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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Week in Sports Edition - 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around this week in the world of sports.

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Which you know what time it is it is 4 o'clock. And holing the. These. It's. I'm standing on its. For a four brought -- you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building -- a better network. What kind of come up with a new thing on Friday for -- we're -- kind -- true. Before big events of the past week and the music that. Will be the number one -- -- song in America we areas considered him what it's only five it's terrible so it's Maroon 5 and wrong without an option if you would speak -- resilience and words for a yeah I'm not gonna present. If a lot of if you pick because a lot of people like you right what's the number one at a song and America right. So. It's a lot of people like there's some value to tell you open market now have a whole new world you don't. You know she'd beat top forty music. I accepting and by the way if there's ladies listening we like Adam Levine -- -- just the money and and join us here. Couple couple weeks ago we came back into -- with plan. That kind of fall back on the got to be no adult enrichment and and I'm not. Microsoft does not own the property rights of -- and -- why I was surprised that it note that was -- to -- you know what I don't you know versatile and lots. Kill bill. -- you wanted to do that regardless of the name a couple of -- -- Madrid defender. Yeah there's a greater equipment go out so enough was brought that have rights. For Russia's -- -- darkly I -- like I can take you -- in my high school athletic career but I can't take you do and that's. Then. That song was awful all stop and so yeah there are generally not it's just the latest. I used to work at the -- there's never played that song. Last Sunday night the starters claimed the Larry O'Brien trophy from the clutches of the evil Miami -- It's amazing. To think about. Having them by thugs and accompany him is. The people who have had this amazing careers have -- -- quote one. This just in Tim Duncan -- content cut as many yes there with us that I have to say again. Pat Riley and his press conference yesterday he brought up some really really good points. Five championships for the spurs in second as he nearly eighteen year run which rose twelve years they didn't win those two championships. For the Miami Heat for years were straight finals appearances not bad but. -- to have a problem Pat Riley. Because it's almost like you know -- -- you you brought up. Lance Stephenson. But something's gonna make this mistake and maybe it may be the case. They're gonna pay Lance Stephenson a bunch of money. They're they're gonna expect Lance Stephenson. Just play as if you're of this type of guy and -- -- this type of guys make that kind of money that he won't be able to do it you know be surprised. At apparently. Don't be surprised. When you're guys do what they've always done and what they've always done this day. -- we're gonna get together we're gonna think about our future and LeBron hit his press conference evidently that might get together -- team. That's not a very familiar to me you know why for the same thing in Boston about Boston they lost last game of the Cleveland cavalier LeBron tell us about your future. Well I'm gonna get together with my team. I might marketing team for our lady doesn't meted out LT Christmas. This is what he does I did I -- a great basketball player of the best player basketball there's there's no question. Pat Riley you were able to take advantage of LeBron James and now you have to sit there. And from your perspective suffer through who LeBron James it. Here's what I liked about what happened and sort of the contrast. I think last year San Antonio was so heartbroken by how things ended. To the heat that that was their mission the entire year when he gets back there and we get there we're gonna do it this time. Miami loses now and I I got to reevaluate and you hear the rumors about Carmel -- Carmelo and as the fourth guys convinced that happened to retire that's the only way can you gotta take less money -- this I. Know these guys just they locked in on Miami they're all going on one you know I might that let me read -- -- somewhere else those guys announced that we're when it. So long as we are Michael Wednesday night the best pitcher in baseball had the best game of his life. Sit there hypnotized. Watching -- -- Although we certainly do not believe in superstitions. We've -- by -- you have a friend to parade. Who -- loved baseball he might get football and say hey. Presented to an -- at dodger games very -- Villain that again. -- -- -- I need a cigarette shower after listening -- -- -- view that this is what Vin Scully told the LA times afterwards quote. It's insulting the listeners to make them think they're silly and superstitious enough to believe -- telling them that a no hitter is going full affect the game. You see no one expects a listener to hang on every word for three hours they leave the radio from time to time in this service must be rendered. Gotta love Vince Scully and Scully morning Clayton Kershaw. Every every -- rivers if you recognize these words. Three times in this sensational career sandy go back to walk out to the mound to pitch a fateful night. Laurie Stewart turned in a no hitter but tonight's the night. 19165. He made the toughest walk of his career offshore because threw eight innings he's pitched a perfect game housing -- started. The ninth inning. Of sandy drove back to his perfect game can you imagine if two days Clayton Kershaw if I thought this before. And after -- fifteen strikeouts. But you've been around for a while we've been telling us. You've got like a perfect games are no hitter -- can go to you -- perfect game -- nineteen no hitters in his career nineteen. So why it was this phrasing in this no hitter like -- seventh -- -- no hitter -- call so I don't want to duplicate that for. I just wanted to married one day in my fault -- not just -- Even a big -- I -- just and I got to take out that my yard he'd say I'm glad I felt we cherish that it it would sound great. -- he also on Wednesday the Bruins -- -- ways of long time tough guy Jon Stewart. Medalist Shawn and I informed him that we we wouldn't beat. Resigning him. I'm really very very fortunate but I was here for seven years -- -- there on the market. The fourth line. And the I think it will grow -- -- visibility this is seven years. I'm really fortunate. I wasn't surprised especially after the comments of Peter surely at the end of the season. What I was sat. I think Shawn Thornton has been made a good -- and he's been a good member of this community. He cares he does have the right way. He performs a task that not a lot of people like. And he did it to the best of his abilities for seven years in -- Bruins uniform he was a key part of a Stanley Cup championship team here. He will always be remembered fondly in this. I membership in game seven in Vancouver for that fourth lines. What -- Then Vancouver -- and beat Campbell in the corner fight not you guys allow them to get it changed its they've actually scored the off the line change. -- what I'll say about some sort of legislators that. And I are running with him a few years back where you feel like when my question they swore that now as people know he he's been prone to swear it guys. What I like about what's. The next day is all we're good we're good up like. You can ask the tough questions again he would stand there and it would take everything he gave -- -- made out like it but it was never anything personal the next day to back to doing business is business. He's done this what Jon Lester -- I just heard -- he won't be back next year Boston will not be the same there is -- better or more charitable guy and sports Jon Lester on. Thoughts on the. And he was exactly right. -- -- -- Time now for the AT&T recap of the week Monday night the US men's national team proved -- has been wrong. Winning ugly ass game over Ghana. I. -- Yeah. And if -- not available I want that -- rated at. I went and got asked about it anything ever that's not even the Univision Mabuto that's like a little bonus Univision -- dutrow. Without that happening in order 4544 -- Like it was a that was right and I know soccer better than anybody in this building. It was an ugly ugly win but it was a week. Against Ghana. And and it put them in a position where. At least the possibility of getting through to the knock -- round is is up it's there it's not a dream now the possibility Israel. I jumped up count what makes it critical has gotten off from work -- got to score. -- Canada but the 11 tie and then when it got to there was some excitement -- it. It was a good moment for US that's right now American -- Klinsmann the -- We just made six -- awareness to where we cannot win the calculators and Glenn Beck yeah ugly we cannot do it cannot be. Well those are the the highlights of the last week in sports what a week in Latin music I ever the music with the best part of and I thought their music -- wanted to -- -- -- -- -- -- take your were spirited music from Australia will never be played between two point six on this nation's -- don't. Well. You have to go win it. The thing you would -- the thing you created it not kid just. We thought -- was that this girl comes in bouncer. I listen I I will admit this is an. I have a teenage daughter in the house I've heard it he is -- And yeah this one I don't quite get it. Iman and you know like your daughter and explain I oftentimes don't understand my daughter's taste in music occasionally I like some of the stuff thereafter. It we talk about oral what would he say about it. You know it it it it isn't even that great voice she doesn't sing especially well but it's the beat -- you know it's just the break -- -- their feet. My daughter likes aria Negron day I don't know anybody knows who she is tonight -- problems UH what she is she acts in one of those did these shows -- -- -- It is the most annoying voice ever and yet they hit song so whatever that's -- to bring order every week. The song of the week can be a Friday I'll sing before the week I've done. I like that. I'm on board that. I just wanna be in a position where Wear and he feels he passed the play and he he has alias. -- if there isn't any other option on Friday. Just to see -- he finally does all that new equipment that they put -- it'll all -- ripped out -- -- scattered around the room in there. But it is going to be an end. And other people like -- and the people like you. It's a dangerous way of thinking. Like. While my music my music. Music -- -- mired. In all my music seriously that thrash. What I listened to you I probably listened to them you have the music that -- don't you should we don't do. But it's not a top forty hit. That's a problem. -- -- What you wanted to suck the music you listen to you want it to be funky music and top forty go to O clock and not make top sport. If you liked the fact that you listen to music that sucks but you but you like that it's not popular. I'm just trying to follows. It's that that's old school any better -- Abby was critical of them all is never sure it's a I wouldn't read a wonder where he lives -- lives right now -- wanna be like you guys correct -- -- -- pop -- -- -- back. I guess he's got a house by the ocean -- out there are several the other you've got several. He has yet yet I do that like I've just obsessively watching his bank account nightmare and this check to clear. Like oh yeah I don't wanna be popular and that's a lot -- what you didn't do that Drew Bledsoe wafers on his contract and had a or when he got has done a hundred million dollar deal. Yet his brother somebody called the hotline and treated here would be here on out there are holy ground. That -- out there -- popular. Just on their terms. -- -- to be different the popularity is popularity. Of people like yourself a lot of people like your step if not a bad thing. Willie is -- technically is consider rapper technically and the Aaron as the for -- today exactly. I mean -- up with Hewitt that -- not a huge fan either but I hear it coming out of that room down the hall from my from my bedroom somehow I know it's there it's not. Some level now I'd I'd you know. You know better than me. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Tony's in Portugal. Tony Clark you guys go -- They -- help you sleep -- you -- -- back together thank you. Look I -- -- -- -- I have to play you know that most of these people like kinda worried about the game Sunday. And you know between you isn't it about Wikipedia Wales like his political -- Part creamed by -- quarter and not the news. You know it's totally let them. And yeah. It's like you know Mike wouldn't you in Ghana. It. You know we would live for you two win and stuff like apple -- it to you played -- defensive mode right dot. It was at the US and quickly and and I'm. Currently being. The US the list. It is -- and I -- it's a good result. I agree with -- lately I you know I would actually it would actually be fun to beat. In a country like that I'm not sure being in England today probably is a whole lot of fun. What the tabloids and all I I got a chance to look at some of earlier today and -- any winners of god it was an end while it's funny because what they're playing off of is the fact that we Suarez. -- a couple of guys got suspended for biting. In in league play a year or so ago. And and had some idiotic things to say but the biggest thing that everybody race is -- The biggest the reports it was abiding people so there was there give the headlines were all you know lot Suarez sings his teeth in to England in the you know things like that. If if you have satellite radio. God channel 94. Is. Sports talk out of England. All my god if you think if you think it was tough around here. After the Bruins got beaten by the Montreal Canadians if you thought it was tough around here after the patriots lost to the giants in Glendale Arizona. You ought to -- sports talk radio in London. In the aftermath of England losing to Luis Suarez in Europe like 21. All be -- listened to ball just because of the accident again it's fun to listen to the accents but they word they're going crazy. But it would be fun to be in a country that winning. You know watch a game in Europe why to a Europe why must been like yesterday crazy absolutely. Shut down the country. Except for the parties. 2006. Watching some of the World Cup here with the the American outlaws record together and there's a group from Boston -- the bar Dorchester which I've drawn a blank on. Great to. But now you're talking about that magnified by like millions. In virus pretty cool. It would be great to be in the country that's winning -- actually. -- -- I don't know what story can remember one. Oh. Well -- well come -- time and I think -- back country right now. 6177097937. Is telephone number text this if you like a 37937. It's Daylon. Halt Collie and Mike Garrity -- it Sports Radio W rather guy.

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