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Jeff Goodman, ESPN: Trade Rondo for Ty Lawson 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

College Basketball expert Jeff Goodman joins the show to talk about Joel Embiid's foot, the Celtic's options at number 6, and trading Rondo if they can't get Kevin Love.

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Jeff Goodman. ESPN -- -- -- your own little Christian Fauria at the first. I got to get a -- gonna bring you on the green has the time regular order and don't agree I started reading and good dim awareness general -- -- thought -- would put you up but I got the -- myself. That's okay that's -- -- Can you the DF you have to take Jolo island beat at what number in this draft is at -- we just can't pass on -- anymore. Bit the responsibility at number ten. And -- Marty taking somebody at number story maybe and hold on late Julius Randall. Maybe even dot actually blog topic it's not well Mike -- Williams but I've already got it got -- in the hole that I know. It solid. And and it's all all the way to ten which is not guys it's not going to be ridiculous that that happens. I don't know what spot simply simply slips to number six there -- kept the back issues that are still a concern. And now he's got the what is cubic could put him on the shelf for the entire you -- -- in these yourself. I think it will be a particular ticket shot on him because. Break -- -- him do that you get crucified. If this guy's been able to play and be -- Throughout the reporter can be career. And you've obviously watched a player an awful lot governance to double a basketball when you. When you see these types of injuries it affect any basketball player we know that we've seen that but his game in particular. Up concerning would have -- You know Barry I'm extremely this this this is a big guy who waited about 270 counts. Lap I was told it worked out and you know outscored injury it's significant this hitless and yeah out in career ended with a foot injury would -- similar injury. And big especially here it's troublesome. But again in conjunction with the back issues which are going to be something that's given me you know need to be. Certainly watched throughout this here artistic it's too much either draft guys it's pretty do it at the top and and that's got a caveat here last year it is sit up and I'd say well this it's still they can be somewhere in the top story because draft was terrible. This year to draft this pretty darn good where you can still get a guy like. And Eric Gordon potentially. Maybe Julius Randall he slips although tropical -- You know at 78 -- I mean you know that orbit probably category two now I've made -- Somewhere in our range you've got a decision to make you take McDermott. Outside -- nearly ties and deeds but. He felt being in that what you're gonna get its potential what that. We GM and the medical people are telling that -- -- as if they're telling them. That general manager -- and don't take this -- you and your GM -- your medical personnel. Not a good exit just he's out of the equation. So Jeff a lot of talk up here locally as Major League. Mainly been focused on Kevin Love and what the Celtics need to do to acquire him in anyway shape or form. What I haven't heard as if that doesn't happen with a potential draft. Player travel players that the Celtics could grab that six -- -- spot. Did you set the -- on that for me let me know who the number one priority guy would be for the Celtics. And nobody wants play -- -- but it won't -- basis -- to work summer I would need -- trade and read out in operate our commitment to achievement entitlement. But you know -- that sparkle and without. I'm not your regular -- with Kevin Love I think he's more likely to go west and east he's the Portland Oregon native he likes LA. You want to be routine not -- compete right away for the playoffs which supports epic are still weeks away from that. So plan B it's you know that number cystic. I think you're gonna have. I would like that you -- -- -- an old -- late. Market Smart. Market smarts of -- big top points -- from Oklahoma State if you go well this that'll allow you to meet cute deal. And in deal Rondo. -- steel. Local -- for warrants. Played really in the post last year at Indiana but for more -- six not huge audience. Really a lot of upside. I kind of courts are a little bit of -- killer instinct but he's a great is what they hear -- lot better Julius Randall. Kentucky freshman 69. To hear the just be strong athletic. Draws comparison to go to Jack Randolph they're both lefties regional more athletic and Randolph. Rent a little more skilled. There's a little bit concerns were with Randall and his foot injury that he sustained a senior in high school. He's -- probably to have surgery but it's more about. A deal -- down the road you know he played forty games like forty pretty cute games -- so it's not affecting him Albert's Mort. Its economy sure that nothing happens down the road corrective. It's just great guys that they really could do report Eric Gordon is the other one. Ups freak athlete does kind of Shawn Marion why Leonard type a little bit not agree shooter. What plays hard great defender. I don't worry about if you keep Rondo. Into -- Rondo and Eric Gordon out there you get to be non shooters out of your five and I'm not sure that works well. Well that that's my my concern here obviously wanted to draft. You know the best player you don't a look at your own team does not very good team right now but you do you have Jared sellinger. So if you are looking for power forward. You get all those guys on the court at the same time time make it any of those guys that you're -- talking about go to war for Internet three. -- know yet Jeff Green here but -- -- is gonna be here for awhile. He would -- -- draft and the guy that's kind of the same spot selling interest. They have -- right really -- It's always a little bit but you know that the -- the issue to play like a Randall. Even a ball only played -- five he's not going to be happy play in the five. If you're Smart you're like trade it's like trade of -- What I might do what I was pot and I don't know Denver -- orbit here's my trade proposal a caddie and I you you'd like to play this game we love it betrayed president's -- -- I got Rondo and Kelly Olympic. Go to Denver for Ty Lawson. Kenneth Faried and inept in the number eleven pick which would turn into -- like a mixed oust its. Does he -- here. Yet to give up sixty draft the Smart there's as that we don't. Well yeah I mean you could you still have. Execute everything without so you can you can absolutely -- how -- the -- point guard you don't have to drop Smart you can draft. And all -- -- -- -- -- And it still gets seventeen you know. That you can maybe take a shot and ought to know for patent dispute spilled error point guard that maybe you know -- be good backup point part I think. -- -- -- that big difference is people pay from Austin to resolve around I don't. 19 -- you -- Rondo. I'm not on top stand and the funny part is -- your Bristol right now obviously. And not he was here yesterday doing numbers never a lot. There's no. Does he look at you like -- crush real time. No you know like we interviewed three season immediate day upset now -- the audience actually really good. I'd like like I love his skill set his talent and everything I just. You know you talked everybody who's ever coached -- -- so I mean it's -- you know like but it just went when he dashed after the Kevin Love meeting at similar. -- -- that scorching your response to like yeah I was 39 seconds. Like why would you say that but why would you say hey. Yeah like -- -- you know what I told and we -- to have them here. It is one less now. So it just a statistical back good do you view if you're the -- if you're the Celtics rather sit at six you would not take too well MB. I probably would not. No -- not executed this and again you never six were last year I would where there -- six this year contribute to a -- order a chance of being. You know not a franchise player but he changed if you are valuing correctly. The number sixty could be. Could be accurate number two guy on your team. Today particularly Israel could be a good number two guys and in the water but it can be number two or number story. I think you can bet you can edit room would be if your company -- that player whether Rangel of on late and Eric Gordon. We're going to get better like -- a killer Gordon original post are killers. -- yet so much potential. -- really play well -- certainly rebounded the heck out of body Indiana as a freshman and he's so big all of those guys are like big strong. Athletic news. It's a -- at seventeen now the Celtics obviously you know -- and powerful words at that six but. Like to see like a wing players is TJ -- encouraged jumping up the board of Apollo he would even be there at seventeen your mind. Like symbolic leader Warren -- -- -- -- great great shooter -- it means -- that's where you wanna take to win the seventy Jordan Adams. Get out UCLA. You can award not great athlete. Placed our school ball in New Hampshire but he just let them back scoring -- what did you work -- a little bit he'd get me. -- Which kind of worrisome but. I think he'll give -- that topic to be a pretty good shooter in addition to score. People like the Paul Pierce comparison that's a little -- But I I think you're gonna get a pretty good wind player like it's it's seventeen and you get a god it's certainly good rookies in winning. And maybe are really good shooter at least -- -- since probably the purpose uterus strapped behind -- doubt it's in Doug McDermott. The last one ST good you know the talks out of Minnesota. It does seem like they want players that is as opposed the draft picks with the Celtics obviously probably to give the best package is that is that right mold that does to lose love. In wanna get players -- likely Thompson admitted David Lee in return or -- they would be better off getting Prague draft picks and building now. Now I think you get players you get established players because already now on the -- it seems there's question mark you know the strap was supposed to be. That the draft of the decade of this century at one point out -- a great truck the current drought so I think you take. You take something that it's already established. You ticket got a deal plate top student you know army average 78 teams really good. They've -- these overpaid but you know again he's been productive. In the league. So I think you go with the players' revenue drop. -- -- -- ESPN -- we appreciate demand drafts less than a week away. Enjoy all these guys you -- you've watched all yearlong -- should be a fun week for. You need some help on the on the -- ordered to swimming all right. Appreciate it meant Alessio wanting and ought to do is -- so good how I. Well I bet you need you that it had -- yeah its geographic.

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