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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Child Prodigy Edition - 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the interest in the 11 year old who shot a 78 on a pro course!

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And Hollywood. And it's. I know you know the words of one single online. Paying the. He was slightly older than eleven when he recorded it but he got a match. First solo hit it. Wise all of -- know how Michael was when he recorded then. It takes is a guy pictured is is that -- is to look at more unbelievable and I. You can never really tell them driven doesn't look like he hit puberty so probably like yeah yeah well. He was probably about the same age as Lucy. Yang and that's why we're talking about child prodigy today ban. -- you talking a mile and out of I just thought burial and everything there is right now he's not into the rat that the song was about. Sort of -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans bill that you. I'd better network sorry then -- My -- before Lucy -- we had Michelle week so one know will Lucy lead not live up to the hype. Like Michelle week. And that is Michelle Wie is half submerged almost totally submerged. Golf ball. Holes where she hit it way too heavy. She's way to treat yup. That isn't a shot you practice very often. By the way that all the what we're watching that video earlier today. Her performance that that whole cluster in 90000. Dollars. Because of that missed -- 90000. Dollars from net. What -- let -- eleven year old girls think about. I'm tired of guys pupils. Daughters who yes or older than eleven I mean what were your daughters thinking about it at eleven years old. Boy bands probably. Yet not one direction. Things like that and trying to Maria. OK so it's -- Toshiba's got a 90000 dollars picked elf and by the way -- -- Charlie was a lot older than eleven when that Japanese by. Shall we find it. Thirteen or fourteen Houston bar if she's not our buy it and she's far ahead of the game to fear her press conference. I think she was giggling -- that door closed eleven years old to be cute as a button. Now Michelle Wie is also beautiful woman who has to this point. Not lived up to the -- But she shot a seventy she's eleven years old I know I've never shot a 78 my -- W I RL now she's. Now but but that it gets us back to the point son asked me vomit prodigy may yes I'll ask you -- shot a -- Seven assessment mr. We have confirmation. -- -- -- -- Long time ago the fact of the matter is some prodigy make some prodigy don't at least at this point Michelle Wie has not made. We're shifted and started eleventh. -- Yes we are Michael's child prodigy is don't know is about tonight. The next big thing in American soccer was supposed to be Freddie ado. When -- fourteen I think being described as the -- Palin come. You know. Automatically everybody's gonna look at you say OK Susan. So we expect to go out on the field and on the. I mean fourteen years old anybody described as the next LA is probably gonna not live up to the -- for a fourteen. 24. Doesn't matter. You're prepared to have security -- already losing Brett and Freddie do with the guys who they thought was going to be. About best US soccer player of all time fourteen years solely going out to play with a man. Never -- -- into 1000 more pressure than -- Australia is just the you know men among boys boys among men whatever it was. Couldn't and to -- It's tough for anybody that age to compete with the contribute. In the like stuff. All the civil you know. And you thought about the lifestyle par which are right. Three he. Sometimes prodigy is live up to and exceed the -- Great things are expected of tiger ever since his appearance on the Mike Douglas show -- right now like in the Tiger Woods and his father -- good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cut to -- tiger on the Mike Douglas show at 22. He says I'm too. And that's what five years Obama go to Perkins and that the add up to pick up good I don't know what I get everybody -- -- body. What -- records on and off the court Romano law. It's I mean if there's that kind of pressure on an obvious that same kind of pressure with which Iran on national TV at the age of so. For your golfing exploits. And and he was a prodigy his entire life he was wind and temperature. Idol -- they lived up to the hype. All malls. And you know he that he would have exceeded the -- if he would never mention. He he set the bar right it was a lot talking about pursuing Jack. And Jack's record Sophie doesn't get Jack's record. -- live up to the -- He doesn't get that -- Over his terms gap -- nobody nobody put that on him when he said that what is gold ones he can -- get. I would say that he does not beat Jack's major record it doesn't mean he's a failure and still don't know what -- lived up to the hype. He he's the greatest golfer of the last how many years -- I mean the best in the world at what he does for how many years in a row and that's almost like -- because not a great quarterback does it was suitable. Just get this this guy was the -- golf for this generation but this is nitpicking. That we got it it's not it's not that extreme or every time we talk about the great you're not nit -- if you don't know I. I I I I am nitpicking because that's what we do what degree we talk about. Top five NBA players top five NHL players top five baseball players whatever it is. You're nitpicking because the guy at number five -- stuck. In it right I mean you're still talking about the greatest of the great. So in Tiger Woods these great. Whether he breaks Jack's record or not. But part of part of that drawl with Tiger Woods he's got to do something that we have never seen before he's got a break Jack's record because he has talked about this. The pursuit of excellence to pursuit of Jack. That was his singular thought he'd. Didn't say we're going to he said that was his goal. But that was his mentality with everything. Everything I mean yeah everything blowing apparently yes records that are in the breaker double standard with your record -- Time now for the AT&T prodigy of the day. We comes in north east Ohio's own no not you Michael -- LeBron. James. -- -- -- -- Forty soon. What executed. But it seems more like 62. This at all -- shots whether it's that the reason that that -- Doug -- -- it seems like it's more than we. And what age was in that highlight them. A junior in high school. But he scoring 42 of his team's fifty some odd points that that was hit Michael in and Europe from that area that you had a much better grasp of this from the rest of us. They started talking about this -- being the next great thing when he was like -- and -- Well there on the national stage. Really like fourteen. -- fifty. Locally when he was a little. If they were talking about yeah but it really ever -- -- to overdrive when he was going from the eighth grade until the ninth grade you're supposed to go to a local school -- possible. That was his school district -- to a high school. He he decided instead to go to. Take that -- -- the south taking it a mistake by -- the maple Labrador maple street whatever there is -- -- -- America. I think at that point. There was a fight over. It was it was contentious this eighth grader going high schools I think that's what it what it started out. Think the statute of limitations has run out on this I don't believe that Chris Wallace. Can be fine. At this stage. But our river Chris Wallace and former Celtics general manager of the 72001. 2000. That you can talk all you want right now about any any guys in the NBA draft coming up in this draft if there's a kid in your hometown. Right now he was in the draft right now he's a sophomore junior high school. Today they lottery pick in favor of LeBron James remember the name but I'm James. Now they're not supposed to. Talk like that they're in their permit their their prohibited from doing it but he was -- taken -- LeBron James as he sophomore or junior. Now what they -- even see him was he looking at some senior on that score on the beat the highest court to order -- -- filled why why even go look at a soft -- you're looking at somebody else. While because the word had gotten around. The word got around that he was he was -- good -- but he also you went to go see him you ever let anyone else and I believe at that time. What was the I think at that time you could draft a guy out of high school you had to pay attention are you stressed that high school so. It's not like he's the one and done rule was not place you're looking at high school talent all the time. All right that'll go for fourth for today I am I I will spin this as much as we've -- soccer players and diving and all that stuff. I've for Europe like just got knocked a bleep out. I mean out. Took indeed at the side of the head. And is laying on the field now. And I don't think it's come to yet. That would not perfect okay that was the real deal I mean it -- yellen and gesture and for people from all over. He got knocked. Out -- you know why a that we knew it was serious. Is because he didn't squirm around the ground and hold his face. In put both hands on his face he was just done he was out and he's now on a fight with the team docked sixty try to go back on the field. He walked at this hot lines and he's trying to fight his way back out onto the field. He got knocked out. That was the real obstacles all the time and soccer.

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