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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Recapping Patriots OTAs 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

Tom "Eugene" Curran joins the guys to discuss how the Patriots look coming out of OTAs. Then Christian and Lou discuss the Patriots playbook scandal.

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And you know on nine -- and Obama in this sport like this is when you know on current. -- CSN any dot com joins shell. Tom -- -- -- a better right now Russian music practice run right now at the end efforts -- -- own beds. It's just the MF pursuit today Tommy by the way I have your weekly log book I know what you're going to be doing this week I -- at all. -- Oh I'm just saying I'm I'm I'm like Rex Ryan given up about labels like I I know where you're going to be ignore her I know what you got the kids said it would stories you think it right now. Tim -- quick give me your take on the whole. Patriots stealing defensive playbook. Well I think it's as Greg Bedard actually and pointing out they went on. Playbook are not really Christian certainly could speak to this very capable. They're not really. That well. Protective I mean I think the -- certainly do want to protect them but. By and large you have general -- to every team runs and it's the execution of the players who are running won't really revolutionizing. A quick look at the playbook a game plan to different animal. But I think at any time you insinuate when patriots and application -- and L. You have a very. -- straight line which you can drop from the two and who knows who now. So it's there -- -- action but I don't -- it's certainly much ado about nothing -- aperture playbook. Nick probably right to jets' playbook -- out because they've seen so many times and what they do. Yes vote so Tom -- first top what does the and yes or bank media and it is that's a topic OK any of -- emphasis -- everything. I don't -- tell by your middle name. A -- -- -- ball misses that's perfect -- is atop the many cancer over the guy's got about what five weeks for the got a report again. Yeah I what are they are -- what what would be. I mean I am not I don't take much stock in and mini -- anymore especially the way they do things it's just know it's just really a passing tournament glorified passing tournament. -- what would you say would be the biggest story line going into the summer -- -- camp starts this summer what's up against the number what the day you would you would need to see. Christian the shape for the defense looks like to me what. In terms of what kind of style will they play because it would look at the people that they -- it. -- the last really recede but really a significant number of this offseason to -- it looked real readers that brand of profit and Domenici. Any couple let up with Jim Jones. You've got more -- field defense lawyers whose strength. It's fresher whose strength is not playing in reacted style defense which the patriots have won one done. And I think that when you look at that -- of the patriots go to -- eight press coverage. An episode nineteen we -- -- and -- human shut down position on the go to penetrate over the -- I'm not even with. It's -- may not start right out shoots in terms of being even on the field. Are you going to have that element more increasingly in -- defense as a response to the that's seem that you face with big wide receivers Chicago -- of course. Aaron and alliance and any other number -- develop an editor of that that meet. Can make them entirely different humor in what we watched you really attack. I'd do -- I think that's what my quest you look at the -- is an ode to an oath oh by the police all the Super Bowls. When he had those great defense as yet a lot of big bodies and it seems like now other just written almost turning into. A little bit of an of group more aggressive smaller deepened today and smaller -- pick out Vincent talked to got Tommy Kelly but I think they're going to more towards this. You know faster lighter guys who -- you can you know get through like -- like -- chased out plays a lot the bubble screens. -- and again tons of secondary help it seems like you cannot have enough. Cover cornerbacks like in the earlier days you could have enough linebackers. Now it's likely you can't -- of corners. And it kept the vehicle and don't -- -- it would mean yesterday's strong and sticky and it and I think it's you have to find. Because of the special they are -- -- -- -- let go aren't prepared might end up being very short order where she's been an outside order. Kyle Eric Girardi does the order gonna become part we ought to -- right arm and I think I'm very impressed with watching him move. You know aimed at my forty yards or more -- -- -- -- better on the back and allowed our. That's what's good on the back and -- a -- when you look at. Who wants Super Bowl contender they attic quotes that are at the back of the peace whether it's -- golden poppy what are. It pretty -- the other. Straight he had not -- what was escaping me right now. Both Iraq and I'm. The team to end up -- the fact that I still don't see that quotes that are out -- that -- -- in the state prediction patriots but in Q what about it but -- is. But let's say you need yet few. You know Tom I know a lot of the focus is to be on defense and I think rightfully so with the boys come back and guys like Revis and Browner put. Offensively. -- it's. Expectations wise a weary you with this this the as far as weapons and receivers they -- wide receivers and I'll. Much of a step sport they can take year in year two. You know some today and I saw that -- was so I in the world that perhaps Jeremy gallon. Let it go either compel pop in your voice vote on the roster at the difficult you're out. Arts are looking and broke falcons beat him as an undrafted free agent -- -- -- struggle that there were you with -- -- He has an injury. But outlook or actual player. There's a rookie draft to create about -- -- -- opera like the patriot I think that the arrow pointing out. The end of the year on him last year you're gonna get better in that there -- Mort I'm. So I think that. Well I want to make significant strides forward or can make himself relevant that -- I think that -- goers use. I -- -- much better seat denies after the Nazis artwork are you guys can speak to this book your respective sports. If you have a body -- to use. In flexible which certainly was when he got here in terms that I think he walks if you moved here which is something Julian -- -- well both. It couldn't have great flexibility they were almost too wound up. I think the -- bought it bought time on that and you go to element here injuries have gone significantly downhill. In terms of non contacts things and working on aspects of the game and I think the -- all. Would be in the same boat so I think -- -- lot of improvement just fighting in the program for a longer period -- these players. -- so Tommy currency has any dot com. He stands for Eugene just in case you're wondering. Tom. The one position or how Kyle that's good that's it was good thing now. So no one -- position -- but I feel like they just have not addressed. Feel like they've addressed the the depth at linebacker secondary -- -- -- the linemen. The running back septic have been addressed the one position that they have not addressed to guess is that -- -- it. What are they going to do and I think it's -- I don't think this is a small army you have rock rarely and that's it -- James Devlin. Playing tight and it during the mini camp so. Aren't they going to do something is Dustin Keller an option ought to just teasing us or do they not are -- gonna stick with the guys they have. I absolutely -- players are gonna continue to be under where. -- into -- affiliate political well I think Keller the best fit my nine year -- six -- thirty. The reason is available. Isn't just because -- pretty devastating injury but he also told that this New York market and the quarterback everybody did. And they're citing. And don't try to put Miami means you're. Marked on your football game in itself -- okay he's the perfect -- Christian and so many ways. Also I think that Michael Olmert how an -- if I -- -- offering -- it would really be you're Christian. Our cigar because when it's done. Because he catches everything it's volatile and it -- get separation you can get a little bit more separation between to a bigger by. They haven't all his ability and used his ability to catch the ball into traffic enough. I'm not saying you gotta go to rockets around what he could be thirty catching your guy. No it is I actually saw you right -- say that a while back and I kind of agree with you were just a matter of you know finding his role now he's been that H guy or he you know blocks deepen the tackle on the -- plays. But he's not a -- they're gonna flex out. Okay and you have a -- the point of attack and can he be your every down guy is either replacement of -- the starting tight ends meet -- -- starting tight end. Going into the season but I think there's a glaring weakness at that position that our team needs to be addressed so I think rustic Kelly no I think up Tom. I think of camp Cleveland. Camp clearly who came in and like at senior I kidnapping and -- to. He had he'd just come up his fourth Achilles tear. We got physical guy great route runner great receiver who's a soft and and blocking but. He was a definite threat he was used to be flexed out. Now -- kind of fell off because he just wasn't tough enough but. There's that fear that a guy coming off a major injury just -- necessarily have. The ability to picture view as much as you realists and we want him to. Right and get on the Internet and get a gauge on how motivated it's nothing short contending in the NFL after that kind of an injury I would bet on him. Prior to betting on. To Michael Finley who would that ten million dollar insurance settlement if he does not play. That he can enjoy. That's that's -- hard. Level of second guess and second thoughts to embrace especially you don't neck injuries that I would think Keller would be -- talk about that -- marketable. Bowman now a new week and Keller. As if hey that's the answer that your answer all of talked about is -- stop gap until the until he comes back and hopefully. Unfortunately. The team can -- itself from a tight -- center team because of the personal and Hernandez and gronkowski were there to anymore. You know sprinkler system type team which it was in 2001. To reinforce just spray around. On underneath. I think -- -- -- going to be an interesting player to watch not vote say I've seen that this in this from him and he's going to be able to use some things. Police in next -- He picked and I think -- are well who's who -- portfolios local union prior to anybody else that legacy. Dummy currency isn't any dot com it's our hearts of people talk about Rob Gronkowski and say may be week's seven week gate does that mean. Week eight week nine and here you know what is your timetable and growth. I could honestly say it would be a good -- if anybody think we trust. What I say look -- people out there for me to make proclamations and have them say well yeah parents -- -- Whenever -- I don't know how it's gonna go but I think the patriots will want to -- and it brought broke -- you know respect and -- ago. By two weeks six. Then they'll put -- -- -- beginning and he's not gonna go to the same kind of drama every week where he goes out ripped it up and dominates practice. And then. It still unpopular and activated so I think that there will be more decisive this year -- -- last year and having that whole operation. Of drag out wasted. Our next comic dump currency is that any dot com take a quick glance Thursday night on Comcast sports they appreciate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- -- think it -- it. Well as Tommy current breaking down mini camp which is -- over three days and wanna get into a lot of that more dispersed I don't know I don't know what solar Comcast. -- PR Weaver of the few time I'll see the article that Greg Bedard wrote on the Monday Morning Quarterback -- got a lot of people talking about Mike Patton. Basically -- patriots stealing play books. But great -- was really upset -- assists him last -- I mean he would I did you always pissed. Last night talking about this article this is this is Greg Bedard last night. I'm upset about it because I think this is example. You know the problems that plague our industries the worst example of you know the media -- nothing to do running with a store and this was just at a funny anecdote in the story it was. Mike -- you know Boston some chops that story about Tom Brady busting the jets shot. That's all what was it's ridiculous all this because first of all. There's no such thing as stealing play books and look for talking about the week of the game that's the important playbook Miller once said anything about. -- Yeah. Why you so upset yes you wrote this great article I want to put a lot of -- article on Mike. Patent I get it okay Lotta research to a great job over there the Monday Morning Quarterback. But -- you -- article you talked about the New England Patriots stealing play books. Whether it was a joke or not will they expect the course of people that'd jump all over this. It's fun because when this economic -- this they had this on ESPN yesterday and you actually. Served it up on our show up are a segment of upon further review. And then deal holly ran out there in their show. Yes this article is great you wanna go up Mike -- you -- know about how we came up your you know how we start off at high school head coach -- -- -- coach of the Cleveland brown -- the headline yes so if you wanna know what Mike -- you read this article but if you are reading it and it's long. You get the once section and -- the thinking being always large. But doing a picket a tiebreak was walker wait there's a Mike Smith would like he used to work well for pet again is mark for the jets and now he's with Cleveland. So that's how we got the book. You are going to give to people. I rates. Bands are not bad they're not Medicare. Because this is the story. I mean -- it doesn't really mean anything if you really kind of peel and peel layers down loop. And think about how important. A playbook is or is it. It is it it really does us. I get it but I'm reading this article gain and I think he says it was 3000 words a lot of work and it had an article so it it. It you know it's it couple quotes I read an article was always a couple to take out it's like like abortion -- -- with you and and Ortiz I have a -- that's like but it's a bold letters right rather. Does -- fit the article that just put it kinda -- at -- some important quotes out boy does it on two different quotes what is. Then talk about pat talking about Johnny man's now. Do you look at retired draft class ever -- a quarterback mean Richard -- which Johnny. Really being the only one had a chance to be an opening starter -- says it could happen but my idealists on opening day. So that was important quote he took out this article there was one other one. That they put bold letters that they took out of this article. And that was. I don't put a lot of graduate level information on a patent says we know in place that knowing it's a matter time that they somehow mysteriously end up with -- our playbook article directly to that. On that story out of the 3000. Word article. He'd be highlighted in bold letters to quotes. One of them. Was patent talking about the play buckle missed -- and typically when you're actually avoiding meat Judy's. You're actually showing in the eighties. And it basically say I wrote an unbelievable article they're just got out of it pisses me off. You guys really didn't read what I put down -- did I spent a lot of time researching this is a great story this is highbrow stuff -- got really read it. They don't just focus on that one pair -- of what that one paragraph -- talks about you know Bill Belichick and Tom Brady great story. A great story. Is so you guys should check this out but again. It doesn't matter. Does it doesn't matter it doesn't do think too consider Bill Belichick players' coach. I would tell you what I would yeah and I think -- -- -- -- with this though I have to agree with you really you didn't think I did act -- -- 100%. And I think that you know we we as fans we leadership press conference is we don't know we always hear about the sense of humor that he has you know in meetings or whatever it is. The -- Revis. Who once called Bill Belichick a jerk -- fix -- Bill Belichick supporters coach. Elect. No I do you saw Revis he's got since he's got the start -- behind his I had easier -- -- a resource that they gave me for a couple. We'll -- -- -- we got elected and did the daughters are at a really tattoo artist. Our way out because bill would throw Revis was speaking to the media. Yesterday -- talking about some lose you know distaste for Belichick in the past. Now -- didn't like Bill Belichick but this was this is Revis a bill yesterday. He's he'll bring to your insights -- -- minister feedback we get from his -- -- he obviously respects. Yeah yeah he bill I think I think this the biggest pivotal. They really don't understand about bill was -- -- questions you know he's US courses should try to get other people's inside specimens. To see you know. If we got any inside from playing for New -- -- and if you you'll sit down and have a conversation Unionists. I think that's why he's so -- What he's doing is very Smart but at the same time he knows the pulse of the team. Yeah I know slot built and he gets a bum rap dislike Popovich for the spurs gets a bum rap because. And we had a couple of his sound bites on the show a couple of days ago we were Robertson what Magic Johnson said. But as a player and knows -- I was scared to death this is the last place I want to come a couple different options opinions on how the freeagent. And I called around Jacksonville was an option Tampa Bay it was an option. It's -- it was an option in New England was in the mix but -- -- I just heard so many bad things about spell check. That I want nothing to do with it. He -- hard on you he -- to death he never gives you a break. He he doesn't compromise and it was. It was like a drill sergeant now Alison you heard of and that's what I heard of him and quite frankly that was what I saw when he was at Cleveland. And actually met with them when I was at the senior born December Cisco and -- 11 media and it was like the hot seat from the natural. Were the guys -- -- the owner of the team sits in the dark and then you know Roy -- comes in and he turned the light on to guide its all freaked out about it. Well that's kind of how was built in April to tape bought. And I did he was critiquing everything dip from college but when I got here. There wasn't a more I guess compassionate man and a coach when it came to making sure. You're going to be able to give your best so if you work if you're got a head injury and we need to manage that injury you've got to make sure he manager injury he was gonna make sure you -- take. Three steps for biceps back. I mean he was. Aware that. It's especially. Especially you know older guys who were coming in. And sense of humor great off the charts but dry yes on the ability to give you the information to make you feel to be at your best. That -- getting -- the rest is up to you. Yes yeah I think you know to be a great coach that he is you have to be that you know you have to be able to relate -- the demand execution right from from -- players at the you wanna get better listen to me that type of thing I think he gets that respect now the business man the business side of it. Revert to match patriots say yes and that's when the patriots are right bills goes hand in no so there's a difference in the business bill. And I think the head coach bill deals with individuals. Yes I tell you you've never really had to I was I didn't have to guess where I stood with them you know there wasn't any gray area with him it was. Here's what we need to do here is that we think about ship. We like yeah we don't like it knows that it was it was grid there's no guesswork now. Pete Carroll doesn't it completely different way Mike Holmgren did it -- Joseph Gibbs stated from way so there's -- -- coaches who have been successful. And it doesn't mean that -- ways the only way but that's all the way I know where why I've been successful with that --

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