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Three For All: Tattoos 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

Merloni and Fauria talk about a terrible Shawn Thornton Tattoo and people tattooing their pets.

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Hey these guys know more than just boarding school educated well traveled -- -- -- Renaissance man who thinks he's three or wrong. Number 30 yeah -- country threes overall picture. It's three for a all these days with MSB's. Our return I guess that goes to crawl. But -- man down a couple of things one is weather related you know the weapons to do with tattoos but -- -- institution -- just talked before the show. There's so we signed by sun up right for the sake soccer. Summer -- -- right there and into the company's locker number of days total but it's outdoors and it's like Wednesdays and Wednesday night's even I think it started maybe. 5 o'clock or 4 o'clock on Wednesday against. Because of severe weather and it was I don't -- right it was ninety buggy to the mugging yet. So that the first -- -- believe. And get canceled because. I had trouble figured out why. And Somalia. There's hot. The only California half running around outside in me. But it's a summer program. I'm not a summer but he is getting to cooler. -- ever run -- like six -- weeks. Is gonna get cooler in July. Wasn't that hot out though but it may know -- it was hot but it's going to be way hotter in July target of a sum up that is send my kid out a day and run around like a maniac if Ford -- here's old gonna hurt and the question is. Why don't even have. -- -- doing it then outside if -- if in June it's still -- and it will -- in July. No veto it in LA where we grow our group in the valley and the saddest thing called those smugglers. So. Yeah practices. Like games would be canceled. Its bid -- the smog alert. Reached a 45 so -- the stage for smog alert or staged by smog alert. Practices were supposed to be canceled so it right -- the valley it was kind of like Arizona. But hotter then look at what with all the smog and all the traffic from all that from all the cars. -- you you literally couldn't breathe and it is disgusting and you drop over the hill from LA acts are in the city and you'd literally see what look like a brown speak will be clout. But it Hewitt the editor you and you could really -- house's duties drive and all the smog from the cars. All those days -- -- cut off practices -- would be -- 9500 degree -- we -- -- would also be breathing -- all -- -- From all these cars -- -- you don't have smog -- Nestle ocean breeze. -- as it is alleged in the thick enough about his obvious you don't wanna. I don't want him running around when it's really hot and humid outside. The question why is it outside the -- cramp up like LeBron I mean crap on the -- -- -- to stretch out for then why are we doing it outside the goods seller program wise and endorsed and if it -- it's too -- well and you know we're not gonna do it. Remember this is -- about why are we doing it outside. Although I I I did before the break guys could face soccer players are now a tough been stupid. Based on what I saw the other day. But it is still stalkers so there is no element of Hala that was the most polite very careful be careful -- very careful we should be careful you know the little boy started a summer soccer program out so we just thought about that and but that's okay -- eleven are sometimes -- -- alert out. Under detective story because. Are you staring at the start to -- don't look at it or not yes and I have I'm -- the one of the Bruins. But -- what looks like somebody spraying water on. Montreal Canadians they're. They've water bottle with the Bruins symbol on it on the bottom of the -- down by the ankle all the armed the rest rather now with the number 22 obviously Shawn Thornton on hand. Number of Bruins water bottle in his water being scored it. Up the forearm. To a Canadian logo. -- -- -- -- -- -- And a creative creative and dom you dumb because what is the symbolism here it's about tickets are given a simple -- -- job thorns are run. The validity case it was on this is this is what -- for a life. Or -- CNN center that would shock board did that that was such a small moment in time. I made. A mad -- was shot towards -- water -- -- -- alcohol though we got a good they lost that game. -- So you're gonna immortalized that he -- with a big giant water bottles. -- -- No they lost that game he was says that's what they lost it. -- I was -- note that it was not Paris it was it's sort of water every. Yet another -- -- always want that -- edit as -- had to have fun with them and symbolic wrist he couldn't see for. Three and a half minutes of the game obviously is accurate I was wrong that's OK but bill you can see though is that test you on FaceBook dot com slash WB yet the beautiful -- -- I don't want to wait for the artist at the beautiful tattoo very. Is where is it great color work on -- very bright vibrant. And it's awesome but. I would die if this was on my body you know the thing is over the next or get to -- with in New York you know you can't get to know what that is. New York. There no not really. Mean I'm regarded New York passes bill to a lot tattoos all not tattoos all together. Wells would -- that there would be your dog your cats but. Lot tattooing -- that's. Always a bat or so why would you talk to your pet tattooed hurt. We do you have any judges know yet not Georgia detectives none of it I haven't either but I I see people get belt and I know that they hurt. Why would you put your animal through debt to get attacked together the picture of where is it a little Chihuahua. That got a attack too and there's no way that feels good for the dollar. Like what you think the dog watch your crap art work on his body for the rest of his life. They'll think about this on Wednesday. A bill prohibiting pet pet to what passed state legislature. Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to exit so in New York actually had the pass a law out law outlawing tattooing your pets. That's why our government thought the update to pass this law may not supposed to get your bags that you. Used to just a note not to do. Okay what they Doris obviously five humane society of New York City which prohibits aren't necessary body modifications like -- your dog it -- you can't give them tattoos. He couldn't. Color their hair paint dress them up for her bout time they Halloween but don't. But don't give them -- too. You know what sparked this no I don't back in 2011. Democratic assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal. Introduced this whole Linda. After she noticed gothic kittens. With tattoos and piercings for sale online. -- -- hit a gothic cities now do -- take -- my idol is a totally different direction but it. -- kiddies I think it's a big big yeah I think different yes I'm not thinking about. -- it did like the kind that walk around for like this great New York Daily News reporter earlier this month that act roots. Are all the rage. God that's bad -- that makes that makes me mad not to go on to go up politics now hold a sign that they've -- they did this. But a person's gonna -- do their animals shave them down on the put attack and that's amazing I had no idea is that going on in the world. Debt to August -- rose who works at the eight of sorts parlor in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She says she does several tattoos. The week. Several. Two tattoos Perez several week. Out of control. All right this year. Bishop three for all don't have to YouTube if we don't expect yet they don't want to -- don't want please don't dump her body fluid and you know what -- push to pass this bill in Massachusetts is that it's just -- -- -- ridiculous.

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