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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington talks about the team's future 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

Cherington joins Dennis and Callahan to talk about the future of starter John Lackey and David Ortiz ripping the official scorer.

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Beer Red Sox front office report has brought you by noon turf care to -- business solutions and New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T -- the general manager of the Boston Red Sox bench Harrington good morning baton. Good morning yet they don't I assume if you're talking to us at 847 you were not in Oakland you're in Boston. I -- about -- -- -- -- start you off with a question I started off with Larry last week and ask you what I ask Larry how does an organization -- As the trading deadline approaches determine whether you're going to be a buyer or seller is there a formula. Of games behind with games to play or is -- eyeball test on the gut feeling kind of thing to make that decision. I think it's really combination. Then you have to look at it reached a look at. Were we aren't who we think we can be it was a players we have -- What chance we have to be -- -- Iran and sort of plan your you great credit course accordingly and I think. It. On the exercise and you have actual science repeat that exercise sleep over and over the he goes on. Determine the course and right now. That -- just focus so. You know. And in this thing and try to where we believe. We believe in a group we have we believe that. The pit bull. Winning games and and staying in an adult clinic in Iran and so that's that's our focus. I got to ask you -- did you think the ground ball the Mahler was a hip turn Ara and do you think the official scorer. Should it favor the home team. You did that who. When that when the play happened at it I was expecting it he hit and just because I didn't think it was a and regular routine play. But you know. I think. Obviously all. Yesterday you know what what I am most interest. The winner of the loss and so we got to Wear -- did they are aware and so that's what's most important that. An article. We'll do it happens with the with a -- all the more importantly -- we won't again. And isn't that what David should be most interested in the win his role in the wind as opposed to calling out to score both on the field and in the locker room. Does the front office -- -- in particular find that becoming. When David Ortiz does that. Well I think if we if we had not -- You know you don't necessarily get the same reaction right because we -- again and obviously it is a big part of winning game. You know maybe that. Yet in that provide the licensed. Question there. Question the decision and against all flu you know have a perfect world we'd just be focused on winning them. That's what we're trying to do and we know that. You know wouldn't that David David got a lot of good things -- -- sucks over the years and emotional and -- and could be. Emotional all the all the best ways to shoot them over and over without. So emotion coming out in other ways to -- But ultimately he's up there and I think for the -- on and delivers yet some time in the game. So it makes it I guess that makes a little bit more okay. You know to talk about oracle. In a perfect role for you accurate pitch next year for the five program I think we know it's not a perfect world we read the Rosenthal. -- reported talk to a major retiring her going to Japan he's been your best picture I think since it's our last year for the last year and a half. You envision any scenario which he pitches -- next year for that minimum. Certainly I didn't you know yeah they think. That. It's -- -- it is a function of the pilot -- it and -- The just how much. How much time and stayed there to talk about -- and let. You know. My at my popular -- that you you know he's an outstanding competitor outstanding in -- -- As you sit there and an excellent pitcher -- huge part of our success last year and has been outstanding -- here and in the way he's pitching and give them away. Given what I know ultimately competitor in it how much you like you know club outside. Playing this game and competing. That stood before it just you know I would expect you to get a more continued doing. It's just the contract is the contract we agreed to a contract that. 2000 and Motorola isn't. You don't agree to contract he also entered into it and so. So -- That is really not much more say about where we're glad you let us. We expect them can continue its next year. We're taught you were the Red Sox GM bench Harrington a regarding the three games against the twins three and all that's a good thing your team's batting average 189 is not a good thing. This was ERA in his three games point 64 is a good thing your runs per game one point seven is a bad thing. Help us put all this and attack in in the context then. Yeah I mean that I think we hear you -- so. Competing with the US soccer in her -- sciences. Production. It's patent but let's let the conversation you haven't. Blamed it on its. It's. This strange thing for us the column. Scoring runs and -- my partner is not done. And issues threats aren't going back a long ways he went. -- didn't -- -- -- Red Sox. Great scenes. Spartan and suddenly just typically a problem so. So then it's been frustrating. Topic of conversation that they are turning -- Its focus on you know what happened to get better and some of that is just. That is natural. Think if you look at. The players that have a track record. History suggests that. Overtime over the course of the season. -- certain vehicles that are that are middle. If that happens then. Too much -- perform better or. And that -- hitters this season than they did the first third of the season but this success and then on top of that. There's some other some. There's some you know certain randomness -- luck involved in a little bit but I -- NATO last year we. You know we we performed. We perform better with runners on base in Maryland that. That -- out over time and we haven't done that this year. That may still lead now -- of course this season and then and then the last pieces. Obviously you -- it's our job. As many years many did hitters as possible on the Luke and created you and Laura are born. If there -- -- distraught stood at the process and hope. In doing that over the courses seasonal will try to do that -- that's what happens a little bit later. In the summer and so for right now. We've got to focus in and -- say that. The -- it will and we'll find -- find their level that out and then we'll dispute will be in Iraq and. What what's brought colts level in your mind and what wears his future like what position does he play in his DA. Big leak lead off hitter for the next 68 years. -- -- Yeah well you know I think he's -- great story and you know I think -- think -- couple things first law -- trackers and heading in and sit in -- -- horrors that -- not. Shouldn't be too big surprise that he sitting completely insecure approach a simple thing compact approach she's a line -- that are usable field. There's a couple things about him that I think makes him. Interstate invalid or could it game wanted to use the whole field in a decade and that there -- they have decent position. Extreme. Extreme. That it that it was known some valued at -- out the useful to -- it's harder to. Liberty in the parliament ardent fan. And then on top of that Datsyuk and similar position. And contribute offensively. I think at particular value into -- game. The way to schedule is -- to -- -- goes just the more -- covered at different spots with good players that the better you are so be. He does all of those things and so. You know he's not. But everyone goes through it stretches and bad stretches and you know. He's not gonna be red hot. Are forever in the dark and -- -- and well as every player little -- stretch where he's not as -- but. We see a good player who can be certainly part of rebuking him. The opposite -- Would you be comfortable right now if you had to playing Vasquez. And or bets in the majors. Well yeah I think anybody in AAA who's. Performing and doing things there -- to bullets into an ass beat. Turnaround. In some way -- sisters in need so we wouldn't have guys typically don't walk it's. Playing everyday triple it and play an important role mr. At least. If you wouldn't it be comparable calling them officers need so. That certain planned to do so. Right now they're both. They're both. -- -- where they need to be her the time being nimble little on them both the -- that you play a -- we spoke can be. -- -- -- -- Torture triple -- take -- but also it is the prospect of triple layer your prospect and able to get that your leaders. Your player -- either ready ready and capable of being called up here not. -- -- performing well AAA Preisinger. It will being called -- -- that it happened in. We think both those other really well there there to -- -- -- He's bench Eric and Red Sox general manager joining us on the AT&T hotline thanks for the time that we'll talk to down the road. But it aspect and sure there would be and see the crop report brought to you by noon turf care to -- business solutions. And the New Hampshire Motor Speedway he sounded a little more adamant. About John Lackey. Pay play in for a half the middle than Larry Atlantic through a cipher and the question that's a good idea yet let ourselves also. Down they screwed up this could have been simple the contract could have been written so you get the 500 grand when you sit out a year. And you get the fourteen million when you pitch well so he goes for surgery this mobile search right mrs. a year right. That's the year should get the 500 to complain not. And it would had a lot to come back and play for now -- is not much to come back about -- -- -- rose as though -- -- -- -- at the -- to the industry in -- -- the courses right now a perfect world and that he signed a -- he sat -- that's -- it is. But Rosenthal didn't -- is now obviously he talked in Lackey is going this is gonna be -- retire so. It's something's gonna happen -- you sits out a year obviously can't come back the next -- just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Independents want to because -- Kindle because they have other priorities. The have to find another team that's willing to extend -- -- very valuable because that 500 -- -- -- even two years. And whatever twenty million on the end of if you don't want a -- total. It at the end of that I mean you're gonna buy into the team -- Poland to give wanna that I that I understand that don't want -- But they're gonna have to trade him do you think the plan will be some other team to get him pay him five and then given ten and ten after that. 500 -- -- I wouldn't -- tents that would give Lester 25 million years thirties but I might give Lackey thirteen -- fourteen for one year. So you're -- in and year extension of balances out to like six million a year for the next two hours -- him 1415 with that make them happen. Yet maybe not I don't know but the -- and he might want -- you know cause he's penalty is great love for this place now in a he might be one of those guys uses trade me anywhere I need to get that to -- extent he has been by far their best and lastly would be could be an -- number one -- -- part of what -- here I think. The final hour Dennis and Callahan full lines opened 61777979237. Around 9159. Bunny. Former Celtic Antoine Walker.

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