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Bill Belichick... not only spies on you, but now has your playbook too!

Jun 19, 2014|

He's in your head! Bill Belichick apparently is like the computer on 'Person of Interest', no piece of intelligence is ever safe from Coach Bill!

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-- wait to be kicked out of that at the time I think. Our number two Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Michael Holley and our normal places Steve Lyons -- and colleagues in the house as well. We got -- of football for just few minutes here because believe it or not the patriots. Have been accused of cheating yet again depending how seriously you take this stuff. Greg Bedard MM QB has a piece a lengthy piece profiling Mike -- I'm Mike -- the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. In the piece written by Bedard -- talks about how his playbook. In Cleveland is actually quite thin and he says that's by design quote I don't put a lot of graduate level information -- it that says. We know in places like New England it's only a matter of time that they somehow mysteriously end up with -- our playbook on quote. He then went on to tell a story how Wes Welker his wedding. Tom Brady brag a little bit to jets outside linebackers coach Mike Smith. Was Welker college roommate at the wedding as well but the patriots may or may not have had possession of a couple of jets defensive play books. It is quoted quote it didn't shock me because Rex would give them out like candy anyway. He gave one out to Alabama coach Nick Saban and ice and I was like. Coach Saban and ballot check a pretty good friends I have appealing it's gonna end up in New England on quote. Well apparently according to Mike patent it did in the patriots. Had -- jets playbook Belichick was asked about it today at the end of OT case. His response that you probably would expect was. I don't know you have to ask Mike -- about it. Rex Ryan was asked about it and got a lot more enemy he's yes. He said first the ball one that I know for a fact number one I think it's disrespectful. To New England. He called it ridiculous multiple times. He said everyone needs to talk to Mike -- because he's got all the answers. Rex went on to say that it's ridiculous -- -- -- Mike he's got all the answers out Rex went on to say doing it never had an advantage when they played us. He said the pats just outplayed them. Even talking about patents and I don't understand what he's trying to gain by it. He said there's no advantage to having the jets playbook because it changes every year he said this thing probably got blown all out of proportion. And pretty cranked up about it he was asked where his relationship with patents stand all right are now the artists he said it's in a bad spot right now. He laughs a little bit and then it's on to say like. Really do it. He was asked if he felt compelled to reach out to pat about it he said no go on vacation. Well that's where I was gonna get that I was gonna get that affected. Mike Patton was dismissed he was fired. From the -- that you know Rex Ryan. Moved up from. It's so I think. What does what does patent looking to get out of that this matter Rex Ryan. They've got they got beat because he lost his job. But it turned out great for him and they might patent is going to be head coach in the league. In 2014. Or not or ever and so now he's the head coach of the Cleveland Browns like you won. You may you may stay with the Cleveland Browns. Longer than Rex Ryan it's gonna stay with the New York Jets. Maybe there maybe a coach longer in use depending on what happens this year that that's one thing -- I don't I -- after one here yeah I know but you know the -- but he's a vendor programs the president that the new browns would the new administration in the gonna do things differently. And the other thing if you're about to me Steve -- that. -- department head coach. In the other the other team thinks that -- and it. I don't want a quiet their fears. I want you to think that I have something I'm not gonna confirm it won't deny that I want you to think. That got -- plays I know what you're doing and an alum I'm hiding in trees watching your practices and that. You know gone back to the -- -- back days that I am controlling the showers and controlling the parquet in controlling your thoughts. They're gonna spend that much time thinking about what I happen by political argue to -- an extra ten or fifteen minutes. Do to protect. Yourself against me I've won so -- might threaten. Rex Ryan. One what -- all the things. That I've got just got proprietary information. I've got cameras in your locker room and I've got microphones on the. Players will we were talking about this earlier in the office and I said at all. O'Brien. Was the coach on bill Belichick's staff. The thing that upper Rex wanted some semblance of the patriots playbook he doesn't -- already. What good would it because as you pointed out we were talking about it earlier it better be a pretty fluid piece of information here. And it does I mean I gotta think that the playbook changes quite regularly. -- The basis. For your plays as stand saying that as a but he says about any team could almost interchange playbook with teams say it looks just like arts. Lot of teams from the same ballclub than some. Some but you know it's still it's knowing the plays but it's. A that's part of but I guess you don't know the parties. Don't know what place you're in you're in the same division as the jets. They just don't know the patriots placed him on with all the film a lot right plant twice a year. They haven't checked you'll -- I have three times a year that so Rex Ryan has seen. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick a lot in his dreams he should know their place. The patriots should know what the jets are running and they probably don't know what they're running. Part of part of the that the -- solving the the issue was not knowing the plays its knowing how they're gonna use them. It's knowing all of this is what they call in this situation that's more -- very that's the Lester B playbook. Scenario and it's more of an. IPad scenario may be brick and everybody in the league. They're up to date or maybe not Cincinnati -- -- -- awful hole where adult another candidate computers aren't up there up to date yet but most teams and only. You can just. Punch and it what is the tendency on this team I'm an advocate third between third and fourth and third set. All of their place the last four years what do 134. 3536. And burdensome and you can break it down right there -- so what -- the tendencies on third for 72% of the time -- on a naked bootleg. But the idea. And 22% of the time. -- -- -- run it's it's a fade it to fade route and whatever you can do that every team only can do. Why believe Nick Saban gave Bill Belichick. The jets' defensive playbook that evidently Rex gives out to everybody in gave one -- -- ideal yeah heavily to -- it. Is that cheating which is the way it will be portrayed by the way outside of New England. It's clearly look at that -- Belichick again I'm not sure it would let him know the cameras and how does that get playbook from teams. I might set the auto output much in my playbook because sooner or later new England's gonna get one of the what you have to change this now you have all the plays you want. Mattered very much meat at fairway to stop them. Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl fix. It at that that he stole the playbook from. You know fill in the blank. -- gonna play books they -- teams there. Noninterest you can go online and vinyl playbook. Not on. Arnold and get one. Of regular. I -- -- -- bulldozers. And and by the way I think piece things make their way around a lot. I I don't think this is unusual coaches move. Do I believe that when you know Mike Patton left the jets had to be left everything I left everything area poster and I -- I don't wonder why don't you just got release the why honestly believe Mike Patton didn't leave with some than. And and and he's friends with the coaching. Pick your spot Pittsburgh a problem Pittsburgh and Cleveland but somewhere Kansas City is that he wants him but I got. Play in the jets' next week I got -- yes I believe the stuff happens all the time in the same way by the way phone calls happen all the time right. All the time these head coaches talk. Pay -- I I I got Kansas City coming here this week and I saw you had them in week three. What they do when that was killing on third down I mean they talked about the stop all the time. Well I don't know if they do -- edit their friendly. That's what I'm saying in and of their friendly they do and it's probably. I need to do a different. They see that I occasionally he just couldn't stop this -- volume. You had a hard time Jamaal Charles coming out of the backfield. And crises as to what you're trying to do defensively. What would you do if you played you play it again. What would you do what to look out for some subtle things I -- about this guy you know back -- -- -- -- -- I've -- about their senator. Quarterbacks with cadences are all sorts of subtleties and nuances. Now I think that's pretty standard but. I don't know if this one has caught on. You -- dale you said it's going to be viewed a certain way nationally people gonna say. And they're the patriots again they're cheating I guess I don't think so. I think. Well couple things one. The fact that it's here in its happening in June this common in June and it's nothing definitive commissioners not involved there's no. There's no inquiries there's no trial played just dated may he may have a copy of it that's one and then the other thing is Rex is -- I think Rex. Pat has softened any type of criticism and it's it's not patriots vs jets now it looks like it's -- -- vs Mike. I'm -- I'm on pro football talks website and they've got the story and obviously as they do with all this stuff. I'm I'm Paula my all guilty pleasure and I cannot compliment Michael Holland lines -- -- -- yesterday guilty pleasure when of them. And and I reading the comments I've looked at comments on articles so I've got to hear pro enemy you do too don't you go there hit well and -- just give me a couple. And pat stealing playbook to cheat on Sundays so shocking. -- the patriots cheating again I totally shocked. That seems typical of ballot check and I would certainly not put it past him it also seems typical -- let that stuff get out there. I mean again and and their seventy some here at the national perception is going to be that the patriot yes he edged it out by now have -- we you don't even by the latest just as an icing Rex is an eighty. It's -- out there. Throw it out -- where it would director -- letting the play ball don't give the playbook out well don't give it to Nick Saban went out and in patton's words you know gives an out like candy -- Why I think it's it's an information exchange -- I think Rex is candy to be I could happen it lied I think the I think the point is from Pittsburgh and like all coaches look at it differently some coaches. -- never ever. Even acknowledged they have a playbook let alone -- you look at it like one of those reference books in the old school library. -- those those big books I can't take that picture right there at that table read averaging an encyclopedia. You're not knocking on take it. So some coaches feel that way but the coaches are looking at like an information exchange. Hey this is what you don't. Art let me look at -- look at your playbook tablet to look at mine. Because it's not the answers to winning are not in the playbook. I got the point. You have -- plays all day long. Here's my favorite one. And yet Brady is still seen whining and crying and throwing a tantrum to the -- every time he plays the jets. He still has problems with -- his defense even -- his playbook and ballot -- stealing signals. The patriots franchise has complete trash -- from -- to -- Heartless and trolling the side. There from from that comment here. The central point is. Even if they do have a playbook did have a playbook know the plays no oh what they're gonna do. What their basic philosophy is which they do. It doesn't matter if they have the playbook into it again. -- playbook. So they have the playbook a modern art football when -- bit about 42 points but then they lost the playbook in January. When they lost to reject. I mean it's not sure if that's so stupid. I just want to know what Joey Porter things. I just wanna see what his comments are about the whole thing. And and by the way it happens all the time as detector points out of the Indianapolis Colts signing Deion Branch. Just before they play the patriots. You know. This -- this stuff happens all the time where they'll sign a player bring him in for the week. You know milk everything they can get out of him for information and -- on Saturday or something. The information process goes on but I'm telling outside of New England. This is portrayed as bill ballot checked cheating again. Even though you when I know that's not the case I'm telling you across the country that's how they. Think so and what happened in that game last year -- game. Where the patriots. Pictures had a penalty on a field goal attempt number that's against the jets penalty on a field goal attempt. The game's going and over time. We thought it was gonna go in order to happen in overtime anyway it was a penalty unsportsmanlike. Our conduct unsportsmanlike penalty. They get they get a chance to kick the the field goal again. And they went. They not have a playbook for that game two or they have the playbook but it didn't know. That have the Ruble. Had looked like a liberal or you're preaching to the choir here. In New York in Pittsburgh. I -- well -- out there and I don't provide not even in New York not even in Pittsburgh no way -- just I don't look at how we -- look at the story and say there comes down to whether and I stop the plan and -- this thing in basketball -- pick general. In the game forever know we can figure out -- stuff that everyone has to play. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. David's down on the cape David Europe first on Sports Radio still on -- Yet they do on Sunday then I admire -- I have like two spot on number one is like I do think it is going to be a like a big national story outside a New England we're gonna brush off. Not -- but like it's going to be paid attention to the other side -- every single football coach in the NFL college high school. They -- other teams may develop the other team as they got. It's so it's not like this secret information. That these teams that weren't that you don't get to -- -- Well look they scout yes and video scout especially. But it it would look if you did have a team's defensive playbook. And if you knew that you know this is the setup that they liked to have 13 law if you if you start. Any knowledge is good knowledge I guess is what I'm saying there's no such thing as having too much information. Would it it if you have the jets' playbook would you stop breaking down video of courts not apps would it help the -- that probably would. I just I I think that I agree with -- you guys you guys talking about how this. Not a New England that's going to be this is gonna get played up that Belichick cheat again that smoke there's no doubt about that. But any other and we take it to the next level kind of thing get up -- ticket to a little bit more yeah -- the team's -- is gonna help. But you have any link that you've been playing -- how many years. Under the scorching that Rex -- staff and Bill Belichick. You you know your opponent. And it's like Steve just yet. You know you might hate pretty much appeal come up with a blank look across the at the middle linebackers and -- -- run and I -- right here you've still got to stop it. You know while. I don't know I don't know I'll guys -- I think it's clear I don't know why this Tuesday. I think it's in the the right state wrong city. I think based on the information. Based on the numbers they clearly buffaloes play. The patriots have buffalo flip that it is better. -- anybody that hatred -- -- old playbook. And they also have hiring and firing practices and buffalo they have they have made that organization does do some really stupid things. This is to -- and pulling the strings. I found it interesting that pat -- Rex Ryan thought it was disrespectful to the patriots which probably shocks patriots fans. But he's obviously. Much matter at Mike -- -- -- -- -- practice has -- you have this -- this -- -- personal isn't it -- -- Connecticut Tim you're next on Sports Radio dale and -- -- -- I glad you're there I'd. -- this and that cameraman Doug Brown stand but he New England but I happen to agree that it is ridiculous. I don't actually this -- she'd whatsoever in fact the basic play in the NFL all the same 8090% of them code. How they make the call when they change on a regular basis that secret it would not play books the playbook on the basic fundamental. So I actually hear it you know I think it's ridiculous -- -- but it -- right. A New England expressly Cleveland I'll be disappointed. Well I can promise you that I mean look this has gone too far out on the limb here. -- think the New York tabloids aren't gonna make hay with this tomorrow I doubt -- are you kidding arms register -- -- written about it on espn.com. Up there in new York and yeah this is this is gonna get blown up by the New York tabloids. Now they don't necessarily blame the patriots. They'll probably go after Patten -- And and this'll become a a Rex -- patten's story but it's still going to be oh sure the patriots get a playbook well. Look the sexy part of the sexy part of spy gate. Was. The patriots are using these cameras they have secret cameras. And there there are looking at everything. That opposing coaches are doing and then they -- they're studying it. During the game and then they're able to you look at this information and then tell the quarterback and this is what's coming. End and then they get the wind so that the video part of it. During the game. All of that I just really. Titillated people. Yeah I -- use that word titillated avoid. I don't think this this story about they might. They might have a playbook and you know Nick Saban it's like that that old telephone game. -- -- -- Rex told me. That he sometimes gives playbook that nick and nick might have given the play book to bill. And bill might have shown -- playbook the Tom Brady and Tom Brady. Kinda hit -- at a wedding of Wes Welker -- way. That they got put it just so it's so convoluted. Here's who's in trouble from the patriots perspective. Tom Brady's control why well because Bill Belichick is gonna say to Tom Brady. What the hell which intelligent jets coach. Why would you say anything I would jets -- And -- -- -- Linux why Michael I wouldn't care where it is I would you -- a jazz coach. You know we might have a blood jets' playbook has made that are eligible -- Let's let's. If if Bill Belichick. Goes to Tom Brady with this. I'm Robert if you wasted my time with this nonsense is all you have. Know what it's like if I was Belichick I'd say. Com did you tell Mike's meant that we might have -- might have a playbook but -- ball and and and my next question would be why. What got. -- -- Michael what it did jets' culture. You're telling this to you told you like -- isn't gonna come back to you told them that you might have this isn't a big deal I told a jets -- I might have a playbook -- Maybe I do. Maybe I don't know are you concerned are you scared -- still it's still -- this group. It was actually in a jackass. Was even dumb for Brady to say and -- -- news I -- I think I do it but. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- -- 37937. Opening paragraph Christian meaning. Bill Belichick once got busted for illegally spying on the New York Jets now there's a story that says the New England Patriots coach may have obtained a copy of the jets' playbook. All wait to see that tabloids tomorrow.

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