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SoccerCast - USA vs Portugal Preview

Jun 20, 2014|

In this edition Spain's elimination and a preview of USA vs Portugal.

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Welcome into another edition of WTI soccer cast as always I'm your host Ben kitchen alongside me via the phone today is my host Russell numerous power and I am well and probably -- I'm terrible -- thank you for asking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's designed -- has nothing to do what's going on in the World Cup. If I was Spanish. Huh. I wouldn't feel good for other reasons let's start right there up at the defending champions knocked out by Chile. Little shocking but you know life and and I feel terrible because I've picked two to get to the finals so I look like an idiot. But on I guess I efficiency in this coming from the match against the Netherlands. And -- basically it's not a didn't show up this is that -- I just think. That this team has run its course then. Their old we've talked about that. They -- there are quote golden generation who did win three consecutive championships -- World Cup two euros so. You can't deny them their place in history they are arguably one of the greatest teams of all time but does this. Early exit after only two games does it Mars their legacy at all in your mind. It doesn't in my mind because because if you could take out there I mean it's a part of it -- and it's a part of it because this is how it -- and badly. But if you're looking out of him from just -- period of time when they were so dominant. It should stand by itself but but this have to be part of the story but not the big part of the big part of the story -- up for a good part of time. Stay with Dominic and unfortunately. Dominance does run on it and it ran out here at this World Cup it was a very bad ending but it shouldn't take away from what they accomplishment. It doesn't take I don't think it should take away much of what they accomplished but in the short term it's certainly does sure but -- In the long term it really shouldn't and it really want. But let's talk about the team itself. They had all the players. They've got all the talent in the world. They looked old and frankly they've really just looked are motivated. You know what I was listening to two another show talking about Spain in general. And after you've had that kind of success. You know over and over again it's hard to motivate you to to play -- level and -- kind of blind into a little bit of this maybe they were. They were again believe in some of their own -- and instead of putting in the work that they need to put an end -- just belief that instead of taking it. They were taken for granted and I think that might have come in here maybe they just thought they could just show up then. And unfortunately you can't show up at a World Cup and expect to play at a high level you have to put in the effort you have to really want it. And it didn't look like they want as much as the candidate played against. A -- definitely -- they wanted to and they played pretty well. They didn't play an amazing game to beat Spain which you'd think someone would like -- polity would have to play. Outstanding soccer to beat Spain they didn't play outstanding soccer they just played better than Spain right. So. Spain has nothing to. I I don't know what the word internal look for here is they they have nothing to hang their hats on in the -- and they got their asses kicked by the Netherlands thoroughly. And images got beat by -- a weaker team. So they should be doing some shame today and going back to their home country Lou yes I know they have one more game to play but whatever -- time. They chanted Obama skate I'm just playing the youngest people on the team at that point saying screw it. You know it's funny I was watching men and places. And they were talking about. Grant a transcript podcast pretty part yes and actually that's citizens are on the I'll watch ESP Annapolis watch it this morning. And they're actually talking about. That the play that public has scored great deal against Australia is going to be Fernando Torres because Fernando Torres scores and more meaningless goals -- anyone else on the planet. And that probably -- probably -- eagle. Well at that point then do you question the squad and not playing. Torres earlier and playing coast who is coming off an injury but it adds a spectacular seasons with his younger than Torres that made sense and a lot of lot of areas but. Will there every second guessing is Torres does score two group meetings schools here. The probably it will be -- how'd you know -- -- huge issues. Fernando Torres or over a constant debate stock based on the season that he had been like he just said that there's no way. -- don't put you know have the second dancers are course. So. -- stands out good I'm actually kind of glad at first I was thinking. -- it's kind of sucks and some of the big dogs go down early because it actually -- Mars the -- -- a little Britain hurts it. -- Spain is one of those teams that yes -- similar -- in their home country but there are relatively popular around the world because of the success. Will it hurt the tournament at all moving forward -- the giants is gone. No. The fact I think it's gonna help the term interest I think it's gonna help because again there are so blame many other countries in the -- expand. And -- that you're gonna have a new champion I think what we're. Advocates predict garnered even more interest you know even even a club that club a country. Say 11 didn't want to witness list Ron English and I'm sick and you better to I don't I don't know the slick one here but. But even a country like England. Spain a -- maybe -- you know if we do have a chance even though even though we lost to Italy it gives countries that. -- thought that it didn't have much of a chance. To win the whole thing they detonated that nothing out some chance to end and I would get this is actually a good thing for the tournament in general ideal. Because I you know I -- one of the favorites is now gone it doesn't diminish the turn and it at all. What I think we're seeing -- Spain go and what you're seeing Mexico play Brazil really topping getting a draw. I think you're seeing seeing clubs and in countries that. That's some might not have thought how much good chance to do anything in this tournament. -- stuff and it and I think this is all part of and in the clock out. Countries are really looking could -- -- -- for a present well. If you said that the US men's national image you're seeing Mexico. Get a draw with Brazil. It's sicken yourself why can't we get something from the Portugal match now. I'm serious you're looking at Costa Rica Costa Rica did you pick in the same exact thing now because because maybe the gap isn't as large as we thought that. It. It's a great point -- it's a very good point and I make a point step you do make good points very good points and piggybacking off -- good point. It's great to see the CONCACAF teams do well. Because that. Can only help raise interest for. You know two years from now when there is qualifying game three years -- -- is a qualifying game for the next World Cup in Brazil the US is playing Mexico. There will be heightened because Mexico put -- -- good -- and because the US putting added challenge because grocery put in a good showing it's heightened because of those. So it's a good thing in the -- -- teams do well because it only helps this region grow and develop more. Honduras. Get your act together I gotta be represented to. Exactly so. What you said then we gonna look back this -- and -- what we think. Let's transition now let's talk about the game that the one that we all really care about witches. USA Portugal. Jozy Altidore is ruled out for the game. Not much of a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention. He's out Ronaldo. Is in -- saying he's a 100% fit he's and we both know he's not a 100% fit. Why else would he have that ice pack on his intern training session. But that's a huge plus for them -- -- out. February contrast -- right. The US has an opportunity here they've been given a window by a team that is yes they are better than the US. Because they have Cristiano Ronaldo. But. Portugal's given DUS a very big window here to make something happen. We're jewels overrated I agree -- most people they are an overrated squad. Ten the US. Even with -- Jozy out can they. Put up enough goals. To hold off Portugal and hold off their attack because their attack is set their defense is weak but their attack is set up. While. The opportunities they're down. That the opportunity is totally there for them but the big question with -- outdoor. Where the gold in the conference on their young -- There and Johanneson. You know listen I I -- -- fair and doing -- -- because it was put into it very difficult situation. Coming in from Ralph Stewart he doesn't hold up the ball that's not what he doubts. And and that's why. These straight -- coming up for the US men's national team are crucial because if you want to play without. Jozy Altidore during Clinton's gonna have to do possibly change how -- place. Because. Because you you don't have that target man -- hasn't really cannot play a role. So what you gonna do now are you going to play Chris one won't be are you gonna play your aunts and are you gonna have a Clint Dempsey up front as as as possibly the -- now so. So there aren't there are many questions. Again -- Republican chances to until till we get to the match but. But the opportunity is there and then. But Al -- -- -- tick off I hate to put it felt like going back to that match because everyone you know all the complaints I've heard about winning a match and listen. Wouldn't get a three point as the most important thing. And as I've heard it here locally about while they -- so sharply but they've got all three points. And I'll go back and I'm not gonna disagree that it's inoperable Michael probably play part of what's kmart's in imply. But they got three points but losing out to -- more when they lost some really changed the match. Because if you go back do you look at the beginning of that match. Without a story in there. -- -- was not dominating play. And and and again this goes back Jurgen Klinsmann. Making adjustments. What's in -- -- which is probably the right in the duke but but again it really change how they play. And and there was no flow looked up point. And you know again. I think part of that part of that you have to give credit. To Ghana but the other part beat you -- to put on someone like Michael Bradley who really did not have a solid game that I used to seeing from. Bradley came up big when he needed to. He did because he stopped and he stopped them from playing in the middle you -- that you have to give credit to Michael probably because I can criticize. The passing them which he deserves criticizing warm. But probably its presence in the middle forced the ball out wide. And again that was probably the right thing to do so he partially did his job but the passing was four I think you'll agree with me now. Absolutely so well I mean he did he made one of the dumbest decisions. Wang you're trying to kill time at the end of the game after yards with a 21 lead after you you're you're trying to end this game. Bradley's on a run down the right side of the field. And he's probably about 35 yards away from the corner. You're expecting him to take it all the way to the corner and dance and just keep trying keep gone away from the ball just kills much time is ten. But any tosses an early cross Tim nobody. Else in the gorgeous scoops it up and they're on the counter already. It was a really really dumb decision and this is a play you do not seem make dumb decisions. Yeah listen I totally rooted out that's what was so shocking about watching him and and and think about you know think about the massacre of Nigeria. Where where I thought he was the best player on the -- And and again I was sustenance food too little local Sports Radio show and some callers calling insane blaming it on him move into the -- -- Which which honestly is not the reason why you do not play well. Against Ghana he had a back gain this -- in the bought him moving from -- law. To -- MLS this is about a player just not playing well part and part of the game. In his defensive role he did his job but moving forward he did not do his job he had a bad day and it's. You know and it's okay because I actually expect and they have a much better team. It's Portugal it's the US are going to get anything out of that match he has to play. Very well and -- out and they're not going to get anything from them out. He has a key in this match but also another key in this match that we're gonna go back to a lot -- -- Are all Harley is how will the US score who's gonna be up front. What's going to be the ordination. So many questions that you're -- Clinton and again I don't have the answers for right now. Again that time in the Arctic and put -- diamond exactly and they gonna plated diamond. Are they gonna change things up yeah it's going to be forced to change things up because it does not have outdoor and and again that's that's something we you know again I don't know what I don't know how he's going to do this. -- But but having Aaron Johanneson try to play a role of Jozy Altidore I just don't think it's gonna work. I don't think. Can work either again you left people off the squad. That clued. Although not Muir what -- does but have a similar skill set in terms of their strong in their fast. Right. You brought a new Hanson who while being very good goal scorer in the Dutch league seventeen goals for Jersey's former squad. He but that's not how he plays he plays a little more like the way Dempsey plays in that. He gets the ball -- the box when there's traffic and he can create something exactly is not a burner where you're expecting him to kind of hold possession you mentioned that a little bit earlier you know expecting to hold ball. And then make something -- expecting him to be delivered the ball in the box and do something from there. Not from thirty yards out and then still create something he looked really bad doing that. So does that -- Little risky and you know again he just seems like someone that needs needs this service needs to be put in the proper position to take advantage of his skills that. Like he -- so what's density. So so that's why that's why this is a very interesting situation Jurgen Klinsmann how to play against Portugal. Because again I actually believe you cannot expect. -- -- -- to hold up the ball we saw that he just looked uncomfortable player now brawl. He looked very nervous does that trying get rid of the ball really quickly and and nowhere. You know and and I don't wanna put down on him because I think you know and again this goes back to a different sport but even talk about. But a team like the patriots you. Belichick putting putting his players in the best position to succeed. I don't think Aaron -- hands it was put in the best position to succeed. He would he was there it was put in. He was put -- to fill a need but I don't think. I don't think that his -- that was. Was what put him in the right positions to succeed against Ghana I think I think if you want to go with you -- During Clinton needs to change how how we've got to apply. Was as bad foresight by Clemson assistant leave Donovan off the squad now someone who you know what's gonna go back to talk about dog and a half. But we have to because. It's a player that -- you can put it couple a different places on the field right he's versatile player. He's not what it once was but he's that are versatile player in the fact that he can you can put him up top you can put him in the midfield you can move around to different spots and -- midfield and he'll be fine he'll always know where to be -- make the right decision he still quality player. Listen it's a valid discussion you know it's just it's just one and I just didn't wanna have but I know finally you have beverage outlets that you have every right to bring it out. I just think that the summaries in Europe and Clinton made a decision I don't want. When -- all honesty. Out you know like and we've already talked about the possible reasons why. Could could lead to Donovan -- US team right now absolutely. Of course you could he could score a goal there's no question in my mind. But the manager has -- his mind and I don't see him changing his mind soul again. Now it's up to Clinton -- -- Clinton -- is being paid a great deal amount of money that. This is where where he's -- artists money it's he's got to figure out a way to get a result on this match. Losing a player that that I've criticized a great deal but I see -- or. It's not about the polls which -- rosy outlook also rate. You won the score goals but it's his ability to set up his teammates to score won't go to play that role now. Or do you change how you apply. Do you change how you play and that's you know again this is all in Juergen Klinsmann to figure out exactly what he's going to do. Because because -- opportunities there Portugal. Portugal are not you know like a not a full strength at all. We're not overplayed that. We both know these -- could be a 100%. But there's an opportunity here. -- if they lose this match or or get nothing from this not only about themselves the -- seriously because it's staring them. You know getting out the group is in their control because we all know what they're not getting anything in Germany but get about that. It's all about this one match and he got to get its tactics right going into this match he just have to. Right Ronaldo. How do you counter Ronaldo -- may now be at a 100% but he's potential does best player on the field even when he's not at a 100%. Oh boy did you know it wasn't this at this as the -- -- How to -- you know how do you deal with with Ronaldo. And you know I. It's going to be difficult because again like I've said it is he gets in the box he's scoring. You gotta keep you gotta keep amounts. You know. Talk about how gonna put this then. And a nice term and this -- -- has some -- you get. You gotta get to a meeting that you got you know because you got to play physical with them I think you really have to play out and you know. Again I think -- I think to actually attacking means that you go out in the world that you let him know that you know you're you're you're targeting him. You make sure that up player doesn't teach you and you and you're actually. You get a little physical and I think that's only way that you can deal with we're not that you don't let her -- although BUQ what you got other players did you. So you -- probably. You bring -- the physical play -- disease not exactly the most physical player in the world is more of a play maker type of player. And again we saw him come on after halftime is a substitute. What do you do to cat owner him do you maybe move -- Jones over the other side of the field. I don't know he's more physical bigger stronger player he showed his does that count against Ghana he. He knew what he was doing out there he knew he needed to do do you immediate move him over. To try and push around and all the little bickers and all the when he gets frustrated you can put him on you know poker terms he could put him until really easily. Right talked about what the problem with that is. Is -- can easily burn by Jones. Right. You don't have a player that can really counter. Ronaldo obviously nominee teams in the world of players like internal Ronaldo now but. You really don't have quit on this team. And you don't obviously not -- put Beasley on the outside his plan that left back fullback role. And he looked bad at times it. I just don't know what you do to counter Ronaldo. Now Renaldo with his country. Seems to come up short a lot of the time. And he doesn't have the greatest talent around him but he has talent but they're just not Real Madrid quality talent. -- did they get him the ball to where he needs to be and how does the US defend him. Great question that I mean I mean it's because. Again I mean he really is succeed Putin announced for the US I mean it you know they could stop. Stop the service getting to him then. Then averages to get a result on this if they -- or not they'll have three reindeer going. It's going to be difficult it's going to be a world of hurt it really is going to be a world of -- and I could see that that's why it's like. Like come on and I'm very nervous about this because again I just don't know what I don't know. I don't know what Clinton is going to do what is approach is going to be. Bought it you know I'm I'm concerned even even are not the way it's 70% scares me. At all. We know he's done a 100%. So it'll be it'll be interesting to see how he how he and expects to defend -- It's going to be an interest in -- what are your thoughts. Or would you do if you -- -- I'd put Jones on the soccer at the Jones on the outside and. I don't know I'd put behind him but I'd definitely put Jones to kind of push around a little bit and trying to move -- -- spot not let him. Get those just straight rounds where Bruno although it is one of the fastest players in the world. I'd say Jones your stick into -- you know I don't we're not -- trying put the offensive outside because we don't want Christiane leading account there. So Jones you're not gonna be doing much offensively -- you're stick him on Ronaldo. It's kind of like to me I'd equated to a but yet Brandon Browner and you -- Browner I want you to handle the various Thomas all game. No matter where he goes I want you there with. I'll go I'll go back even further are a go back to hockey Steve Casper on Wayne Gretzky. -- Steve Kasper was. Was known as a player that can actually neutralize. Wayne Gretzky just shattered and all over the -- And that's of the public gonna have to do with what we're not the. We shall see it's it's a very tough task but I think it's also very winnable game for the US. Yeah about -- and that's part of this that's -- again -- We're talking about it's not -- Sunday it's what it's like a lot in the play now that -- -- because they have ideas already built in just need to talk about it. But I'm glad they're playing Sunday there which means actually to put my full every second of attention on it instead of the games like now when I have to. I'm I'm sitting there -- producing the show at the same time trying to watch the game and just like I don't really know what's going on I don't know how the flow of this games don't. If you call yourself -- -- while while producing the show that you might have played. You know car itself from say I don't know screaming. I scream all the time. It has nothing to do what's on TV I just didn't stop. -- I'm always screaming in that studio Monica producer Randy hates me. It doesn't but he does. It's it's going to be very interesting matchup I'm really looking forward to it and and I really hope that after this game you know -- after this game. I don't know what the update on -- Hitler is. But I hope -- can come back especially if they win this game may be sent him out another game just keep them get him some rest. But if they lose this game or draw this game. You really need Jozy against army because he -- trying somehow squeeze opponent of the term match of which I don't think you can. Yeah. You know I I hate to put this slide. I don't see -- getting attention from the -- -- but you need to get him back as soon as you can. And I can't believe we're talking about Jersey out -- being in such an important person but he really is. But we kind of talked about that before the World Cup even began. How important he really is even throughout the gold -- goal scoring drought and that game he didn't score. Against Nigeria. Through which -- -- he did score against Nigeria he didn't score. Against our Turkey and the Turkey not score -- Azerbaijan yet is that Turkey game where he had a bunch of opportunities right. And we're talking -- After that game. Saying how important he really is even if he's not scoring goals but how he really can stretch the defense and he can do different things to create opportunities for other players score. Not and and that to me. You know again it was such a huge asset of his game. And and really start to see you use sought the minute he got the ball -- start of slope and because that he could he could opt -- and off. And get everyone involved. And the again this is the question nobody talked about above all the players not going. To. To Brazil play. Were you thinking of a back up toward Jozy Altidore if you went down if you got into what was your backup plan because they need a backup plan. Because I don't see anyone on this roster that has his skill sets and not what concerns me. You know he is valuable to the US he might not score all the gold. In the -- for Sunderland. Put his value is so much higher. For the US men's national team he's very valuable and we're -- seeing -- now. Absolutely the lack of him and -- Hansen not performing well. Again we we never really solve that we knew we talked notable new and I dance around and we haven't solved the issue here. Which is going back to Johansson -- -- Q do you play. But at least to start the game now do you start you Hansen. And say Arab -- you're coming in the 62 minute here. But we're gonna play him for a while on them what you trying created against a tired defense. What is it you know like and that -- strategy actually does make sense -- but. You know with and there's an argument be to be made football players. And I think you're hasn't had a chance to be a good player I just entity is being put in a very difficult situation. You know like a young player that's why it's like I almost. Part of me wants to go -- Billups could because he's a little bit more expensive and all of the plant then maybe he would react better. Two. To playing in such a high profile match. What happened to come off the bench to make that very strong arguments for the very and it hasn't fired defense. You might be more effective in that role. -- navy submitted a combination of the two might be a way to -- as I guess you could say this super sought. When you need to call the very end he might be -- player to do it because wonder lust he can score at all levels I've seen him score for the US men's national team. He can do it. What would it be more effective coming off the -- that's the question. And that's what we will find out Sunday evening. -- -- won't know until that. But it's. It's a fascinating matchup has been a fascinating World Cup so far I think. We've been in for a big surprise and how much goal scoring there has been and how old little. Aside from those first two games there have been really no rest controversies which is great. And it turns out that the best -- so far in the World Cup is an American. So is that -- archer places in the soccer -- as a referee is. I don't know. I thought it was goal keepers -- but -- it'll end up being refereed. They'll American goalkeepers are fantastic Tim Howard is unreal he is one indeed top flight goalies in the world. But he's got a hell of a challenge coming -- from these next two games Portugal's ten score. Dell it's crap on the issues a lot that they can score and we will we've seen from Germany is -- -- they can be stopped. No I I don't I don't think that they can either. But -- just to get back to US business and as a player we haven't talked about you know -- negate your thoughts on and -- -- the Brooks content for peace but the second half obviously scores this dramatic winning at all. Forget about the goal would put the cost side how did he play. Not -- not not very well -- Opera I mean do you do you disagree that. I thought you know I can't I thought he was okay. I thought it was OK he just looked a little nervous. And he duplicate what got a place at times he did not look like he's completely -- but he's also all of 21 year old kid. Well I'd rather have these sort of backed down. Yeah I'd rather -- -- -- -- -- again on a set piece that's a different thing Brooks is taller Brooks can jump. And he was a perfect -- he did exactly the right thing -- scares me is when he's being pressed back. And you -- others have done especially when -- first came in. Was he gets a wobbly legs you can cross -- up court pretty easily. And that obviously is a problem when you have are taller player. Is your quickness obviously suffers because you're not as short compact and can't move as quickly. I'm encouraged by him. For a couple of reasons one he's big he's strong he's capable he's young. So I think this is a player that's gonna be a mainstay on their defensive line for years to come. However I'd rather -- -- play against Portugal I would go and I'd rather see Brooks play against Germany. Because I don't think Brooks who have those same issues the German I don't think he'll be as nervous which is what I think part of his problem was as you alluded to. Yeah again this goes back to him Daniel Hanson you know coming in when they're probably not expecting to play ball -- And -- slower honestly then played I thought it played very well and it was unfortunate that -- that he came up. With the injury and and according to Jurgen Klinsmann this is more precautionary so we might. We might still see that these slur against. Portugal not -- opened obesity. And and that's what he -- because there's not many people on Twitter asking why why wasn't all mark Gonzales and instead of trucks and and Clinton and actually in his press conference afterwards it's of the question. It's because. It's because not because. And also is that really the backdrop. To our. To watch up Cameron he -- he's basically play and play and outlaw and Brooks is it is covering. Brooke is covering for all for being -- and they're playing those specific. Set of back rolls. And that's been obviously does not want to change that because they've they've been playing those specific role. That's why you did not feel mark Gonzales all mark Gonzales what do continent for Geoff Cameron he will not comment. We're not peaceful job of Brooks or comment for for all. All for before and hopefully like he said hopefully we actually -- these -- nothing against Brooks but -- will look more assault when he was in the. I real quick most important player for the US going into this game I have mine claims that only Michael Bradley Michael Bradley -- Hands down my probably we'll look at while that was going to be my neck -- tease Amanda just was my arm into it. I'm actually gonna say Fabian Johnson all up and one. Because he's playing the right back I don't as of right now I believe he will be the right back starting that game so he's obviously got the the assignment on Ronaldo back there. -- For a couple of reasons one is he going to be. Like he was in the second half and really embrace the fullback role in bringing the ball up where where is what he does best. And how he can be very dangerous. But then he also has to make sure he gets zest back on the counter apps so I I think that's the the most important player. Just narrowly ahead of Bradley. I think -- the second most important player but it's really by a slim margin but I think for Fabian Johnson. He's got a tough task in front of him. Do you see him just play strictly defense or do you see employing the fullback role and really moving the ball up the field but with some second half when. The US at times towards the end that game really started to change the complexion of that game. Wow that's like and that's that's a great question then of course you know obviously that's great question because. I could see -- vehicle went without being Johnson knee he's going to be -- You just haven't state backed but he saw practical import as well do you limited him because because you worried about the counter. -- I don't I mean again that's that's a very interesting question because. Because I I actually think. If if you're you're gonna quit but it just sit back like you have. Against you know like and I think it's going to be a little bit different difference. Against Portugal but I think you could take advantage. Of their defense so law. I think that you're gonna want to movement Ford and exit to -- I just thinking I'd -- to win. Here's the thing. Do you go for the -- you go with a draw goals the -- you go for the win right yeah I'd say you go for the win because I think. I don't want to complacent withdraw I think if if you see him sitting back to playing for the draw. If it if they're gold with the attitude that they can win this condition than he should be going backwards and forwards. That's why I think. You should be Jermaine Jones should be on the right through this game. Not icing icing where you're going on this ticket did to given that helped that he knew. -- not IC re going on this and that's like that in Johnson would be so valuable in this NASA is so important. Because it because again. If he does have this I guess it's a dual role. Where. Where he'd have to get back defensively. And if you end and it's going to be going forward and Jermaine Jones could if Jermaine Jones plays several. Would be very important because he's going to need. It's gonna need help. It's going to need help to be able to to be active sport because again. We've seen in the friendly and received I think that in Johnson had a chance to be an actual plan. And and he has the ability to score believe -- -- not from not from his position he has that type of ability. You want to be. Do you wanna play the attitude console war with the ball Ronaldo. And then scorned. That would just gonna play defense that's playing for the point. Or if you know what. We're gonna go for the win we're gonna take our chances we're gonna we're gonna happen go forward he's gonna have to get his behind back and look at -- cover friend as well. That's what I would. Interest and it's going to be an interesting matchup I can't -- them very very excited if the US gets a win. It looked like that are advancing. I want -- -- -- and I want them to go for the win -- I always want them to go for the wins or ties. But another important. Obviously again Germany's coming out of this group final Germany gets another win here. I hope the US gets a win so that it's not a must win or must draw game against Germany. If they win this game they will be advancing. Do you -- absolutely if all all they win this they're good to go. Susan you know well actually actually that's not a 100% true. No I know it's not a 100% true but I mean. In the belief that OK if you win this game you got six points you should be cruising. You should be huge -- wish that you should be in good shape but it but again. What's crazy about this match is that there really is different and to takes. And that's what that excites me and scares me at the same time. Because because as an opportunity. To. Nearly two and -- -- if they if they're able to beat Portugal -- get a ball Portugal with with Christiane we're not -- not being up 1%. The before they beat him again that's going to be a statement victory. -- only regardless of what happens movement forward -- Portugal you beat number fourteen in the world. That is issued statement you just name. Let's be honest they should not be the number fourteen in the world now. But that's where they are and that's where they are. I think it's -- ranking but. Whatever that's what it is it is what it is -- television what is optical back to Belichick and his -- As always. I -- I appreciate you joining me over the phone and so are you couldn't get in here today but we will get into this soon. We may have another preview before. USA Portugal but we will definitely be recapping Monday morning. As always you can find -- on Twitter at -- underscore Goldman. Or at carnage stock and find me on Twitter at young men WEEI where I'd tweet a bunch of nonsense we'll follow me nonetheless because it's fun. Don't why you laughing at that runs. I find that I find that very funny because I've been encouraging people to follow you then people should be following I. In on Twitter Indian analysts. Well you know what started. Did you harmless stalker I mean if you're watching me that's totally fine I don't care I have no shame in my game. But I mean if you're dangerous soccer yeah I don't I don't know I don't want that. Her friend while -- -- ridiculous and that's the UBS soccer -- But thank you guys are listening we really do appreciate it as always. I young -- that is -- Goldman thank you guys for listening we'll catch you next time.

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