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David Ortiz fallout continues 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

The Ortiz fallout continues. Gerry, John and Kirk opened the show discussing the Papi defenders.

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Since there is no compelling story that we must absolutely positively commence our Friday program where we take the reverse approach. Why don't we discuss and we talked about it before. The story we would like to eliminate until it comes to fruition. In no particular order by the way what do -- I guess is what sports story has entered the tedious territory. To the point -- say stop talking about it for now wake me up when resolves itself. Donald sterling and the clippers you can eliminate anyone bodies and we won't talk about it. Kevin -- landing spot LeBron James landing spot Clay Buchholz return to the rotation. When will the US soccer team ever play like Memorial Day and so again where there next year and of course the Redskins changing the name I left everything -- to consider not talking about don't. Aaron Hernandez -- Hernando wouldn't put that on the list Hernandez and Kevin Love. I did I get estimates are at sock puppets of struggles in these talks offensive struggle that it -- we'd do that everyday. For about a minute map Red Sox lost last night that it -- to round two runs Jake Peavy has one win in fourteen star excess -- needs to be more consistent nobody on the staff more consistent object that's I would argue. I mean he's not bad. Is not that line he's got against the run support and he never ever win yeah. If he were David Ortiz he would call this team all men are not hitting yeah and giving him. Bad name and ID it doesn't look good news JP union heading in free agency next year and one win in fourteen to fourteen stars now fifteen governments start. It would seem to elect who never gonna get one and a disease gives up four runs. You give up four runs straight ahead on this -- runs three earned. That is it losing formula on this that you know it's a losing formula with the best thing you can say as -- hell they score point three more runs on the average against Minnesota it's true one point seven in the three games against Minnesota score. Last night I it's what -- really Indy five hits again last night they scored a run 26 so that's 13 runs third bid he certainly seems that way I don't know all current but he seemed like a good guy that we met them. If you're you know presents the all were. He gave minorities if -- were David Ortiz he might say what do you my supposed to. What are my supposed -- my job the team to three earned runs the best team in the major leagues by the and it's not close by far the best team in the American League in Oakland a.'s annual in the three earned runs. What else to do what else could ask for JP. There's -- would you ever that something else we do every day -- might wanna do anymore here's the bottom for the Red Sox order Gomes last night or for three to strike -- pointed to third. Stephen Drew over three back down to 200. David Ross oh for two we -- in 159 which -- can't we be sitting that high. Proof of serious your -- ever remember him getting hit Jackie Bradley had that last one for two is getting -- oh. Five he is is chicken. Stephen Drew and not assess I'm not sure this is going to be a problem because it was a very late game but they've rookies had committed it. Struck out. Was he promised that they -- his fault he stern is going on many analysts are right. He was promised today Philadelphia. Right yeah but he wasn't pay off it Hampton who he struck out. So that and his average slipped to 245 well at least you didn't refuse to grab the bat that's true and I'll. I'm I'm -- he's never going to be I would never compare to mammy. -- they want him to an awful human being and the other is not he's just true. Very self absorbed baseball player which doesn't make community Kenya. Makes -- -- tone deaf in many ways you know critics complaining about official scores calls in the middle of scoreless games grows cotton isn't mix and just oblivious to you know what the look out looks. But he I take it back I would never amidst his name in the same announcers -- able to on steroids that's true but -- I would never would you ever compared to Manny is a person no no -- better hitter I mean that's the person and and Manny I mean if you complain -- official score was calling it just you know. Well -- your eyes right that's right Manny right you expect more from David duke also expecting to be smarter. In on -- what he did two nights ago obviously you're smarter than Manny that's true I thought just pretty smarter than. David Ortiz is not a dummy what he did two days ago was it dummy movement is that dumb move just. A stupid thing to do mean even if you pissed about official scores calling it to middle game. With a thumbs down -- why not. Because it's a bad right what's what's the what's the -- -- acquire up hi Danielle is defending him well and lose defending him. You wanna run him out of town I and -- you want him out of town or higher. I love that the straw man ultimate straw man argument but Obama as the king of the -- of dale said yes. Let's trade him and I mean I know and a man wants to random. I don't you do you know not a lot of do you wanna try and you think poppy champion gives him 105 rights are yet so sure I get rid of them aren't what you could get -- right right right right this is -- take on the David Ortiz situation and those who might. Here criticize him for. It Ortiz hits a home run to time Mike Napoli hits the home run into the hitters backdrop to win one of I heard over the last. 22 hours on the radio station. And that David Ortiz. What we talked about it yesterday said it's selfish idiots stop worrying about what you -- -- -- not worry about winning the game. What I'd have preferred when he was asked post in about it -- hate guys at different to make one game at all I care about that would -- there. Honest to god at at listening to some of the callers hear and and especially. The last four hours other people wanna get rid of David Ortiz now I know I doubt I'll listen to bat for Mike I think that's an extreme. I did not hear a minute and listen every single call that called -- -- anybody say get rid of Dave Ortiz. It was never heard it was a it was a general. Group I rule is what what -- -- are you kidding me one what could be launching point. It's it's -- went to the conclusion aggressor. There will be no remarkably dramatic unbelievable win will launch of this team and anything I agree. That's I've been telling you guys from on there will be no -- points leader are in your trust no offense I would say this yes no. Heading -- it is he's got a contract it's untreatable and five guys it's ridiculous but it's I've got a good offer. For an old designated hitter when the season's done mixtures that much better. Tree. Up off the you know I don't have a better chance of flapping my arm. Flying all. Red Sox every day thinking about it. It Purdue assuming I think I think roe and still. And it can be done out with the guys as the teachers say. That they would have to -- to -- -- Trading do you. Say I got an idea let's get critical. You have you have that on tape is a mature man has the guts to say it again. If I would venture. Every night because I would bad relations when Nixon passed -- and the offer was right David Ortiz said. Yes to a trade and five. Somebody offer me really good prospects pop prospects in return for old designated which never going to happen. They need the opera where he said yes -- had said yes. I would say poppy. Adios. Goodbye I don't draw -- -- you dropped those pants I'm gonna wacky PP now it is unacceptable. That. A no brainer I'm obviously you do that it's not going to happen if -- ensuring that proposed that. The very next thing that would happen at Fenway Park. John Henry would hire him -- battle he would. Why they're right on net over his fire him untreatable guy you'd have -- much better chance to trade in Boca would you do that. Jerry Kelly -- you think you'd think they'd be good next year. You know I was wrong last nobody's proposing trading David Ortiz and finally -- yeah as dale was I was right I'm sorry dale get a read -- that back that's not a straw -- I Monica forensic Kirk met and I got to the point. The point is if that citi's top prospects and -- First caught trying to dig yourself out of -- hole it's do you just said to try to trade in the ninth things it would never. Two big big -- -- things it would never happen hard to say is of course that's part for me to say it was like saying it's like we often hear -- and you know mock religion yeah you stated again and I'll just didn't get right he mocked the church -- big pop right. I got an idea let's get rid of he's wrong -- was a killer deal you're right it's not just get rid of us at the get a -- offer. He said yes he putrid. Gonna try to fly duplicity -- those wings. My guess is a better chance. You know either going to be good next year. And the answer as well as battery work for us how to be better work here answers yet is that. Yes the going to be better look at. -- in the -- is a forty will be bad for the bureau does it matter much use for next year Iowa he's he brings -- right separate matter and I trial has a better chance of being cut by the angels. The David Ortiz passes. Being traded by the -- at the merchant -- to the patriots nobody nobody cares. There there is what was that again I'd do better that was good Curtis said Tom -- have been searches being treated by the patriots and and I -- -- Brady quickly into the same argument because it's a title there if the offers right if it's -- -- Internet. I've talked to Bill Belichick he's got a very credible content to grapple as well and good yeah yeah. Pull the trigger ready. And you know -- thing big fan -- It would never. -- do what would. We did two days off. I mean. It just pledge yourself he's Smart he's maturing but I don't think Ortiz is. Not do this doubled -- well again. Would blogs would applaud -- -- it's not like that's -- And he used the excuse that because it has always been busts or David Ortiz that he's been given free passes for everything he's done. And he's earned a great deal of cachet because of all the positive. Action you've created for this baseball team. Does that stand up to other comparisons there is nobody in this town whose bomb has been smooch more than Tom Brady's. Operating has been on and off the feel -- as an example Ortiz has been the assessment is way more. I don't know I I think he's right it has but that's baseball is more chances -- -- moved up shortly and ray got hit pretty hard last year colors textures and -- they -- football by its nature you're tougher on -- week reactionary yes right right right. But wouldn't -- Tom Brady moved into a different house. He had audio visual people as an example. Calling him and saying I put in -- 100000 dollar state of the art audiovisual system in your house. For -- plus he killed a bunch of salamanders and nobody complains 00 exactly some -- Paul bought my point is not not to you know right. These guys these superstars in sports Boston anywhere else at their asses kicked -- left and right from about day one. And they were -- models and Tom Brady is another one. Wells would be the other ones now. -- -- -- the trees burn a hole but Iowa deserves the Bruins get the right offer. Trade -- you wouldn't know Bono effort at noon and but they obviously can all deal with -- try to remain above the fray and say I you know -- I know what things on special separate. But I don't wanna -- that way omelets and Bergeron would say that's what every minute with but not David Ortiz. He's special and the thing that surprised me is not that he complain about official scores call is that he did it's so publicly. Andy did turning game any thought well I'm not sure if he actually thought he -- score was supposed to be on the home team. That's bizarre -- of a rookie did that is -- not sure if he thinks they should be able to -- -- actually thinks that dissent and I think he thinks. Actually thinking. Score -- -- -- -- -- was kind of the same way yesterday. We kind of thought that that's -- we'll play I heard I heard Lou and the but. To be honest I heard -- John McCadam. On you know from enhanced television network yes. I was asked him kill -- -- -- any thought MTV -- television should be yes I'm -- he would kill them send it was a disgrace self it was right the art of he's idiotic to describe in and McCadam -- -- guide generally supportive and a -- of NC print problem muted and empowerment -- idiotic you look. Really I mean I haven't checked but he said it and it was an unwavering and he just said it was India. The only place you heard him defenses here and on this. Radio network correct yet I was really looking around the other radio networks but -- heard a lot of -- of -- but it's -- it's hard to do and and I heard -- kept saying that it was -- should have been ruled -- -- right that's irrelevant that's not so right that's fine that's Great Britain -- his actions yeah after the import air raid that's it that's subjective thing Bob Ellis made a call I think it was a good call. He did his job he he watched the play he watched the replay and he says it ever. Whether you agree whether or not is not the point is do you actually. Go public with your complaint during game and right after game a big game a big win. Is that them is that -- top priority. It is David Ortiz top priority and correct me if I'm wrong guess I only heard -- like three of the four hours of of of moral -- program. I think this tape was we knew Ari designated hitter and only job is to act that's all spoke to do with only thing you have to do is hit. And someone takes it away from you. I understand that reaction but what other coordinator left fielder well that's that's what the designated hitter in the history of baseball has had that reaction. -- and on and after the game went off a lot privately not publicly the manager's office and one in the Goodman -- -- Nine or ten easily in this the thing about pace and -- the most selfish guy and his to a player we were ever remember him doing that here's the thing -- -- pace in the air enough. Apparently he can be the most selfish guy in the world which Ortiz -- he cares more about himself from the team he does. And it's okay baseball if you hit it spot via the right time your legend that's Ortiz is -- he's only about self right. Yes well organized it only opened the first of four. But he is to his credit he's open about it. -- write more discreet I'm just surprised he wasn't more discreet and and I am surprised I am surprised that he thinks. After fifteen years in the big leagues he thinks an official scorer is supposed to be like a PR guys. Up there hoping rooting for him. As you think the -- so that way too. When your home -- over and over all the evidence yesterday I don't know why you think and -- -- -- -- -- the arms -- that they're supposed to be rooting for him to mean -- -- -- FCC drops enough bombing in the past seem FTC's concerns knocking people for use in the -- well. I'm OK with that -- -- more leeway. I agree but I mean if you have it both ways I think the upward which we will see it here column I wrote I wrote in my column yesterday in the garbage -- Asked David this team. Proceed to put a -- does your batting average being 246. With a hit vs 244. Without the hit. Change anything other than those who decimal points -- changer legacy. Knoll yes is it silly I get to the hall of faith at all -- -- your -- it's really sad oh Jessica. It's a measuring stick. Your average. Right urged the big leagues fifteen -- hear it on its own is not connected point 18 hours to forty year vs 244 matters not theory. Hit sketch into the hall of fame and he just has one fewer hit that he thinks he deserves but he took a his whole body of work. -- -- got more -- official scorer or didn't see that you called it. You or you called a 5050 call on boggles. At the official score yet who could've gone either way right say in his career this probably bin. 20305050. Call yeah. It's probably the first time he didn't get Olympics benefit of the doubt. Especially -- he always gets the benefit of the doubt that's where he was so wrong and even if you dale -- -- You have to admit it his whole body work over 1012 years. He's got the benefit of the doubt almost every time when you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you say it is going to set up my best effort forward. It should be selfish about that yesterday I was club in the year and give the thumbs down the Bob was an error skirted over right. I played it's 5050 wise there's always somebody -- summit when you make that call so -- garbage. You know they and to stay in the official scorer got wrapped up in the no hitter but I do think it's a judgment call it is not a rule. That of a field it doesn't it's on Brett. It's hit some people -- Right it's this other written -- unwritten rule but it's a judgment call official scores what should they made the play -- course they should have made the play and Texas and of course he should have made the play in Boston now a little as a position player and so Steve Lyons. There hitters their they remember. Those 5050 calls going against them and I think they look at look at. Thing through the eyes of -- hitter but he's one of those guys we we both watched them play makers neither one of those guys with a number teased but there -- felt protease felt. That's okay they just would have expressed I don't know that that adapt to that extent and absolutely if there. Absolutely lines. And Moroni and held the back of whatever plan and Little League. -- it in here so somebody's described as. You know when you play Hamlet softball men's softball which do you go back to the dugout after the play and you look at the book and -- give you hit a mean as a man at every level you want the hit. You hope that you get the hit. And that the error right. You just don't look in the camera and say. That was horrible you know get screwed again. -- it was 5050 right I think so yeah so he didn't get the call this time do you usually do. Right that's my point those guys analysts say one -- home runs on public think like goes after the game didn't slopes as well at that point not to make two final point. Of the seven billion people on this planet how many people cared whether David Ortiz got a hit or error on that play the -- one -- Now known known Toronto fans -- open again I want to thank. That attitude I mean you know rooting for popularize -- Feel oppressed while -- and are not yet Jerry Remy said that should be -- and he was surprised it wasn't. That's as -- move and Steve -- and other guys Red -- analysts answered to strictly on -- but no it was outraged at this -- what's what is going on right in -- it was one of those calls that you look at for for a nobody thinks he should be -- the officials scored in the thumbs down during the game. Are we don't come at those rub a former major league baseball players. What have you -- so. Explain why David Ortiz was not wrong in his actions after limit what she right. Yes. Does -- -- is right but it all -- all day long just think it's Yu Darvish that no hitter that was it no you don't like to give that an error while cook in Texas. I'm not looking out for the players look it up for their own and that's there is something to be said they're always a questionable call become a player like Lauren. -- in New York you know America they gonna give Jews hit. Oh that was about it. He said because he is only paid two to one thing. And when you take that away from him it's not right yet liberate -- -- because he's so left fielder can't complain because he fields a strike well he's just a bat and field. But I don't and I -- on the bases and I think David has a good. It is stupid -- a decision Major League score keeper so we're supposed to think because your in the city where the team plays their games exposed to get calls. I think it's refreshing that he didn't get the called official scorer is so and he's a local guys from coal. Good guy but he he actually went against the grain. And that's not an easy thing to do in that press box in that ballpark right yeah you know pitcher you're sitting at the next. Moved over as John Henry the biggest they rookies and and you are what you gonna do is not gonna make him happy you're. It's pleasing the the big boss them all that -- it takes guts that's a strong word. That's pics of little details and our dependence little independent candidacy ends and I give the official score credit. Amid when you see initially that of course Dave's gonna get it. That's what they do at -- minutes went -- did -- Maloney says in New York that's it for Jeter. And -- that's usually hit for popular that was refreshing that. Some are at 617779793. Set I guess I can't say that story is a -- -- apparently not been here. To pull off the list and an an analyst that we're trying to compile it is. Sports stories that have and I entered the neediest territory. That we wanna say -- resolves itself then we will discuss. But up until then are tired of talking about it. Dave Ortiz thing now. I elbow problem minute ticket to a novel did when he called from the trade. David Ortiz the last lap as -- just works or not destined for hell before that statement. You are now. Well desperate to have -- with his phone number. I got an idea let's get rid of so should the anger. Do we want to get rid of or at least put on hold until resolves itself. The capital of landing spot. Or brawn James landing spot play -- return US soccer will they ever play again the Redskins name -- Hernandez. Sox' offensive struggles. -- sterling and the clippers -- nominee to. Aside Donald sterling and the clippers except -- wanna -- we can find a phone call. To the doctor. I I I think it's the paint this best and writes -- I was mind I think it's one of the more coherent that he's done I really do these sound. Doesn't that sound. An ethical. Do you that a doctor gives the medical report to a lawyer. 42 helped them sue him I mean I I and I -- I don't know every detail. But he sounds. Like he has a case in my opinion in this in this -- but he also some whacked out -- always wecht though. Say for me. Sterling situation but we're not. Clip the tape at some point. That is broadening spot you know. The right I don't know sup is that that is on he's on the clock without rhinos got the what's the date to Taiwanese whatever -- third seventh -- when he gets back from vacation right way with his team can sit down as team. I thought run I hate Pat Riley of said it many times he's in the news in Olympic Committee. Oh yeah I've told I can't tell a story and you know knows him he's just -- just a -- UC via. -- thought this was was awesome a minute I I wish every hour I -- John Henry. Would be this can't really do I wish you'd love to seat you know. Henry and Werner. -- this candid about their guys and challenged our guys I mean it's what's the last time anyone ever called oh LeBron James. -- Scott -- that's about it. And Jim Gray it was very tough on him Dan Gilbert center area and down last year after you've -- to -- it hasn't left I thought Riley was gonna get on his duties. And beg please don't step that the only the party didn't do that's never -- Reilly's way it is artists he's old school say that that's you heard yet about those great -- -- there he -- and I -- Magnum XL. He begged on LeBron wanted to go to Ryan years ago and the Riley factors a big deal -- what's it would -- table to results that. I'm worn out by stronger the audio is okay yeah -- and I vote I mean I -- US soccer. Absolutely yeah I'm honest to god and just say were all in and will -- -- We can -- hope -- they've saved five I know -- we all love it I can't wait for Sunday night Brent and US Portugal. The pregame stuff is so Reagan TDs -- Jozy. Either you know players don't play it would have. And I kindness this morning on sports center on ESPN and don't drive and in the overnight with a caller yeah. Thirteen minutes in the sports center all they did was soccer and the US hasn't played for like a week in the marketplace for another week. It was England it was org away again it was this team to meet your goal then Wayne Rooney story. Adam -- ago you know -- about LeBron what about Kevin Love about baseball. They have sold their souls. ESPN and it's a good thing yeah it is it is a good thing that could be nobody watched it would matter ESPN has decided. They are going to make -- big deal every little soccer story. Baseball basketball football be -- and you know. That is the smartest thing BP ever did get in bed with the ESP ample what I what I've had enough of the other games yet but what was nice France the martyrs and to force -- -- Switzerland for -- little progress that's tomorrow. One desired I -- and play again our allies number for a Wren yeah I read it's I -- verses like Iraq on Sunday that leaves the fifty dollar face the -- I ran as our new ally so I'm gonna root for them they. I'd Nigerians not enough -- yeah. I love when they analyzed not enough against what ten minutes that's always fun but it's gorgeous I know this is not popular thing to say -- of Mexico soccer. Thinking gold plated pride let's stick with the that's that is more blasts that trade gave it up with one. The blossoms on Ortiz is such a child is such a spoiled in the able baby is humble myself what after the thirteen minutes of soccer in the immediately into the race guy NASCAR. Six minutes of that -- of the important wade scored two Americans. Americans experience and I know they're fanatics. American sportsman's -- concern between Lee broke busted out I care more about. Boosting yesterday. That's more interest this inaugural lectured on -- -- -- play -- court. Seven partnership eleventh. I find minute when Ullman told the slacker -- chip on golf balls back. I find victory in those generals that -- good one app one the top of the Lester contract out for awhile that you look at that I don't right. There's nothing about lasted that. -- these is less than -- listless goes and tries state can links below even that gets America export its episode. Are 61777. Point 7937 Michael and will weigh in on the 7 o'clock hour as we get into this patriots being named. In a civil suit. Is playbook gambled big doorknob to pretend -- -- playbook scandal and it's begin the work force are desperate idea but no like I -- -- pretend that he would have been big Rex Ryan played along yeah just shot it right and it makes. The New England Cleveland rivalry better but I don't -- -- play I would look at procedure remains an alarm or Mike Patton this year and Suzanne is up early in California wants to talk with Alice. The NC.

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