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Former Celtics star Antoine Walker talks about his upcoming documentary 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk chat with Antoine about his documentary, Gone in an Instant. Walker talks about his old spending habits and how his life has changed since he declared bankruptcy.

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There's something I'm very interested in seeing when it makes it's appearance its say yet documentary called gone in an instant it chronicles the rise and fall. NBA superstar Antoine Walker former Celtics fame and fortune. That money came in -- in his life -- Hollywood is. Sports figure finds himself in legal foul trouble on the question of what's torn. Millions this importantly he beat Roger in his. Antoine Walker joins us on the AT&T hotline at -- long time no talk how are you. -- very good the that documentary gone in an instant chronicles the fact that you amassed over a 110 million dollars during your thirteen year NBA career. All that lost on gambling debt and realistic details I guess the first and obvious question is. Why would you put this story out there why would you be part of this. And an -- and what to tell this very painful story and -- relive these painful memories. Well our biggest one that they use strike you just heard a lot of different stories from different people -- the one thing you never heard. Complexion from people that have actually worked in it actually enjoy the moment with me actually. What part of an articulate a lot of false things put out there. And I want to opportunity -- -- it's a must started the correct way. Much additional -- -- -- journalists in the public. I'm not so much about the money but how I'm Australian and what -- big -- went on Wimbledon so. And also more importantly on arms aren't you have to learn to younger guys and they come to an MBA. Also accuse America -- an MBA when I was when I was nineteen years also had no concept -- You know have the million dollar and that it would have a million dollars and it was 600 well and it was like a lot of little things that we have a lot of money that people don't donate its -- ordeal which. So I want to be able to share my story and bring users alliance or more sort of negative -- -- more just try to. You know educate young guys become leave a big deal attribute that we kind of look out for the apparently so. A toilet you know makes you like give back in and lieutenant that you historians will plaza. -- Q can you try to pinpoint the moment in the early days of haven't money have a lot of money in your bank account. An aunt and how the gambling -- in the real estate deals and hangers on all that what you went from a guy who had nothing to a guy who had everything out of the mindset change when that -- start to go bad for Antoine Walker. Although it took awhile for me yet they get sick you know 1020 years in the league from -- In the from the starts in a little different people. No -- must play at saint. Condit and more -- on the as far as investing. Mark started you know Pippen and -- real estate. An investment. Make it being a little bit more difficult and at the beaten much precedent people that do that's an atrocity and I actually started real estate company. Where Chicago or acted really been embroiled in composed on match -- -- year. So if you think the mine I would always tell people now coming out to clear now -- -- counselor -- have you not -- on a daily basis and so Wachovia embarrassment and -- and the reason to support one of the main things about the law. It also a big game and he's got. Blown way out of forcing someone to bring them some light I think sometimes. You when people PG you gamble your money where there was the case epic. I mean more so than mine I wanna kind of bring their story out and I don't want to my bankruptcy would realistic aspect of the -- Pete came up at the same time. People get the long oppressed that I double my money away. Is an alert to what they can piece together about gambling maybe in certain situations. You can get -- these pitfalls. I once a lot of wind surfer a melt like eight amendment and one for like 800 bucks and to this day bugs me right regretted. I used it twice and sold it like half that what's the biggest mistake you made the dumbest thing you bought. -- I don't think it is big would. Dudley is more mature in this slot they got maybe cars. On the value. Not big maybe that. I think we sometimes. We build huge home. And not understand a non standard to keep up with these holes that you buy him. When the monies that come in at like it was you have to steel makers people keep tomorrow. But really try to Karzai publicly so more than anything -- because it didn't hold -- -- value. What's the one by one car give us one car you bought. It was on a William Hurt and and you look that you say Campbell was I think. Made back at that went -- Mexico and will be of me back collar. More room. Yeah that trial I mean update you almost 400 doubt about -- car that's a couple miles it will but I -- don't know. Not to -- relative to -- I think -- the time but they wanna breathe out and really try to cheat you out about big purchases like and they don't hold me value that human. Was the Michael Jordan factor and you worked out with him was the offseason 2002001. -- -- -- Chicago. Seeing him the way he gambled the way you live there was not a factor did you get caught up in that. Now Michael did a great friend Michael Miller armed and wants me to do anything in a negative mean what you doses. And it went out and what might we gambled yeah. You know you don't get a -- where I can be a little bonus. Tuesday as private. Dell's won the most enjoyable time allies have an opportunity to learn -- -- a better person running -- Michael so Michael to go to different in my. -- he's never been. And towards me -- any negatively don't look that experience in my life that our -- I was shares have an opportunity to be Austrian Jews. We're talking with -- Antoine Walker thirteen years in the NBA eight of course with the Boston Celtics the documentary is called gone in and instant. -- did you have our friends and relatives and hangers on news. Hangers on with their hands outlook -- handout from you. Wouldn't know it when you when you want to process you don't know it and I'll see you make a lot of money you wanna help nationally friends. Skeletal like you -- -- -- Kind of bring must bring along with. Because we are kind of in the same struggle same process. So I definitely electable and eat and influence to bring in Milan. But -- is very to me a book on the old week. A couple of single parent council. It would be very hard pressed to beat Uga would help my family. That's been affected -- some very slippery so -- start -- Novell to -- -- -- There's an opportunity for them -- -- -- and it got a -- I think what they view you guys in the so many people travels. He just had to -- -- -- we had to circle especially on investment piece on the financial peaceably together at the very crosses. Circle. And look at all the time that was our best this is eight to hear Obama's spark of -- people that -- -- am. They disappeared. Equal to what went to the left. You bankruptcy and I'm gonna try to rebuild it rebuild my electric -- -- yet you can indulge in such so. It's it's a little swell -- have argued courses that you -- to Wichita and they're not so you because the one major -- -- -- and it'll -- elect -- about my experiences. And learn from. How we gonna learn in this documentary about. Friends or maybe former teammates or someone we might know who screwed you over or who turned his back -- you. Yeah I think just from that. The gimmick to get a good opinion that would be almost exactly he's like a good opinion about the it would have been around and -- -- 1516 years. Whether -- with the brands and people that what -- want to -- about me I'm so look very. There's immediacy to -- -- people thought about me what they don't know what is right what all. What went wrong again as far as they step up today and helped me so what kind of delegate comics. Under coverage of people in my life was fairly -- -- MBA players coaches. Lawyers. Greatest media people that follow me below -- ritual it's it's directly in respect of my life but. I'm just so excited you know them now more thoughtful -- going to be able to tell my story took some people but also that you brought me I'm so excited about. You know domestic about between him to a private screening was back there and Republicans you know. If he has well advisories. You know join with me that kind of helped me. And Israel makes the story into a -- of Islam excited about working with them and they're out of Boston. Well dispute that the Boston loving people to believe monkeys in the what I wanna do more forward there's -- just so excited about. Yeah you called -- mean to snake when he -- you the first time 2003 came back up back a couple of years later obviously for that team. What's your relationship like right now with gains for the Celtics organization we talk to them about possible role with them with what's what's it like right now between -- and the Celtics. I didn't order this shape so much humble person out our players across. Didn't which. A bit -- good I mean you have different the work with a -- organization. Amid any -- -- policy. -- restarted and the units -- -- -- combat operations. Some sort can be a part of that he's -- which he always called me back in Korea let me know on the Cumberland will elect a part of -- I appreciate it and I'll -- America you probably want to NBA com by China. You know networking and give back and so it's a process that they definitely helped. And of them and I think some people want to know what you read in light -- what we have in the you've got to about -- -- -- Hope we got in the back of -- comes out of people try to -- on it -- All forward to submit to this isn't a lot -- to get back in the -- about a -- today I do want them. And sports and he was capacity. I would love to be bought -- mean that the that -- look me in the Caribbean. And supported me the most well. Demolishing -- mark Korea so I'll be excited to go back there. As we speak this morning Antoine Walker where are you financially. And how are you making a living. Right now disease is in the process particularly have here just to get out of bankruptcy sold -- the process so no. We are still do appearance invest -- what do you always -- between -- are speaking engagements. I don't regret your music but I -- -- -- not well liked to be. I wanna I wanna be. Political process some of them actually have -- two years has been a process just get back -- just alarmed when I'll be able to keep what I'm not the -- But it is. It correctly sorry but I'm excited about it and learning process. And now -- in a position well orchestrated effort -- play it back out to young people that come into the league not just MBA masters. I don't you to the world so they can do this you don't understand about. Wealth management. How much money that you -- and heroic as woke -- I do that noble credit cards. Dollar credit problem problem and yet have a credit art of music -- you know ultimately -- not -- right now and it definitely. Lot of people on -- at a -- now also -- she just started life on third semi -- Soviet authorities have -- aren't allowed a lightly. Are not -- you are 37. Feels like you've been forever. Yeah my parents and musicals I got -- -- light from it -- -- wanted their bankruptcy counseling that gives you a fresh start in life. Did you first start. Creature old Billy if if there. -- how much did you tip your -- Obama should you tip. Good news Jim -- perhaps a round trip to. That I don't like the -- who's in a hundred million is the most amazing it once that the fact that you attempted 6453. We didn't want to -- he's got what is it's still amazing. Larry -- the league when you would like 98. Well maybe she's -- previous now it's a small ball league it's true it's true -- -- -- And it is not there right now as the NH armies while small for Powell for ocean breeze now. That's true your right about that AM what if thought Andrew Wiggins came deal and he said quickly give me three rules for financial survival as I begin by NBA career. Those three rules but he. A little bit I would it would be three rules -- pride to a I would build streaking that you want to do. And the first thing I want to take care of mom assembly. And -- be a certain way to volatility can do that you can do ghostly. I did the next thing you want deal. With the car. And get the proper cars and and make sure that he. You know doesn't go get a -- and the first -- because he thinks like that. And it also it will be almost on gas become obsolete and -- talk the same way. We're very being on -- close we spent a lot of money on on on that type of date so it'll be a little technical -- means William could not noticeably Hugo one of the lot and it. And try to you know try to educate him in the proper way to do it in the in the in the most -- -- -- way to -- -- -- -- -- -- those -- would -- three rules. -- just kind of know from that we. Similar I'll bring you the background I would protect those type issue. They don't want before -- to go how do you scratch that competitive it should these days at age 37 -- golf. Or you do. We're allowed to go -- they'll go about a year ago yes I play a lot of golf. I get the real competitor it's. When I go to a game right and you know you really wanted to let them play I still play -- ball to. All summer working out you know Tony Allen. Who we get to get us -- -- the dangers that they are you on them that you keep the world Will Bynum so Chicago I -- got a good group young guys that. Did that play in the NBA so delegate tally here. Now we get to Jabari -- -- the -- the ability gaps in Chicago is grow so we are kind of worked on this thing most are -- they say that don't. Be a web site to the gates foundation is Antoine Walker eight dot com V documentary is called gone in an instant when is that going to be available for public eyeballs to look at and one. Well what to do I wanna do -- Chicago where Chicago are all my family must I am Brandon. -- home just -- whilst we worked on Boston -- Storm I'm excited about doing about selector Tokyo well preclinical. Like. There will be very actual what people to follow my career. Who do very supportive its enemy and policy problems started when it started it started -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- well -- a lot of pain that is where my family eventually people supporting me the most out out of my home Chicago -- wanna start there. And you know I'm excited of one you know really I'm excited about people want them to be a part of this and that's what two at its web what was -- It's really you know made me excited because they wanna help. Sometimes you don't look like some others are not a lot of comeback on. Are they -- a lot more fun question before we let you go are -- you being like the best dressed guy on the team -- -- in your -- How many suits rate your closet and and right now how many suits are in your closet because I never thought you -- -- the same -- twice in one. Not an anomaly on Friday which I didn't -- did that hold big target a -- -- -- Yeah that's -- on that one to -- -- slightly. You -- all day museum and where. We have now yeah he is he to you. -- -- -- -- -- It's simply a total of solitude but yeah. The last sort of -- -- it -- different when it is now. You know if you know had a rule yet what are -- on the plane and and today. So it was also you had about bicycles because we get them wanna play. And you know and during games sold out so you know now what got like four years -- Again almost sulfur when -- -- him -- value -- so it has mixed up a little bit but you know the Big Dig into this. -- evident walker you know all the former Celtic god in an instant is the is the documentary Antoine good touch and happily we appreciate the time this morning. -- go out and bought walker with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. Summers former of friends. A dealer blackjack dealer argument thousand dollar tip of the 50% -- At least -- -- domestic or 643 threes are still the third most ever attempted Nazis as -- write the number Larry Bird led the league in 80s80 Avi six with a 194 attempts. I led the league with 82 makes he may 82 won game one game 1% led the NBA. Up Monday June 23 is when -- will debut his new documentary gone in an instant at the Revere hotel. On Boston Common. He's younger -- David Ortiz. Yeah it's 37. Six years younger than Ortiz you -- his advice to Wiggins make sense isn't the isn't that the three pronged trap that they all fall in with by a big house for mom by big car for me -- -- -- a typical and a bunch jewelry my favorite is the next should be OK and about a million dollar continent not a 4000. But doesn't that's sort of like build those addicted let -- -- my points you do that you're done okay if you keep doing. That's what -- that what led by a 4000 dollar may balk when you combine -- 90000 dollar Mercedes it'll last forever I don't know you know. The gambling I know he says the gambling debts gambling doesn't help me it takes a predictable under intense. And I know he was a teenager at a -- when he came in. The NBA but he did not he had to pay taxes. -- that was news to him the chance to pay taxes. I'm sure he was if I problem I don't. You probably thought if I'm getting a million dollars ought got a million bucks that's pretty stupid I don't we don't know -- I got a million bucks. You know that the government picks some up to spend like you have a million even though you know you'll we have 600000. And you know he's stocks about the virtues of bankruptcy -- a lot of people out there. Tickets stepped yes right now a lot of however Taylor's dollars child English neighbors. Does he have kids he says the kids yeah. -- -- There are a lot has a lot of hardship and that's the lament recent bankruptcies you know great thing is really -- -- for the guy that built that house -- -- -- has built in the grant one unit is built. We may be at the MacBook. It -- -- and that means that -- at the resellers that a 1280000. Or that should be some system would like you that tracking things the president when he and a that the Celtics attractive young plays when the -- may -- dealer and a lot of mud goes off got to pick it up but the bottom block. We'll be right back.

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