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The Bradfo Show: Lou Merloni explains players' view of official scrorers

Jun 20, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by former Red Sox, and co-host of "Middays with MFB," to discuss what major leaguers -- like David Ortiz -- are thinking when they make a stink out an official scorer's ruling. Bradford and Merloni also debate whether or not players should believe the home team's scorer is obligated to rule differently because of his working environment.

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It's nice secret. Not -- things that interest. So I wish my chest. And just sit there and it's okay. Episode of this and to be who would wind you know. Usually rob Bradford. Another edition of the track coach sponsored as who distinctive and the people that looked so -- It. And -- -- -- insurance are confined fighter people anywhere speaking of fine people speaking of looking you know it we were Loney. Went on. Straight on over from his show I hold on -- one over from he showed today because I was driving and you touched on something. Briefly I was -- I really wanna I wanna get into it and and that is the Ortiz more importantly more specifically. Why do players get so wrapped up in scoring decisions and having one hit one RBIs taking away. Will you play professional baseball he played the highest level major leagues. Because line. Okay because numbers they define us that's. When you look at somebody's it was this -- always 300 hitter always -- on -- 385. He's that's gonna twenty home runs. This is what we've been doing a big hitters. Since you're literally in Little League what's your average in nice college high school what are we getting what's your average. This is something that is that is just with in a hitter that. -- a -- there to try to collect hits we blocked it try to get collect RBIs this is what our goal is at the end of the year you look up. But that's a year long thing for us it's it's a nightly. Battle it's every single at bat I'm trying to get hit. This at bat if I don't I'll try to get when next door so when I get up the plate and you look at a guy like David Ortiz who has shift. Who a lot of -- it taken away from him so I'm up there. An umpire -- me up at a bad pitch or umpire makes a bad call first base you know before instant replay. Or an official scorer gives an error that have been hit and it -- hit. You feel like you've been robbed. Did you feel like someone just stole something from you take extremely personal. And in I always had a tough time of kind of letting it go because this is this is why while some applying it to my trying to get it. One hit. One RB -- -- here's the counterargument I understand that and this is why am talk to me because I was listening to UT on the MM FB ratio. And you clearly had this opinion you clearly knew where David Ortiz was coming from. David Ortiz is -- extreme weak weak in you agree with it yeah. 234 times a year he's gonna get his play his emotions get the better I brought with him and this was the case. I could ask you say well why would a guy. After. Winning a game like that come out and talked about this and the answer is I know the answer the answer is because Dave Ortiz is emotional that's what he does. Most players weren't but both players aren't as emotional as -- -- -- right correct so. I'll go back to one hit. One RBIs. I understand the numbers game plan and understand that your raised that way -- how much they could potentially mean but the reality is one hit. One RBI. It doesn't mean that much it doesn't. -- play a factor that in here please don't look. I don't look at. You know 600 bats. I've looked at one. The one and I'm happy right now route ten times a year -- there notable but I'm just saying that I'd look at one and it's just the one and having. This is it. And the good ones. Can do that they'll do the talking -- -- you know put your last at bat behind you you know the old one you struck out the bases loaded. -- a bad doesn't matter anymore avoidable one at bat at a time in my goal instigating it. And when I get hit I've gotta I gotta give credit for that -- you know that just -- and David Ortiz right now is 300 plate appearances. You know they Indiana and Texas that was ruled an error by Yu Darvish yes so -- into 46 right now. If they didn't ruled that it hit he'd -- in 242. Yes if but they changed it. Now if they change this it what's it going to change at some point yes you'll be getting to fifty. That's eight points right now and I don't doesn't mean anything but this is what. This is what you get judged by and for David Lee does is just -- this. I understand and I am I'll say it again we'll look big picture is serious we would probably a bad -- and it means everything and that's why when Pedro Martinez used to go on his rants. I I would always say to people because you have people think -- you what's he thinking what's he complaining about millions of dollars -- The wind when it should be sense it's like sensed it. I always say don't try to get inside their head it would have been a different world and you lived in that world that's why masking and in Europe you just setting yourself. It they can't CB pitcher you twenty big picture everybody in that clubhouse currency big picture. Right -- use you see it is it the mental games that you play. Here you see it. When it. Mentally kind of benefits you. It in other words. Unified goal one for twenty S a cannot judge myself on twenty at bats OK let's let's judge myself on on O'Neill fifty. I'm so it's set at thirty more at bats by and go ten for fifty you know me I'm back to where need to be so you you're looking big picture. To fight a negative. But you also live in the moment because you realize. Every single at bat. In years a collection of 600 individual at bats it's not just a group of six at bats it's one at a time. How many guys in the club house won't say it again David Ortiz was might have been the extreme in terms of his emotions. How many guys in the clubhouse or something like that happen them. -- do you think -- stood up and introduce the conversation to the media yet may and none may -- Pedroia yeah may be. Maybe to the media via now how many would go to the hitting coach. -- there's no question listen last year Shane Victorino was in the same situation or not the same situation but a similar situation. We're all in the middle the club house waiting for the the starting pitcher and Victorino is yelling over. About his stick to Kevin Gregg the PR guy about this and it was after a loss in. So I don't doubt that at all I don't doubt that at all it is but we're sitting there and we're just thinking. They just lost in this guys yelling about this. But as I said before I mean you flipped through this you have a good perspective. Of. Well it's it's the most selfish in a good teams voiceovers -- point -- don't just say it's an individual game. Like it it's it's selfish you know and I've heard Jake Peavy talk a lot about that really matter what I do do my team win or lose that day. So if peavy goes out there and gives a full five runs every single night and as such is happening hit those nights -- win every single game. Event she's been so worried about -- perform well because eventually that performance it's not about winning or losing because Jake Peavy pettis are worried about himself what JP is another. -- we've we see after games a year you guys and team can lose by ten runs and the guy goes four for four they'll put on the face like we lost in -- probably a semblance of them actually feeling bad lost. But their quote -- a lot better because they went for sure. And I know -- ago can he keep looking you watched thanks to our government from their four. There's one other question I want to ask in regards to this subject which is which is something that Ortiz brings up is when it comes to the scores decisions. He's -- I don't know why. The -- score doesn't take care costs now when I first heard that can say that a couple years ago I might -- eat talking about. Why it is that something in that clubhouse that they actually feel. That this should happen it where homes of the -- take care of us. Yeah I think you see it on -- road and remember. See Lotta questionable calls errors hits. You know on the road -- hits and -- like -- that's nice you know and it's a long out of home home score. It would expect I do think has got to do with -- you -- You know I mean if your if your guy like Dustin rejoice in your home is questionable hit air he's on the field that probably given his. Even so yeah the Olympic gold Glover is an essay on the into the air and. Is it's funny you say that because you to show their I don't know I I don't think the -- factors in his nearly as much as players thank you chipped it short or does. I say it to about three seats down from the official scores. You have chest guardians you Bob Ellis was last night. You Mike Sherlund. And top forgetting someone else but you have three or four guys who rotated. And when there's a scoring decision to be had. They'll look at it I see the process they'll talk to people. They'll review with people sometimes the media relations personal come down. By this whole idea of well he's home or he's -- player. I really don't think should be factored in in the B honestly I don't think it -- him. I guess that the good players do feel that way quick British Columbia the way around that score that day was. Ordinary effort -- -- -- the world that it kept using. And that's the use now or loves you why we know why because it's in the rule book via but. The ordinary effort of Joseph -- at first base that seems ordinary effort of brothel the first race or James Loney at first base or during Gonzales at first race. So if anything issue almost hurt the gold Glover more -- in the place that I expected to make that more than somebody else when I just think that. A lot of people feel that. I've felt like when we go on the road some times I've seen him get away you do it's at night when I go on the road as he hits that are given away two guys on the team and say man. Be nice if we get some like that. And I can only speak to 'cause I'm closest to the score friendly park I can only speak to how I think you should be done how I think it is Don. By Derek clearly places. And throughout the American League throughout the National League where the scores are gonna air on the side of the -- I don't doubt that so I understand when a player like Ortiz -- yourself says. Hey -- I'm seeing it there why isn't the same here. But if you if you think that that should be the case. -- that that that the home he scored should protect. And I just exploring should be like universally just not that that's the problem like when you go somewhere and you see -- ball that's an era. And it's given money you can't help but think it'll. Get like three of 45 more hits a year than any any would be fused. You know somewhere else if he wasn't at home you know and in the simple five. And you know hits that's 1012 points on an average you know the course of the season you take out all for five and you make that a five for five. -- a big difference alienated just makes you wonder. You know what's the -- like in this team heroes of he's given it's on. Why -- we get them it would have personal come in DC area like in. They're actually Tyrone costs. -- that he was also my team scores including an park you'll eat the change. You from the team they change pretty quick man another thing exceptions Louis with a -- that'd be changed. Indy before even we get this thing up -- -- right -- That. Like a leave by it. Right arm several news -- can be changed. Other thing is acceptance acceptance of the year are a -- will go back in 1980. With the amount of errors -- now. Compared to now. It is there's a whole it's a whole lot of conversation about. The amount of errors in baseball you can say -- the equipment begins today it's better fields better athletes whatever. I think it's an acceptance. For mediocrity. So that's a whole other topic for another day hey thanks for stopping -- Brett folk.

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