It's by -- a lot of -- coaches and -- Comparing favorably to Shawn Marion and if you can get a young in his prime Shawn Marion at the number six stick that. Great idea that these -- shots gotta look better than -- -- Not march. All my god that's the war -- the -- shot in the history the end that didn't go back to the early two wins that day is the ugly shot I've ever seen in my I would I would hold you know it aside and jump shot a pedestrian and I forgot about Noah. They get back and back they're back. -- turned up to a pretty effective shooter without that. With that awkward shots all you need is is that Gordon to become a decent player and a perimeter shooter got every other part of the game. It is pretty well balcony is the youngest player. In the racetrack only eighteen years don't -- younger than on late he's got a long way to go developed. But one other question. As we have a big Connecticut annoyance and eastern Connecticut listening on a couple of stations from Springfield and Providence where should bats going. I I heard. He's moving up pretty quickly and and somebody. -- yet it hasn't confirmed that but he got to bite the green room. A New York in a hundred indicator in the NBA great that they that he's gonna go reasonably high I think his floor are rather you know apology it's all. It probably Miami and that may twenty picked. He package you to march. -- this -- should get a call at a fairly calm and -- speak sharply and I ago made a case as he distressed asset as well -- it's not her seat I think you were well beyond Estrada be deported ignored her and I think that it. It all let. I think you could go Mateen and him being invited the green room and not -- accepting that invitation. In Beijing and he must know something that not another team out there in the teens suspected crack him up. That's a lonely lonely place to be in the green Robert -- not get picked. Last question Craig is threatening needed to end this and and I and I will but why they're great aren't -- why -- everybody wanna trade Rondo -- DB. I wouldn't trade him now. If you get to a point the trade deadline though and you don't upgrade the roster at all and you're not in a position of the next couple of years. -- That the yet get this team jetted back to -- to level. I might consider doing abandoning Rondo and get maxed out like that there is going to be he's out there. That offers him you know that that the Mac dog you can give him and I'm not sure the Boston at in the position AT and assuming they don't expect -- Kevin Love trade. On how much are -- in the right position to get a guy can be thirty. What the next year I think given that -- the money I think that. It's thought -- depend. On what the roster looks like in February if there at the issue where would -- a year you can eat them envision him intending. Early Easter -- -- to keep -- but -- the rebuilding proper look like it's gonna be long. It looks right now. I think the trade deadline to move. Chris thanks as usual. Income liked when the fight tonight. And I lot of distract that that Murray caught. I'm very versatile demand for all seasons Chris managed to sports those recovering fights in the NBA -- right here on Sports Radio W yet.

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