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The Red Sox still can't hit 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

Christian and Lou breakdown the Red Sox continued struggles, and Lou defends his opinions regarding David Ortiz and the official scorer.

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And look I didn't read Dickerson and none of us that I heard the song I think. So as we don't you and I just got out my -- started -- That I realized that -- and they're relentless got a little. -- we're -- back at the lower end nobody's been running like you like Jack Nelson beaten us we're used to be -- We've just a bunch MF particularly get all they -- to you about exactly delegate roll over our networks rolled nice and smooth but there are going to be some clubs but the law Friday and David. What worked a -- after so many you know it was going to be some bluntly three seconds -- -- -- year. A good looking at Joliet Coleman it would shuffled to protect. Its. How long have you worked nearly eight year I know it's 61777979837. I added that though it. Yeah and I'll save you work here a long time you don't know the number I guess that you don't have to. I guess is it's like you're not driving your car yes you know -- -- passenger the -- usually doesn't pay attention to the directions. So lets you lose directions trying to find a way back there the passenger is going to be able to tell you. Back parent look it up a window listened to music. You know talking to their friends the driver really need to pay attention to everything right now you're the driver -- and drivers are you aware how to get there don't care just. It's all all right all right yeah I noted Tuesday at the difficult islets and I've banged up this trending now -- like it was my job right egg gets when -- -- you want it to be -- smooth and silky smooth your voices. -- -- boss about that number we -- to have the bottom line -- we -- Available like showed just art and -- if somebody waiting to talk to people that love this song we know that's our song we -- that is the show predicate. Excellent or what is that 379837. All the numbers. I have no problem all -- not all the numbers -- all down. That's his love -- doing trending now. But some like the jury out. Just sit here and read it but it literally by the -- don't screw with me today in this thing -- ebitda not school agreed on burgeoning gonna help us an idea how to start talking about whatever the hell you're right. Okay I'll ad lib a little bit of I have to. A lot of the Eagles went separate these people at him and with -- and -- You know I all of -- I think at some numbers okay what are the numbers that this Toomey a snap on attempt GAAP net -- bullish on Fullerton. All right we can do that well -- blown up sit here to Dixie we have -- B I get the apple we hear -- area which is the budget MF for breaking this thing down. Anybody even watch last night all of model. I don't know if you'll start at last night and I really feel like coming out the gate yet you need to defend yourself. Your comments from yesterday regarding David Ortiz. You think we're winning and we need to we need to make it very clear we. The sound at those guys who played. Does it was it was a -- I get on credit your passion out of bed at 88 picked a good clip you know money clip with -- -- -- passion. And then there's you know civic all right -- It's exactly what sector which we'll get through you have that -- at the bit that they played because I'll I'll defend that this is what the NC -- despite I've met this bit. Was he right. Yes that they get it right of it all -- -- just like it's Yu Darvish. That no hitter that was it clearly need a -- -- that an error while cook in Texas. And I'm looking out for the players look at up for their own and that's. There is something to be said they're always a questionable call can be -- Allred. Or New York you know America they gonna give Jews here this is -- baseball players are judged by numbers. It's not even about money. Here's an ever more incentives he's got his contract. Men accused of last year -- -- like Tony here with the Cisco or two ago because then it would be well he's trying to posture in this into a new contract this coveted with the money. This but the deal with competitiveness. This got to do with buyers get it to the guy that wants every and he deserves it David Ortiz does one thing. He has done one thing for the last fifteen years of his life. One. Hit a baseball. I defend all that back to -- I don't feel -- -- I agree with all that I'll say all that again if you asked the same question probably repeat the same answer that Sally Field. However where it was taken out of context. Was that they felt that that was -- defending -- speak in public. Jackets here here is what you don't like. During that I would we don't know what will we don't you don't like -- him publicly. Shame but there was George Jamie. FT. So the heart of man. And I think it was good to have you back home -- -- -- never happen it's always like having him over more than a decade and score keeper -- -- always horrible. Home and you know I mean what do you -- -- to do the gulf of all the American done. So we've got I would look like kind of back that I don't know they'll always end attended. So it's not like -- -- just kicking puppies kittens -- if you see what he's doing wrong and since it's something that I. It's an out of control. And make -- the tiger I agree -- -- -- the K as far as they know him bitching about it Weis should. What I was talking mobile force defending why in the big picture why one -- mean something to hitters. Okay efficacy before -- -- -- say I don't agree with him publicly coming -- talking about it should be a private conversation. But for a while I was there to defending hitter on why guys still. Not everybody goes public -- David Ortiz. But if you think that not everybody bitches about hits and errors that you are wrong. To a man. They'll privately bitch about it hit or era pitcher will -- a body hit or an error earned run whatever might be not everybody goes public agree with Google public. I put data and at all David being David thing it's what he's always back. I hate that we we we cannot allow our proposal would put that -- -- -- that the rest. It's nine B I I hate this like it was somebody being Manny I hate David beat David it gives it its built in excuse. Purcell would be a jerk -- be a baby to complain to be obnoxious well. I hate all you guys does David beat David Manny being Manny fought threat on the ground let it go to David beat David. Always -- is complain about a hit it comes down the score up the top up you know watching the game in school Warren. -- -- -- -- I hate that -- and saint lake gives it is it gives people who want would be. Irrigated wannabe. You know all about me an excuse to do whatever they want and we just suck it up and deal with it. Now put that -- and out of forty year. All we can put it that unless our listeners who are out there for disagree. With one thing to note is that it does and call at 6177797937%. With me if if if you feel that. I'd just being 88 David Ortiz defender which have a lot people always use open. And fortunately just. Always David. Practice he's always popping off saints that the media yeah but that's that's. The best analysts don't wanna talk about how to -- a few calls up there but I do want to touch on. The Sox offense last night again Dustin Pedroia hits a two run shot that anybody would stay up. Anybody watch Abigail woods. Much will we see in the last week it was nothing. Scott Kazmir. Who by the way it looks like the guy did for five years ago and I think -- ask them. Here's a couple of years ago. But it is nothing. -- to two run shot it felt like it was like a six run homer wrote that two run homer you still trailing that they go down -- through the play and best team in the American League. Not much of much of the same you know much of the -- will receive. I did not watch the game last night a -- to this morning. Because there was no need for me to stay out. For it's like a movie exceed three times but they're certain movies that when they come on TNT and TBS. Good fellow is one casino. I'm -- seek redemption is another movie I seen a million times -- -- how it ends. I'll sit there and watch it with all the commercials I know what's gonna end. It's the same thing with the Red Sox. Two runs no offense couple errors. -- Pierzynski is now taking place -- Ortiz he's like he's showing his emotions he's overreacting. And they lost. Pitching was up for the most part he was he was strong -- these elitists. You know give up battle out out a lot so. Blame it on him but again it's always the same issues and it's always on how we gonna get more runs so there's no need. That there and stay up to all the -- at night when you know what the yard into the axis of the test of where you'll want to take it. Here's what should concern you as a Red Sox fans is that. You've actually got. You know brought holt county -- they'll fictional. -- of their little -- however it is closet until he Bob abilities play and he'll probably get that probably cool off. But you feel good about it with a lot of it leadoff. You know they need it Jonny Gomes against lefties out just against lefties -- -- economic -- -- he's an excellent about -- well. In this is now that you get those that and it took positions taken care of this is when it's often should actually be healthier again right nepalese back. Okay Stephen Drew is -- got you got a couple hits all of last night OK -- couple games go pessimistic still not scored runs. This is the maximum offense right now that you get from the -- you asked me as far as personnel goes in house Victor Reno. Donna we tested don't get started Victor -- Day don't you can't count on him at all I'm sorry this whole thing now about the -- the back stiffness overall stiffness answering. He might get activated how long before it goes back in the deal. And this is -- that you should be really concerned because offensively this is what you got you know at this this is that you got that you really wait crushing victory a come back and say fix everything. And that's going to be the difference maker all older one god Victor coming back -- just a federal quickly. The truth is is that it came back way too early. -- -- -- -- Hampshire and I've never had a hamster okay I had going to be kind of fast. Day no and I I -- mine my answering by somebody attacking you bungee cord to -- to my waist. Running about forty yards down and then -- there were so what's tension and it. It was posted at you faster. So that once you start running the actual the band holds you back so that you should you should run anyways my -- could keep up and like I got shot from the trees. -- It took me eight months to recover now because the injury should take eight months. The first thought I rehab it rehab I got that our star running -- tweeted again. Start doing it again amateur -- a rarity even more time Mike okay. Doing more doing more -- great start may get tweaked it again didn't care just re tweet to -- if you re tweak it. -- -- Like two months because now everyone's freaking out. All he said he felt great we brought him back and got hurt again he played once the big games after the first time. He came back right at first he tweaked it again so. But the trainer and I am in charge of deciding whether you should play or not if you can protect yourself if you can help us tonight you could stay healthy long enough. To produce to give us some up -- the play right field. I can't put too until I am 100% positively sure so if you wake of the morning in years both to go to have a Pawtucket. And you're supposed to get some hits -- -- both get a rehab assignment. Then I'm not putting you and tell you walk and say you know what I am 100%. Positive I'm fine -- -- any -- no. If he tells me an arbitrator I'm responsible putting out there could ultimately. The guy who's going to be who's going to be Amber's also going to be. Knew who won't be excused. It was a be blamed for putting out there is going to be the trainer. He's the guy that coaches -- -- it's not going up there rehabbing them haven't view is stretching exercises deciding is its fifth general stiffness and answering. But to your point. -- is that. This is what it is that's this is did you get ready that this is gonna go all into September it's not gonna change you can you can stay -- watching gauge if you want. But I'm going to tell you that it's gonna have the same outcome you gonna beat crappy teams you're gonna beat Tampa Bay you're gonna beat Minnesota. But you're gonna struggle and you're gonna have to have your best output. If you play Oakland. That's just the way it is. Did that thing with the thing with Vick to his. You know he's a football comparison this is like a wide receiver to -- a hamster this is not an offensive -- -- David Ortiz. Is dealing with a calf in calf issue okay and that it did its rank monitors it's not serious he's still playing on a but the long road trip. They get the day off against the lefty but David Ortiz can can tweak it -- Or hamstring is still DH. Gets a hit a one hopper to second -- jog to first base it all go to whatever but yeah exactly this is that's that that the speed he plays at the David beat David David being David. But -- Vick is out there patrol right field uses speed Vick gets on base and he should be just a threat to steal bases. So he's a speed guy with a hammy injury was huge consortia. And as the lower back at last year -- -- injuries never wanted to -- This year is back in handy thing. It's it's that they're all work together you know wanted editor at all back you -- I Miami. You got a tight AME usually because you got a solo backers step back I saw you hips whatever rights all connected. Anybody comes back it's not like Napoli was in fourth -- -- in say Los that's only 25 home -- hopefully skinny lady. Hopefully that in a couple runs in on me it's. He's not that impact guy that's why that's why I always felt that they they need something outside. You know what they have right now. Nation this is this is when the last week is when they should be taken off. Dot scoreless rounds. Yeah honest with yet it as far as victory goes it's. It's a sad because you really this entire season for him is is basically a wash it's just Don because. You just sets of it is maybe think about it when a guy starts. Having multiple injuries based on one major so the back really isn't the problem is capturing still the problem problem. The cause for his back up as a bad back that Hampshire he screwed up so now he's running he's rehabbing his favoring it. He doesn't stretch enough he tweaks his back now back become finishes. The chicken and the egg isn't. There are a lot of guys public sit back when it's lower back issues within a week they've hamstring. Even if you have like -- if you have a high ankle joint and you vineyard Utah was strangled and you try to rebel your favoring your ankle so you're not putting as much wait until your right ankle. Now you're pulled in with more with your left hole lake. Which will make you overworked that say you're growing muscle your your squad of guys will be rehabbing an ankle. -- handle pull their opposite leg squat other opposite lake pantry or rolling must run and then another rehab two things. So that's exactly what happened to Victor -- That's it so when I think about how far backe is. And the fact that he came into camp you saw my editor and we talked about a city did come into camp in great signal that ready to play wasn't tipped option would you say. Guy I don't think that dumb that he was weird maybe he should have been handled better outlook on rehab he had in the offseason its core issues. There at the end of that year last year but became an Kampman and -- looked adamant. City not on a something's restrict them ignited leave a little -- yeah and it quite frankly the first two and a half weeks is that got a political program that that's it which is like. What program yeah well we just try to lose their videos the flu at the end can't. Admits they lost ten pounds and his words it was a good thing. It's never good thing it was ten pounds now unless you're are what you need to lose about 101000 that we need to beat weight height. Yeah the -- -- -- and -- -- for him was it goes back to come again to a season using your offseason. To make sure you had a good regular season. You -- I know the season went long maybe it was a at an adjustment for some guys are not used to not use the budgeting dinnertime in managing your time in the used to having more time often. And he got behind maybe thought I'd just use spring training as a way to get back in shape. Now that doesn't work anymore every sport nowadays it's year round yet it maybe a week off maybe a week about two weeks that is back to work. So. Measles bars like counting on people like Victor Reno is not the guy you we should be thinking about -- If we're gonna get better for a score more runs or just what to victory comes back to get to victory at outlets that are not that you can't you I think passed him up at eight. If you if a guy on your team isn't going to be the answer -- Amber's already -- -- that a whole experiment was a wash it that it worked out for you. To value needs some of the younger guys or somebody else. It's got to step up that we've been wait for that Pedroia stepped up. Last night are we seeing -- Ortiz stepped up Napoli stepped up it back to back home runs. But on a hole. You just not getting enough and it's just it's -- at its nine runs in the last five games one game went ahead and runs first time all year look all the Specter hasn't anybody did a great mode -- and iPod and everybody this is great. -- they're not consistent enough and there can't rely just on their pitching to help -- -- one nothing games to two 32 games that's not going to be enough.

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