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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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I show these calls we'll get to amend the first headlines brought to you by -- await you at the highest rated segment on the on this station it is by far history statement station that is why even note program director used to be better -- -- -- -- -- mean when -- and his boss and there don't like me anymore right. Indeed affect Obama that you headlines tell say we can't get what they've soured on you all a little money clone you anymore he would -- with the something of a thousand something really yes. This theory of the and so -- Zeller is he. -- -- a thousand -- yet it's about. -- was pop up obviously now that the public as much -- the last couple of decades but it happened again yesterday. 89 year old Philadelphia man accused of war crimes Nazi death camp. Guard is -- right this'll this'll soon this'll never happen again this. One of the last time out we tracked down Nazi and taken into custody. It's happened all alive god knows LEV Minnesota -- and yes a few months ago and goodness you -- his Iowa. As and -- lifetime trek and unease these. Nazis are laws they often do. He said the greatest. It's wrote degree most notable life in my written differently than ever written and and like. Lake Louise hampering those marble policies to line. Only these -- to rent. Thinks she might yes. It's a good spirits -- you guys that jumped all. With incomes -- -- -- just -- I -- pretty good news is correct height the god that's a good point. We were gonna do the death pool and but I won I took -- -- out of that you might for two years ago. And by the way you know Clark Gable by two really aware that -- -- advocate Bob Hope I'll talk a market didn't -- -- different -- to George parents still hanging -- -- At that George Burns is still alive in alleged former Nazi camp guard it was live in the US since the 1950s. Is facing possible extradition to Germany following his arrest in Philadelphia authorities said yesterday federal authorities are moving to extradite. Yo on Breyer in 89 year old US citizen was wanted Germany for war crimes committed during World War II. -- in -- consumers want to slip on Tuesday but the magistrate on Wednesday ordered him to be held on bail out as a -- -- rather and they are saying. He's going to be charged with the complicity in the murder of over 2161000. Jews from Hungary Germany checks of. Hockey that's a felony about it -- -- O Schwarz. On a 150 I love trains -- -- say in October 90 and I 44 I hope we never got. Hello good sleep I'll be never slept well I hope this I always wondered if -- were gonna get abuse when we get caught. Love the idea that we're not done yet yeah track and -- they -- most evil people that I lived in. -- you know on the plan in our time this what you're really looking over shoulder for the last but here's the thing. The case against Breyer goes back in 1990s a federal authorities sought to strip him of US citizenship. Argun and not he's not eligible the time prior admitted to the US Department of Justice he served as an armed guard. The castration campus later transferred to O -- were more than a million people were killed during World War II according to the current two point 1991. Breyer told US authorities have you received from regarding O -- and may have fired into the air occasionally he also stated them three or four occasions -- march prisoners to construction sites outside the camp complex. He told the stories you heard people be cremated some smoke but did not know how the prisoners who died. He had no idea what was going on his they would fire a gun into the area that always did a socialist was as -- told the authorities. So 2003 he won the fight to remain in US from the court ruled he was not responsible for having joined the Nazis. Because he was only seventeen years old at the time. There was a ruling in 2003 to stay in the US. Now it is -- and that's going to work out for yo on -- -- is unbelievable well he was skating until they found up that is a Redskins fans. And undecideds. Because of the white football team that if I I got it yet no way that he woke him until he does have limits I guess he picked it Pennsylvania couple. Has been ordered to stand trial on charges they -- to the smiley face in the derogatory word in the twelve year old girl who spent the night at their home. 33 year old Randal Charlton third and thirty year old Melissa -- open central PA on Tuesday waive their rights. Two primary areas -- child endangerment they had a the child was visiting who's a friend of theirs. Their daughter spent the night that house they did -- -- captured the word bitch to our arms -- 812 year old girl. With one with a paper that would -- to go to attempt hit. -- hit in tattoo gun. That you're smiley face of the word bitch on the girls left forearm. It's permanent its permit. Me now moved gas. And at worst it could put her bathtub hot water gets truly go home how is asleep Obama -- Except -- -- -- -- -- watched frozen and then that's what you become an instant. Permanent niche it's strange as strange and it is his and it would say maybe she's yeah. 112 year old girl when she met with the she's looking -- -- -- Parents who did the proud parents that drop Robert with with these kids. Was their fault idiots who did it -- you want -- little -- -- your house they say yes it's. You know I have had two -- I don't know. That's part Wal-Mart have. Well and everything yeah definitely hear Republicans had to deal. Never know you -- it again -- stone. Now mr. -- and I fighting Irish cheer I'll bet that's offensive to get Reagan tattoo that was a Redskins fans acumen that Reagan Redskins logo. Mention how many of those out there it's can listen -- guys leg up arms. Mix salt shores. Kind of went Harry Reid finds them. Finally and another. Could serve her parental care the young mother document that are five year old -- persistent illness and social media blog this stories of. Was accused of fatally poisoning him -- sodium it was reported yesterday at least spears 26 was indicted White Plains on charges of depraved murder. In manslaughter in the death of Garnett Paul. Spears -- Paul spears who died in January she kept -- blog she was sort of updating. -- -- we're doing this were doing this. Was again a lot action it's slowed down so -- you know as a finalist to kill biscuit I. You know it's like you know to get a lot of hits on -- yet columns occasional sometimes you -- alive -- for example if you wanna get -- -- -- Bradford got a very poisoning -- want to pay his body anyways it's possible one page views you know to do you break on the -- ball and that's two Democrats -- -- toward the -- ticket. One of the other yeah yeah. So loss if she did that announced it sounds like she's she's facing murder charges but she's in the alliance depraved marks spears for sharing your son's hospital the masters hospitalized at the end. Prosecutors say the mother administered sodium -- the boy's stomach tube. The boy it was a transfer the Westchester medical center where he died during afternoon a child goes from moderate to severe trouble dysfunction. In -- that is going on the child sodium level is going through the roof coincides with the actions of this defend. She took what what do salt shaker imported into his guests who is like that you should occur in the PF Chang's salon should fit it in -- iso eight. It -- It's spread them amongst fans. Before broccoli kind of things that have via lettuce wraps all those are good so good yet. It's great but a couple of may try that -- like six months worth of sodium problem the other night there with these guys how crazy. -- -- -- I cheese and chicken coal man had missed coming conflict that it produces sodium level went through the roof of proposal sought he saw the picture. The rest but the -- -- election. She should have theme in the headlines on the families -- at some yeah. Like parents of the year -- team functional families and we should include the family manipulator -- they went from Vermont and his five of them. And they got stopped by the security at -- owning -- lake park in going in you know run long ride in the yeah like that and they wanted to bring in their knives. They have you never know when you need him it's a father and mother in like three kids a metal detector cut them. I don't think as a monolithic that they had a strap on the net but overall it's yeah. Yeah on the help about two hours or less they don't like start one now because they have these knives and -- UCL -- shots of -- of this there are no such a cast there are that yes and they ended up. Fighting with the cops and heard a couple cup brawling with their nice Salem dad right in three Q -- police officer busted up shoulder -- the -- was in this brawl for me it was like it was great and they -- the mall and mug shots of mall. And we have five. Given credit for doing things always I. Yes six members each carrying knives dipped to their -- their belts when he arrived in the park just after 1 PM just you know get to -- on the old wooden roller coaster. I wanna go and you've been academic park on offer longer -- yes you're every going that Mears for your walked were either one of you that. And if anyone messed with -- and they have it's it's it's how you get to the head of the line Jerry that's you -- red shirt I had about a -- and I pump first and they said the -- bring knives and he's part with kids and Jason Allred what's brawl stock. And they they they tell them that you can just put two knives in the car. In this family of six and now we're not gonna do that will bring that knives. In to the amusement and survivalists. They look click -- could be its biggest family does not. That's central casting. In the theme and he'd he'd he'd he'd he'd been listening yeah there re. That is if you deliverance -- Now noticed. I've never deliverance oh god help us. Writes that it well rounded boy W occurs. Yes so where does. It -- banjo playing was I don't -- who's the star. He's a big moves -- bad acts in in deliverance. With a little deliverance is the music that we play when we play -- well why wouldn't out of curiosity see it. It's a great great yeah it's an unforgettable -- old unemployed just disturbing Ned Beatty had baby's -- -- a great -- substitute love Emily Kendall turned on and equally. -- -- Apocalypse Now is not that that's him. -- brought to bite you. Background report. Part of that was on last night. Agree might be that you can't erase -- greens you -- so one has a right to begin. And -- she's so great in that Martin sheen's hotel at the beginning -- and -- nice and our hotel. Well like far much nicer you have left -- -- a classic story from yesterday about the Rhode Island transvestite did you see this person on the news watch that is. I did not know wet heat. Chart the Booth charged well as providing alcohol to -- I saw it -- yes it's obvious they take him to court in handcuffs he's got a -- dress and high heels -- In court. How do you look awful -- -- -- comes out they let them go on and on bail. And the TV station went to a front or captured the front door in his centrist had a conversation one night. It was. Seasonally appropriate. -- some are. Is that not a white after labor day of who you had relations with but it -- the reunion. Right of friends with Jamie Jamie I mean manually -- I don't know I don't know -- -- now but I remember. At that that was the -- days pretty good ya know -- is it was a pretty good Null. Right in that regard in on the appearances important but the please not this transvestite probably noble prize -- here by AT&T our callers we see you while Auburn Georgia and Mike we will talk with you in just a minute bench during an Antoine Walker still to -- Monday NC.

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