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Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Jun 19, 2014|

We check in with John Farrell for our weekly look at the Sox with the Skipper. Lackey, Holt, Ortiz, Workman, Victorino and more are all on the docket.

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We get the opportunity normally every Wednesday to talk with a manager of the Boston Red Sox but of course the Red Sox were. Playing yesterday when all of that came up to John -- joins us right now from Oakland brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Mohegan Sun hey John how -- Victory access -- I'm really good I mean time beautiful I I'd bet you at all your really really good stuff right at the very beginning here. John let's start with John Lackey and his performance yesterday nine innings no hits but no runs three hits. He is he is having another incredible year as a member of your pitching staff. -- You know to his credit because -- you're the wage is Rasheed is bodies. Prior to struggle last year. The way he continues to go out there and repeat his delivery. What's really been encouraging it's kuwaitis think in his arm strength. It is just and also dependable for us and the elite performer. Mean that you didn't know Lester shortly ankle our rotation. And that -- it took a picnic where we'd be without a -- -- -- what are your what was your analysis of yesterday's game from both sides I mean you look at. And pitching performances from Lackey. By the end of the twins also pitched very well mean what what do you think was. With -- what was getting out to you in that game from both perspectives I think well noteworthy. Era of two very good pitchers objections and your state or what should be successful career what you consider -- pedigree and stuff he has. But I'll just within you know you you get the big game after a night game in the weight. It was the first church were here and play without thought you know what each team would probably gonna help one push. Each team or any team to three run probably and and being the deciding factor he just had that feeling of pride in day games after night game. Thankfully John Lackey who's as good as it was for a long. Then we find ourselves in the heart of the order after they. After probably hit the go ahead homer off of also -- -- which fortunately it's just going to let him walk to blossom and was -- -- eventually. Done obviously when you talk about the after the Gibson. Through you guys yesterday you know he is the third longest scoreless streak in twins history so. This guy is is is no slouch and he's in the middle of like 23 in a row. But other you'll also face other pitches where you thought maybe. The offense with spring to life a little bit how much of a concern knowing the -- getting great pitching right now is the fact that your offense still isn't scoring runs. Well I think it's well document -- we we hear about it every day and that doesn't change our approach. Is it that. Setting aside yesterday kitchen shut down. What -- a number of games we're still we're getting multiple people on base. Our -- in leaving a lot of people are based -- we know that runners score position batting average for strictly with two outs. It is uncharacteristically. Low. It forged a couple that with two outs. You know we're saying it routinely is that Giant Eagle or pictures or art navigating their way to a lot of they're gonna choose who they -- saves to -- the -- off. That is the case reputedly. And I do know this and that sent them and his -- lectures and others. What he's doing whatever care and wood which makes so that makes sense for the Red Sox who proved. It anywhere that we can't now. You can point to the guys that have been here for a number years in bookstore and all of them are are firmly believe that there are there are times when guys are trying to ability. Beat the guy in that moment where you know we over playing over there and strikes well at times. Well there's been a lack of putting ourselves in the position to score runs we're still doing out of the -- -- great. Our job for the last couple days we've talked about David Ortiz. And his issue with the official score before -- get into his reaction. I wanna know what did you think of the call. Well I think I returned the player goes above and beyond what normal you know global effort. You're probably your side to the to the hitter and there is one -- national -- all the power you know expand -- you know. Lot of -- You know what there's there's a system -- place for that review and I'm sure that place. Well put all our our our respect to David era in the other stretch -- -- in your word and not hitting it there ought to be average and he typically does the shift as fickle a number of -- away which. That that's a well documented -- fault at some frustration charter -- -- -- yesterday -- There's David has done so many times you put what sort of happened behind the in the dugout as the game tying home run so as that that was due process Russell Walt -- take its course. I'm going to play the game obviously managing the game now wondering. As a player from your experience as a player in dealing with players. You think most of them know what official scorers do mean David made a reference yesterday to the official scores at Fenway Park being against them -- supposed to be some home cooking involved I think most those guys. Have an understanding of of what the job is. I think you do you know I. Began and the time that you're directly in all that it Republican Gilbert biased I would say as well -- An objective view former official scorer is surely not always a line with a player -- that's all part -- our stick and play for a long. The game has been played so. What I do though is their futures in the review process such and players that -- it will static and I'm sure. And it kept -- a little bit it'll be -- There are times when being the manager being the general manager of a baseball team is not necessarily a fun thing. I assume that was the case earlier this week when you had to have a talk with Grady Sizemore. Yeah are -- thing. More importantly. Dallas you know Grady Sizemore represents everything that is. Good and great about the game and the way guys play at it and the way guys approach charts. And get if you look at individual gold history and individual track records in the -- and crazy amount of injury he fought back from an -- all the rehab because of -- -- -- great years as a person that wasn't an easy conversation and unfortunately. You know -- to order plus play the truckers. We felt like we need to upgrade work -- can and that's aren't going in and Brady are fortunate in this case was the victim of change. -- No we we know that we've got to try to get as much production out of our our solar return. And we'll make those changes to try to just. They're John that -- -- perfectly into today's. Mohegan Sun question. -- you can have dinner with John Ferrell if your questions chosen and been a -- is a candidate for that been dropped from Woodstock Connecticut. Wants to know John how much influence do you have in sending a player back to the minors. I don't know I have -- it I don't know there's a certain percentage you can say it but. Because Michael -- and the -- and others are our daily every hole is well aware. You know the situation that we -- and will be given positioned merchant player. Now I will say that there are times where you pound the table so portable players that you know what I believe in this guy even though the number -- short right now. So you'd you try to. Should all that support. It would it would be given a given player. But I think at some point you know you have to be objective -- and what our needs is a team and an -- where some of those decisions you take place. And -- done a lot of thought Brock cold and you know he's. Better breath of fresh air is a great athlete -- in east you know had to really almost played. Two games that day while learning one position and then gonna look easy but. Kind of a two part question have you ever been on a team -- had to use a player like you views Brock and when you go to sleep but -- -- -- ever lose a week or -- thinking what are we doing to this kid. Well first -- first part of you know I've I've never been a team that's had a player as versatile. And it hurt not only them. The versatility that he -- what's important because he's anchoring a leadoff spot -- that early on a little bit of a -- for all dorsal. Whatever you want to keep about a lineup you don't we've been more open mind it's. -- throwing him in a position where there's been cool little -- no. Were leading up to. And he's worked so. Were fortunate we've got a guy that you as you mentioned athletic. That has a baseball instincts and doesn't allow. Maybe limited access are limited exporter that position over the plate or am I gonna get in Paris in this position -- academic player -- level. None of that match. I also think just like you say how much can we can you expect -- hole because. The start went from fighting for utility jobs certain our lead -- -- playing. People are saying what are your that we can put -- on the plate and during the September 3 at the euphoria that is created a I think what he's doing he's carving out the beginning of what should be its just a -- career. To what extent who knows. What were fortunate we've dug out there of course felt -- With Brandon Workman suspension being upheld by a Major League Baseball and you've got a hole in your rotation for tomorrow's game have you guys made a decision on that yet. -- you're -- -- start tomorrow I need to travel -- this out here after the ruling came down what you. The other gonna -- out a little little puzzled by it took so long Tuesday the same six game and so yemen's Arabian and nine game suspension really when you look at it. While guarding you you didn't make that. Argument for Brandon -- -- can -- -- is regardless but. You know. By starting the suspension yesterday and -- It looks like a ministers -- won't start and then -- -- we -- sure there. Current situation moving parts here and are on rehab. Brandon situation is doing quite well also -- -- -- -- definitely speak where -- pocket. So what we've got a cute instrument to editors. How wanna follow up on the island unto outfielders one if you're gonna call Brock -- an outfielder that kind of goes into my question. I know he has versatility what do you believe his best position this for you guys. Was that position there's perched at the one he has about it yet. Well I -- Taylor is that position -- -- lead -- -- -- how we get the most legal. You know plays and to -- or you know long term our problem we're sitting here today one project what is. Long term the -- The factors. He certainly put up short group and neighbors all. What would but with being able to play in a position without you don't achieve that and use super utility ours. You know in the game anymore why I don't know what Chauncey and one guy that really stands out others. There's been dispersal and back successful. As a player out there and number positions. -- Steve Lyons is raising his hand that we -- up yet he had I didn't hit me at 29 errors and and 1988 started off. I don't know that versatility gals but what also follow opened Sizemore what did you see in spring training that wasn't able to translate. During the regular season was it just the the grind of a playing every day they got to -- what was it that it just didn't carry over three regular season. -- Michael were pretty sure some spring training and that's where our medical staff was and also -- the the plan that we put in place for his progression. What we're seeing -- spring training. Was not only encouraging probably a little bit unexpected strengths are and go all the way we felt like there was going to be further Rose was -- -- -- play. Growth in fact our production. You know maybe or maybe some explosiveness and some power. And we saw -- complex so. And we're so culmination of our parents are the way we've played the way we performed and also group. We just felt like. Yet what that -- continue on she's gonna need every bit back and you know we didn't feel like we -- those. We're open mind at depending on what takes place now the free agent we we would provide that a -- -- if he felt like it was a situation that was beneficial to him but we felt like it didn't progress. They took what we expected to once we got to spring training the first 45 weeks. Final question before we let you go at this moment are all signs point toward chain victory knows return on Monday. -- your question -- world -- it's going to be incomplete he was held out today because -- some stiffness. And wasn't able to go so world or in its database situation as much as we need to expect source. We've got to get some level of credibility here every paper penalty before he is actually. John we appreciate time is always good luck out there will talk to next week. We are -- take care that is -- John Ferrell. Red Sox manager joining us from Oakland well we buried the lead immediately realize that Shane Victorino held out of today's rehab start and attack -- not with stiffness. Nine that day and you're exactly right not coming out Monday that. If if they're already at this stage having to hold him out now and doesn't sound as though although he's eligible to return on Monday. Certainly puts into question whether that's gonna happen. He got mad not to my -- in right field we're not gonna have a lot of measly roster gone you know one day on Monday off until it appeared out the I got to put him on the roster until they come play him. A couple days in a row then maybe give the day off and then playing a couple more days and then get him a day off and then run it out there every day. And if he's being held out of rehab assignments right now. He's nowhere near being ready come back. Think there's a kid in the system. Their kid in the system who was. Who was prepared to play in the majors right now and outfielder. And well that the name we all know in and he his batting averages close and and on 300 at triple -- level now the start a little slow and that's to be expected when last I checked a day or so ago he was up to 292. In Pawtucket. I mean we know we can field. Because Darren and Eric and and we'll talk about it. And in a few minutes here they are in position. I got a lot of weird things going on the -- and the Red Sox you know the traditional things that we're used to our. The Red Sox Indians. I guess semi playoff. Position. -- seven games out of the division lead other four games on the wild card. You're used to the Red Sox not talking about the playoffs in June and not being totally out of it that's on on one hand yes that's that's what we all. What we're all familiar with that the threats from the other hand. Our guys dropping like flies got -- -- playing third got blocked Brock COLT. Playing first to get Rocco playing left center right all over the place. And now -- -- you know Shane Victorino. Is not gonna come back Jackie Bradley junior has struggled to hit. On one hand you think -- it go out and and and plug this plug this hole and then put a band aid here and have a hand. And got some kids in the system. Bring up the kids to fill the holes. By the way just checked smoky Betts is up to hitting 310 now. The other one more hit addict and a guy girl that got fifty at bats is that a white flag he forgot to bring about is that white black he's got 58 at bats. He's got eighteen hits couple of doubles triple two home runs nine runs batted in. Yeah I don't think I'm -- so it's not not in his case because he's a prospect that debt if they bring about. They're gonna expect his at bats to mean something at the Red Sox aren't in an organization where you can. Retool -- the re load and that's you know that's the situation that they're in the eight. They cannot tell Red Sox fans we're gonna give up on this year -- which I don't hear a little while ago there -- ten games back what I say they had to make a one game. On the division leaders every ten days hasn't been ten days since then and it made up three so ahead in the right direction but still planning it time for them to get to the top of the division we got a lot talk about baseball on the docket believe it or not. The Patriots in the middle of some controversy again. And coach Bill Belichick. And Pat Riley was -- man and I never thought I'd ever say that. That's all of coming Sports Radio WEEI.

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