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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, David Ortiz needs to let it go. 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan from ESPN Boston joins the guys to talk about David Ortiz, the possibility of Lebron James leaving Miami, and the Celtics chances of landing Kevin Love

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Right now and WEEI. She's from ESPN Boston it's Jackie McMullen fewer than Maloney Christian Fauria and -- -- -- Jackie Mac thanks Africa and all this again how -- I'm good guys and attack on today well. Lots of stuff Jackie Jackie what is the journalistic equivalent of showing up an official scorer behind home plate had ever done that to save a copy editor at assignment editor news director I'm trying to think of the TV print radio journalism. Little it would these two. I think and I have never certainly ever done it but. You know in our business right you wanna break a story. He would break -- story and then you go into the press room and stand over the guy that's on the -- at the other paper where else to say yo bro didn't get it I did. The hill but you know nobody does have. Why don't you can't go. Out and you -- -- -- -- the -- quietly you can drop a Mike and leave the room. You can't drop the Mike and leave the room you know it's. Answer your back pocket days and I sound old but when newspapers it's all about newspapers -- deadline in no Internet and know what web sites you know you had a story. And you get all my long you're like Andre and I think I have become I don't. And you get up at 6 o'clock the next morning and run to the storm by all the newspapers to see if -- had on your own that's kind of what they. The climate was like back in those days. Pick -- your voice your your reaction I mean David -- -- in his -- -- their intent the -- walks them often. Here comes David after the game he still talking about -- eating get you in the seventh that I. Well you know I will -- with Ortiz his emotions. -- biggest strength but also the biggest weakness. And I think that's been true throughout his career we can we can sites so many examples and obviously we know David has a little bit of history here with questions scored. And you know he's an emotional guy he's scuffling to -- even with that home run. He's hitting enough decent power but his average is terrible so you know it -- that's a little different anyway to begin with. So he you know he gets mad -- -- -- up to -- -- I really like any of that come down. All right fine eagle on him home run in your team gets a walk off win which is a huge win. It's just sweep of the twins you go on the road with momentum. All the sudden -- you know six and a half instead of insurmountable. After the game many double catalytic going to can really do have a problem with this. Speak you know speak -- -- -- -- at least had others overturned so that's the part that I didn't like. Because it's spoke to be about keynote thinking Christian about you today but let me don't you guys. If you came out and did that you got a little note on your locker and it's just the need DB. -- succumb to the principal's office yeah exactly what Jackie does the part that I liked about the best again from journalist deported from a talk show -- point of -- to hear him. In essence beg us to talk about it it's the big debate as to talk about he he said that he wanted it to be talked about for me yes it will there's the green light I need. That's it on Ellen this is stored because the you can't say is an -- with all you guys in the media are making a big deal about known and well he won this disgust. Yet and you know. I've talked to David about stuff like this before he has the heart and it's time understanding. Why can't you guys with. You know he just doesn't understand the role of an official score. We're often journalists or journalist themselves we have to be you know I can like David Ortiz a lot personally and I I do. But I have to be able to look at everything he does objectively and it's one of the hardest things. That the journalist has to do -- you have to do it you have no credibility. And he's never been able to craft that I don't think can we had a lot of discussions about I know other people have with him to. And this case that the court. To blanket although it is a Finley scored and one way you guys know it's not the same guy day in and day out. They have a bunch of different people that do it you know Mike -- they have former herald. That's sports writer does it doesn't find job Bob Allison is that it is not just one guy and and I think he'd be a little unfair. I Jacqui so Pat Riley just had his news conference his press conference sorry on EST I'm not sure if you were able to see it or not but. One of the quotes I came out of that that I was really into staying was here's what he said about the Big Three whether or not they would stay or whether they should go he says. This stuff is hard and you've got to stay together if you have the guts and you don't find the first store and run out of it. First thought as would you think about that quote as far as it relates to the Big Three and the Miami -- -- think that might affect Kevin Love I -- some broad stroke but do my best. I love that quote any stock in only 21 person here and that's LeBron because if you're Dwyane Wade in -- make twenty million dollars. You're gonna opt out I think someone can give -- more. Now maybe you're -- opt out and give the -- less and maybe that's the plan and that's what Riley's gonna go to them and all say as we've discussed on the show before. I you guys -- -- opt out you're all gonna come back for fourteen -- or whatever will make it appear on the other side -- you know -- waited in a position right now extra. Chris Bosh to me. Is a very fine player. But that's about it I'm sorry. I mean he was scared to death of Tim Duncan you know and -- file. I don't know I'd I'd love to see ESPN stats and information breakdown his numbers while Duncan was on the court and guarding him -- when he was off the court and Tiago Splitter was -- So you really only talking about LeBron here. And I'm telling you. LeBron James tend not to. Cannot lead the Miami Heat if he's worried about his reputation which are -- people you know people are still just now thinking. About forgiving him for the decision. If you build on this Miami team good lord. You know Jack you know you love Beckel for Pat Riley. But some -- -- felt that way when LeBron left Miami I'm a Cleveland because he was that first door. In the broad jump through that first door so now right now and now he's gonna hold. But -- yeah that -- I'd say about that you're gonna say about that. I know and absolutely no one should of blamed -- LeBron James we're going to Miami that's his right is a free -- wasn't like he was only in Cleveland to see you there for awhile. Seven I think. And so the only problem lies with the way he did and the way they did it and I'm telling you right now the old Pat Riley would never. Ever have allowed that to happen and I'm sure -- all that pomp and circumstance went on he had his head in this instance that's not what he'd like to. Now you are right Lou he's now saying don't do basically what I think it's a different situation he's now won two championships. When he took all that he -- pun intended I guess. Riley is the one that stood by him got through it. Made him a champion. I think worked very closely with LeBron on his mental tenacity which I think was the thing that was messing with them -- think it's different. Check your in laws for this here on WEI Jackie -- in the unique position in the sense that you work with ESPN. And of course you have. Deep Boston ties when it comes to media and covering. Basketball as well so -- more than three of us and everybody listening to believe many of the nationally history is -- report suggesting that the Celtics. -- the lead dog to get Kevin Love services from Minnesota for -- the local reports which are suggesting that Nell. The Celtics still have a long way to go to make it the best possible trade package -- walls. Well I think the Celtics make the most sense because of those ethics and I know flip. Doesn't want to rebuilt he wants to be good I think what -- is hoping the Celtics will do. Is to find a thirteen to help them make this deal work. Now the problem with that he would. The thirteen which are gonna have that you're gonna find it helps you make this work once Kevin -- to. That's the big quandary there. It makes sense that Kevin Love would come here because he has he's amenable to -- let's start with app prime number one. Number two again -- and drastic and those those net takes particular just gonna have tremendous value. But that Minnesota wants body they want veterans to and that's where that the Celtics fell short that you can involve a thirteen them now. And and keep Minnesota happy. And maybe that's what you do but it. You know we're gonna get those veterans from the teams need to get them from our teams that are also -- for -- -- I'd be shocked if something happens. Before the draft. I think. Slips trying to convince -- of the state my guess is that it has been put that ain't happening. They -- looking at Baxter Holmes peace in in in the in the globe and an -- -- source that's able to try to show Kevin Love they can win without a -- trying to win now they wanna be competitive. And -- music and if you trade late Kevin Love is that really what you're trying to do. That -- I don't try to built. You don't have it here Lou he's got a lot anyway aren't we desperate mind would you rather it is helping yeah I'd rather it depicts right because. I can get a player of his caliber. And I went. No no I agree I agree with that so it you know -- in a tough spot. He's got time. And I think you can use the time but of course what it does is it muddies the water. On draft night because if you're drafting for the Minnesota Timberwolves. You might make it different selection and if you were drafting for the Boston Celtics although my feeling is that six. You take the best available player and worry about it later. You know Jackie talked about you know Flip Saunders has time do you think that's. It's opposite her thing and if they're trade is gonna get done -- Bergen and of getting picks from the Celtics are some other team. When you wanna use those picks to get what you want -- set of -- after letting the Celtics -- draft their old players and then trading those players. Right except for I think the most valuable pick of the one down the road does and that's Dixon they're not this year. It down the road and that to me is still the most valuable thing that being mean cats in his hands. Jacqui thanks so much for coming all this we appreciate if you break the Kevin Love story we look forward to you standing over all the other journalist dropping a microphone or watch. Yeah now I'm literally until he read those days -- replace some going to Florida for a few days so unless he's -- -- be down there hang out it's the F sticky I'm probably not gonna break down. No help today in mental help they project may -- who we all need him every Nauman not to Zander -- they take -- appreciate it. Executive all of premieres in Boston the united Kris I -- I agree I'd just say it's universal. Access I got to apologize to everybody needs one.

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